Chapter 933: Primal God Lattice

    Chapter 933: Primal God Lattice

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    While travelling within the God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji met countless strong demonic beasts on the way. As he met them, he continued to use his Wind Teleportation to get out of the way over and over again. After four months, he finally walked out of the God Domain Nest.

    After leaving the God Domain Nest, his wounds were almost completely healed. Even so, he wasn't very happy about it. Through these months, Mo Wuji didn't neglect about increasing his cultivation while being on the run. After four months, his cultivation didn't improve at all. The only exception was his slightly more condensed god energy.

    One must know that his Immortal Mortal Technique could be used to cultivate any time and anywhere. This was as long as his 108 meridians come together to form a massive spiritual circulation.

    According to Mo Wuji's plan, it shouldn't be a problem for him to step into the Nascent God Intermediate Stage Level 3 if not Level 4 in half a year. However, imagination and reality were simply too far apart. Even after numerous months, he remained stagnant in the Nascent God Elementary Stage Level 3.

    After leaving the God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji stopped cultivating. Before finding the reason, any further cultivation would only be a waste of time. He would definitely not be happy if he needed hundreds or thousands of years just to advance one level.

    After yet another month, Mo Wuji disguised into a rogue cultivator with a short beard and wrinkled face. He walked into one of the open-air city square.

    The God Domain was vast and boundless. Even after leaving the God Domain Nest for over a month, the city square he was in was still called the Near Nest City Square. This was a city square near the God Domain Nest.

    There were not a lot of people in the city square. However, Mo Wuji was satisfied with what he saw before entering the city square. He noticed a signboard about transfers outside the city square.

    This meant that this city square had transfer arrays which could lead him elsewhere.

    To Mo Wuji, the God Domain was simply too vast. It might even take years of continual Wind Teleportation for him to get out of the God Domain completely. If he were to take that many years, the God Kings experts might have already started their search for him.

    Mo Wuji had a strong sensing that he should leave the periphery of the God Domain Nest as soon as possible.


    In the newly incubated God Domain Nest, all the ten great God Kings led by God King Blazing Heaven stood where Mo Wuji previously fought.

    Multiple water crystal balls were already put in place where Mo Wuji fought with the other cultivators. These water crystal balls were left behind by the spectators who recorded the fight involving Mo Wuji.

    The content of these water crystal balls was looked through numerous times by God King Blazing Heaven. Presently, he was checking the battleground for remnants dao spirituality.

    Other than these God Kings, there were tens of disciples waiting on the outside. A majority of these disciples were cultivators who witnessed Mo Wuji's fight.

    After two hours, God King Blazing Heaven stood up with a very stern face. This was before his eyes swept through the crowd of people. "Lin Feng of the Forgotten Creek Dao School was right. This person was only in the Nascent God Stage Level 3. Moreover..."

    God King Uncruel frowned as he commented. "Nascent God Stage Level 3? He could survive the encirclement of 44 Nascent God disciples and 5 Heavenly God disciples? Killing 47 of them, wasted one's cultivation and severely injure another? This..."

    He checked the battle scene too but was limited in his judgement. He wasn't as observant as God King Blazing Heaven.

    God King Blazing Heaven sighed and exclaimed. "This isn't the main point because there were cultivators as heaven-denying as him previously in the God Domain. The more terrifying issue is that even I cannot discern the laws of his sacred arts. If I'm not wrong, his sacred arts should have been deduced and condensed with his own Grand Dao..."

    "This is not possible..." A few God Kings cried out simultaneously.

    Deduced and condensed from one's own Grand Dao was something even God Kings found it hard to do. It might be possible for people who had surpassed the God King Stage. Even the laws of the sacred arts of God Kings should be formed according to the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Regardless of who it was, their sacred arts should have been based on their insights on the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

    Sacred arts deduced from one's own Grand Dao, what does this mean? Others might not know but those experts in the God King Stage were fully aware. This was only possible for those who have surpassed the God King Stage.

    That's right, the strongest expert in the God Domain was only in the God King Stage. The God Domain might not have an existence greater than a God King. However, it didn't mean that there were no such experts in the entire universe. Rumours spread that there were experts who were much more powerful than God Kings. They didn't appear in the God Domain because the God Domain was unable to produce such experts.

    God King Blazing Heaven continued to shake his head. "What's even more frightening than that was that I am unable to sense the energy of his dao spirituality or his primordial spirit. If he wasn't a problem for us, I would even say that he was a mortal or a cultivator with incredibly poor spiritual roots..."

    Every single God King standing around suddenly grew exceptionally gloomy.

    A mortal without any primordial spirit actually managed to cultivate to reach the Nascent God Stage Level 3? A mortal would actually survive the encirclement of at least 45 experts much stronger than him? Killing a majority of them and even escaped easily?

    "Could he be an alien cultivator?" A question popped up abruptly.

    Even though nobody agreed verbally, it was clear that many of them felt that this was a good possibility.

    God King Blazing Heaven shook his head again. "No, he is not an alien cultivator because alien cultivators cultivate the dark type laws. From his sacred arts, there seemed to be a trace of dark type laws but it contained more of the other energies. Moreover, alien cultivator possessed spiritual roots too."

