Chapter 921: Encounter With Senior Brother Death

    Chapter 921: Encounter With Senior Brother Death

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    Mo Wuji felt like he had opened a whole, new door. His elemental energy and his insights towards the Laws were perfected. Previously, there were only two causes holding his cultivation back: 1. The lack of cultivation resources; 2. The imperfect Laws of the Heaven and Earth around him.

    Only now did Mo Wuji knew that he had been cultivating in places with incomplete Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Since the very beginning, his cultivation had been lacking the Laws of Darkness.

    Now that he finally cultivated within the Law of the Darkness, he felt like a withered desert that was being showered by a clear spring.

    With the addition of the Laws of Darkness, his Grand Dao became clearer and his understanding towards his sacred arts also became more profound.

    Half a year passed in a flash before Mo Wuji finally opened his eyes. Even though he was still in Nascent God Level 2, the glee in his eyes couldn't be concealed.

    In half a year, he had completely perfected his Immortal Mortal Technique. Previously, his meridian-based reverse Immortal Mortal Technique was already a top-rated cultivation technique in the entire cosmos which could continuously perfect itself together with Mo Wuji's greater insights towards the Laws. However, it seemed to be lacking something. Now, he finally understood that the something that he had been lacking was the Laws of Darkness.

    Now that the Laws of Darkness had been integrated into his cultivation technique, his Immortal Mortal Technique could finally be considered perfect. Even though it was still lacking somethings, those will come following his improvements in cultivation. They were not things that could be obtained simply because he wanted it.

    Mo Wuji stopped his cultivation and stood up. He noticed that Ku Cai was already at Nascent God Level 3; this pace of improvement was truly astounding.

    He didn't go and disturb Ku Cai. The quality of Ku Cai's spiritual roots was extremely strong and they were suitable for cultivating the Laws of Darkness. This was different from him, even after he integrated the Laws of Darkness, his cultivation was still at Nascent God Level 2, but his power did improve. However, if he wanted to improve his cultivation, he would need to find a place rich in god spiritual energy.

    Mo Wuji left a message for Ku Cai, asking her to continue cultivating here while he went to explore the newly incubated God Domain Nest for cultivation resources.

    Because he wanted to integrate and study the Laws of Darkness, Mo Wuji spent half a year of time. However, this half of year of time had been very fruitful for Mo Wuji. Moreover, Mo Wuji believed that with the immensity of the God Domain Nest, it definitely wouldn't be swept clean in half a year.

    In reality, Mo Wuji had underestimated the cultivators' ability to milk the treasures from the God Domain Nest. An entire month passed but Mo Wuji didn't manage to find any relatively good treasures. His entire path clearly seemed to have been ravaged clean. If not for that there was nothing good in the desert besides the Law of Darkness, it would probably also have been swept clean.

    Mo Wuji decided to stop searching around the area. Activating his Wind Escape Technique to the max, Mo Wuji sped away.

    After another month, Mo Wuji finally stopped. He saw a field of god herbs.

    This was finally a place that had yet to experience any sort of human activity; there were at least hundreds of strands of god herbs here. As a pill refiner, these god herbs were going to be useful to him.

    Mo Wuji called Shuai Guo and Da Huang out. Since they were going to be harvesting herbs, more hands would naturally be better.

    "My lord, I discovered a Xiantian material..." Da Huang cried out in astonishment the moment he came out of the Undying World.

    Mo Wuji anxiously asked, "Where? And how do you know that it's a Xiantian material?"

    Da Huang hurriedly said, "It's not far from here. I guess that it's related to my body. I can feel that the material had an energy similar to my Phecda Clay."

    "Hurry and dig all these god herbs up. Then, Da Huang will lead the way to find the treasure," Mo Wuji instructed promptly.

    He didn't suspect Da Huang's words; he had used Phecda Clay to model Da Huang's body. What kind of thing was Phecda Clay? It was a Xiantian material. Since Da Huang's own body was made of Phecda Clay, it wasn't surprising that it could detect other Xiantian materials.

    Shuai Guo had been cooped up in the Undying World for so long that it almost died of constipation. Now that it could come out and harvest god herbs, it was naturally very happy.

    With three people working together, all hundreds of god herbs were soon sent into Mo Wuji's Undying World.

    Thereafter, under the leadership of Da Huang, they travelled for half a day before they finally arrived at the edge of an unfathomably deep gorge. The widest part of the gorge was only 30 centimeters long while the thinnest part was only a tiny sliver. Instead of a gorge, it was more accurate to call it a crack. The entire crack was less than 100 meters long.

    There were strange rocks on both sides of the gorge. Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will into the gorge but it couldn't extend any further than 10,000 meters. It seemed as though his spiritual will had been blocked by something.

    "My lord, it's in this gorge," Da Huang pointed towards the depths of this narrow gorge and cried excitedly.

    He knew who valuable the Phecda Clay used to sculpt his body was. Perhaps only this lord of his would use Phecda Clay just to help him forge a body. Since the aura of the thing in this gorge was similar to his Phecda Clay, it naturally wouldn't be inferior. Since he could help his lord find a great treasure, Da Huang was extremely elated.

    "I will go down and take a look. The two of you wait for me here... Eh, someone's coming. The two of you go back in first." Mo Wuji directly sent Da Huang and Shuai Guo into the Undying World. At the same time, he swallowed a Dry Wimple Pill and changed his appearance. Thereafter, he even put on the mask that Wei Jie lent him.

