Chapter 916: Visitors

    Chapter 916: Visitors

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    As ten jade tokens to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest entered his hands, Mo Wuji hurriedly left Tiandi Plaza back to his encampment. Even though he wanted to see the performance of his fellow Heavenly Mortal Sect at the Battle Stage, the moment he thought about the Medicinal Cauldron Stone, he lost his interest.

    With his current ant-like status, even Pang Jie wouldn't be able to protect him. If anyone noticed his tracks, then he would be screwed.


    On the seaside of God Domain's Nest, tens of thousands of miles away from Mo Wuji, a bloodied cultivator was staggering

    His aura felt defeated but his eyes burned with hatred. Ever since he embarked on the Dao, he, Tie Zheng, had never suffered a loss like this before. He was actually heavily injured by someone's invisible sword intent. If not for his 3000 Soft Water Suit, he might already be killed.

    Unfortunately, his 3000 Soft Water Suit hadn't been fully refined. Otherwise, he wouldn't even have suffered any injuries.

    The way Tie Zheng looked at it, it wouldn't be hard to find that person. There definitely wouldn't be many people like him who could use skills in the seafloor of God Domain Nest; there might not even be a third person.

    He could do this because of the 3000 Soft Water Suit. This was a magic treasure that was infinitesimally close to the Xiantian level; it could be considered a Half Xiantian treasure. The reason why it was only Half Xiantian was because this 3000 Soft Water Suit wasn't naturally formed, but was refined from the Houtian stage. This water suit brought its own Laws, and even though he hadn't fully refined it, he could borrow its power to release his spiritual will in the seafloor of God Domain Nest.

    This was also the reason why he could plot against Qu You. Supposedly, Qu You would undoubtedly die in his hands if they remained in the seafloor of God Domain Nest. However, he didn't expect that some fella would appear to foil his plans and save Qu You.

    The thing that injured him was probably a type of Spiritual Will Arrow. Fortunately, his 3000 Soft Water Suit defended against the killing intent of the Spiritual Will Arrow. Otherwise, his entire sea of consciousness might have crumbled under that arrow.

    Since this person could use spiritual will at the seafloor of God Domain Nest, it meant that this fella was able to find large amounts of Five Elemental Sand. To find this fella, he only needed to see who traded large amounts of Five Elemental Sand. Even if there was no one now, he could get someone to take note of any future large transactions of large amounts of Five Elemental Sand.

    Exhaling deeply, Tie Zheng kept his water suit and swallowed some healing pills. Thereafter, he changed into a new set of clothes.

    After half an incense's time, Tie Zheng, who previously looked like a water ghost, had now turned into a healthy and muscular man. He had a square face, round eyes and a beard which covered half of his face, giving him the appearance of a forthright warrior.

    With Tie Zheng's current appearance, no one would think that he would hide in the seafloor of God Domain Nest to ambush Qu You.


    God Domain Nest's Hall of Affairs. Not long after Mo Wuji left, Qu You appeared. She directly went to the window for missions to issue a mission. This mission was a request for Five Elemental Sand. The condition was that the negotiation had to be done face to face and the person that came forward with the Five Elemental Sand definitely wouldn't be placed in a disadvantageous position.

    The purpose of Qu You's mission was to find Mo Wuji. She had similar thoughts to Tie Zheng; since her saviour could use a spiritual will attack at the seafloor of God Domain Nest, that meant that her saviour would definitely be able to find large amounts of Five Elemental Sand. The only difference between her and Tie Zheng was that she wanted to personally thank the person that saved her. At the same time, she had the intention of protecting the person that saved her.

    It was true that her cultivation wasn't very high. However, she was from Forgotten Creek Dao School, a top class sect in the entire God Domain. Someone had actually dared to ambush her, Qu You. How could her Forgotten Creek Dao School let such a matter rest? She didn't even think that Mo Wuji would have exchanged his Five Elemental Sand immediately after he left the God Domain Nest Sea. If she had thought of that, she only needed to ask the window, instead of issuing a mission.

