Chapter 931: Ku Cai’s Disappearance

    Chapter 931: Ku Cai's Disappearance

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    "I cannot accept this." Mo Wuji hurried to reject Qu You's storage ring.

    Even if God Kings were exchanging gifts, a high grade god spiritual vein was already considered as a peak grade luxurious gift. Smaller sects might even fight with each other for intermediate grade god spiritual vein, let alone high grade god spiritual vein.

    If this wasn't the newly incubated God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji was certain that Qu You wouldn't be able to obtain such treasure.

    "Senior Brother Mo, you are severely injured and need to recover urgently. I am still a core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. As long as I find someone from the same sect, I can continue searching for more cultivation resources." Qu You didn't accept the storage ring which Mo Wuji pushed back to her.

    Mo Wuji was blushing in shame as he replied. "You've saved my life and even offered to gift me this god spiritual vein. I, Mo Wuji, am really ashamed to accept this gift."

    Qu You smiled, "If you hadn't saved me first, I, Qu You, would have lost my life. Senior Brother Mo, I'm sure we'll meet again someday..."

    At this moment, Qu You's slightly pale face turned grey as she fell directly onto the ground, unconscious.

    Mo Wuji could smell a faint sweet energy and he was instantly shocked. Mo Wuji had the detoxification meridian and through the years, he faced countless poisons before. He even faced some, which were not pure poison, that would erode one's spirit channels.

    The moment Mo Wuji sensed this sweet smell, he knew for sure that it was poison.

    The arrow shot by Yan Neng earlier was clearly covered in poison.

    The unfortunate thing for Yan Neng was that he met Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was never afraid of any sort of poisons so he simply sat down in front of Qu You. He extended his arm to cover the wound on Qu You's back.

    The detoxification meridian started circulating as traces of the poisons were swept away by Mo Wuji.

    After almost ten breaths, Mo Wuji relaxed his hand. His heart was in shock as he finally realised why Qu You was a core disciple of a big sect. Qu You actually possessed 105 spiritual roots.

    After the opening of the spiritual roots, there would no longer be an increase in the number of spiritual roots in one's body. Possessing 105 spiritual roots was certainly worthy to be called a genius among geniuses.

    Qu You opened her eyes as she saw Mo Wuji seated beside her. She quickly sat up surprisingly. She looked at how her wound was almost fully recovered.

    "I was poisoned?" Qu You asked immediately as she sat up.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, that Yan Neng's arrow contained deadly poison. Fortunately, I am able to help you remove the poison..."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji helped detoxified her body, Qu You's expression turned slightly uncomfortable. The fact that Mo Wuji didn't use any pills to dissolve her poison meant that Mo Wuji checked through her body once.

    At the thought of this, Qu You couldn't stay here for any longer as she hurried to speak. "Thank you Senior Brother Mo, I have to leave now."

    "Hold on..." Mo Wuji called out for Qu You as he handed her a jade box with all sorts of restrictions on it. "This is for you and remember not to open it in front of others."

    "Alright, goodbye then." Qu You's body flashed as she disappeared in front of Mo Wuji. She received the jade box in a hurry so she didn't reject his gift.

    "Thank you." After Qu You left, Mo Wuji still clasped his fists towards the direction which Qu You left towards.

    This convinced him of a certain belief. At times when he helped others during their times of need, he would, in turn, be helping himself too.

    If he didn't reach out to help Qu You back then, Qu You wouldn't have followed behind him to save him.

    Mo Wuji understood Qu You's intention. She wanted him to stay hidden in the newly incubated God Domain Nest for a few hundred years before finding ways to leave this place.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't want to do that as he wished to leave this place immediately.

    The newly incubated God Domain Nest was indeed big but Mo Wuji really didn't wish to continue staying here. The Heavenly Mortal Sect would no longer exist so why would he wait for his death here?

    If the Nine Evolution God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate was convincing enough, they could send in a few God Kings very soon.

    Even though this possibility wasn't big, Mo Wuji didn't dare to gamble. He truly wanted to leave as soon as possible.

    After parting with Qu You, Mo Wuji left instantly. He wanted to look for Ku Cai. When he finally decided to leave the God Domain, he wanted to bring Ku Cai along.


    After half a day of travelling, Qu You finally came to a halt at a canyon with her slightly uncomfortable expression. She was the core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School as well as the number one beauty of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Naturally, she would have many geniuses going after her. Even so, she didn't put them to heart.

    One of the reason was because she always maintained a traditional mindset. She didn't like those geniuses with multiples dao companions.

    While a lot of the geniuses in the God World looked extremely young, these people probably had countless dao companions before. How many years would it take for someone to ascend from the Cultivation World to the God World? Through these countless years, these people would probably change their dao companion many times before. At the thought of this, Qu You felt disgusted.

    The second reason was that she never come across anyone she truly fancied. What she never expected was how her body was unintentionally looked through by Mo Wuji. Because of this, she was unsure of how she should react.

