Chapter 922: Recognised

    Chapter 922: Recognised

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    The moment that finger appeared, Wu Liang felt as though the space around him had transformed into a world of its own and he was being pressured by this world. At this instant, Wu Liang felt all his sacred arts gradually melt and transform into a living thing living in this World of Men.

    Everything in this World of Men seemed to be within the control of some majestic force. He felt like an ant within this control. Even if he was any stronger, he was still under the Laws of someone else. The moment these Laws fully take shape, he would no longer have any means of resistance.

    What a strong sacred art. Wu Liang immediately knew that this was a peerless sacred art. He subconsciously wanted to attack with his Five Elemental String. He believed that even if his Five Elemental String was unable to break through this sacred art, it would at least be able to get him out of this predicament.

    However, Wu Liang instantly gave up on that idea. He was a battle-hardened man; the number of people that died under him was too many to count. He could faintly tell that Mo Wuji didn't only have this one finger. To put it in other words, after this World of Men, Mo Wuji should still have another move. Even if he managed to break through this World of Men, he would still die. The reason why he could live till this day was because of his strong intuition.

    Wu Liang still chose to attack with his Five Elemental String. The instant the five strings shot out, a fracture appeared in Mo Wuji World of Men. The Laws seemed to return back to the natural Laws of Heaven and Earth.

    Mo Wuji thought that Wu Liang would flee and he prepared to use his Second World Killer, Heaven and Earth, at that instant. However, Wu Liang actually charged into that crack in the earth.

    This was the first time that Mo Wuji's First World Killer, the World of Men, had been unable to cause any damage to his opponent.

    He's truly very strong. Not only was he strong, his ability to grasp opportunities in battle was also very astute. However, Mo Wuji didn't find this strange. If Wu Liang could be killed so easily, he wouldn't have obtained a place within the Ten Vicious Cultivators of God Domain Nest.

    The more important reason was that his cultivation was too low. Thus, his World of Men could be broken through. If he had the same cultivation as Wu Liang, Wu Liang wouldn't be able to rip through his World of Men even if the Five Elemental String was any stronger. No, if he was at Nascent God Level 4, then Wu Liang wouldn't have been able to rip through his World of Men.

    The instant Wu Liang charged into that crack, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to rush in after him.

    That crack was where that supreme treasure was. How could Mo Wuji allow Wu Liang to enter it alone?


    Mo Wuji and Senior Brother Death seemed to enter the crack one after another. After they entered the crack, the group finally arrived at the edge.

    Qu You didn't flee. Even if Senior Brother Death was here now, he would no longer dare to try and attack her.

    "Who was that man? Why did it seem as though Wu Liang had been forced to flee into that crack by him?" A Nascent God Level 7 cultivator stared at that crack and asked in disbelief.

    "Junior Sister Qu, who was that man that was fighting Wu Liang? To actually force Wu Liang to flee into that crack in a single move?" Another tall and young man asked doubtfully.

    Qu You hurriedly answered, "Greetings Senior Brother Kong Fei. I also don't know who that person was. The moment he came, he provoked Wu Liang. It seemed as though he had some hatred with Wu Liang."

    Qu You admired this Kong Fei in front of her. He was a legacy disciple of Phecda God Sect, his character was upright, and his cultivation was strong. The reason why he wasn't as notorious as the God Domain Nest's Ten Vicious Cultivators was because he had always been merciful. If he could spare a person, then he would; he rarely engaged in slaughter.

    "There was actually such an expert?" Kong Fei muttered to himself in shock. From what he knew, there were few Nascent Gods that could force Senior Brother Death, Wu Liang, into retreat.

    "That person should have seen that Wu Liang was trying to lay his hands on Senior Sister Qu, which was why he could not help but come forward. It's Senior Sister Qu's absolute beauty that saved the few of us," The female cultivator that was with Qu You laughed and said.

    Qu You blushed lightly. In reality, she also had some suspicions that Mo Wuji came forward to help her. She naturally knew about her own beauty; there was no need to talk about God Domain Nest, there was no lack of experts in the entire God Domain that wanted to take her as a dao companion. It wasn't weird for that young man that attacked Wu Liang to view her with favour.


    If that young man viewed her with favour, then why did he chase them away? Also, she seemed to feel that the young man was slightly familiar. As for why he felt familiar, she couldn't understand it at the moment.

    "That person claimed that he was from Nine Evolutions God Sect. However, I believe that he shouldn't be from Nine Evolutions God Sect. He had changed his appearance, and he had even put on a mask." The man that had been chased by Wu Liang came forward and said.

    Everyone understood the meaning of his words. Even though Nine Evolutions God Sect was a big sect, it didn't have many Nascent God experts. In fact, they probably didn't have a single Nascent God that could easily force Wu Liang into a crack.

