Chapter 924: Huge Rewards

    Chapter 924: Huge Rewards

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    After killing Senior Brother Death, Wu Liang, Mo Wuji brought out a jade box and swept that floating Primal God Lattice in.

    The moment Mo Wuji kept the eight-sided crystal, the space around him started to turn turbulent.

    Not good, this place is going to collapse . Just as Mo Wuji thought of this, the rocks around him began to fall like dominoes - they began to crumble continuously. The space around him was a huge mess of chaos.

    Mo Wuji sighed as he hurriedly entered his Undying World. He didn't wish to get injured during such a collapse.

    As Mo Wuji's location collapsed, those standing outside the gorge all felt it. The ground beneath them also started to break down. The Laws around them turned chaotic, sweeping up copious amounts of sand and rocks. It was like a whirlpool formed within that gorge; everything in the surroundings was swept away by this whirlpool.

    Facing such a chaotic whirlpool of Laws, even a Heavenly God wouldn't dare to stay behind. If they were accidentally swept in, even if they didn't die, all their skins would get scraped away.

    The cultivators that didn't leave previously all fled. Even Kong Fei retreated.

    "Senior Sister Qu, we should leave too. Facing this collapse of Laws, we definitely wouldn't be able to find the treasure, if there even is one, unless a God King personally intervenes." When they saw the crowd take their leave, the man and woman that came with Qu You advised.

    Qu You hesitated slightly before saying, "You guys leave first. I still want to wait."

    The man and woman both sighed; they could only retreat by themselves. There were plenty of treasures in this newly incubated God Domain Nest. To wait here for a treasure that might not even exist would truly be a huge loss.

    After the crowd all retreated, Qu You tried approaching the eye of the whirlpool. However, this whirlpool was truly too terrifying. There was no need to talk about approaching it physically, even when her spiritual will got close, it would instantly get swept away. The Laws in the area was a patch of chaos; it wasn't a place that ordinary Nascent Gods could get close to.

    After waiting for another ten over days and making more than a hundred attempts, Qu You sighed and left the area.


    When the whirlpool first formed, Mo Wuji wasn't able to send his spiritual will outside. Even after half a month passed, the strength of this whirlpool didn't seem to weaken and the Laws in the area continued to get increasingly chaotic. Mo Wuji decided to give up on proving his surroundings and wait in his Undying World.

    Within his Undying World, Mo Wuji took out Senior Brother Death's, Wu Liang's, storage ring.

    Mo Wuji had great expectations towards Wu Liang's storage ring. There was no need to talk about how Wu Liang was exceptionally strong despite being only in the Nascent God Stage. More importantly, it had been half a year since the God Domain Nest opened. During this time, he and Ku Cai had been hiding in a corner cultivating. Wu Liang, on the other hand, had been exploring the area. The newly incubated God Domain Nest was brimming with treasures; he didn't believe that Wu Liang wouldn't have better yields than him.

    In this long time since he entered the newly incubated God Domain Nest, besides that Primal God Lattice which he just obtained, he only managed to get his hands on those hundred over god herbs.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji still couldn't be sure that the crystal was actually a Primal God Lattice. This was just something that Wu Liang said. Who's to know whether that fella was telling the truth?

    Mo Wuji's Array Dao had already reached the level of a Grade 2 God Array Master. In less than two hours, he was able to break open the seals in Wu Liang's storage ring.

    When Mo Wuji saw the things within Wu Liang's ring, he was truly dumbfounded.

    Compared to Wu Liang, he couldn't even be considered a beggar.

    Wu Liang's storage ring was clearly not an ordinary one. Inside, there was a huge herb field. This field was filled with different kinds of God herbs

    Mo Wuji didn't recognise at least 10% of the herbs, and of those that he recognised, they were all Tier 2 and above.

    The more ordinary Tier 2 and Tier 1 god herbs were stashed by the side. They were enough to form a small mountain.

    Skirting pass these god herbs, Mo Wuji's spiritual all landed on three piles of crystals.

    Since Mo Wuji came to God Domain, this was his first time seeing so many god crystals. More accurately, this was his first time owning so many god crystals. Previously, Xi Nianmo also took out a huge pile of god crystals to pay for the transfer arrays. However, those god crystals didn't belong to him and he could only look at them.

    Now, he was the owner of these three piles of god crystals.

    Mo Wuji guessed that the smallest pile should be high-grade god crystals, the pile at the centre should be intermediate grade god crystals, and the pile by the side should be low-grade god crystals.

    Mo Wuji held a low-grade god crystal in his hand. The rich god spiritual energy and the completeness of the Laws within this crystal was countless times more than the green crystals he obtained previously.

    Only now did Mo Wuji know that the piles of green crystals in his Undying World couldn't even be compared to the edges of a low-grade god crystal. They could only be considered junk crystals that didn't manage to become god crystals. Only cultivators of the Immortal World would consider them as treasures.

    The huge piles of god herbs and god crystals were sent into the Undying World. As for the mountains of materials, they were also arranged nicely by Mo Wuji as he prepared to use them for forging.

    After organising Wu Liang's technique manuals and magic treasures, Mo Wuji finally knew what the five strings were - the Five Elemental String. This treasure could be used to form a complete world. The reason why Wu Liang Wu Liang didn't use the world formed by the Five Elemental String to trap him was due to Wu Liang's low cultivation; Wu Liang hadn't even condensed his god lattice.

