Chapter 926: I Want To Give You God Lattice Crystals

    Chapter 926: I Want To Give You God Lattice Crystals

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    There were a total of 44 Nascent Gods and 5 Heavenly Gods from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate. Among the five Heavenly Gods, the highest cultivation was at Heavenly God Level 4 while the rest were either at Level 1 or 2.

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that everyone of them were exceptional experts like Senior Brother Death. Even if he died, he would still kill a few of them at the very least. Facing this kind of situation, if he chose running instead of fighting, then he wasn't Mo Wuji.

    When Wei Ru heard Mo Wuji's words, he felt as though a fire had ignited in his heart. He said resolutely, "Da Shixiong, if I, Wei Ru, run away by myself, I will also be unable to feel joy for the rest of my life. If Da Shixiong is willing to die in battle, then I, Wei Ru, am also willing to do so."

    As Wei Ru was speaking, Mo Wuji was already inscribing array runes in the air through his spirit storage channel. When he heard Wei Ru's words, Mo Wuji clapped Wei Ru's shouldered and transmitted, "Later when I attack, I will definitely be unable to differentiate between friend or foe. Your presence here will limit my attacks. Also, I have a peak grade escape technique. Perhaps, I would still have a chance to escape. Moreover, even if I die, you might be able to find some luck in this place and take revenge for me."

    Wei Ru calmed down. He understood that his being here would only be dragging Mo Wuji down. As he thought of Mo Wuji's final sentence, Wei Ru said with determination, "Da Shixiong, as long as I, Wei Ru, survive, even if I'm personally unable to take revenge, I will definitely pass down this will to my later generations. One day, they will eventually take revenge for Heavenly Mortal Sect and Da Shixiong."

    "Alright, go." As Mo Wuji nudged Wei Ru, his killing intent shone with ominous light. In front of this light, the surrounding cultivators all gave way.

    No one actually blocked Wei Ru as he fled away.

    Only after Wei Ru left, that Nine Evolutions God Sect's Nascent God Level 7 disciple sneered, "A trash can't go far. Moreover, you are my primary target. I heard that you're the Da Shixiong of Heavenly Mortal Sect and you even had the capabilities to get hold of several placings into this newly incubated God Domain Nest. I'm truly curious, where did you get those placings from?"

    Somewhere in the crowd, Qu You also heard those words. She also turned her attention towards Mo Wuji. She had invited Mo Wuji once before but she was rejected. She didn't feel dissatisfied with Mo Wuji because of that though. After all, Heavenly Mortal Sect wasn't a big sect and Mo Wuji bore a proper attitude and he didn't reject her without reason.

    What she didn't expect was that Mo Wuji actually managed to get his hands on so many placing tokens. She even used a placing token to try and invite Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji really had so many placings, then there was no wonder why her conditions didn't have much persuading power.

    Mo Wuji looked at this Nascent God Level 7 cultivator and smiled, "I will give you an honest answer in a short while."

    With that, Mo Wuji turned to the crowd and clasped his fists, "I happen to obtain a few hundreds of thousands of god lattice crystals. Moreover, these crystals are all two stars and above... Today, I want to sell these god lattice crystals..."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, the crowd started to stir. Some of their eyes even started to turn red. Currently, everyone was waiting for the Nascent God Fruits to ripen. Now that they heard that Mo Wuji had hundreds of thousands of god lattice crystals, the matter of the Nascent God Fruits were cast to the side.

    It was true that the Nascent God Fruit was extremely valuable. For those in the Nascent God Stage, each fruit was enough to allow them to advance by a whole level. However, when compared to god lattice crystals, a Nascent God Fruit truly wasn't on the same level.

    Without a Nascent God Fruit, a Nascent God could still continue to progress in his cultivation with time and resources. However, no matter how much time a cultivator has, he could not condense a god lattice. Without a god lattice, he wouldn't be able to step into the Heavenly God Stage, much less attain a God Throne of legend.

    "Everyone calm down, otherwise, I will ignite my escape talisman and leave right away. I'm sure that with my blood-space escape talisman, no one would be able to catch up to me." Mo Wuji said loudly when he saw the rousing crowd.

    As expected, when they heard that Mo Wuji had the blood-space escape talisman, everyone quietened down and listened calmly to Mo Wuji's words.

    In the distance, Qu You shook her head speechlessly. This Mo Wuji really didn't understand the meaning of death. The people from Nine Evolutions God Sect were eager to kill him but he still wanted to sell his god lattice crystals. If this wasn't courting death, then what was? Moreover, to obtain hundreds of thousands of god lattice crystals, how much luck was needed for that?

    God lattice crystals were extremely hard to find in God Domain. There was no need to talk about hundreds of thousands, ten thousand was already just enough to allow a Great Circle Nascent God to condense his god lattice.

    After waiting for the crowd to settle down, Mo Wuji took out one of the black rocks that he dug out in Half Immortal Domain those years ago, "Everyone can use your spiritual will to scan this. Take a look at its grade."

    "Oh god, that's a Three Star God Lattice Crystal. No wait, it seems to exceed three stars..." A cry of astonishment sounded within the crowd. The crowd began to stir with greater fervour.