    "Junior Sister Qu, what a coincidence. You're here to issue a mission?" Just as Tie Zheng walked through the entrance of the Hall of Affairs, he saw Qu You.

    Qu You knew about Tie Zheng. Tie Zheng was one of the core disciples of God Evolution Sect and could even be considered its future. Moreover, Tie Zheng's character was like his name - upright and unyielding (TIE gu ZHENG ZHENG). He did things in a forthright manner and he despised those that plot against others.

    "Greetings Senior Brother Tie. I want to look for Five Elemental Sand so I'm here to issue a mission." Qu You hurriedly returned the greetings. She noticed that Tie Zheng's aura was slightly unstable; he seemed to be injured.

    However, Tie Zheng was extremely strong, his reputation was wide, and he was also a core disciple of the God Evolution Sect. Whether it was a struggle during the God Domain's Nest breeding period, or a battle at God Domain's Nest's Tiandi Plaza, who would injure, or even dare to injure him?

    "It's not easy to find Five Elemental Sand. I came here to find my junior brother," Tie Zheng smiled and said.

    "Yes, it is. I will be leaving first." Qu You admired Tie Zheng. However, she wasn't very familiar with him; they could only be considered as acquaintances.

    After seeing Qu You out of the Hall of Affairs, Tie Zheng frowned slightly. He started to think that his previous idea might have been wrong.

    Qu You was also looking for Five Elemental Sand. Clearly, she wanted to find the person who saved her. That was also the same person that he, Tie Zheng, wanted to find. If Qu You got wind that he was also searching for a person with Five Elemental Sand, she might get suspicious of him. If she could tell that he was heavily injured, then this suspicion would definitely get stronger.

    He definitely didn't fear a single Qu You. However, the sect behind her was one that even his God Evolution Sect didn't dare to provoke.

    Moreover, that fella that secretly attacked him was able to use spiritual will in the seafloor of God Domain Nest. How could that fella be a simple person? If that fella was also from a sect like the Forgotten Creek Dao School, then it wouldn't be good for him, Tie Zheng, to be exposed.

    As he thought of this, cold sweat instantly trickled down Tie Zheng's back. If this matter was exposed, then not only would he lose the reputation that he took years to build, his God Evolution Sect would also be dragged down.

    Tie Zheng clenched his fists. He acted as though he was looking for someone as he walked around the Hall of Affairs. After walking an entire round, he turned and left the Hall.

    Just as Tie Zheng left, Qu You walked out of the establishment opposite the Hall of Affairs. She had seen it clearly; Tie Zheng was indeed looking for someone.

    This caused her to shake her head. What kind of person was Tie Zheng? Why would he hide in the seafloor of God Domain Nest just to ambush her? Even if Tie Zheng was injured, it definitely wasn't in the God Domain Nest Sea.


    "Mo Wuji?" Just as Mo Wuji walked into the God Domain Nest's gathering area for sects, he heard a voice call out to him.

    Mo Wuji turned and saw a familiar face - Liu Ruting. This woman looked like she had already recovered. Moreover, her face was like a peach flower, giving her the charm of a mature woman.

    "Greetings Senior Sister Liu." Mo Wuji could tell that Liu Ruting was at least in the Heavenly God Stage, much stronger than him. Even though he didn't help Liu Ruting much, he could tell that this woman was relatively easy to fall in love. If he knew that he would encounter her, he would have rather hid outside for a little longer. In fact, he had already hid outside for half a day because he saw a cultivator with a similar silhouette as Yu Zhenna.

    "Why did you also come to God Domain Nest? Aren't you an outer disciple? Did you come to help?" Liu Ruting asked a series of questions.

