Chapter 919: Darkness Origin

    Chapter 919: Darkness Origin

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    The moment they entered the newly incubated God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji and co. felt the turbulent Laws of Heaven and Earth. Compared to the outside, the Laws in the newly incubated area was simply chaotic without order. However, at every instant, the Laws seem to reorder themselves. Then, they would merge together in harmony.

    "Ku Cai will follow me. Everyone can go on their own. There are plenty of treasures in the God Domain Nest. If it's not necessary, try not to fight with others for treasures. If you encounter any danger, communicate using the communication beads." Practically everyone that entered the newly incubated God Domain Nest would rush off in all directions. Before they scattered as well, Mo Wuji instructed everyone once more.

    He was only in Nascent God Level 2. In this newly incubated God Domain Nest, he couldn't do anything much for everyone. Everyone could only depend on their own luck.

    The group bid their farewells and left. Mo Wuji also left swiftly with Ku Cai.

    Most people only know to head towards the depths of the God Domain Nest. However, unlike them, Mo Wuji knew where he needed to go exactly. It was where the Laws of Darkness were.

    The reason why he brought Ku Cai was because Ku Cai cultivated a dark-type technique. Previously in God Domain, Ku Cai didn't have much conditions for cultivation. Now that he found a direction with the Laws of Darkness, Mo Wuji naturally had to bring Ku Cai to it.

    Back when Mo Wuji felt the Laws of Darkness, he only knew its direction. Now that he was actually going towards it, Mo Wuji found out that it was actually very far away. At the same time, he came to know that this newly incubated God Domain Nest was truly vast.

    Additionally, Mo Wuji was especially shocked at the amount of treasures here.

    As he and Ku Cai made their way, they didn't specially search around for god herbs. However, they actually found at least a hundred different varieties of god herbs. Moreover, Mo Wuji could tell that they were all at least Tier 3 and above. Even though there weren't any high tiered god herbs, Mo Wuji was able to find loads of Tier 4 and Tier 5 ones.

    Don't look down on these Tier 3 to 5 god herbs. Even though God Domain was extremely vast, there weren't many high grade god herbs; god herbs above Tier 5 were practically as rare as a phoenix feather or a qilin horn. Most herbs were in Tier 1 and Tier 2. A Tier 3 god herb was already considered a valuable item in God Domain.

    During their journey they were also able to casually pick up tens of ores. Moreover, this was when Mo Wuji didn't move towards the direction with denser god spiritual energy.

    As Mo Wuji and Ku Cai went deeper, the Laws around them got increasingly chaotic. However, the energy of the Laws had gotten thinner than before. They found increasingly fewer god herbs and they couldn't even find ores anymore.

    One month later, Mo Wuji stopped at the periphery of a large desert. Because of the chaotic Laws, the desert buffeted with crazy amounts of dust and sand. Nothing could be seen clearly.

    It wasn't unusual to find deserts and seas in the newly incubated God Domain Nest. The God Domain Nest was basically a newly incubated continent; there could be all sorts of different terrains. The God Domain Nest Sea was the sea left behind when previous God Domain Nest had fully incubated.

    "Big brother, the god spiritual energy here is sparse and there doesn't seem to be any treasures." Ku Cai asked confusedly when she saw Mo Wuji stop in front of the large desert.

    Mo Wuji pointed towards the vast and buffeting desert and said, "Ku Cai, there should be a Law of Darkness within this desert. This Law of Darkness is especially clear. Unfortunately, I only know that this Law of Darkness is within the desert, but I don't know its exact position. The two of us both cultivate a dark-type technique. The God Domain lacks the Laws of Darkness, so for us to cultivate, as need to find this Law of Darkness in the desert."

    There were indeed many treasures in God Domain Nest. However, to Mo Wuji, whatever treasures couldn't compare to his cultivation.

    "Big brother, I will listen to you." To Ku Cai, everything that Mo Wuji says was the truth.

    "Alright, then we will go in." With that, Mo Wuji stepped into the desert. Even though the sand danced wildly, they weren't able to deal much damage to him. Ku Cai was in Nascent God Level 2, so she also wouldn't be hurt by the raging sand.

    The direction towards the Law of Darkness that he felt using his spirit storage channel had disappeared. This desert was too vast. Even Mo Wuji could no longer determine an exact direction.

    "Big brother, I can sense the Law of Darkness..." Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about what direction they should head to, Ku Cai cried out agitatedly.

    When he heard Ku Cai's words, Mo Wuji also got excited, "Then hurry and lead the way. I will follow behind you."

    He had some faint understanding why it was like so. Ku Cai had always been cultivating this dark-type technique and the Laws of Darkness in God Domain were truly too indistinct. Because of this, Ku Cai was more sensitive towards the Laws of Darkness. Thus, she could sense the direction towards the Law of Darkness within this desert.

    "En." Ku Cai acknowledged and sped into the raging sand.

    Mo Wuji followed closely behind Ku Cai. He was extremely excited. The faster he found the place with the Law of Darkness, the more gains he would obtain in the new God Domain Nest.


    The newly incubated God Domain Nest's array gate.

    A goateed man flashed a fake laugh towards Pang Jie as he said, "Dao Friend Pang's methods are not bad ah."

