Chapter 930: Nowhere To Go

    Chapter 930: Nowhere To Go

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    Mo Wuji was indescribably excited even though he was almost killed. At the brink of death, Mo Wuji gained insights on the Wind Teleportation. He finally stepped into the true third realm of his Wind Escape Technique.

    Wind Teleportation was a skill that needed wind. Whenever there was wind, he would be able to teleport and the distance depended on the cultivation level.

    From a long time ago, Mo Wuji knew that there were five realms to his WInd Escape Technique. When he advanced to the God King Stage, his Wind Escape Technique surpassed the Formless Wind Stage.

    However, no matter how he used his Wind Teleportation, he would always leave a trace behind. This meant that his Wind Teleportation still contained some Laws of spatial teleportation. Even when he managed to teleport away, others would still be able to capture traces of his movement.

    Presently, Mo Wuji finally realised that his previous Wind Teleportation was still in its initial form. Today was the day when he finally gained insights on the true Wind Teleportation.

    The true Wind Teleportation had nothing to do with the spatial laws as it was only related to the wind element in space. As he used his Wind Teleportation, he could make use of the wind element to disappear and step into another space with wind element. Capturing traces of Mo Wuji wouldn't seem possible. This was unless someone had an extremely refined understanding of the wind elements or cultivated the wind type.

    Now that Mo Wuji had control over the true Wind Teleportation sacred art, he grew confident. Other than experts of much higher cultivation level than him, he would never be surrounded and trapped ever again.. Back when he was in the Cultivation World, he was encircled by experts. Eventually, he was rescued by Cen Shuyin, who burnt her lifeforce in doing so. Presently, as long as he remained vigilant, encircling him would not be that easy anymore.

    At the thought of Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji's heart suddenly felt empty as he started to miss her. Ever since the incident at the Soul Condensing Pond, he never heard about her anymore.

    After recomposing himself, Mo Wuji continued to execute his Wind Teleportation for a few more times. After confirming that the people behind were no longer following them, he let Qu You down. After recovering some of his elemental energy earlier on, he exhausted them all yet again.

    Qu You hurried to pass Mo Wuji a few pills as she said apologetically. "Senior Brother Mo, I've misunderstood you previously. I'm sorry."

    Qu You might be apologising calmly but she was exceedingly dumbfounded at the incidents that occurred. Even with severe injuries, Mo Wuji was able to carry her and escape from the pursuit of Yan Neng. Just how ridiculously strong was Mo Wuji?

    The impression Mo Wuji gave Qu You was that as long as he still had one last breath, nobody could do anything to him.

    "Thank you, Senior Sister Qu for saving my life." Mo Wuji received the healing pills as he expressed his sincere gratitude.

    If it wasn't for Qu You, Mo Wuji was certain that he wouldn't be alive anymore.

    Qu You hurried to reply. "Senior Brother Mo, your cultivation level is higher than mine so just address me as Junior Sister. If we are talking about saving lives, Senior Brother Mo saved my life numerous times. If it isn't for you, the world will no longer have a Qu You."

    Mo Wuji didn't bother explaining so he asked, "Senior Sister Qu, I need to find a place to heal myself. Are your injuries serious?"

    Qu You shook her head, "My injuries are not serious and I am already in the midst of recovery. But your current condition..."

    Qu You was originally intending to say how terrible Mo Wuji's current condition was. However, she recalled how she was brought to safety by Mo Wuji just seconds ago. This was why she swallowed back her words at the very last minute.

    While Yan Neng's arrow pierced through Qu You's chest, this shouldn't be a severe injury for an expert in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage. It was likely that Yan Neng didn't really want or dare to kill Qu You. This was why he only used an arrow to stop her from moving. Yan Neng naturally didn't expect Mo Wuji to gain insights on his true Wind Teleportation which even he couldn't keep up with.

    "I have to leave now and I doubt I will appear in the future again. Also, if you meet any disciples of my Heavenly Mortal Sect, do tell them to stay in hiding and do not reveal themselves." Mo Wuji sighed as he told Qu You.

    After killing tens of disciples from the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate, how could he reveal himself in the future? Disciples, who were able to enter the God Domain Nest, were clearly disciples nurtured by the various sects. Peak grade experts would definitely find trouble with him once he exposed himself outside.

    Mo Wuji couldn't help but sigh as he did try not to create conflicts with the big sects. It was just like when he controlled himself from killing Tang Wuzhen. It wasn't because he was afraid of Tang Wuzhen. Instead, it was because he really wanted to focus on his cultivation and not invite troubles for himself.

    Ever since he stepped onto the path of cultivation, it was destined for him to walk on a path filled with thistles and thorns. Regardless of how he controlled himself, he still managed to offend two sects. Making it worse, he even killed over 50 of their genius disciples.

    After this incident, Mo Wuji knew that he would no longer have a foothold in the God Domain.

    Even if he continued to stay in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, he was merely delaying the time before he got caught by the experts of these two sects.

    Looking at how Mo Wuji's entire body was covered in blood, scars and bones which were protruding out, Qu You felt immensely sorrowful. From the very beginning till the end, Qu You was well aware of what happened.

