Chapter 928: If You Don’t Fall, Then Continue Fighting

    Chapter 928: If You Don't Fall, Then Continue Fighting

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    Mo Wuji was very grateful towards that Heavenly God that helped him. If not for that Heavenly God's help, then with that remaining Heavenly God and so many Nascent Gods, not only would he definitely die in battle, it would also be hard for him to kill any further Nascent Gods.

    Rather than saying that the final Heavenly God was killed by his Wheel of Life and Death, it was more accurate to say that he was killed by that Heavenly God. To Mo Wuji, there was no need to talk about the cultivation method for the Spiritual Will Arrow. Even if the other party asked for the Seven World Finger, he would be willing.

    The crowd descended into silence. Everyone stated at Mo Wuji and the 30 over Nascent Gods.

    Five Heavenly Gods were killed. Even though they fell under Mo Wuji's schemes, no one dared to underestimate Mo Wuji now. The victor between Mo Wuji and these 30 over Nascent Gods was still hard to determine.

    "Attack, even if he's any stronger, he's only one man.' Tang Wuzhen ordered harshly as he took out his Cosmos Starry Sky.

    When there were Heavenly Gods around, Tang Wuzhen didn't need to take charge; the Heavenly Gods would naturally be the ones to lead them. Now that the Heavenly Gods from the two sects were all killed by Mo Wuji, he had to come forward.

    Mo Wuji didn't even utter a single word as his Five Elemental String transformed into five beams of light that shot towards one person within the group. His halberd conjured another huge halberd light and his concealed array runes formed a temporary killing array.

    Lightning continuously fell within the halberd light. River upon river also cascaded down without warning. As each river crashed down, a cultivator would be killed. Every time the Five Elemental String shot through the air, another cultivator would be sliced into pieces.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was fighting while burning his life force. At the same time, the 30 over Nascent Gods that were swept into Mo Wuji's array were attacking with great intensity.

    The sounds of bones cracking continuously resounded through the air. Within the Five Elemental Space, blood mists exploded, magic treasure light danced around and elemental energy howled unceasingly. Mo Wuji attacked without defending himself; every time he killed a person, another ten wounds would form on his body.

    This was the enmity between sects. Although it was clear that Heavenly Mortal Sect was going to be destroyed, no one wanted to poke their noses into this battle.

    "This Mo Wuji is really strong. Could he be a Heavenly God?" Someone within the crowd cried in astonishment.

    "Definitely not. Cultivators that have already condensed their god lattices would know that Mo Wuji is in the Nascent God late stage at the most. His Heavenly Mortal Sect's cultivation technique clearly allows them to conceal their cultivation level, which was why we always thought that he was only an early stage Nascent God."

    "You are all wrong. That Mo Wuji is definitely an early stage Nascent God and not a late stage one." A resolute voice interrupted the discussion.

    No one refuted this person's words because the one who spoke was Lin Feng, a genius disciple of Forgotten Creek Dao School with a cultivation of Heavenly God Stage Level 5. No matter how a person concealed his cultivation, he would be able to see through it. This was because Lin Feng had a spiritual eye.

    In the entire crowd, Qu You was probably the only one who was worried for Mo Wuji.

    The moment Qu You saw Mo Wuji's Five Elemental String, she knew that Mo Wuji was the person she was looking for. When she thought about how that Nine Evolutions God Sect disciple said that Mo Wuji obtained many placings to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest, she was even more sure of her guess.

    Mo Wuji was far more powerful than she had imagined.

    Mo Wuji had killed five Heavenly Gods in a row and was now battling with 30 over Nascent Gods alone. Would it be weird that he could use his spiritual will in the seafloor of God Domain Nest Sea?

    While she was agitated, she was also worried. If she didn't want to involve her sect, she might have charged in and helped.

    However, she knew very well that she couldn't do that. It was simple to charge in, but what comes after would be complicated.

    She was a core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Now, this was a battle between the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate. If she went in, she would be misrepresenting the intentions of her Forggoten Creek Dao School.


    Following the deaths of more cultivators from the two sects, more wounds formed on Mo Wuji's body. The violet lake within his sea of consciousness seemed to be drying up and his vision started to turn blurry. As he continued to burn his life force, his hair started to turn dull grey.

    He did not care as he continued to swallow one pill after another and struck out with sacred art upon sacred art.

    At this time, he was either slaughtering or killing. Even though he had a late stage God Physique, this sort of reckless battling without heed for defence was still too much to handle. There was no need to talk about the hole that was already in his chest. By now, the bones all over his body could be seen. One of his legs was sliced off and one of his arms had been blasted away.

