Chapter 934: Troubles

    Chapter 934: Troubles

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    God King Uncruel commented, "Brother Scoured Sea, Salt Pavilion is merely concern for the God Domain. This explains his harsh tone. In fact, he didn't mean anything malicious."

    God King Scoured Sea's face turned serious because he knew God King Uncruel was Salt Pavilion's backer. If it wasn't for God King Uncruel, he would have given a mere Salt Pavilion a tight slap for speaking to him in that manner. God King was ranked number three out of the ten great God Kings which was slightly higher than him.

    God King Uncruel might appear fair and would even reprimand God King Salt Pavilion and co. at times. However, he had also ordered people to help him do the dirty jobs underground.

    God King Blazing Heaven frowned slightly. This was because the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine God Evolutions Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate were all peak grade sects. He cannot afford to have them fight against each other.

    He simply shook his hand and said. "There's no need for everyone to argue over this. I suggest that we shall open up the entire newly incubated God Domain Nest to look for Mo Wuji simultaneously. Also, inform all the city squares near the God Domain Nest to restrain people from taking the transfer arrays..."

    He didn't believe Mo Wuji could leave the God Domain Nest so quickly. Even so, he wanted to make sure that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to leave even if he did manage.

    "Brother Blazing Heaven, did you just mention Mo Wuji? Which Mo Wuji is it?" A voice interjected God King Blazing Heaven's orders. It was God King Lone Cauldron, ranked number nine out of the ten great God Kings, who had just arrived. Because he had left the God Domain Nest, he wasn't aware of the Mo Wuji's incident. He hurried into the God Domain Nest when he heard that God Kings were finally allowed in. When he just arrived, he heard a familiar name.

    While God King Lone Cauldron was still speaking, he saw the recording of Mo Wuji's fight from the water crystal ball. At the sight of the recording, he became all emotional.

    He was desperate to find Mo Wuji before anyone did. Previously, he still thought that Mo Wuji was in the Immortal World. Hence, he had never expected to see Mo Wuji appear here in the God World.

    "Brother Lone Cauldron, you know him?" God King Uncruel asked when he noticed God King Lone Cauldron's expression.

    God King Lone Cauldron grew anxious as he replied. "Yes, this person killed my son, Zhen'Er. I cannot wait to swallow his flesh. Fellow Dao Friends, please let me know where Mo Wuji is. I, Lone Cauldron, will definitely show my gratitude for any clue of his location."

    God King Lone Cauldron was merely using this perfect excuse to give him a good reason to capture Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had at least two forms of heavenly fate with him. If he could capture Mo Wuji, he believed that his future wouldn't be any dimmer than God King Blazing Heaven. One must know that he was already part of the ten great God King. This was even though he was merely in the God King Stage Level 6.

    Mo Wuji had many other secrets on him so he must not let that fall into the hands of any other God King.

    Lone Cauldron knew that if he had to convince others that his son was killed by Mo Wuji, he had to appear even angrier.

    "Zhen'Er got into trouble?" A few of the surprised God Kings, who were on closer terms with God King Cauldron, sounded out. Yu Zhen'Er was one of the peak grade talents of the God Domain. It was certainly not a small matter if he was killed by Mo Wuji.

    If it was previously, nobody would believe that Mo Wuji could kill Yu Zhen'Er, who was already half a step into the God Monarch Stage. Currently, nobody suspected that God King Lone Cauldron might be lying.


    Mo Wuji had no idea that right after he just left the Near Nest City Square, the Near Nest City Square's transfer arrays had been restricted. If he was any later, he might be forced to be checked by others. If he refused to state where he came from, he might even be detained there.

    After leaving the God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji didn't slow down at all. He continued to travel through all the different transfer arrays.

    It was already three years since Mo Wuji left the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Throughout these three years, there was not a single change to his cultivation level. He remained stagnant at Nascent God Stage Level 3. The only improvement was that he could finally install grade 3 god arrays and even touched the brim of grade 4.

    Mo Wuji constantly kept himself updated on the news about the Nirvana Ocean as well as the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    No matter where or who he asked for the news of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, the answer was unanimous. The Mortal Sect was razed. As for the Nirvana Ocean, many people knew about it but none of them went there.

    This was because there was no sort of god spiritual energy around the Nirvana Ocean. It would even absorb one's life force. With nothing beneficial there, who would be foolish enough to head there?

    Even so, Mo Wuji didn't mind because he had already got himself a map. This map would lead him to the Nirvana Ocean. He didn't head there yet because he had yet to find out when the Clear Ocean Path would appear.

    Today, Mo Wuji arrived at the Thousand Swords City and it was Mo Wuji's first ever visit here. Even so, Mo Wuji wasn't all too unfamiliar with this city.

    The Thousand Swords City Estate belonged to the School of Sword Law. Back when Ancestor Pang Jie held his God King Ritual, Mo Wuji had even hosted School of Sword Law's Sect Head Zhuang Yingnan.

    The pity was that Ancestor Pang Jie only just stepped into the God King Stage and was assassinated by others. He didn't even have a God King title of his own.

    Mo Wuji sighed as he finished the cup of low grade immortal tea in his hands before standing up. His intention was to head to the Thousand Swords City's Assignment Hall. Finding out about when the Clear Ocean Path of the Nirvana Ocean would emerge was his utmost priority.

    Just as he got on his feets, the conversation of a few cultivators made him sit back down.

    "... I've met her once. Not only was she the number one beauty of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, she was also ranked number two in terms of looks in the entire God Domain. Additionally, she was the core disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School so why do you think she was so foolish? To think that she would help an alien cultivator?"