    Mo Wuji was her life saviour and was also someone she saved. The only thing she could do now was to not associate with him anymore in the future.

    Qu You sighed as she threw these thoughts aside. In fact, Mo Wuji might not even survive after all these. Even though she was comforting Mo Wuji, she was well aware that the God Kings of the two sects would have been alerted. Once the God Kings entered this place to look for Mo Wuji, he would no longer have anywhere else to hide.

    Even so, she couldn't let Mo Wuji leave now. Letting Mo Wuji leave now would be equivalent to letting him die early.

    As Qu You shook her head, she took out the jade box which Mo Wuji handed her.

    Mo Wuji saved her life and she saved Mo Wuji's life. This was before she gifted him her own intermediate grade god face mask and also a high grade god spiritual vein. She believed that this was enough to repay Mo Wuji's life-saving grace.

    When Qu You saw that octagonal crystal stone, her hands trembled as she almost dropped the jade box on the floor.

    "Primal God Lattice Crystal?" Qu You exclaimed as she hurried to cover the jade box.

    Her heart was still beating rapidly because who would give out a Primal God Lattice Crystal? If people were to rank the most valuable items in the God Domain, the Primal God Lattice Crystal would undoubtedly be one of the top few.

    The Primal God Lattice Crystal was always rumoured in the legends and she actually saw it with her own eyes today. Moreover, it was a gift to her by someone else.

    Before today, Qu You would never believe if someone told her that a person would gift a stranger the Primal God Lattice Crystal.

    Now, her conviction was finally swayed.

    After tens of breaths, Qu You let out a long sigh. There were many geniuses in the God Domain and she met many well-known figures. Even within her Forgotten Creek Dao School, there was more than one genius. However, she was convinced that none of them would be as bold as Mo Wuji in terms of repaying life-saving grace.

    Qu You thought about how she would no longer owe Mo Wuji anything by gifting him a high grade god spiritual vein. Now that she received this Primal God Lattice Crystal from him, she realised that she owed Mo Wuji even more.

    How many high grade god spiritual veins could be exchanged for a Primal God Lattice Crystal? Not even multiple peak grade god spiritual veins could be exchanged for a Primal God Lattice Crystal.

    For a person like Mo Wuji, who have yet to condense his god lattice, why would he even give out a Primal God Lattice Crystal?

    No, she mustn't accept this.

    Even while Qu You really wanted to keep this Primal God Lattice Crystal, she knew that she would be too greedy to accept this.

    Qu You hurried to keep the Primal God Lattice Crystal as she went back the same direction she came from. Half a day later, she arrived back where she parted from Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji was already gone.

    Qu You knew that Mo Wuji was sincere in gifting this crystal so she bowed slightly before leaving once more.

    With the Primal God Lattice Crystal, she would be able to condense the most powerful god lattice in the God Domain.


    If it was any ordinary circumstance, Mo Wuji would definitely not give away the Primal God Lattice Crystal even if he had no use for it. He wasn't that generous of a person.

    However, Qu You saved his life once so why wasn't the Primal God Lattice Crystal worth giving it to her? Even if he had many valuable items on him, what was the use of these items if he lost his life?

    Also, he had another reason for giving away the Primal God Lattice Crystal. That was how Qu You's act of saving him should have been known by others. Once the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate chose to pressure the Forgotten Creek Dao School on this matter, it wouldn't do Qu You any good.

    However, things would be different if he gave Qu You the Primal God Lattice Crystal to allow her to condense her god lattice. She would become a Heavenly God and also the number one figure for the Forgotten Creek Dao School to protect.

    Additionally, he had no use for the item which he gave Qu You. How can a man be so petty in his gifts for a woman?


    Because his Wind Escape Technique entered the realms of the true Wind Teleportation, Mo Wuji reached the desert in less than a month. It was the same desert he parted with Ku Cai previously.

    In this month, Mo Wuji managed to recover half of his injuries with the help of the Breath of Hongmeng as well as the vitality channel. At least on the outside, Mo Wuji didn't have exposed bones and bloody flesh all around his body.

    Because his arm was blasted off, its recovery was slightly slower.

    The newly incubated God Domain Nest was already opened for almost a year so this place would no longer have anyone around. Everyone who entered the God Domain Nest would have delved into the depths.

    Mo Wuji hurried into the desert. When he arrived at the place where he hid Ku Cai to cultivate, his expression changed drastically.

    The dark space was destroyed and that trace of dark type law was no longer there. There was also no sign of Ku Cai which proved that she should have left quite some time ago.

    The surrounding was in a mess and evidently, there was a massive war here. At the thought of how Ku Cai was only in the Nascent God Elementary Stage, Mo Wuji grew anxious and worried.

    After searching this big piece of land for a full five days and getting no replies from the messages he sent her, Mo Wuji gave up searching. He came to a realisation that he no longer had control over whether Ku Cai was still alive or not.

    Mo Wuji turned his body and sped out of this desert. He was heading towards the entrance of this newly incubated God Domain Nest.
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