Chapter 935: Beyond God King

    Chapter 935: Beyond God King

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    "I've heard that after Fairy Qu You was stripped of her god lattice, she was tied outside the sect to endure strong wind and heavy rain. She had to face a wall to examine her own conscience." Pan Mo sighed as he took a sip of the Black Fog God Spiritual Wine.

    The enraged Mo Wuji's heart was burning in more anger. If he was capable enough, he couldn't wait to slap the entire Forgotten Creek Dao School into ruins.

    "Many thanks Dao Friends for telling me all of these..." There was no longer a need for Mo Wuji to fake his emotions any further. He was indeed slightly absent-minded after hearing this.

    He was an emotional person and Qu You helped him tremendously before. If it wasn't for Qu You, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been alive anymore. Not only was Mo Wuji unable to repay this huge favour, he even cause Qu You to suffer so badly. How could he be at peace with this?

    Noticing Mo Wuji's absent-mindedness, Pan Mo patted Mo Wuji on his shoulder as if he could understand how Mo Wuji felt.


    Mo Wuji only had one thing in his mind and that was to rescue Qu You. However, he was only in the Nascent God Stage Level 3 so how was he supposed to do that?

    A thought like this merely flashed through his mind. This same thought was tossed to the side of his mind very soon after. He could still forgive himself if he didn't know that Qu You was in trouble. Now that he was aware, he would forever not be at peace with himself unless he went to save her.

    With his current level of strength, it was impossible for him to rescue Qu You directly. He needed to think of another way...

    Mo Wuji left the resthouse while worrying about Qu You. As the cold wind blew over, Mo Wuji quivered subconsciously.

    His anger from the thought of Qu You being hurt was soon relieved as he regained his composure. Regardless of whether or not he would choose to rescue Qu You, he mustn't make a decision with a state of mind like this.

    Once his mind cleared up, Mo Wuji realised that the words of Pan Mo earlier seemed slightly problematic. In fact, there were already problems with the words of this Pan Mo. He mentioned that Mo Wuji killed hundreds of genius disciples from many different sects. This was pure nonsense.

    He only killed 47 people and they were all disciples from only the Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate. He certainly didn't kill over hundreds of people.

    Pan Mo would mention hundreds of people only because he had heard of this news from others too. The words that spread from others would have travelled from people to people. Therefore, the rumours would undoubtedly deviate from the truth. Since Pan Mo's news of him in the newly incubated God Domain Nest was incorrect, it was possible that the other information he provided might be false too.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji's understanding was that the Forgotten Dao Creek School had two God Kings. One of them was God King Scoured Sea and the other was God King Guiding Wood. In fact, God King Scoured Sea was even one of the ten great God Kings. For one of the ten great God Kings to go down the wrong cultivation path so abruptly, something seemed slightly odd.

    According to Pan Mo's information, it appeared possible that God King Scoured Sea was harmed by God King Guiding Wood. However, how could one of the ten great God Kings like God King Scoured Sea be harmed so easily by another ordinary God King? Does he really deserve the title of being part of the ten great God Kings then?

    If Pan Mo's words were true, the motive would certainly be for the Primal God Lattice. It was highly likely that God King Guiding Wood colluded with God King Salt Pavilion and God King Dark Bodhi to ambush God King Scoured Sea. There was only one Primal God Lattice and even if they really succeeded in snatching it over, who would be the rightful owner of the Primal God Lattice? Furthermore, could the Primal God Lattice be removed once it was condensed?

    These were some of the few doubtful points but these were still not the most doubtful point. The greatest doubt Mo Wuji had was regarding Qu You's master. According to Pan Mo's news, Qu You wasn't killed because her master stood out to rescue her.

    Here comes the problem: What rights does Qu You's master have to rescue Qu You from the hands of God King Guiding Wood?

    Mo Wuji was well aware that the Forgotten Creek Dao School only had two God Kings. They were God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood. Even if her master was in the World God Stage Level 9, he shouldn't be influential or powerful enough to rescue Qu You from God King Guiding Wood.

    The news of God King Guiding Wood removing Qu You's god lattice would spread throughout every corner of the God Domain. Why would he not kill Qu You simply because of Qu You's master?

    Furthermore, a God King would undoubtedly be mindful of his own reputation. The current situation was that a God King selfishly striped his sect's core disciple's Primal God Lattice which she obtained it herself. Even if this God King succeeded in condensing the Primal God Lattice, his reputation would go down the hill.

    Therefore, even if Pan Mo's words were true, these matters wouldn't have spread to every street of the God Domain. Because of these doubtful points, Mo Wuji decided to find out more from elsewhere.


    A month later, Mo Wuji appeared at a small god resthouse near the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    During the month of intense inquiring and probing, he visited a total of over ten cultivation cities, ten city squares as well as gathering areas. The news he obtained were not very different from that of Pan Mo's. This meant that Pan Mo was not speaking blindly. Qu You's god lattice was indeed striped off and it was also true that she was punished.

    He even obtained short clips of how Qu You was punished. In the clip, Qu You was tied up onto one of the stone pillar near the cliff of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Mo Wuji saw Qu You many times before and even carried her. He only needed one clip to confirm that the person being punished was Qu You.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fist tightly as his mind became clearer than ever. No matter what, he needed to rescue Qu You.

    To rescue Qu You, there were two things he needed to do. The first was to personally confirm that Qu You was tied onto that Punishment Cliff.