    "Ahah, don't just say what everyone else says. Qu You was only punished by the sect because she condensed the Primal God Lattice..."

    "Ah... Are you dreaming? Primal God Lattice? Why would someone who condensed a Primal God Lattice get punished?"

    "I'm not lying to you but we shouldn't discuss this matter in such details. If rogue cultivators like us are to offend big sects like the Forgotten Creek Dao School, it will not do us any good."

    The few of them changed their topic of conversation just like that.

    Mo Wuji was fuming in his heart. He gave Qu You the Primal God Lattice Crystal to help her. After all, he was worried that Qu You might get into trouble with the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate after helping him. He didn't expect that Qu You would be implicated by the Primal God Lattice Crystal.

    "Dao Friends here, young brother heard from the few of you that Fairy Qu You had been punished?" Mo Wuji walked over to the group of cultivators with a clasped fist. At this point in time, there was an anxious look in his eyes.

    "Who are you?" The few of them stared warily at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply. "Even though I am only a rogue cultivator, I've admired Fairy Qu You for many years now. Back then, I've only seen Fairy Qu You once and I could no longer forget her looks. Therefore, when I heard that Fairy Qu You got into trouble, I really want to suffer the brute of the punishment in place of her."

    The anxious look was faked out by Mo Wuji. However, when he heard that Qu You got into trouble, he was indeed guilty and furious.

    Just like what the other cultivator mentioned, Qu You condensing of the Primal God Lattice should make her a figure the sect would want to protect. So why would she be punished?

    The few cultivators looked lost. Even though Qu You had countless admirers, not everyone was as devoted and crazy as Mo Wuji appeared to be. Despite understanding how Mo Wuji felt, no one was willing to speak. They could chat about this topic casually with each other but telling it to a stranger was a completely different matter.

    Mo Wuji waved to the attendant of the hall as he ordered. "Bring four pots of Black Fog God Spiritual Wine."

    The Black Fog God Spiritual Wine might not be the best god spiritual wine around but it was definitely considered decent. Mo Wuji felt that such a wine would be perfect for hosting these cultivators.

    "Roger that!" The attendant instantly appeared with four pots of wine in front of Mo Wuji. Just these four pots of wine cost Mo Wuji one hundred high grade god crystals.

    "Fellow Dao Friends, small brother here is also a rogue cultivator and I am embarrassingly short of money. Hence, I can't afford too good a wine for the few of you so I hope this will do." Mo Wuji hurried to hand each of them one pot of wine each.

    The few Nascent God Stage cultivators looked at Mo Wuji with bright eyes. This Black Fog God Spiritual Wine would actually cost about 25 high grade god crystals each.

    As a rogue cultivator, they wouldn't be as wealthy as those disciples of the big sects. 25 high grade god crystals weren't considered little.

    It was merely in exchange for news which almost everyone knew so they didn't have much to lose.

    The yellow robe cultivator, who was speaking earlier, clasped his fists. "Dao Friend is straightforward so I, Pan Mo, thank you. Actually, this news isn't much news because a lot of people are aware of it."

    As the yellow robed man named Pan Mo spoke, the cultivator beside him put up a restriction.

    Pan Mo lowered his voice and said, "I've heard that a heaven-defying Nascent God cultivator appeared in the newly incubated God Domain Nest. His name is Mo Wuji. That Mo Wuji is so powerful and that his spiritual roots are of the peak grade. Rumours spread that he might be an alien cultivator. While in the God Domain Nest, he killed hundreds of genius disciples of the various big sects. Eventually, that angered the God Kings of those sects. The senior God Kings have all entered the newly incubated God Domain Nest to capture that Mo Wuji."

    Mo Wuji was dazed because since when did he kill over hundreds of genius disciples? And his spiritual roots were of the peak grade?

    Pan Mo didn't notice Mo Wuji's expression as he continued. "I have no idea what happen but Fairy Qu You of the Forgotten Creek Dao School... Of course, you should know about Fairy Qu You. She actually stepped out to rescue Mo Wuji which angered the various God Kings of the big sects..."

    "That shouldn't be a problem for her right? I've heard that the Forgotten Creek Dao School have two God Kings." Mo Wuji frowned as he asked.

    Pan Mo chuckled, "The Forgotten Creek Dao School is actually a peak grade god sect. Not only do they have two God Kings, God King Scoured Sea is actually ranked number four out of the ten great God Kings. That Qu You was really fortunate because rescuing Mo Wuji was one issue. However, she actually obtains a Primal God Lattice Crystal and successfully condenses her god lattice. God King Scoured Sea was elated to see the condensed Primal God Lattice and he quickly brought her back to the sect. However, this is where the problem lies..."

    "How?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

    Pan Mo moved closer to Mo Wuji to whisper, "God King Scoured Sea was too happy that when he went back to cultivate in seclusion. During that point in time, he actually went haywire and got too obsessed with his cultivation. Following that, God Kings of the Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate came to the Forgotten Creek Dao School. The other God King of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, God King Guiding Wood, raged furiously. This was after finding out that Qu You helped that alien cultivator Mo Wuji. He instantly ripped Fairy Qu You off her god lattice and if it wasn't for her master, Fairy Qu You would have been dead."

    "How is Fairy Qu You now?" Mo Wuji's heart turned solemn as he started to regret handing Qu You the Primal God Lattice Crystal. Not only did this item not help her, it even invited troubles for her.
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