Chapter 927: Bloodied Battle

    Chapter 927: Bloodied Battle

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    "Hahahaha!" A loud chortle resounded. Following which, a Heavenly God Level 2 cultivator from Nine Evolutions God Sect said, "Not bad, you know how to adapt to the circumstances. Those that know how to adapt usually live long lives."

    After saying that, this Heavenly God was the first to come forward.

    A bright smile was still plastered on Mo Wuji's face. However, at the same time, his spirit storage channel was still inscribing array runes in the air.

    Soon, all 49 cultivators from the two sects came forward. They stopped ten steps away from Mo Wuji and stared at his hand.

    They were all waiting for Mo Wuji to take out the god lattice crystals. After Mo Wuji gave them the crystals, they would continue to rob him. If Mo Wuji was able to take out so many god lattice crystals, it would mean that he definitely had more on him.

    Mo Wuji grinned as his placed his hand on his storage ring. At the same time, he transmitted a message to the ten cultivators that took his god lattice crystals, "As long as you are willing to help, my god lattice crystals are yours."

    Everyone stared at Mo Wuji's storage ring. All of a sudden, Mo Wuji's hand suddenly twisted. Five strings, as well as a halberd light which filled the sky, shot out.

    "He's playing tricks. Attack and kill him..." One Heavenly God cultivator had always been keeping his eyes on Mo Wuji. He had already suspected that Mo Wuji's actions were rather strange. Now that Mo Wuji had revealed himself, he was the first one to notice it and he immediately hurled his magic treasure towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's Five Elemental String conjured the Five Elemental Space. Thereafter, the boundless halberd light swept across this space like a surging wave of sand towards the 49 cultivators.

    All these were simply on the surface. Mo Wuji's true killing move was the activation of his array runes and his Grand Desert array flags, forming a peak Grade 1 trap god array.

    As for whether the Five Elemental String would reveal that he was the one that killed Wu Liang, Mo Wuji had long cast that matter aside. His Heavenly Mortal Sect was already gone, why would he have such sh*tty inhibitions? He might not even be to survive this battle.

    "Pff! Pff! Pff!!" The heads of seven to eight Nascent Gods fell off their necks as Mo Wuji's strings sliced past them. Spurt upon spurts of blood gushed out. A few flustered primordial spirits appeared within Mo Wuji's Five Elemental Space. Before these primordial spirits could escape, lightning bolts began to descend upon them.

    In that instant, Mo Wuji killed close to ten Nascent God cultivators. This was when the attacks from the five Heavenly God cultivators arrived.

    The reason why Mo Wuji picked ten people was because he was worried that some wouldn't be willing to help.

    Reality was just as Mo Wuji had predicted. Even though the ten cultivators that he picked were all in disguise, only four of them actually helped.

    The remaining people were either feigning surprise or they were really surprised. Either way, they didn't even take out their magic treasures.

    However, to Mo Wuji, having the attacks of four Heavenly God cultivators being blocked was already a huge and pleasant surprise. Originally, Mo Wuji had already prepared for the worse case scenario that only two people decided to help out. If that happened, he would have to use his Book of Luo and his Kun Wu Sword.

    But if he took them out, he would be thoroughly screwed. He would then become the target of everyone here.

    Mo Wuji knew that even though there were four Heavenly God cultivators helping him, they definitely wouldn't fight to their full capabilities. It was already not bad if they helped him block an attack each.

    Thus, at the same instant, Mo Wuji gave up on his defences as he shot out nine Spiritual Will Arrows.

    Even with Mo Wuji's strong sea of consciousness and his spirit storage channel working together, simultaneously shooting nine Spiritual Will Arrows had left his mind feeling blank and empty.

    At this time, how could Mo Wuji care about pill poison and side effects? An entire pill of Zhi Nature Pills was poured into Mo Wuji's mouth. With his newly forged halberd, he conjured a chasm-like halberd light.

    This was one of his Four Halberd Strikes - Remnant Chasm.

    It was exactly as Mo Wuji predicted, after these four Heavenly God cultivators defended a single blow for Mo Wuji, they all seemed to receive 'injuries' and they retreated.

    But this was already enough for Mo Wuji. The nine Spiritual Will Arrows shot through the air, drawing in all the killing intent and death energy from the surroundings. The instant the four Heavenly God cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate were blocked, the arrows shot into their seas of consciousness.

    Even though the four Heavenly God cultivators only helped Mo Wuji block a single attack, they have complemented his plans very well.

    The four Heavenly God cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate all coughed out a mouthful of blood. Even though they were all in the Heavenly God Stage, two Spiritual Will Arrows into their seas of consciousness was not something they could defend against.

    As the Spiritual Will Arrows slammed into their seas of consciousness, their minds were sent into chaos and disarray. Before they could recollect themselves, Mo Wuji's 30,000-meter-long Remnant Chasm came descending down upon them.

    Mo Wuji knew that this was his only chance to kill these four Heavenly God cultivators and this chance only lasted a single instant. If he didn't kill the four of them now, and now that he didn't have the help of any Heavenly God cultivators, he could only wait to die.

    "Ant, you dare..." That Heavenly God Level 4 cultivator's sea of consciousness was far stronger than the other three. Even though he was shot by two Spiritual Will Arrows, he was the first to regain his capabilities.