    The Punishment Cliff was the location where the Forgotten Creek Dao School punished their disciples. It was used to warn every disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School to not commit any wrongdoings. Punishments will be witnessed by everyone in the sect on the Punishment Cliff. Hence, confirming that Qu You was there shouldn't be a huge problem.

    Secondly, it was how he was going to rescue Qu You.

    He, alone, would not be able to rescue Qu You. He needed to borrow external strength.


    In the place where god spiritual energy was the densest in the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Qu You opened her eyes excitedly. In less than two years, she managed to advance from Heavenly God Stage Level 1 to Level 7.

    In terms of aptitude, she was indeed pretty decent but she wasn't the greatest. There were far too many cultivators in the God Domain with much better spiritual roots than her. Even so, she had never heard of anyone advancing from Heavenly God Stage Level 1 to Heavenly God Stage Level 7 in less than two years.

    The main contributing factor was neither the dense god spiritual energy here nor her spiritual roots. It was the Primal God Lattice.

    After condensing her Primal God Lattice, Qu You fully understood how strong her own ability to perceive things was. She was able to gain insights the instant she captured the Laws of Heaven and Earth. She was also able to comprehend any sacred arts which she came into contact with.

    Qu You lifted her head to look at the space above her. A clear silhouette of a person appeared in her mind. More specifically, it was a person with a body full of blood and bones which were out of place.

    The person's name was Mo Wuji.

    Previously, Qu You already found it hard to comprehend why Mo Wuji would gift her the Primal God Lattice Crystal. Now, she further understood how much more precious this Primal God Lattice was than she first imagined.

    And what had she helped him with? Save his life?

    Qu You shook her head. She would feel embarrassed and guilty if she were to tell others that she rescued Mo Wuji once. Mo Wuji actually rescued her twice before she reached out to help him once.

    She was guilty because when Mo Wuji was encircled, she didn't step out to help. Or rather, she didn't dare to help.

    Qu You thought of how Mo Wuji divided gratitude and grudges clearly. Just because the Heavenly Mortal Sect was ambushed by the Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, Mo Wuji challenged 49 experts with cultivation levels higher than him. At that moment, she forgot to continue cultivating.

    In her memories and cognition, was there still anyone like Mo Wuji? The answer was an absolute no.

    At that instant, Qu You's heart grew a sudden urge to see Mo Wuji again. It wasn't admiration but an indescribable desire.

    She couldn't cultivate anymore as she subconsciously prayed for Mo Wuji to be safe in the God Domain Nest. She wished that this man, who was the only one capable of leaving a mark in her heart, would remain safe and sound.

    It wasn't only because of the Primal God Lattice. It was also because of his aggressiveness and resolve when he heard of the news of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. The courage to challenge 49 experts who were seemingly stronger than him. The will to not falter even when his entire body was filled with severe wounds.


    Forgotten Creek Mountain.

    The Forgotten Creek Mountain was the number one god mountain in the Forgotten Creek Dao School. It was also where the sect's hall was located at and where God King Scoured Sea cultivated.

    At the highest guest room of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, three men were seated in it.

    Among the three men, two of them were the two God Kings of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood. The third person was the number one God King in the God Domain, God King Blazing Heaven.

    God King Scoured Sea took a sip of the god spiritual tea before speaking. "Brother Blazing Heaven, your judgement this time is wrong. I suspect that Mo Wuji is still in the newly incubated God Domain Nest and has yet to leave."

    God King Blazing Heaven shook his head. "No, I'm certain that he had left that place. As for the reason, you will need to wait for Mo Wuji's arrival to know that my judgement isn't wrong."

    God King Guiding Wood questioned doubtfully. "Brother Blazing Heaven, so what if Mo Wuji is really in the Nascent God Stage? He wouldn't come over even if he found out that Qu You got into trouble right?"

    God King Blazing Heaven smiled. "I fully understand a person like him. If he knows what happen to Qu You, he will definitely come."

    "Why?" God King Guiding Wood was still slightly lost. Why would someone send himself to death?

    "If you haven't condense your god lattice, will you casually gift someone a Primal God Lattice Crystal?" God King Blazing Heaven asked.

    God King Guiding Wood shook his head without hesitation. Even if it was to repay a life-saving grace, he wouldn't do that. In fact, even if he condensed his god lattice, he still wouldn't gift it away.

    "Yet Mo Wuji did exactly that. This is the character of a person like Mo Wuji, or rather, this is his temperament." God King Blazing Heaven explained. "If my guess is right, he should be exceedingly young, impetuous and stubborn. This kind of person has a unique temperament which we do not have."

    As he said that, God King Blazing Heaven sighed. "If it isn't because I need to step out of the God King Stage, I really don't wish to use such methods to find him."

    God King Scoured Sea stood up as he clasped his fists towards God King Blazing Heaven. "Brother Blazing Heaven, he was the one who gave Qu You her god lattice. Regardless of the case, I plead that you spare his life."

    God King Blazing Heaven said in a stern tone. "I will not kill him because I merely want to know how he did it. How a mortal like him can possess sacred arts with laws that only belong to him? How he can have no relations with the Laws of Heaven and Earth. If I can comprehend how, I will be able to advance past the God King Stage. This is the only way the God Domain can continue to exist. He is important to everyone in the God Domain, not just myself."
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