Chapter 929: Wind Escape Techniques Enlightenment

    Chapter 929: Wind Escape Technique's Enlightenment

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    Previously, the exhaustion of energy by using the Wind Escape Technique was always negligible to Mo Wuji. However, while he was still in space, Mo Wuji suddenly felt that he was gradually losing his own will. Even the circulation of the vitality channel started to slow down.

    Mo Wuji's first instinct was to stop using the Wind Escape Technique and enter his Undying World. Da Huang and Shuai Guo were still in the Undying World. They could help him attach his broken leg back to his body.

    With his advanced God Stage fleshly body, it would be a big problem for him if he couldn't reattach his broken leg back to his body. Or rather, the strength of his broken leg would be lowered by several grades. This was unless he could find a peak grade heavenly treasure to aid the recovery of his leg. Even so, Mo Wuji was well aware of the possibility of finding a treasure like that. Wherever the place, peak grade heavenly treasures were incredibly rare existences.

    Because of his severe injuries, Mo Wuji's world channel turned slightly sluggish when he tried to enter his Undying World. Because of this sluggishness, Mo Wuji's will was completely blurred out. A trace of desperation filled his heart as he knew that this might the end for him.

    Even if there weren't any demonic beasts, there were other cultivators in this area. They would not hesitate to kill him in the state that he was in before removing his storage ring.


    Qu You didn't expect to find Mo Wuji lying unconsciously on the ground after only about a few thousand miles.

    Mo Wuji's broken leg was lying by the side. He was so severely wounded that he didn't even have the chance to feed himself healing pills.

    Qu You suddenly turned anxious because Mo Wuji had fallen so shortly after escaping. When considering the distance, anyone would be able to sense Mo Wuji with their spiritual will. When that happened, Mo Wuji would definitely die.

    She couldn't care about anything else as she charged forward to carry Mo Wuji up.

    "Hold on..." A voice could be heard and a silhouette arrived. Qu You could tell that it was a disciple of the Phoenix Soul God Estate.

    This disciple might not be aware that Mo Wuji had already killed tens of disciples from his Phoenix Soul God Estate. However, Qu You was well aware that there was deep enmity between Mo Wuji and the Phoenix Soul God Estate. She moved even faster as he swept up Mo Wuji and his broken leg before activating a talisman to escape.

    "You think you can run after killing so many members of my Phoenix Soul God Estate?" This disciple's eyes were filled with fury as he shot out a signal talisman. Following which, he darted towards the direction which Qu You disappeared.

    All the disciples of the Phoenix Soul God Estate received the message that Mo Wuji was killing plenty of their comrades. Therefore, he rushed over to the scene just like the other disciples. Unexpectedly, he actually bumped into the escaping Mo Wuji on his way to the scene.


    Tens of breath later, Qu You landed between a depression of the mountains. The first thing she did was to help attach Mo Wuji's broken leg back before feeding some healing pills to Mo Wuji.

    The previous scene of Mo Wuji standing strong despite the numerous attacks on him made her certain of something. Mo Wuji was definitely a cultivator who tempered his physique. Every fleshly body part of such a cultivator was exceedingly precious to the cultivator. The moment Mo Wuji's broken leg lost its vitality, the strength of that leg in the future would decrease by one entire level. Therefore, her first instinct was to reattach his broken leg.

    Qu You was from the Forgotten Creek Dao School so she had quite a number of healing pills. In fact, the pills with her were a few grades better than Senior Brother Death, Wu Liang's ones.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji's will returned back to his sea of consciousness. Once he regained consciousness, Mo Wuji's vitality channel started circulating rapidly again. With the vitality channel leading the way, the other 107 meridians started to form a massive healing circulation.

    A shocked Qu You couldn't help herself as she stared at Mo Wuji. It was her first time healing such a mighty cultivator. Mo Wuji's vitality and fleshly body was healing at an incredible rate.

    Mo Wuji forced his eyes opened. After seeing that Qu You had rescued him, his heart heaved a huge sigh of relief. Even though Qu You was from the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Mo Wuji's impression of her was pretty decent. In actual fact, he even rescued her twice.

    "Thank you..." Just as Mo Wuji uttered these two words, he sensed an extreme danger approaching them.

    Qu You saw how Mo Wuji finally managed to open his eyes and she was elated. Just as she was about to reply, she saw Mo Wuji revealed an extremely anxious look. "Hurry up and escape. The faster the better..."

    After saying that in a hurry, Mo Wuji shut his eyes as he continued to circulate his meridians wildly. Simultaneously, Mo Wuji used his world channel to connect to his Breath of Hongmeng in his Undying World.

    He had to recover in the shortest possible time.

    Qu You was dumbfounded as she carried Mo Wuji up immediately. Mo Wuji was undoubtedly much stronger than her and was also much more mysterious. While she had yet to detect any sort of danger, she believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't have said that blindly.

    One hour later, Qu You's expression turned ugly.

