Chapter 925: One Must Do Some Foolish Things In Life

    Chapter 925: One Must Do Some Foolish Things In Life

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    Even though he already had a pill furnace, Mo Wuji still couldn't concoct god pills. Forging equipment was different from concocting pills. When it comes to forging equipment, even if you only have one material, as long as you had your own Equipment Dao, you could forge a magic treasure. The greater your understanding towards the material, the better the magic treasure forged. Thus, if your understanding towards the material was shallow, then your magic treasure would come out rather ordinarily. It was exactly because of this reason that Mo Wuji's low-grade god equipment were very ugly.

    On the other hand, when it came to concocting god pills, one would need to have a deep understanding towards the god herbs, their unique characteristics, as well as the pill formulas.

    Every pill formula was crafted after countless years with the collective knowledge of countless people. Even if Mo Wuji's Immortal Mortal Technique was any stronger, it couldn't continuously churn out pill formulas. At least, he couldn't casually create pill formulas for god pills at this moment.

    If he was asked to create the pill formula for an immortal pill, it would be as easy as flipping his hand. This was because Mo Wuji's Pill Dao had already reached the summit of the Immortal World. On the other hand, he had yet to properly start on god pills.

    Even though he could only condense his god elemental energy in his Undying World, Mo Wuji's heart would truly itch if he didn't cultivate with his newfound fortune.

    Another two months passed before Mo Wuji stood up from the pile of god crystals. It was as he had expected, his cultivation had reached the Great Circle of Nascent God Level 2. However, no matter how dense his god elemental energy got, he was unable to break through Nascent God Level 2 into Level 3.

    I can go out now. Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will out and noticed that the chaotic Laws outside had already started to stabilise.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji was back on the surface. Since a few month ago, this area had been deserted.

    Even though the Laws here weren't perfect, Mo Wuji's god elemental energy had already reached a certain threshold. The moment he emerged, he was exposed to stronger dao laws from the Heaven and Earth. He didn't even need to cultivate as his cultivation directly broke past Nascent God Level 2 and into Level 3.

    If he were to fight Wu Liang now, Mo Wuji was confident that fella wouldn't escape with simply a decapitated arm.


    Although he was set back another half a year, Mo Wuji didn't mind. The items within that Senior Brother Death's, Wu Liang's, storage ring was already enough to compensate him.

    Mo Wuji took put his mask and reverted back to his original appearance.

    People had witnessed him and Senior Brother Death entering that crack. His involvement in this matter definitely couldn't be revealed to others. That Senior Brother Death's backer was definitely not simple. If people know that he was the one that killed Senior Brother Death, then what kind of trouble would he be landing himself in?

    It was exactly as Mo Wuji had predicted. Another two months passed but he still didn't find anything good. Not only that, he didn't even see a second silhouette.

    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about which direction he should go to, he received a message from a Heavenly Mortal Sect disciple. More accurately, he received a call for help.

    Mo Wuji was the Da Shixiong of Heavenly Mortal Sect after all. How could he hesitate when he received a distress call from his Heavenly Mortal Sect? He immediately activated his Wind Escape Technique to the max and rushed over.

    In less than an incense's time, Mo Wuji saw a crowd of people. With his rough estimates, there were at least one to two hundred people.

    Waves of fragrance wafted over. Even Mo Wuji felt relaxed and spirited when he smelt this fragrance; it felt as though his cultivation stage had loosened. Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will over and saw a giant tree which was tens of meters tall. And on that giant true, were plenty of fruits.

    The fruits were very green. Clearly, these cultivators were waiting for these fruits to ripen. Even before ripening, the smell of these fruits was already enough to cause Mo Wuji to feel so relaxed. It was obvious that these fruits were extremely valuable and there was no wonder why there were so many people gathered here.

    However, Mo Wuji's attention wasn't on this fruit tree but a bloodied cultivator.

    It was Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciple, Wei Ru. He was a one of those that Mo Wuji had given a jade token to.

    One of Wei Ru's arms was gone, his aura was withered and he seemed to be in a state of unconsciousness. Even his storage ring was missing.

    "I didn't think that you would actually come. You're pretty fast." A devious voice sounded beside Mo Wuji's ear. Mo Wuji's gaze turned towards the owner of this voice. It was a Nascent God Level 7 cultivator. From the sect emblem on his robes, he should be from Nine Evolutions God Sect.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about this Nascent God disciple. With a single step, he landed beside Wei Ru and sent a healing pill into Wei Ru's mouth.

    Although Mo Wuji still couldn't concoct his own god pills, he had a fair amount of healing pills. All these were obtained from Wu Liang's ring.

    The efficacy of the healing pill was really not bad. In a short time, Wei Ru regained consciousness. The moment he saw Mo Wuji, he anxiously cried, "Da Shixiong, they forced me to send that message to you. You need to hurry and leave..."

    Mo Wuji finally understood that Wei Ru's call for help was actually forced. He retrieved more healing pills, sent them into Wei Ru's mouth and said, "Exactly what happened, tell me."

    "Ant, let this old man tell you." Yet another arrogant voice sounded. Thereafter, a Nascent God with a huge beard emerged, seemingly wanting to attack Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji turned and stared at this cultivator that was about to make a move on him, "Tang Wuzhen, you want to fight with me?"