    There were only Heavenly Gods here. Coupled with the protection of his domain, a Heavenly God shouldn't be able to see through his two layers of disguises.

    Just as Mo Wuji did this, three figures sped over.

    Mo Wuji had already decided; if there were Heavenly Gods among the three, he would leave immediately. However, from the aura of these three, he found that the strongest was no more than Nascent God Level 9.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji recognised the strongest one, Qu You. He had saved this woman once before. He didn't think that he would meet her again here. The newly incubated God Domain Nest was so vast, but he was still able to meet Qu You. There seemed to be some fate between them.

    Together with Qu You, there was one man and one woman, both in the intermediate Nascent God Stage.

    Just as Qu You and her group landed, another two figures sprinted over from the distance.

    Mo Wuji still didn't move. From their spiritual ripples, the two newcomers were also in the Nascent God Stage. When these two finally approached, an intense killing intent immediately sprouted within Mo Wuji's heart.

    One of the two people was actually Senior Brother Death, Wu Liang. If asked who Mo Wuji wanted to kill the most now, it would be this Wu Liang.

    "Qu You, I didn't think that you would also be able to detect the treasure aura here. It's truly a small world. I will say my words once more. Are you going to hand that thing over? If you hand it over, I wouldn't lay hands on you. But if you don't, I don't care even if you're a core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao Schoool." Wu Liang blocked Qu You's path; his voice was laced with a strand of killing intent.

    Thereafter, he turned to the man and woman beside Qu You and said, "That goes for the two of you."

    Mo Wuji was slightly shocked. He was extremely clear of Qu You's origins. Who's the backer of this Senior Brother Death? To actually be unafraid of Qu You? Mo Wuji also discovered that the Nascent God that came together with Wu Liang also seemed to be afraid of him. The moment they gathered, he stood at a distance away from Wu Liang.

    Qu You harrumphed, "Wu Liang, others might fear you but my Forgotten Creek Dao School doesn't. I'm not the only one from my Forgotten Creek Dao School. Even if I'm not a match for you, there are still experts from my Forgotten Creek Dao School."

    "Haha..." Wu Liang chuckled, "Try and call them. I give you three breaths of time. Hand the thing over. Otherwise, you die. I, Wu Liang, truly want to see, who's able to do anything to me?"

    Qu You's face was filled with uncertainty. She could run away the first time because Wu Liang had been hindered by a trap array. She didn't have that same luck now. When she heard Wu Liang's words, she could tell that after killing her, he was confident of killing the rest here.

    "Your name is Wu Liang? You truly have an ugly face." [1] A voice suddenly interjected, startling everyone.

    Everyone turned to look at Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji was the first to arrive, no one placed Mo Wuji in their hearts.

    None of them expected that this nobody would actually come out and scold Wu Liang.

    Wu Liang looked at Mo Wuji speechless and shook his head. "It's normal to try and gain the favour of a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, you need to know the right time to do so. Originally, I intend to give you some time before I killed you. But since you're courting your own death, then don't blame this senior brother for being impolite."

    As Wu Liang was speaking, he opened his palm and five black strings shot towards Mo Wuji. These five strings looked sparse and fragmentary, but in the blink of an eye, they formed a huge net.

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed. Like a breeze, he dodged this string net.

    Wu Liang jolted. He thought that his five strings would be able to easily trap Mo Wuji. Thereafter, he would slowly teach Mo Wuji how to behave. The first rule he would teach was to not try and gain the favour of a beauty in front of him, Wu Liang.

    He didn't expect that his five strings would actually be able to catch Mo Wuji. Exactly what was going on?

    Mo Wuji still didn't make a move. Instead, he spoke to the remaining people, "I'm a disciple of Nine Evolutions God Sect. The few of you here, are you going to wait for me to kill Wu Liang first before I kill the rest of you? Or are you going to wait for Wu Liang to kill me before he kills the rest of you?"

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, the four remaining people, including Qu You, hurriedly retreated. No one knew exactly how strong Mo Wuji was, but they knew how terrifying Wu Liang was. There was no need to talk about four of them. Even if there were more, Wu Liang was perfectly capable of killing all of them.

    Wu Liang wanted to go forward and block them. However, Mo Wuji took a step forward and released a punch.

    His Domain Shattering First directly shatttered Wu Liang's domain. A terrifying wave of god elemental energy came surging towards Wu Liang. A whirlpool-like domain wrapped around Wu Liang. Wu Liang's heart was filled with shock; he no longer tried to block Qu You and co. He could tell that Mo Wuji wasn't weaker than him.

    "Who are you?" Wu Liang shouted harshly and a copper gong floated in front of him. Those five black strings began to vibrate in the air, each ripple of vibrations emitting heavy killing intent. He knew all the famous Nascent Gods in God Domain. Where did such a Nascent God expert like Mo Wuji come out from?

    Mo Wuji knitted his brows. It wasn't because he was afraid of Wu Liang, but because the four people he scared away had returned. They didn't come back alone. Instead, twenty to thirty cultivators were with them.

    Seeing the group of people approach the area, Mo Wuji decided to go ahead and attack. A finger shot towards Wu Liang.

    Originally, he wanted to use his Seven World Finger to get rid of Wu Liang after chasing those people away. Now that there were so many people coming, he had to get rid of Wu Liang before they arrived.

    The moment that finger shot out, white clouds began to disperse. All pursuits of the Dao transformed within the World of Men.

    [1] The Hanyu pinyin here is "You truly have a Wu Liang face", where Wu Liang means not good.
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