    She couldn't say that Mo Wuji was rash or whatever he did was wrong. If she was in his shoes, she would probably cower and await her death in situations like these. Evidently, Mo Wuji wasn't the type who would kneel and plead for forgiveness. This was why he incited such an intense war earlier.

    She was even more aware of Mo Wuji's future predicament. Even though Mo Wuji had an escape technique, only death would fall upon Mo Wuji after the opening of the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    Regardless of how vast the God Domain was, it was only a matter of time before he would be captured.

    "Where do you plan on going?" Qu You couldn't help herself but to ask.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as he said with a confused tone. "I have no idea."

    He was truly clueless. With his current rate of cultivation, there would be a limit to how much his cultivation could rise. This was even if he continued to hide in this newly incubated God Domain Nest for ten thousand years. After ten thousand years, this place would already be filled and occupied by people.

    At that time, how could he continue hiding in here?

    Qu You bit her lips as she said. "Every hundred thousand years, there will be a Clear Ocean Path emerging from the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. The Clear Ocean Path will be there for about hundred years. If you could travel across the Clear Ocean Path towards the God Continent, you will not need to fear the pursuit of the two sects anymore."

    Mo Wuji looked blankly at Qu You. "What is the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction? Where is the God Continent on the God Domain?"

    This time around, it was Qu You's turn to look at Mo Wuji blankly. After a while, she finally replied in some disbelief, "You don't know what is the God Continent or the Nirvana Ocean?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "I was a rogue cultivator and was accepted by the Heavenly Mortal Sect not too long ago. Therefore, the Heavenly Mortal Sect is my home. Now that it is gone, I no longer have anywhere else to go."

    Qu You suddenly grew sympathetic. While she never had a depressed personality, she was never too sympathetic towards others. It was likely because she never understood the lives of others. In fact, her whole life was dedicated to only cultivation. Anything else would only exist for the sake of cultivation.

    She replied gently, "Do you know why this place isn't known as the God World but God Domain?"

    Without waiting for a reply, she continued to explain. "This place was originally called the God World too. I've heard that since a long time ago, a tear appeared in the God World and a corpse fell from it. That corpse contained a vast, boundless and majestic energy. Under that terrifying pressure, all the cultivators in the God World crawled onto the ground.

    After that corpse landed in the Ji Ocean, the Ji Ocean water instantly turned red. Not only that, the Ji Ocean continuously engulfed the land around it as it constantly expanded. Eventually, the Ji Ocean divided the God World into two and the half that we are standing on was called the God Domain. The other half was named as the God Continent."

    Mo Wuji was astonished at how the corpse managed to turn the whole ocean red.

    Qu You continued, "After the Ji Ocean was turned red, it basically had no corners as it was incredibly boundless. Also, not even a goose feather was able to float on the waters of the Ji Ocean. Anyone who enters the waters will be oppressed to death. After which, the Ji Ocean was renamed as the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction as all lives die out in it."

    "What is the Clear Ocean Path?" Mo Wuji questioned once more.

    Qu You explained patiently, "Every hundred thousand years, a clear path will emerge from the red Nirvana Ocean. This path on the ocean contains no dangers. Not only is the water blue, even boats are able to travel through it without any pressure. Rumours spread that this path leads towards the God Continent . Most people who want to head towards the God Continent can use this Clear Ocean Path to leave."

    Mo Wuji was pleasantly surprised as he asked, "When was the last time the Clear Ocean Path appeared?"

    Qu You wasn't as surprised as Mo Wuji as she answered. "The last time it appeared was about 90 thousand years ago and it should appear soon. I'm not sure if it would appear in the next hundred or thousand years specifically."

    "Many thanks Senior Sister Qu, I've made my decision to head to the God Continent. Oh yes, were there many people heading towards the God Continent previously? Or were there a lot of people coming here from the God Continent?" Mo Wuji expressed his thanks.

    Without any foothold left in the God Domain for him, where else could he go except for the God Continent?

    Despite knowing that Mo Wuji's only option was to head towards the God Continent, Qu You replied apologetically. "Through the countless years, all we knew was that the God Domain and God Continent existed on either side of the Nirvana Ocean. Countless people tried heading over the other side from either side but no one seems to be able to cross over to the other side successfully. A lot of rumours spread that the distance of the Nirvana Ocean is not something a person can cover in just a hundred years."

    Qu You really wanted to help Mo Wuji but she had no idea how she could help.

    Mo Wuji still expressed his gratitude as he said, "Many thanks Senior Sister Qu, we shall bid our goodbyes now."

    "Hold on..." Qu You called out for Mo Wuji as she handed Mo Wuji a faint smelling face mask magic treasure. "This is an intermediate grade face mask god equipment and I shall gift it to you. Given your current predicaments, you need it more than I do. Also, this..."

    Having said that, Qu You took out another storage ring. "This is a high grade god spiritual vein which I obtain coincidentally in the newly incubated God Domain Nest. You will not able to come out to look for cultivation resources so this is also for you..."
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