    He recognised that this fella with the huge beard was from the Phoenix Soul God Estate and the Phoenix Soul God Estate's Tang Wuzhen was also present here. Even though Mo Wuji really wanted to start a slaughter, he still hadn't made full sense of the situation. Moreover, there weren't only one or two Heavenly Gods here. He was merely at Nascent God Level 3; it was not enough to lord over everyone here.

    Tang Wuzhen said speechlessly, "Mo Wuji, I am not involved in this."

    Although he said this, he still turned to that bearded cultivator and said, "Junior Brother Huan, this matter doesn't involve our Phoenix Soul God Estate for now. Don't do anything."

    When they saw Tang Wuzhen compromising with a single sentence from Mo Wuji, everyone's eyes turned towards him. If they previously treated Mo Wuji as an ant, now, they treated him as a peculiar ant.

    Of course, an ant was still an ant.

    Mo Wuji had offended Nine Evolutions God Sect but he still came here. Besides death, there was no other path for him. There was no need to talk about how there were 20 over Nascent Gods from Nine Evolutions God Sect here. There were also three Heavenly Gods.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji was only a single early-stage Nascent God. It didn't matter whether he forced Tang Wuzhen to compromise. In front of the Nine Evolutions God Sect alone, Mo Wuji didn't have a chance.

    When that Nine Evolutions God Sect's Nascent God Level 7 disciple saw Tang Wuzhen standing down due to Mo Wuji's threat, he halted his fellow junior brothers and himself. He was momentarily at a shock.

    The healing pills that Mo Wuji gave Wei Ru started to take effect. Even though Wei Ru's arm had yet to regrow, he was able to stand up.

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji asked calmly

    Wei Ru mumbled in grief, "Da Shixiong, Heavenly Mortal Sect is gone..."

    Mo Wuji knitted his brows and clapped Wei Ru's shoulders, "Junior Brother Wei Ru, even if all our disciples die in here, Heavenly Mortal Sect will still exist."

    "No..." Wei Ru's voice seemed to be stuck in his throat, "One year ago, Ancestor Pang was killed due to the encirclement of three God Kings..."

    "What?: Mo Wuji instantly exploded with killing intent. Wei Ru felt the air around him turn icy cold. Even that Nine Evolutions God Sect's Nascent God Level 7 cultivator also subconsciously moved backwards.

    "You say that Ancestor Pang Jie is killed?" Mo Wuji's voice turned cold as he stared at Wei Ru, "How do you know this?"

    Wei Ru uttered in distress, "Nine Evolutions God Sect's God King Dark Bodhi, Phoenix Soul God Sect's God King Salt Pavilion and God King Yi Ming used a rubbish excuse to join hands and deal with our Heavenly Mortal Sect's Ancestor Pang Jie... How I got to know this was through the people that came in at a later time. This news has already spread throughout the entire newly incubated God Domain Nest..."

    An intense killing intent filled Mo Wuji's entire body. He even felt his legs trembling. This wasn't fear, but immense rage.

    Mo Wuji understood Pang Jie very well: Pang Jie wasn't one who would find trouble. Mo Wuji also knew why God King Dark Bodhi and God King Salt Pavilion would find an excuse to kill God King Pang Jie; Pang Jie had told him about it before.

    Mo Wuji had never met another expert that he could trust wholeheartedly besides Pang Jie. In his eyes, Pang Jie was a senior, a role model. The reason why he agreed to address Pang Jie as 'Senior Brother' wasn't because of himself, but his sect. In the future, he was going to establish his own sect. As the progenitor of his sect, he couldn't be calling another sect's person as 'Ancestor', right?

    But in Mo Wuji's eyes, Pang Jie was indeed a respectable ancestor.

    Today, this senior was actually killed by the combined forces of some selfish scum. How could his heart not seethe with anger?

    A wave of depression rushed into his head. Mo Wuji could no longer maintain his previous calm and patience. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect was still present, he could endure it. But now, he couldn't endure it any further.

    He retrieved a storage ring and handed it to Wei Ru, "This land is filled with opportunities. You continue to work hard with your cultivation. No matter whether we meet again in the future, I will remember that you were once from Heavenly Mortal Sect."

    Now that Pang Jie was killed, Mo Wuji didn't need to use his brains, but his feet, to know that Heavenly Mortal Sect would no longer exist. That meant to say that after spending only two to three years in Heavenly Mortal Sect, he was now back to becoming a rogue cultivator. As for why Wei Ru was almost killed, Mo Wuji didn't question about it. What good would he get for asking? Nine Evolutions God Sect's God King could kill Pang Jie so why wouldn't their disciples kill the disciples of Heavenly Mortal Sect?

    "Senior Brother, let's leave together." Wei Ru also understood that with Ancestor Pang Jie gone, Heavenly Mortal Sect will naturally cease to exist.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and said slowly, "If I leave with you today, I will never feel joy again for the rest of my life."

    Sensing Mo Wuji's conviction, Wei Ru's heart trembled. He knew the meaning behind his Da Shixiong's words. Even though he clearly knew that he would die, he still wanted to stay behind and kill some Nine Evolutions God Sect disciples.

    "Senior Brother, the combined number of Nascent Gods from those two sects is at least 40 to 50. And there are also some Heavenly God experts. If you stay here..." Wei Ru's heart was filled with concern.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "One must always do some foolish things in life. If I don't do this today, it would be hard for my cultivation to improve any further."
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