Chapter 920: Scheme

    Chapter 920: Scheme

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    Ku Cai started cultivated. Even though his eyes were closed, Mo Wuji could feel Ku Cai's staggering pace of cultivation. In this space, Ku Cai was like at home. Even though the god spiritual energy here wasn't very pure, Ku Cai was able to extract the god spiritual energy from within.

    Mo Wuji felt like he was seeing things; he was actually able to see Ku Cai's cultivation improving with his naked eye.

    This was truly too incredible. Even Mo Wuji couldn't help but exhale a breath of cold air. His cultivation speed was definitely one of the fastest already, but even he couldn't achieve the same speeds as Ku Cai.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly installed several defensive arrays within this Law of Darkness space. At the same time, he retrieved that dark-type skill crystal and sent his spiritual will in.

    In merely ten over breaths of time, Mo Wuji had fully immersed in his cultivation.

    Strands of the Law of Darkness were continuously swept away by Mo Wuji. During every circulation path, these strands would go through his dao revelation channel.

    The dao energy within the dark-type skill crystal ball also merged with the Law of Darkness in the surroundings. Because of Mo Wuji's insights, one dao inscription after another began to form around him.


    The newly incubated God Domain Nest had settled down and the seals over the array gate had also been formed. Except for those who could open the seals with their placing jade tokens, those that tried to forcefully enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest would be killed.

    Pang Jie heaved a sigh of relief. Under the leadership of Mo Wuji, his Heavenly Mortal Sect was able to send a group of people in. Supreme treasures could be found within the newly incubated God Domain Nest. As long as they were able to return alive, they would definitely have a chance to become a true expert.

    He, Pang Jie, was only an outer disciple. Those years ago, because of a meritorious deed for the sect, he was rewarded with the opportunity to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    It was true that his advancement into the God King Stage was related to the Heavenly Mortal Technique. However, Pang Jie also knew that the treasures that he obtained in the God Domain Nest were also important factors.

    "Various Dao Friends, this Pang has some matters to handle and I need to return to my encampment. I will take my leave first." Pang Jie knew that with the opening of the newly incubated God Domain Nest, no one would leave for a few years. He needed to use this time to go back to the encampment and stabilise his cultivation.

    "Haha, Dao Friend Pang, we are also preparing to return back to our sect encampments. Since that's the case, let's go together." Nine Evolutions God Sect's God King Dark Bodhi chuckled and said.

    "Right, right. We should leave together." God King Salt Pavilion also stood up. Thereafter, he turned towards God Kings Yi Ming and Yan Du and said, "The two of you will be joining us?"

    God King Yi Ming promptly nodded in agreement. On the other hand, God King Yan Du snickered, "I like a crowd. I will not leave for now."

    When God Kings Yi Ming and Salt Pavilion heard God King Yan Du's words, they both started. One must know that they had previously made arrangements to force the secret out of Heavenly Mortal Sect's Pang Jie after the opening of the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Their return to the encampment area now was exactly for that matter. God King Yan Du definitely knew about it. Why would he choose to back out now?

    "Fat monk, what do you have to do here? Why can't you return with us?" God King Yi Ming frowned slightly.

    God King Yan Du slapped his tummy, "Hehe, even though the new God Domain Nest has already opened, there's still some lingering Laws that I can pursue. I intend to try and gain some insights before I leave. The few of you don't need to wait for me."

    After the opening of the newly incubated God Domain Nest, there were indeed some strands of Laws in the area. However, they were all extremely weak and obscure. An expert like God King Yan Du had no need to gain insights on such Laws. These words were mostly an excuse to not leave.

    God King Yi Ming's expression turned slightly unsightly, "Since Brother Yan Du isn't willing to leave, then we will take our leave first."

    Looking at God Kings Yi Ming, Salt Pavilion and Dark Bodhi left with Pang Jie, God King Yan Du sneered. Thereafter, his figure flashed and he left as well. However, he wasn't returning back to God Domain Nest. Instead, he disappeared in a different direction.

    The reason why he didn't follow God King Yi Ming and co. back to God Domain Nest was because he knew that they were going to lay hands on Pang Jie.

    Previously, before the newly incubated God Domain Nest opened, God King Yi Ming and co. didn't dare to cause a ruckus because they didn't want to incur the wrath of the Ten Great God Kings.

    Now that the newly incubated God Domain Nest had opened, they only need to come up with an excuse to lay hands on Pang Jie. If the Ten Great God Kings found out about it, they would only give them a verbal warning at the most.

    If this was before, God King Yan Du would have definitely followed them to deal with Pang Jie. He, Yan Du, also wanted to know the secret of Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    But now, Yan Du wouldn't do such a thing.

    There was only one reason - Mo Wuji.

    He was sure that Tang Wuzhen wasn't convinced by Mo Wuji through words. Instead, it was because Tang Wuzhen had been defeated. Moreover, Yan Du was also sure that Mo Wuji was only at Nascent God Level 1. The reason why God King Salt Pavilion thought that Mo Wuji was at Nascent God Level 9 was because Salt Pavilion was misguided by Tang Wuzhen's words and because Salt Pavilion didn't have the same acumen as him.

    A Nascent God Level 1 cultivator was able to easily defeat a late stage Nascent God like Tang Wuzhen. What did this mean?