    Pang Jie said calmly, "This Pang is dumb and doesn't understand what God King Dark Bodhi means."

    This goateed man was Nine Evolutions God Sect's only God King - God King Dark Bodhi, Xiang Zicheng. This person was at God King Level 3 and he was a greedy and vicious man. Previously, he was the one that snatched Heavenly Mortal Sect's five placings. Not only that, he also took several god spiritual veins and some peak grade treasures from Pang Jie.

    God King Dark Bodhi chuckled loudly, drawing the attention of the other God Kings in the area. He said, "Previously, Dao Friend Pang pleaded me to leave behind one placing to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest, claiming that he had promised it to a disciple. But just now, why did I see at least seven to eight disciples of Heavenly Mortal Sect entering the God Domain Nest? I, Xiang Zicheng, might be old but my eyes aren't blinded by age. So Brother Pang actually used such a method to leave behind so many placings. Respect, respect!"

    Pang Jie's expression turned ugly. He forcefully suppressed the fire in his heart and said, "As the ancestor of the sect, I haven't been very useful. Luckily, my disciples have some capabilities to obtain their own placings."

    "This words of Dao Friend Pang are actually true. Heavenly Mortal Sect truly has a capable disciple. At the very least, my Phoenix Soul God Estate's Tang Wuzhen simply cannot compare." By the side, God King Salt Pavilion snickered and interrupted.

    The group's gaze turned towards him. Salt Pavilion continued, "Heavenly Mortal Sect's concealment technique is very strong. Even I am unable to discern that he was at Nascent God Level 9, much less my Phoenix Soul God Estate's good-for-nothing Nascent God disciple."

    Others might not know the reason why Tang Wuzhen had been convinced by Mo Wuji but God King Salt Pavilion knew it clearly.

    Even if Tang Wuzhen wanted to hide it, he wouldn't dare to hide it from God King Salt Pavilion. It was just that he also didn't know that Mo Wuji wasn't in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage. In fact, Mo Wuji was only in Nascent God Level 1 when they battled. Not only that, Mo Wuji didn't even use his powerful Seven World Finger.

    God King Pang Jie didn't refute. He knew that Heavenly Mortal Sect was facing its most difficult times. These people were simply looking for excuses to get rid of him. If he was killed, then his entire Heavenly Mortal Sect would disperse like smoke.

    Seeing Pang Jie's silence, both God King Dark Bodhi and God King Salt Pavilion sneered. God King Pavilion had already instructed his Heavenly God disciples to eliminate Mo Wuji.

    As for Nine Evolutions God Sect's God King Dark Bodhi, he was even more vicious: his Nine Evolutions God Sect's disciples were ordered to kill all Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples that were in the newly incubated God Domain Nest.


    Within the new God Domain Nest's desert, Ku Cai stopped in her tracks.

    "Ku Cai, why have we stopped?" Mo Wuji asked questioningly.

    Ku Cai excitedly pointed at the whirlwind of sand beneath her feet and said, "Big Brother, I have an intense feeling that the Law of Darkness that we're looking for it right under us."

    "Then we'll go down. Follow behind me." With that, Mo Wuji directly dug into the ground.

    After digging in for several hundred miles, Mo Wuji also felt the Law of Darkness clearly. Even though he didn't have a dark-type cultivation technique, the energy from this Law of Darkness was truly too clear.

    In another half a day, Mo Wuji and Ku Cai landed within a huge space.

    This space was like ink. The moment Mo Wuji entered, he felt as though his entire body and soul had fallen into darkness. Whether it as his blood or his bones, everything was invaded by this darkness. The pressure from the darkness left his entire body feeling discomfort.

    His spiritual will was also frozen. Fortunately, he still had his spiritual eye, allowing him to see a radius of several tens of miles. In the space around him, there was only one kind of the Law, that was the Law of Darkness. Clear and raw Law of Darkness.

    Within this radius of tens of miles, floated an ink black bead. The Law of Darkness circulated within that bead. Mo Wuji already had a Lightning Origin Bead. Thus, he only needed a single glance at this bead to know that it was a Darkness Origin Bead.

    Around the Darkness Origin Bead, there was a row of ten-over black crystals.

    Mo Wuji had also gotten his hands on primal crystals before. When he laid eyes on those black crystals, he knew that they should be primal darkness crystals.

    "Big Brother, there are so many crystals here." Ku Cai swiftly rushed forward and picked up two primal darkness crystals.

    "Ku Cai, your spiritual will can see the things in here?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically.

    Ku Cai nodded, "That's right. My spiritual will is like a fish in water here. Above those crystals, there's even a black coloured bead."

    "That should be a Darkness Origin Bead," Mo Wuji answered.

    "Big Brother, you can keep the Darkness Origin Bead and those crystals. I feel that if I cultivate here, my speed will be extremely fast." Ku Cai's voice was slightly emotional; this was one of the desires in her heart.

    Mo Wuji kept the Darkness Origin Bead and took some crystals. Then, he said to Ku Cai, "Ku Cai, these crystals should be primal darkness crystals. You can keep the rest. These things will be very useful to you. I will keep the bead first; I might have some use for it."

    Mo Wuji's Undying World had yet to be perfected and he didn't know whether his Undying World would need this Darkness Origin Bead. Thus, he was going to keep it first.
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