    When he heard these questions, Mo Wuji knew that this woman didn't even ask about what happened with Xi Nianmo and him. Indeed, she was as he had predicted - she fell in love extremely easily. He, Mo Wuji, didn't actually help her much. It was Xi Nianmo, on the other hand, that helped Liu Ruting significantly. At the very least, all of the transfer fees for Liu Ruting to return to Nine Evolutions God Sect was paid by Xi Nianmo.

    "Oh, that Lu Xingteng only asked for Xi Nianmo and my name. Then, he left." Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    A look of anger instantly appeared on Liu Ruting's face and she said, "Wow that Lu Xingteng

    He actually dared to do such a thing. If he's unwilling to help with the arrangements, you only need to tell me. I will arrange it myself."

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. He didn't even want to speak any further. If this woman was willing to arrange it by herself, then she would have known that he was no longer in Nine Evolutions God Sect.

    Liu Ruting's came and left in a breeze, "Oh right, why are you here? This is the God Domain Nest's gathering area for sects."

    Mo Wuji calmly said, "I have entered Heavenly Mortal Sect. Heavenly Mortal Sect's Elder Wei Jie believes that my bone structure is perfect and my talent is unique. Thus, he accepted me as the sect's head disciple to manage the sect's external affairs."

    "Pssh!" Hearing Mo Wuji say that he was in charge of sect affairs, Liu Ruting could not help but laugh out loud. Thereafter, she seemed to notice that her laughter wasn't very polite to Mo Wuji. She hurriedly added, "I didn't mean that ah."

    Mo Wuji chucked, "That's alright. That's not the first time that someone did that. Farewell."

    With that, Mo Wuji no longer cared about Liu Ruting as he turned and walked into Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment.

    "Mo Wuji, if you need my help with anything, remember to tell me." Even as Mo Wuji left, Liu Ruting did not seem to notice his attitude. She still called behind him.

    "He's called Mo Wuji?" A deep and gentle voice sounded beside Liu Ruting's ear. Liu Ruting turned and saw Tie Zheng.

    "So it's Junior Brother Tie. That's right, he's called Mo Wuji. He's a fella with rather good luck." Liu Ruting snickered.

    "Oh, a fella with rather good luck?" Tie Zheng looked at the distant Heavenly Mortal Sect encampment and frowned slightly. Even though he only saw a glimpse of Mo Wuji's back, he seemed to feel that he had met Mo Wuji before. However, he couldn't recall where he met Mo Wuji.


    "Wuji, come here for a moment." Just as Mo Wuji entered the Heavenly Mortal Sect encampment, Ancestor Pang Jie called out to him.

    "Yes." Even though Ancestor Pang Jie took away his promised placing, Mo Wuji's respect towards Pang Jie didn't change. He responded and hurriedly went to Pang Jie's quarters.

    "Greetings Senior Brother." Mo Wuji bowed as he entered the room.

    There were two other people in Pang Jie's room. Mo Wuji recognised one of them; it was Forgotten Creek Dao School's Lan Ou. There was also another middle-aged man. From his powerful aura, it was clear that he was a peak expert.

    "Senior Brother?" That middle-aged man stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment.

    Pang Jie chucked and said, "Dao Friend Ji, when I first met Wuji, it was like meeting an old friend. So, we address each other on equal levels."

    After saying that, Pang Jie said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, you know Senior Sister Lan Ou so I won't be introducing her. This here is Forgotten Creek Dao School's Elder Ji Yi. Hurry and pay your greetings."

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Heavenly Mortal Sect disciple Mo Wuji greets Elder Ji Yi."

    He was feeling helpless in his heart; not for himself but for Pang Jie. Ancestor Pang Jie was clearly in the God King Stage while this Elder Ji Yi definitely wasn't. However, Ancestor Pang Jie still had to treat him so cordially. This was true helplessness. It was because Heavenly Mortal Sect was too weak. On the other hand, a World God of Forgotten Creek Dao School had to be received by a God King.
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