Chapter 932: God Domains Number One God King

    Chapter 932: God Domain's Number One God King

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    Mo Wuji was hiding near the entrance of the newly incubated God Domain Nest for over half a month. Because of his new enlightenment on his Wind Escape Technique, Mo Wuji merged with the surrounding wind. It would be very tough to find him unless someone knew how he was hiding.

    Even so, Mo Wuji was helpless and frustrated. After waiting and concealing himself for almost half a month, there was still no way out.

    This was because the entrance of the God Domain Nest was a defensive array. No matter how strong his Wind Teleportation was, he needed to wait for someone to open the entrance. That was his only way to get out of here.

    As long as someone entered from the outside, or left from the inside, Mo Wuji would be able to escape. The newly incubated God Domain Nest was opened for almost one year. Those who were supposed to come in would have already entered. As for those leaving, hmm, who would want to leave after entering the newly incubated God Domain Nest?

    Mo Wuji was an exception.

    Even so, he could only wait helplessly for his opportunity to leave.

    Yet another half a month passed by. Just as Mo Wuji was getting exceedingly frustrated, a silhouette flashed by.

    It was a disciple of the Phoenix Soul God Estate. When Mo Wuji first saw this cultivator, his first instinct was to act fast and kill this person.

    At the instance he wanted to attack, Mo Wuji suddenly understood something. This was when he forcefully controlled himself to stop.

    The fact that a cultivator of the Phoenix Soul God Estate appeared here meant that he was heading out. Why did he want to head out? His only motive would be to report the incident to the people outside. After killing so many genius disciples of the two big sects, why wouldn't they charge out to report this news?

    After entering the newly incubated God Domain Nest, one wouldn't be able to communicate with the outside world. Leaving the defensive array of the newly incubated God Domain Nest was the only way to report the news.

    As for why he was one month slow, it was because Mo Wuji's Wind Teleportation was truly too quick. It was so fast that he was one month ahead of this person who came to report the news.

    Indeed, this disciple took out a jade token to open the defensive array.

    Concurrently when this disciple opened the array, Mo Wuji disappeared along with the wind.

    The first thing the disciple did after leaving the array was to send out an urgent message talisman. He didn't even notice Mo Wuji, who teleported away in the form of the wind.


    God Domain Nest's Tiandi Plaza, God King Hall.

    This was the venue where the God Kings of the God Domain Nest gathered to discuss issues. Under normal circumstances, having over 20 God Kings seated here was considered extraordinary.

    At this moment, the God King Hall held over 40 God Kings. Almost one-third of all the God Kings in the entire God Domain were here. Moreover, the head seat which had always been vacant was occupied by a middle age man.

    This middle age man had long hair and an extremely beautiful purple beard. Even though he wasn't saying anything, all the God Kings seated here could feel his anger.

    Even God King Uncruel didn't dare to say anything at this point in time.

    Everyone knew who this purple beard middle-aged man was. The number one God King out of the ten great God Kings, God King Blazing Heaven. God King Blazing Heaven was always in the Blazing Heaven Palace so he would seldom appear in the God Domain. It was definitely a rare sight to see him appear in the God Domain Nest like today.

    Usually, the Blazing Heaven Palace would only send extremely few disciples into the newly opened God Domain Nest. They wouldn't participate in battles because he only sent a few disciples here. Therefore, every one of them had slots to enter the newly incubated God Domain nest.

    Rumours spread that God King Blazing Heaven was already in the Great Circle of the God King Stage. Besides God King Spirited Flame, no other God King would be able to execute more than three moves against God King Blazing Heaven.

    After a short while, God King Blazing Heaven finally spoke. "I am truly disappointed. Over the countless years in the God Domain, we could barely produce new God Kings. Now that Pang Jie finally became a God King, he was actually killed in the God Domain Nest. God King Salt Pavilion, God King Dark Bodhi and God King Yi Ming, I know the three of you were the ones who attacked so please explain yourself. Don't bother repeating that b*ll** reason which you've said earlier because the three of you aren't the only smart people in this world."

    God King Salt Pavilion, Dark Bodhi and Yi Ming all remained silent. They had no idea that God King Blazing Heaven would come out of his Blazing Heaven Palace because of Pang Jie. If they knew, they wouldn't have been so reckless to kill Pang Jie.

    God King Blazing Heaven exclaimed. "Many years ago, I've said this before. We only have so little God Kings in the God Domain. Anyone who can advance into the God King Stage will become the mainstay of our God Domain. Even so, nobody listened to my words and even killed a God King publicly. Ai... Maybe its because I am old and no one bothers about my words anymore..."

    Only a minute few who didn't understand how God King Blazing Heaven was like as a person. Therefore, most of the God Kings were frightened when they heard his words.

    If God King Blazing Heaven was considered old, there would be no young God Kings in the God Domain.

    God King Uncruel sighed as he knew that he had to step up to say something. Otherwise, God King Salt Pavilion and co. would definitely be punished.

    "Let me say a few words then." God King Uncruel stood up.

    God King Uncruel was ranked number three out of the ten great God Kings. Now that he stood up to speak, God King Blazing Heaven would have to show some face to him too.