    It was just that at that instant, Mo Wuji's Five Elemental Space transformed into a killing array.

    For a Heavenly God to get out of this array formed from last-minute array runes and the Grand Desert array flags, only a single breath, maybe even less, was needed.

    All this was within Mo Wuji's calculations. He didn't even need a breath of them. As he prepared to go into battle with these cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, he already calculated that he would have less than a breath of time.

    This wasn't merely preventing for the worst. More importantly, Mo Wuji was only a puny early-stage Nascent God. If he claimed that he could fight with close to 50 Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods, his words could only be treated as a joke and not the truth.

    And now, it was a truth that was truer than real gold.

    "Pff!" Five mists of blood exploded. The four Heavenly God cultivators that were blocked were all cleaved in half by Mo Wuji's Remnant Chasm. The fifth blood mist was from Mo Wuji's own body.

    Even though that Heavenly God cultivator that wasn't blocked was shot by one of Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrow, his magic treasure still landed heavily on Mo Wuji's chest.

    Despite Mo Wuji having a late-stage God Physique, a straight attack like that was enough to blast a hole in his chest; his bones and ribs could be seen clearly. If not for the strength of his physique and that his opponent had been shot by one of his Spiritual Will Arrows, that Heavenly God could have exploded half his body with that single attack.

    "Pfff! Pff!" After those five blood mists exploded, another ten attacks exploded on Mo Wuji. These were attacks from the Nascent Gods that had just reacted.

    Ever since Mo Wuji made his move till he killed seven Nascent Gods and four Heavenly Gods while he himself got injured by a Heavenly God, only a short time passed.

    In this short time, he killed 11 people from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, among which, four were Heavenly God cultivators. Everyone thought that Mo Wuji could kill those seven Nascent Gods because he had used a sneak attack. The same went for those four Heavenly Gods he killed.

    The reason why he even mentioned his god lattice crystals was to get people to help him defend against the attack of those four Heavenly Gods so that he could sneak an attack on them.

    However, no one knew what method Mo Wuji used for his sneak attack. It was even less likely that they knew that Mo Wuji had installed an array using mid-air array runes and his Grand Desert.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's entire body was bloodied while the 30 over Nascent Gods were standing behind that Heavenly God Level 2 cultivator.

    "Mo Wuji, if I don't extract your soul and slowly torture it, then I, Ping Hong, would have wasted all my years of cultivation..." The only remaining Heavenly God stared at Mo Wuji with a fire in his eyes which simply wanted to devour Mo Wuji.

    Even though he was extremely infuriated, this Nine Evolutions God Sect's Heavenly God didn't attack immediately. Instead, he stared at the ten Heavenly Gods that received Mo Wuji's storage ring and said, "The few of you retreat immediately and my Nine Evolutions God Sect will take it as though nothing has happened. If the few of you still wish to interfere, then you will be making enemies of my Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate."

    There was no need for this Nine Evolutions God Sect's Heavenly God to say anything. Those ten Heavenly Gods that received Mo Wuji's god lattice crystals had already started to slowly retreat. Mo Wuji didn't activate his array to trap these people. His abiltiies were too low. If not for that, he wouldn't even have asked for these strangers to help him in the first place.

    "You're gutsy. Your attack was a Spiritual Will Arrow, right? If you are willing to give me the method to cultivate the Spiritual Will Arrow, I am willing to help you block another attack and you can kill this Level 2 Heavenly God." A transmission suddenly sounded by Mo Wuji's ear.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to run to know that this was the fella that helped him defend against the Heavenly God Level 4 cultivator from Nine Evolutions God Sect. If not for this fella, he could only kill two Heavenly Gods at the very most.

    Mo Wuji did not seem to have any hesitations. He retrieved a jade letter, made a few inscriptions, then threw it towards that cultivator.

    "Attack, turn his body into meat juice but leave his primordial spirit..." At the same time as Mo Wuji threw that jade letter, the last Heavenly God from Nine Evolutions God Sect ordered. This was because he saw that those ten Heavenly Gods had already retreated. Thus, he no longer had any apprehensions.

    Right at this time, Mo Wuji also pounced towards this Heavenly God Level 2 cultivator. This time, an Yin Yang Diagram appeared in front of his fist and shot towards this Heavenly God.

    By the side, Tang Wuzhen saw this Yin Yang Diagram and subconsciously retreated backwards.

    He still had lingering fears towards Mo Wuji's Wheel of Life and Death. Seeing Mo Wuji's actions, how could he not know that this was the Wheel of Life and Death?

    "Ant!" When he saw that Mo Wuji still dared to try and attack him, this Heavenly God harrumphed coldly. He also pounced towards Mo Wuji.

    Without the help of Heavenly Gods, Mo Wuji was simply an ant among ants.

    As this Heavenly God was still in midair, the energy of death began to wrap around him. What frightened him was that the space around him was also sealed suddenly.

    Someone was definitely helping Mo Wuji secretly. Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger, Mo Wuji couldn't have sealed his space, not even for half a breath of time.

    "Pff!" A mist of blood exploded. Even though he was only sealed for an instant, that instant was enough for the Wheel of Life and Death to land on him.

    The ten Heavenly Gods that received Mo Wuji's storage ring all retreated. At this same instant, Mo Wuji killed the final Heavenly God from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate.
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