    The number of people focusing on the Nascent God Fruits became lesser. Even the Heavenly Gods that had already condensed their god lattices were also staring at Mo Wuji with red eyes.

    There were less and less good god lattices in God Domain. God Lattice Dao Fruits didn't have different levels and god lattice crystals that were above two stars were hard to obtain.

    Now that Mo Wuji could take out so many god lattice crystals that were three stars or higher. It would be impossible for their attention to not be drawn towards him.

    Because besides allowing Nascent Gods to condense their god lattices, high grade god lattice crystals could allow Heavenly Gods to cleanse and upgrade their own god lattice.

    Most Heavenly Gods would have already spent countless years to condense their god lattices. Who would have excess god lattice crystals to upgrade their own god lattices?

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Various dao friends, I've decided to sell my hundreds of thousands of god lattice crystals to ten Heavenly God cultivators..."

    As Mo Wuji said this, he saw several cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect move towards him with hostility. He hurriedly added, "Of course, my Heavenly Mortal Sect previously offended Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate. Later, I will give all the remaining god lattice crystals to these two sects. As the saying goes: It's better to squash enmity rather than to keep it alive. My Heavenly Mortal Sect will still have to depend on these two big sects in the future..."

    When they heard Mo Wuji's words, almost everyone revealed an expression of contempt. Heavenly Mortal Sect was already going to be destroyed by Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, and even their ancestor had already been killed. Now, this disciple of Heavenly Mortal Sect still wanted to please the two sects. What a miserable ant.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, the few Nine Evolutions God Sect cultivators stopped in their tracks. It would be better if Mo Wuji gave them the items directly. After all, there are hundreds of people here; the combined forces of Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate was inferior. If the situation escalated into a mad pillage, and even if Mo Wuji wasn't able to escape, the others definitely wouldn't allow their Nine Evolutions God Sect to steal the items from Mo Wuji successfully.

    "Who are you going to sell the crystals to? Hurry up and tell us." An impatient Heavenly God called out.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, grinningly, "I will find them right away."

    By this time, almost all Heavenly God cultivators had stood up. Mo Wuji easily found ten Heavenly God cultivators. All ten of them either wore masks or used pills to change their appearances.

    "We've already come forward. I want 100,000 god lattice crystals. Tell me, how many god crystals do you need for them?" A Heavenly God Level 4 cultivator said in a slightly overcast tone.

    Mo Wuji had a bright smile as he prepared ten storage ring and handed them to these ten Heavenly God cultivators. He didn't even mention anything about god crystals.

    As the ten Heavenly God cultivators received Mo Wuji's storage ring, Mo Wuji's voice transmission sounded by their ears, "These rings have a seal. Two hours later, these seals will automatically disappear. But within these two hours, you must not use your spiritual will to undo these seals. Otherwise, the space within the ring will collapse and everything inside would be lost."

    All ten of them stared at Mo Wuji. Their killing intent was clear: if Mo Wuji dared to continue with any inappropriate words, it would be hard for him to live past this day.

    Mo Wuji continued transmitting, "Everyone can use your spiritual wills to check the things inside the ring, as long as you don't break the seal..."

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to finish speaking, the ten Heavenly God cultivators all sent their spiritual wills into the storage ring. When they saw the tens of thousands Three Star God Lattice Crystals in the ring, an expression of delight emerged on their faces. They didn't even pay a single god crystal but they were able to receive tens of thousands of god lattice crystals at this level.

    Mo Wuji's voice transmitted timely by these cultivators' ears, "How could I dare ask for god crystals from your esteemed selves? I only have a single request, later if the Heavenly Gods from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate try to attack me, I hope that the few of you are able to defend against them for me, even if it was only for half an incense's time. Oh right, there's no need for the few of you to kill the cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate."

    A tall and sturdy Heavenly God cultivator looked at Mo Wuji meaningfully and said, "Very well, I can help defend one for you."

    He wondered whether Mo Wuji was able to tell that he had changed his appearance. However, he didn't notice Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanning him?

    The rest all glanced towards one another and finally nodded their heads. Very clearly, Mo Wuji's condition had moved them. It was true that the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenex Soul God Estate were power. However, they were all in disguise and they weren't needed to kill the disciples of these two sects. As for defending against them for half an incense's of time, keke, Mo Wuji must be dreaming. Couldn't they simply feign an injury and retreat after blocking a blow or two?

    At the same time, Mo Wuji was also laughing coldly in his heart. Help defend him for half an incense's time, did they think he was an idiot? It was already enough if these people could defend a single blow from the Heavenly God cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate.

    After sending the ten storage rings away, Mo Wuji clasped his fists back to the crowd and said, "As I said before, it's better to squash the enmity between my Heavenly Mortal Sect, Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate than to keep it alive. Now, may my friends from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate please come forward. I will give wach friend 20,000 god lattice crystals as a symbol of my Heavenly Mortal Sect's sincerity."

    A bright smile was on Mo Wuji's face; his tone was extremely warm and genial.
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