    "Fellow Dao Friends, Brother Blazing Heaven isn't wrong in his claim to say that every God King in the God Domain is a valuable person. If everyone starts acting violently just because we have a few disputes with each other, our God Domain will eventually be ruined in our own hands. The killing of God King Pang Jie was undoubtedly a lack of consideration from Salt Pavilion and co." The first few sentences of God King Uncruel was to reaffirm the words of God King Blazing Heaven.

    After saying this, God King Uncruel clasped his fists towards God King Blazing Heaven. "The dead has already left us. Further punishing God Kings Salt Pavilion, Dark Bodhi and Yi Ming will only cause greater harm to our God Domain."

    God King Blazing Heaven sighed as he lifted his head to look at the sky. "Does everyone thinks that the constant incubation of the God Domain Nest is a good thing? The truth is that every time our God Domain Nest incubates, we'll be one step closer to danger..."

    If he could, God King Blazing Heaven really wanted to kill God King Salt Pavilion and the two others. However, he was fully aware of the consequences of doing so.

    The few God Kings seated closer to the front hurried to question. "Brother Blazing Heaven, what do you mean?"

    God King Blazing Heaven shook his hand as he continued. "Everyone should continue to cultivate. Otherwise, we will all become chess pieces for others eventually. Therefore, I hope that from today onwards, there will no longer be any killings between God Kings of my God Domain. Salt Pavilion, Yi Ming and Dark Bodhi, the three of you have committed a grave mistake. If every God King in my God Domain acts selfishly like the three of you, my God King Domain will disappear at an even faster rate..."

    God King Blazing Heaven was about to warn these three people to not go against the Heavenly Mortal Sect anymore. However, the Heavenly Mortal Sect would have formed a deadly enmity with these two sects because of the death of God King Pang Jie. Leaving the Heavenly Mortal Sect alive would eventually invite endless conflicts. He might as well let the Heavenly Mortal Sect perish once and for all. This was so that he could prevent any further damage done to the God Domain.

    Just as God King Blazing Heaven thought of this, God King Salt Pavilion suddenly stood up...

    "Salt Pavilion, hurry up and sit back down." God King Uncruel noticed the trace of anger in God King Salt Pavilion's eyes so he hurried to reprimand him.

    God King Salt Pavilion clasped his fists to God King Uncruel before turning back to God King Blazing Heaven. "God King Blazing Heaven, I've just received news from the newly incubated God Domain Nest. 47 disciples of the Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect were slaughtered by a disciple of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. His name is Mo Wuji."

    Once he heard this news, even God King Dark Bodhi stood up anxiously. "Salt Pavilion, is that true?"

    "This matter is undoubtedly true as a lot of witnesses were present during that bloodied battle. My Phoenix Soul God Estate is only left with a Tang Wuzhen, who is also severely injured. Your Nine Evolutions God Sect is only left with a Nascent God disciple, who had his spirit channels destroyed..."

    The words of God King Salt Pavilion had God King Dark Bodhi's eyes turned red. The newly incubated God Domain Nest should be the least dangerous secret realm with the greatest pool of resources.

    Almost all the disciples sent into a secret realm like this were peak grade geniuses of each sect. Even peak grade sects like the Phoenix Soul God Estate and the Nine Evolutions God Sect didn't have many slots to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    Mo Wuji's lone effort to kill tens of them was definitely a huge loss to the sects.

    "Are you saying that Mo Wuji of the Heavenly Mortal Sect manage to kill over 45 genius disciples all by himself? What is the cultivation level of that Mo Wuji?" A shocked God King Blazing Heaven questioned.

    "Mo Wuji should only be in the Nascent God Level 9 but his Heavenly Mortal Technique is very concealed." God King Salt Pavilion answered because he always believed that Mo Wuji was in the Nascent God Stage Level 9.

    "Out of the 47 people that he killed, were there any Heavenly Gods?" God King Blazing Heaven grew even more astonished because just how strong was this Mo Wuji?

    God King Salt Pavilion continued to answer, "According to the news that I've received, there were five Heavenly Gods there. That Mo Wuji was exceedingly cunning as he used some secret technique to kill the five Heavenly Gods first. Following that, he fought with his life at stake to kill the 42 other disciples."

    God King Blazing Heaven's heart was in a perilous situation. Even when he was in the Nascent God Level 9, he wouldn't be able to kill off five Heavenly God Stage experts and 42 Nascent Gods who encircled him.

    "God King Blazing Heaven, I wish to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest to capture this Mo Wuji. If we continue to let him stay in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, my Phoenix Soul God Estate might suffer greater losses." God King Salt Pavilion forcefully controlled his urge to kill as he spoke nicely.

    The rule to only allow Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest was also agreed upon by the ten great God Kings.

    God King Blazing Heaven pondered for a moment before speaking. "Permission granted and I shall also enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest to take a look. Also, whoever finds Mo Wuji, must not do anything to him before I take a look at him."

    "Yes!" Even though God King Salt Pavilion and God King Dark Bodhi were helpless and frustrated, they had to agree. God King Blazing Heaven was simply too strong for even the combined efforts of the other ten great God Kings.


    Mo Wuji didn't know that the number one God King of the God Domain wanted to see him. Presently, he was already far away from the newly incubated God Domain Nest. During this period of time, he never stopped to rest. If he wasn't healing his injuries, he would be teleporting with the wind.

    He wanted to leave the God Domain Nest as soon as possible. However, this place was simply too massive. Despite his continual Wind Teleportation, all he saw was still a piece of desolate land in front of him.
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