    A Nine Evolutions God Sect disciple snorted, clearly dissatisfied by those words. His Nine Evolutions God Sect was one with a God King. What did a mere Wu Liang even count for?

    Kong Fei chuckled and diverted the topic, "Everyone should have come here for the same reason right - the treasure light..."

    "Could that treasure light have come from this crack?" Before Kong Fei finished his words, another cultivator excitedly pointed towards the crack that Mo Wuji and Wu Liang entered.

    Everyone stared at the crack. In reality, this cultivator didn't need to say a thing; everyone could guess that this crack was where that treasure light came from.

    Kong Fei said loudly, "If I'm not wrong, the treasure light should have come from that crack. Everyone, take a look around us. Besides this crack, there are no other peculiarities in the area."

    No one said anything in response to Kong Fei's words. Their spiritual wills couldn't even reach the bottom of this crack; no oneness willing to take the risk to go down.

    "Who has a demon pet? We can get the demon pet to go down first." After some time, someone in the crowd suggested.

    When they heard demon pet, everyone's eyes gathered on a weak looking female cultivator. She hurriedly said, "My Xiao Duo's cultivation is too low. It can't go down."

    A cold snort sounded from within the crowd, "If I had a demon pet, I would have definitely sent it in. Since everyone's here in search for treasures, then we must naturally work together."

    The weak looking female cultivator recognised the cultivator that just snorted; it was a disciple from Nine Evolutions God Sect, Tai Mao. The Nine Evolutions God Sect was notorious for being overbearing. She reluctantly brought out a spiritual beast bag and carefully opened it, "Xiao Duo, come and take a look whether there's any danger in here. If it's dangerous, then don't go in."

    A little foxlike beast came out of the bag. It seemed to understand the meaning behind its owner's words. It carefully walked to the edge of the crack and peeped down. Thereafter, it turned and walked away; it seemed as though there was some sort of danger within the crack.

    A gold robed man came forward and directly kicked the beast down the crack.

    "You..." When the weak looking female cultivator saw her beast being kicked down, she was instantly filled with anxiety. However, she didn't dare to complain because the person who kicked her beast was Nine Evolutions God Sect's Tai Mao. It was also because of him that she grudgingly brought her beast out in the first place.

    "Tai Mao, that's too much. There's clearly some danger within that crack, and you actually kicked someone else's beast inside it..." Qu You originally didn't want to stand out and speak. However, she thought about the cultivator that helped her at the God Domain Nest seafloor. That person didn't even know her but he came forward to help; he didn't even ask for anything in return.

    Before Qu You finished speaking, she suddenly jolted. She finally understood why the cultivator that challenged Senior Brother Death felt familiar.

    That person was the one that saved her at the seafloor of God Domain Nest. He definitely was.

    Qu You definitely didn't believe that someone would unintentionally save her twice. Now, she even suspected that Mo Wuji was a secret admirer and he was silently protecting her from the shadows. It was just that his cultivation was far stronger than hers, which was why she didn't notice it right away.

    As she thought of this, Qu You's heart suddenly started to pound heavily. It wasn't because she fell in love with Mo Wuji, but because she anxiously wanted to find this person that saved her. If this person didn't help her in the God Domain Nest, she, Qu You, would have already been killed. No matter who he was, she should take him personally.

    "It was just a beast." Tai Mao said faintly. He dared to scold that nameless female cultivator but he didn't dare to do that to Qu You.

    At almost the same instant that Tai Mao uttered those words, a shrill cry resounded from within that crack. Everyone turned and faced one another. They all heard it clearly; that cry should have come from that beast called Xiao Duo.

    After that beast went down, it only cried out before there weren't any further signs of life from it. Although everyone sent their spiritual will in, they didn't notice anything.

    "Xiao Duo..." The weak looking female cultivator cried out in grief. Very clearly, she was very close with Xiao Duo.

    "I will take my leave first." An early stage Nascent God didn't hesitate to turn and leave.

    Treasures were good, but only if one was alive to enjoy them. He was only an early stage Nascent God, even if there weren't any dangers within the crack, he wouldn't have been able to snatch the treasure over everyone else here.

    Following the departure of that cultivator, several others left consecutively.

    "Junior Sister Qu, what about you?" Kong Fei turned to Qu You and asked.

    Qu You shook her head, "I will wait for now."

    Her heart was slightly in disarray. If that cultivator that just went down was the same one that saved her in God Domain Nest Sea, then he would have saved her twice. Now that she knew that there were dangers within the crack, should she try to go down and save him?


    Just as Mo Wuji entered the crack, five streams of killing intent swept towards him, seemingly enveloping the entire space.

    Mo Wuji could be considered a battle-hardened man. The moment he entered the crack, he immediately used his domain to protect himself. His spiritual will also detected that Wu Liang had laid an ambush. He clearly saw Wu Liang charge straight into the depths of the crack. However, that fella was actually able to prepare an ambush at the entrance.
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