    This meant that if Mo Wuji didn't die, his future would be limitless. And this person with limitless potential had actually entered the newly incubated God Domain Nest. He, Yan Du, was not willing to offend such a person.

    Back then, he also considered milling Mo Wuji. Because of the opening of the new God Domain Nest, he didn't have the opportunity to do so. And now that Mo Wuji had entered the God Domain Nest, he wouldn't even have the opportunity to do so. Since he couldn't kill Mo Wuji, why would he involve himself in such trouble?


    The moment Pang Jie returned to the sect encampment, he was infuriated by what he saw before him. The entire first-floor hall of Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment was filled with corpses. At least twenty disciples lay mangled on the floor. The entire air was filled with the smell of blood.

    "Who are you? You actually dare to kill in my Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment?" Pang Jie howled furiously. He extended his hand and grabbed two Heavenly Gods, pinching them up in midair.

    "Ancestor, these two people got wind that our Heavenly Mortal Sect still has two placings to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. They actually came here trying to rob them and they even started slaughtering our disciples..." A petite woman in red roles bawled as she rushed over and kneeled on the ground.

    Pang Jie recognised this disciple; she was called Dan Ya. He forcefully suppressed the killing intend on his heart as he spoke slowly, "What happened exactly?"

    Dan Ya cried and said, "Senior Brother Mo left behind two placings for Yu Minyi and Zhan Chou. Supposedly, Senior Brother Zhan Chou and Senior Sister Yu Minyi would wait for Ancestor to return before heading to the newly incubated God Domain Nest. I'm not sure how exactly these two Heavenly Gods came to know of this matter. They came to our Heavenly Mortal Sect encampment and started a massacre, attempting to steal our placings. If Ancestor hadn't returned in time, all of our disciples would have been killed..."

    As Dan Ya was speaking, a short and pudgy disciple stumbled over and kneeled on the ground, "Ancestor, please help."

    This disciple was Jiao Xiangqi, Pang Jie also recognised him. At this instant, Pang Jie's face was ashen. God Domain Nest's sect encampment area was a place which prohibited any form of violence. What galls did these two Heavenly Gods have to actually kill people here?

    Even though he simply wanted to turn these two Heavenly Gods into dust, Pang Jie still suppressed his intense anger. He released his palm and threw the two Heavenly Gods onto the ground.

    He knew that this matter definitely wasn't initiated by these two Heavenly Gods; there was definitely a mastermind behind them. Even if these two Heavenly Gods had their balls enlarged by ten thousand times, they wouldn't dare come here and massacre the Nascent God disciples of Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    When these two Heavenly Gods were dropped onto the ground, they heaved a sigh of relief. Even though they received the God King's assurance that everything would be fine as long as they left immediately after killing everyone, they didn't expect that God King Pang Jie would return so timely. Fortunately, God King Pang Jie still had some reason in him and he hadn't killed them. As long as he didn't kill them, they would have hopes to survive.

    "Bang! Bang!" Just as these two Heavenly Gods landed on the ground, their brains exploded. A terrifying force of elemental energy directly tore their spirit channels and seas of consciousness apart. Their primordial spirits were also destroyed at that instant.

    Before they died, their eyes were filled with shock, regret and hatred.

    When Pang Jie saw these two's brains exploding in front of his eyes, he was also astonished. He hadn't thought of killing these two people. He still maintained his reason; he knew that he couldn't kill anyone here. As long as he handed the two over to the authorities, they would undoubtedly be punished with death even if they were disciples of top sects.

    "Dao Friend Pang, what's going on?" A familiar voice sounded from outside. Pang Jie's heart sank; he could tell that it was God King Dark Bodhi.

    Pang Jie was able to cultivate to the God King Stage. How could he not see through such an obvious scheme?

    "Dao Friend Pang, you've killed so many people?" God King Salt Pavilion's voice came afterwards. Behind him was God King Yi Ming.

    Pang Jie took in a deep breath. He knew that these three wanted to deal with him but he didn't think that they would be so bold as to do so in the God Domain Nest's sect encampment area.

    Dan Ya hurriedly came forward and said, "Seniors, please don't be mistaken. These are all disciples of my sect. They aren't killed by my Ancestor, but those two Heavenly Gods."

    As she got here, Dan Ya pointed at the corpses of the two Heavenly Gods and said, "My Ancestor only killed the two of them. That was because they slaughtered out Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples in our own encampment."

    Pang Jie stared at Dan Ya coldly. He spoke to her, one word at a time, "You're good, very good..."

    He didn't think that he would be betrayed by a mere Nascent God disciple of his very own sect. If his own disciple claimed that he was the one that killed those two, then any rebuttals from him would lose their effect.

    "Brother Pang, even though I'm your friend, we're still helpless against the rules of God Domain Nest. We're not allowed to kill anyone in the sect encampment area. Even though Brother Pang has a reason for your actions, but we must take Brother Pang to meet God King Uncruel," God King Pavilion said indifferently.

    Pang Jie had a calm expression on his face. He knew that he definitely couldn't be taken away. Even if he had to die in battle, he couldn't be taken away. If he was taken away, then he could forget about meeting the Ten Great God Kings.
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