Chapter 917: Heavy Losses

    Chapter 917: Heavy Losses

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    "Wuji, Forgotten Creek Dao School's Elder Ji Yi's visit is actually related to you. After the opening of the newly incubated God Domain Nest, the Forgotten Creek Dao School would be organising a grand ceremony. If you're willing, you can go and help," Pang Jie grinned and said.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's flustered expression, Lan Ou hurriedly said, "Junior Brother Wuji, I've seen your abilities before. If you help, I'm sure you will do well."

    Originally, Lan Ou wanted to suggest for Mo Wuji to leave Heavenly Mortal Sect and join Forgotten Creek Dao School. They frequently organised grand ceremonies and if Mo Wuji were to join their sect, it would save them many troubles.

    However, Elder Ji Yi told Lan Ou that a God King had a God Kings pride. Even though Pang Jie was only an early stage God King, such actions of pulling Mo Wuji from Heavenly Mortal Sect to their Forgotten Creek Dao School would be akin to a slap on Pang Jie's face. However, borrowing Mo Wuji was different. If Mo Wuji chose to join their Forgotten Creek Dao School after this, Pang Jie wouldn't express any dissent.

    Even though Pang Jie was grinning, Mo Wuji could still detect the anger in Pang Jie's heart.

    In reality, Pang Jie was truly angered. However, he was helpless against it. Nine Evolutions God Sect constantly tried to attack his Heavenly Mortal Sect. Besides Nine Evolutions God Sect, Heavenly Mortal Sect still had other enemies hidden in the shadows. If they were to offend Forgotten Creek Dao School as well, then even his power as a God King would be useless to his Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly and clasped his fists towards Ji Yi and said, "Many thanks, Elder Ji Yi and Senior Sister Lan Ou for looking so highly upon me. If not for the newly incubated God Domain Nest, I would naturally offer my help. But now that the God Domain Nest has been newly incubated, as a normal man, I would also like to try my luck. Thus, I will not leave here for now."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Pang Jie sighed. He felt that he had left Mo Wuji down. Those five placings had all been taken by Nine Evolutions God Sect. A God King like him wasn't even able to obtain a placing for his sect's disciple. How disgraceful was that?

    On the other hand, Ji Yi jolted slightly when he heard Mo Wuji's words. It didn't matter that Mo Wuji was a toad trying to eat a goose's flesh. Mo Wuji was a cultivator, and as a cultivator, he wanted to go into the newly incubated God Domain Nest to search for opportunities. Was he in the position to stop Mo Wuji?

    Obstructing others in their path of cultivation was the gravest enmity that one could commit.

    "Sorry Wuji, I didn't manage to keep the placings..." Even though Pang Jie was helpless, he still told the truth.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "There are no worries. I managed to obtain a placing by myself. Oh right, I just came from God Domain Nest's Tiandi Plaza. I'm rather interested in the Law Insights there."

    Pang Jie's heart pounded. He was very clear that Mo Wuji's perception was very strong. Perhaps Mo Wuji could actually gain insights on a Law there?

    "Dao Friend Ji, since that's the case, then why don't you help Wuji get an opportunity to try?" Pang Jie grinned and asked. Even though he phrased it as a question, he was already determined to let Mo Wuji have a try.

    Even if Ji Yi looked down on Heavenly Mortal Sect, he wasn't able to reject such a reasonable request from God King Pang Jie. He could only smile and accept the request.


    Two months passed in a flash. Mo Wuji didn't go to gain insights from Tiandi Plaza as he had said. Instead, he had been cooped in his room studying on the Array Dao.

    He didn't tell Pang Jie that he had obtained ten jade tokens to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. It wasn't that he didn't trust Pang Jie; he simply didn't have the chance.

    After Pang Jie sent Forgotten Creek Dao School's Elder Ji Yi off, he never returned.

    Now, the time to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest had already come.

    After being in seclusion for two months, the first person Mo Wuji saw after leaving his room was Wei Jie. Wei Jie's breathing was unstable. Clearly, he had suffered some injuries.

    "Elder Wei Jie, you?" Mo Wuji stared at Wei Jie questioningly.

    Wei Jie sighed, "I can only blame my naivety. I actually tried to fight for a placing to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. If not for the talisman that Ancestor gave me, I would already have been killed by that bastard."

    "Who?" Mo Wuji subconsciously asked. He knew that he wouldn't be able to help much against someone that could almost kill Wei Jie. But if he knew the person, he might actually be able to help Wei Jie get back at him in the future. Wei Jie looked very slippery but he was actually a good person.

    Wei Jie waved his hand, "Death cannot be prevented on the Battle Stage. It's due to luck that I'm able to come here. Ai, our Heavenly Mortal Sect has suffered heavy losses this time. Out of our 50 disciples that came, 11 were killed in the Battle Stage."

    "What?" Mo Wuji was truly shocked. 11 killed out of a total of 50 was truly too preposterous. If there was such a high percentage of death on the God Domain Nest's Battle Stage, then how many people die every time the God Domain Nest opens?

    Wei Jie said in a hushed volume, "This matter might be intentional. Because our Heavenly Mortal Sect has the highest rate of deaths. During many battles, after one of our Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples win a match, an expert will immediately take over the next one."

    Mo Wuji's expression turned ugly. Even though many disciples of Heavenly Mortal Sect supported Pu Yin, they were still of the same sect. How could he not feel angered when his sect members were being bullied?