    As he thought about Tang Wuzhen's cosmos starry treasure and Wu Liang's Five Elemental String, Mo Wuji realised that his magic treasures really couldn't be placed on the same level.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd was forged by the Immortal World's Xu Suren. It could be considered a peak-grade treasure in the Immortal World. However, it was equivalent to a chicken rib [1] here in God Domain.

    As for the technique manuals, Mo Wuji didn't care much about them; he didn't even place Wu Liang's sacred arts in his eyes. On the other hand, the Five Elemental String caught his fancy; he decided to refine it as his magic treasure.

    Besides the technique manuals, the other miscellaneous items and vases of pills were chucked away to the side.

    Even if he had to use pills in his cultivation, he wouldn't use the pills made by others. He had so many god herbs now. After he perfected his knowledge regarding god herbs, he would concoct his own pills.

    Mo Wuji also threw a pile of storage rings to one corner. Looking at the large numbers of storage rings, Mo Wuji could tell that this Wu Liang had killed many people.

    After organising everything, Mo Wuji started to refine the Five Elemental String.

    Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was strong, and he also had his spirit storage channel. However, after a month, Mo Wuji wasn't able to refine it any further. What left him slightly disappointed was that while this Five Elemental String was very strong and it was made of great materials, it was actually a defective product. Many of the Laws within it were incomplete. At the very most, it could only be considered a pseudo-intermediate grade god equipment.

    Mo Wuji knew that the equipment in God Domain were classified as low, intermediate, high and peak. Perhaps there were also equipment above the peak-grade but Mo Wuji didn't know of any.

    It was already amazing for a Nascent God to possess a pseudo-intermediate-grade god equipment.

    At the very least, he could use the Five Elemental String all the way till he advances to the God Monarch Stage.

    After keeping the Five Elemental String, Mo Wuji didn't move on to cultivate. The Laws within his Undying World wasn't complete, and if he were to cultivate, he could only condense his god elemental energy. Instead, Mo Wuji brought out the mountain of materials from Wu Liang's storage ring. If he didn't use this time to forge equipment, he would be wasting these materials.

    In Mo Wuji's Equipment Dao, besides the legacy from Xu Suren, most of it was deduced based on his Immortal Mortal Technique.

    The Immortal Mortal Technique wasn't most suitable for cultivation, but the various kinds of auxiliary techniques. Pill Dao, Equipment Dao, Talisman Dao, Array Dao...

    Only those that cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique can understand why it was more suitable for the auxiliary daos. Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary; that was the Immortal Mortal Technique.

    Huge piles of smithing materials were wasted by Mo Wuji, turning in scraps.

    Gradually, a mountain of trash began to form beside Mo Wuji. However, at the same time, Mo Wuji managed to forge one crude low-grade god equipment after another.

    Five months later, Mo Wuji forged an incomparably boorish low-grade halberd. He finally stopped his forging.

    The original mountain of materials was almost depleted. Besides some peak-grade materials which he wasn't able to melt down and use, he basically used all the materials in his forging.

    Within this five months, he was actually able to forge low-grade god equipment. However, their appearances were far from pleasing.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind. He knew that this was because he had yet to advance to the Heavenly God Stage and he didn't fully understand the various Laws of the Heaven and Earth here in God Domain.

    This was already enough for him. Besides having an ugly halberd, he could also start to forge a cauldron.

    Mo Wuji specially went back to check on his Medicinal Cauldron Stone. This was a Xiantian material and its only use was to forge a cauldron.

    Moreover, there was one speciality of a cauldron forged by the Medicinal Cauldron Stone which leaves every pill refiner jealous, that was it could continuously advance. Even if you forged an immortal-grade cauldron, following your continuous pill concoctions and the integration of your Pill Dao and the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the cauldron could gradually evolve and become a god equipment.

    In theory, the cauldron forged using the Medicinal Cauldron Stone could advance to the Xiantian grade. Of course, this was only in theory. For this cauldron to advance to the Xiantian grade, wouldn't it have to concoct countless Tier 9 god pills? Or more accurately, it would have to concoct pills that exceeded Tier 9 god pills?

    Now that Mo Wuji could concoct low-grade god equipment, he naturally wouldn't allow the Medicinal Cauldron Stone to continue lying around.

    Originally, Mo Wuji was worried that his understandings towards the Laws and his Scholar's Heart would be insufficient to forge with the Medicinal Cauldron Stone. However, when Mo Wuji used his Scholar's Heart to refine the Medicinal Cauldron Stone, he knew that he had been overthinking. This actually left Mo Wuji rather concerned. The Medicinal Cauldron Stone was a Xiantian material after all. But now, it was being melted so easily. After it was successfully forged into a cauldron, would he have to heavily inscribe seals and runes on it? And if the seals break apart, would the cauldron melt in the flames?

    The Medicinal Cauldron Stone continuously changed its shape within the flames. Eventually, it turned into an unusually ugly cauldron shape. The moment the cauldron took form, Mo Wuji spit a drop of vital blood on it. What shocked Mo Wuji, thereafter, was that he was unable to inscribe any runes on the Medicinal Cauldron Stone.

    The final step of his forging was to inscribe runes to complete the equipment. But now, he didn't even need to inscribe the runes; the cauldron seemed to have completely taken shape.

    The moment the cauldron took shape, Mo Wuji's flames were no longer able to leave a mark on the cauldron.

    Mo Wuji sighed in relief. While this cauldron was ugly, it was already enough to start concocting god pills.

    [1] The chicken rib here is a metaphor. A chicken rib is known for being tasteless and in comparison, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd is seen as being useless.
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