    She finally sensed the danger behind her and that people were in pursuit after them. She only had one talisman to escape and with her current speed, she was unable to shake the pursuers off.

    At this moment, she actually sensed a grand and magnificent energy which contained the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Under normal circumstances, people would usually not be able to detect Mo Wuji's connection using the world channel. Now that Qu You was carrying Mo Wuji, she could naturally sense the Breath of Hongmeng surging into Mo Wuji's body.

    However, Qu You couldn't afford to waste any more time caring about that mysterious energy surging into Mo Wuji. If she didn't leave now, the people behind would definitely be able to finish Mo Wuji and herself off.

    Half an incense later, Qu You's spiritual will sensed the faint silhouette behind her. This was when she grew even more anxious.

    What should I do? Qu You rarely faced such extreme dangers in her life.

    "Let me down..." Just as Qu You was lost and anxious, she heard Mo Wuji's voice.

    "No way, I believe that the people chasing us are all experts from the Phoenix Soul God Estate. There are even Heavenly God experts there. Even if he is only in the Heavenly God Level 1, he isn't someone you and I can handle in our current state." Qu You rejected Mo Wuji's suggestion without hesitation.

    "Whoosh!" A sharp arrow was shot through space and the mighty energy locked onto the space around them. Qu You was unable to dodge or move under that mighty energy.

    "Ai!" A blood arrow pierced right through Qu You's chest and a fresh trail of blood splattered out.

    The fresh blood landed on Mo Wuji's face as he saw Qu You's face of desperation. Under the attack of such a long arrow, Qu You's domain was nothing more than a decoration.

    "That is the Phoenix Soul God Estate's Heavenly God Level 4 expert, Yan Neng, whose nickname is Rainy Arrows. He uses an intermediate grade god equipment, Rainy Arrows Bow." Qu You said while looking extraordinarily depressed. If anyone else chased after them, she could still gamble with her life.

    Now that Yan Neng was the one who chased after them, she lost the last bit of hope she had.

    Mo Wuji took a deep breath before landing on the ground from Qu You's hands. Even though his vitality channel was incredibly useful, he still had a sensing that his body might fall apart any time now.

    Presently, Mo Wuji didn't even need to use his spiritual will to see the Phoenix Soul God Estate's expert, Yan Neng. Yan Neng was holding onto a grey coloured bow as he placed yet another arrow back on his bow.

    "I'm sorry, you've rescued me twice and I cannot even rescue you once..." Qu You felt guilty as she felt that she was useless.

    Mo Wuji managed to kill 40 to 50 cultivators from the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate. However, she wasn't even able to help him escape from one Heavenly God cultivator.

    Mo Wuji noticed that the blood hole in Qu You's chest was pierced through by the arrow of Yan Neng. However, Mo Wuji was aware that no matter how much he wanted to avenge Qu You, this wasn't the time to do so. Fighting with all your might and seeking death were two very different concepts. Stopping here to fight with that Heavenly God expert now would be seeking death.

    After killing close to 50 disciples of the two sects, Mo Wuji had already collected some interests for the Heavenly Mortal Sect. What he needed to do now was not to risk his life to fight to his death. Instead, he should be preparing for future revenge.

    Mo Wuji reacted by carrying Qu You in his arms.

    "What are you doing? Hurry up and put me down..." Qu You was stunned as her face of despair turned into grief and indignation. She didn't expect Mo Wuji to be such a despicable person. Was he trying to take advantage of her at a moment like this?

    "Ai!" Mo Wuji's injuries were already very severe and were still far from being fully recovered. Now that Qu You struggled a little, he instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    Mo Wuji's pale face turned even paler than before.

    Qu You sighed but didn't continue struggling anymore. Since both of them were going to die, what was the use of struggling? After all, Mo Wuji saved her twice so she did owe this life to him.

    Mo Wuji activated his Wind Escape Technique.

    A slight wind breezed past Mo Wuji and that was when Yan Neng shot out his second arrow.

    Death was already locked onto Mo Wuji but in this particular instance, Mo Wuji suddenly had a moment of enlightenment. His body swayed slightly and disappeared from where he was standing. Additionally, the laws of the space around him was completely unaffected.

    "Bang!" The arrow pierced through Mo Wuji's position as it exploded at Mo Wuji's shadow.

    Yan Neng landed where Mo Wuji disappeared as he looked forward in disbelief. He was actually unable to discern Mo Wuji's location now.

    "What technique was that?" Yan Neng muttered to himself as he was immensely shocked.

    He witnessed spatial teleportation before. Therefore, he acknowledged that spatial teleportation was truly a strong sacred art. However, how far a person could teleport depended on how deep the individual's understanding of the laws of space was. Even so, one condition would never change. That was the fluctuations of the laws of space when spatial teleportation was executed.

    When Mo Wuji escaped, there was not a single fluctuation in space. Now that he couldn't even find a single clue as to where Mo Wuji escaped to, how was he able to continue his pursuit?
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