    "But we are not without gain. Two of our people managed to enter the top 1000 and obtained the rights to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Ancestor Pang Jie isn't around now. Ancestor has passed the sect's affairs on to us. When our two disciples are entering the newly incubated God Domain Nest, we will send them off," Wei Jie continued speaking.

    "Big Brother Mo..." Ku Cai's voice sounded. Zhu was standing behind her.

    The moment Mo Wuji looked at Zhu's arm, he knew that one of Zhu's arms had been decapitated. This arm of Zhu's should have been regrown due to a pill. However, the tier of the pill that he used wasn't very high; the aura of his arm was still extremely weak.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to ask; Zhu's arm was definitely chopped off on the Battle Stage.

    "All the disciples in the encampment, gather at the hall." Ancestor Pang Jie wasn't present and Elder Wei Jie seemed to be cowering. Thus, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to announce that order loudly.

    When Wei Jie heard Mo Wuji's orders, he didn't find it out of the blue. Don't simply look at the fact that he was an elder. In his heart, his position was the same as Mo Wuji; he wasn't higher than Mo Wuji, this External Affairs Hall Master.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples soon gather at the hall. Mo Wuji counted the numbers; including Wei Jie and him, there were only a total of 37 people?

    Out of the 37 people, most of their breaths were unable; they were clearly injured. As for their auras, they were much weaker than when everyone first arrived.

    Wei Jie didn't say a word. In fact, he intentionally stood one step behind Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the disciples. He said slowly, "Our Heavenly Mortal Sect is a newly opened sect. We face many difficulties, as well as the pressure from other sects. However, our Heavenly Mortal Sect is one with a God King. In the past, it was also a top-class sect. One day, our Heavenly Mortal Sect will stand tall in God Domain."

    No one said a word. Everyone was listening to Mo Wuji's words seriously.

    "This time, many of our fellow disciples died in the fight for placings to the newly incubated God Domain Nest..."

    As Mo Wuji said this, he stopped abruptly. He asked, "Where are Pu Yin and Di Butong?"

    Besides the few that came with Mo Wuji, he didn't recognise many of the 50 disciples. Even so, Mo Wuji knew Pu Yin.

    Although the two of them had some conflicts, Mo Wuji still hoped that Pu Yin hadn't died on the Battle Stage.

    Yin Lin stood up and said, "Senior Brother Di died on the Battle Stage..."

    Di Butong, Yin Lin and Mo Wuji entered the sect at the same time. Back then, they weren't accepted by other sects, which was why they came to Heavenly Mortal Sect. The one that brought them in was Elder Wei Jie. Previously, Pu Jia and Ai Dong'Er had gone missing. Now, Di Butong had been killed. Out of the six people that entered the sect together, only Yin Lin, Ku Cai and Mo Wuji remained.

    Thus, when Yin Lin said that Di Butong had been killed, there was some hard-to-suppress grief in her eyes.

    "Who killed Di Butong?" Mo Wuji's voice was cold. He knew that he wasn't on the Battle Stage venue now. But if he had been there when Di Butong was killed, he would definitely have found it hard to resist the urge to go up on the stage and take revenge.

    "It was Senior Brother Death, Wu Liang. After you left, we met that Wu Liang. He even specially asked us what sect we are from," Wei Jie whispered beside Mo Wuji's ear.

    Mo Wuji exhaled slowly. If he saw that Senior Brother Death in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, he would definitely slaughter that person.

    "Then Pu Yin?" Mo Wuji knew that it was useless to talk about that now. It would have to wait till he entered the God Domain Nest.

    "Senior Brother Pu Yin has entered into the top 1000 and has obtained a placing..." Yin Lin continued.

    Mo Wuji was slightly shocked, "Pu Yin got into the top 1000?"

    Even though Wei Jie said that two people had got into the top 1000, Mo Wuji didn't think that it would be Pu Yin

    Yin Lin nodded, "Yes. Our sect has two disciples that entered the top 1000. One is Senior Brother Pu Yin and the other is Senior Brother Shi Bian. Because Senior Brother Pu Yin obtained a placing, he went to recce the newly incubated God Domain Nest, probably to prepare himself for its opening."

    "Then what about Shi Bian?" Mo Wuji asked.

    A young and ordinary looking youth stepped forward and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Shi Bian greets Da Shixiong."

    Mo Wuji took a look at this disciple called Shi Bian. He was only in Nascent God Level 8. His skin was slightly dark and he was the kind that wouldn't stand out if he was thrown into a crowd.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Shi Bian brought out a jade token and passed it to Mo Wuji, "Head Senior Brother, this is the jade token to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. I obtained it. Now, I'm handing it to Da Shixiong to allocate it."

    Even though Shi Bian didn't directly say that he was giving Mo Wuji this jade token, it was already extremely impressive of Jim to hand this jade token over to Mo Wuji to allocate. If it was someone else, he probably wouldn't even have done such a thing.

    Mo Wuji patted Shi Bian and said, "Junior Brother Shi Bian, this jade token is obtained through your own abilities. Later, you will be going to the newly incubated God Domain Nest. For now, stand behind me."

    "Yes. Many thanks, Da Shixiong." Shi Bian emotionally kept the jade token.

    Compared to before, Shi Bian's admiration towards Mo Wuji had increased. Previously, it was also this Da Shixiong, Mo Wuji, that resolved the matter Shen Ming. Now, the Pu Yin that was fighting with Mo Wuji for the position of Da Shixiong had already gone to the newly incubated God Domain Nest. On the other hand, Mo Wuji was still standing here.

    What was the difference between the two of them? This was it.
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