    Mo Wuji could no longer be considered a whole person. However, it seemed as though he had gone crazy; he continued to fight without defending himself. With every attack, he would reap the life off one of his opponents.

    If he didn't have a late stage God Physique, if he didn't have his vitality channel, if he hadn't prepared an array...

    Few Mo Wujis would have been killed by now.

    "He is an arrow at the end of his flight. Everyone, don't engage in by yourself..." Tang Wuzhen could tell that Mo Wuji was much stronger than them, however, he wasn't so strong that he could kill all of them by himself. They had made a mistake previously; they should not have fought individually. If they fought with order and in formation, then they would have killed many Mo Wujis by now.

    Before Tang Wuzhen finished this sentence, he realised that there were only four people left. It was too late, what kind of effective formation could they form with just four people?

    Mo Wuji felt his mind in disarray. Even Tang Wuzhen who was right in front of him looked like two separate people.

    "Pff!" A cultivator from Phoenix Soul God Estate used a radiant blade to slice Mo Wuji's underbelly. Even Mo Wuji's intestines were on the brink of falling out. With only one leg left, Mo Wuji couldn't stand any further. He fell to the ground.

    Mo Wuji acted as though nothing had happened. His low-grade halberd stabbed into his opponent's forehead.

    What a terrifying battle. All those in the surrounding spectated with trepidating hearts. What was this Mo Wuji made of? He was simply a stone-hard man that couldn't be killed.

    The crowd only saw fresh blood continuously gush out of Mo Wuji's body. They only saw one bone after another being shattered. Even though Mo Wuji was now sitting on the ground, they didn't see any sense of defeat or any intentions of stopping.

    Perhaps this battle would truly end only when he was completely killed?

    "The Nascent God Fruits have ripened..." A cry of pleasant surprise broke the silence. At the same time, a soothing and comforting fragrance wafted into everyone's noses.

    At this instant, everyone charged towards the Nascent God Fruit Tree, furiously pillaging the fruits.

    The moment the smell from the ripe Nascent God Fruits invaded his nose, Mo Wuji's mind received a shock. He regained a slight moment of clarity. He did not hesitate to self-explode his killing array.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Mo Wuji's killing array was of a low level. However, there were only three people left and they were all riddled with injuries.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji used all his remaining strength to release a punch towards the Nascent God Level 6 cultivator near him.

    This Nascent God Level 6 cultivator clearly saw Mo Wuji's fist approaching. However, he was just unable to dodge it.

    "Bang!" A mist of blood exploded. Mo Wuji seemed to see stars. His mind went blur and his consciousness seemed to be on the brink of collapsing. Mo Wuji used his remaining bit of spiritual will to grab his broken leg and activated his Wind Escape Technique.

    He did not take a single one of the storage rings. It wasn't because he didn't want them, but because he didn't dare to take them. Don't simply look at how no one interfered in their battle. It wasn't simply because they didn't want to get involved in the enmity between sects. It was also because they were waiting for Mo Wuji to kill all the cultivators from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, then they could feast on the spoils of war.

    If there were still people from the Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate still alive, it wouldn't be a good idea for them to start scavenging for storage rings.

    The moment the Wind Escape Technique was activated, Mo Wuji disappeared.

    It was truly because Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique was too strong. Coupled with the fact that he didn't touch a single storage ring and that the Nascent God Fruits had ripened, he was able to escape successfully. After Mo Wuji left, almost everyone started to engage in a struggle for the Nascent God Fruits and storage rings.

    If Mo Wuji didn't show his terrifying combat capabilities, someone would have definitely chased after him. But now that Mo Wuji single-handedly killed five Heavenly Gods and almost wiped out all the Nascent Gods from Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, who would be willing to pursue him?

    Moreover, who would be willing to give up the Nascent God Fruits and storage rings here to attempt to catch Mo Wuji? That Mo Wuji had said it before, he had the blood-space escape talisman.

    Well, there was one person - Qu You.

    Qu You didn't fight for the Nascent God Fruits, nor did she scavenge the storage rings. Instead, she sped towards the direction that Mo Wuji left in.

    She had always been paying attention to Mo Wuji. She was sure that if Mo Wuji met someone along the way, it was very possible that he would get killed.

    Mo Wuji had saved her twice. She hoped that she could at least be able to help Mo Wuji, even if it was only for a bit. If she wasn't able to catch Mo Wuji, then all the better. That would mean that Mo Wuji had successfully escaped.
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