    "The Heavenly Mortal Sect usually recruits and nurture those with poor spiritual roots. As a disciple of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he..." God King Uncruel wanted to explain but even he couldn't seem to convince himself.

    "The Heavenly Mortal Sect often claim that they didn't mind disciples with poor spiritual roots. Even so, they still recruit people with spiritual roots. Naturally, they will also wish to recruit more disciples of greater aptitude."

    "This person is vicious, ruthless and extraordinarily strong. Once he continues to grow even stronger, it wouldn't mean anything good for us."

    "Previously, someone mentioned that disciple Qu You of the Forgotten Creek Dao School rescued him? Is Qu You here?" God King Blazing Heaven suddenly questioned the crowd.

    A man with a full face beard stood up as he clasped his fists. "Qu You received the message from her sect and is on her way here now."

    This man with a full face beard was the God King Scoured Sea of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. He was ranked number 4 among the ten great God Kings. The Forgotten Creek Dao School had their reputation today mainly because of the prestige God King Scoured Sea had.

    God King Yi Ming commented with a stern face. "Qu You was after all, still a disciple of the peak grade sect in the God Domain. She actually helped a violent devil who slaughtered so many of our disciples to get away? If we don't punish such a disciple, how can our God Domain unite together?"

    Hearing these words, God King Scoured Sea was fuming. He was one of the ten great God King and Yi Ming was merely in the God King Stage Level 4. Even so, he dared speak in this manner in front of him. "Yi Ming, you don't have the rights to tell me how I should deal with disciples of my Forgotten Creek Dao School."

    God King Yi Ming replied faintly. "I naturally do not need to tell you what to do. However, this matter isn't something for your Forgotten Creek Dao School to settle alone."

    God King Scoured Sea chuckled. "Who doesn't know of the despicable acts few of you did? Behaviour only a vile and contemptible person would display."

    "Qu You is here." Just as God King Yi Ming was about to speak, someone interrupted their argument.

    Disciple Qu You of the Forgotten Creek Dao School had already hurried over. She hurried to bow towards God King Scoured Sea as she arrived. "Qu You greets Ancestor."

    "You..." God King Scoured Sea looked surprisingly at Qu You as he spoke with a trembling voice. "You've condensed..."

    He didn't continue speaking as every God King here stared shockingly at Qu You. Even God King Blazing Heaven had his mouth wide opened as he looked in disbelief.

    Qu You just condensed her god lattice. Because she just condensed it, her god lattice still contained some purple dao spirituality. A boundless energy of the Heaven and Earth was still surrounding her.

    Cultivators of the lower ranks might not notice it but all the God Kings could see. Qu You condensed her god lattice and it was the Primal God Lattice.

    "God lattice, Primal God Lattice..." Another God King pointed at Qu You as he exclaimed with a trembling voice.

    Surprise, envy, jealous...

    All the different expressions were displayed across all the God Kings gathered there.

    Even God King Blazing Heaven couldn't help but to look at Qu You anxiously. The Primal God Lattice was something that only existed in the legends. Today, someone right in front of them actually managed to condense it.

    "Qu You, do you know where did Mo Wuji go?" God King Scoured Sea took the initiative to question Qu You in front of everyone. Even if Qu You didn't condense her god lattice, God King Scoured Sea wouldn't let any other God King question her. He only wished for Qu You to answer the question swiftly. Afterwards, he wanted them to head back to their sect as soon as possible.

    Qu You shook her head. "I do not know. Back then, I really did bump into him here. Because he saved my life once, I gave him some healing pills in return. After separating, I no longer know where he went."

    "You are lying! I clearly saw how you escape while carrying Mo Wuji." Yan Neng stepped in to interrupt.

    Qu You glared coldly at Yan Neng. "I am the core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School and you dare injure me with a poisonous arrow. It almost caused me to lose my life and I've yet to find you for that."

    Qu You, who condensed her god lattice, spoke with great confidence and arrogance. So what if Yan Neng was in the Heavenly God Stage Level 5?

    "God King Blazing Heaven, Qu You's obtaining of the Primal God Lattice may be related to Mo Wuji. I suggest that we interrogate Qu You alone to find out about the whereabouts of Mo Wuji." God King Salt Pavilion's spoke. Even he was curious about Qu You's Primal God Lattice.

    Qu You just condensed her god lattice so it might still be possible to strip it off her. The pity was that she was from the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Otherwise, he might have already done it himself.

    "Haha Salt Pavilion, I dare your Phoenix Soul God Estate to try. I do want to see if my Forgotten Creek Dao School can exterminate your entire Phoenix Soul God Estate too. The incident of your Heavenly God disciple ambushing my disciple in the dark was not accounted for too." God King Scoured Sea might be chuckling away but his face was filled with killing intent. There was not a single trace of a smile.

    God King Yi Ming and Nine Evolutions God Sect's God King Dark Bodhi spoke concurrently. "Your Forgotten Creek Dao School might be strong. However, your Forgotten Creek Dao School cannot exterminate whoever you wish to exterminate just like that. If all the peak grade sects in the God Domain act so wildly, our God Domain would have already collapsed."

    "You shameless fools, wasn't God King Pang Jie murdered by the few of you? All for your own selfish interests and you think others have no idea?" God King Scoured Sea was not in the least afraid of the pressure from these three God Kings.
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