Chapter 936: Preparation

    Chapter 936: Preparation

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    God King Blazing Heaven and God King Scoured Sea fell silent after his reply. He knew that God King Blazing Heaven wouldn't kill Mo Wuji. However, he also knew what would happen if Mo Wuji was really what God King Blazing Heaven said he was. Mo Wuji might really be a mortal who could cultivate to become a god and even condensed his own laws or world. If this was truly the case, Mo Wuji would be equivalent to being dead.

    Because God King Blazing Heaven would definitely pry into every part of Mo Wuji. This included his sea of consciousness and source of cultivation.

    The main point was that God King Blazing Heaven would reverse engineer Mo Wuji's secret cultivation success. When God King Blazing Heaven found out about his secret, even if Mo Wuji was alive, he would be living like an idiot.

    God King Blazing Heaven lost his mood to speak further. If possible, he really didn't wish to touch a person like Mo Wuji. However, throughout the countless years, nobody in the God Domain was able to condense their own laws. Everyone needed to rely on the Heaven and Earth. This was also the reason why nobody in the entire God Domain managed to advance beyond the God King Stage.

    Even so, God King Blazing Heaven was certain that there were way too many experts, within the entire universe, who were stronger than God Kings. The God Domain Nest was constantly being incubated through the years. Eventually, it would end up on the border of some other world domain. Once that happened, all lives in the God Domain would belong to others.

    God King Blazing Heaven was willing to die if could allow experts here to advance past the God King Stage.

    In other words, he wouldn't mind being dead. This was if it would mean that Mo Wuji would be able to find the secret to the breakthrough to the Unity God Stage.


    The FIve Oceans God Palace was a high grade sect in the God Domain. Because the sect didn't have any God King, they were not considered a peak grade sect. The Nine Evolutions God Sect and Forgotten Creek Dao School were examples of peak grade sect.

    Truth be told, the Five Oceans God Palace was renowned not because it was a high grade sect. It was the jurisdiction of the Five Oceans God City within the Five Oceans God Palace.

    Normally, those who could address themselves as god cities in the God Domain would be quite huge in scale. Not only was the Five Oceans God Palace massive, even the god cities of some peak grade sects was far behind the Five Oceans God City in terms of its majesty. In the entire God Domain, the Five Oceans God City could be considered to be in the top ten.

    Mo Wuji stayed in the Five Oceans God City for three days. During the three days, he learnt a lot. He learnt that the biggest merchant house in the Five Oceans God City was the Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House. In fact, the Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House didn't only exist in the Five Oceans God City. It was branched out to every big city of the God Domain.

    The Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House in the Five Oceans God City was considered the headquarters.

    Mo Wuji was well aware of the dangers of going to the Forgotten Creek Dao School without a God King to watch over him. It was simply sending himself to death. Before he found enough manpower to ensure that he could retreat anytime he wished, he wouldn't charge into the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Presently, he came to the Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House in search of methods to rescue and escape. His Wind Escape Technique was indeed very strong enough to deal with ordinary cultivators. Even so, Mo Wuji was not that arrogant to think that he could escape from the hands of God Kings.

    The Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House Headquarters had a total of six levels. Every level was luxuriously constructed and incredibly spacious.

    The moment Mo Wuji walked into the first level, he could feel the impressive aura within the building. He felt like he returned to Earth and just stepped into the lobby of the best stars hotel.

    There were at least a thousand people in the Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House's lobby. Even so, it didn't appear very packed.

    Most of the items on sale on the first level's lobby were pills, magic treasures, techniques and etc. It was mainly for Nascent God and Heavenly God experts.

    Mo Wuji's main intention here was to look at magic treasures for one-time use. He knew that if he wanted to head towards the Forgotten Creek Dao School, he needed a few of these one-time use magic treasures.

    After looking around half the place, Mo Wuji was praising the items sold here in his heart. There were a wide variety of items here and the quality was all incomparable to other places.

    In this short period, Mo Wuji also realised how poor he truly was. He did make a bit of fortune from Senior Brother Death.

    That little bit of fortune was merely a few god crystals. In total, he had about 10,000 high grade, 70,000 intermediate grade and over 300,000 low grade god crystals.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought that he was considered wealthy. Among the rogue cultivators which he encountered over the years, he rarely saw anyone taking out over 10,000 high grade god crystals.

    However, after walking around this place, Mo Wuji's heart had turned completely cold.

    A low grade commonly seen god equipment would already cost about 10,000 intermediate god crystals. The better quality low grade god equipment would be priced at about 30,000 intermediate god crystals. The even better ones would be sold for around 50,000 to 100,000 intermediate god crystals.

    There were also low grade god equipment going on sale at a few thousand intermediate god crystals. However, Mo Wuji felt that these items were simply too inferior.

    On the first level, Mo Wuji didn't spot any intermediate grade god equipment. Mo Wuji's guess was that he wouldn't be able to afford even the most inferior intermediate god grade equipment here.

    Mo Wuji also had a pile of equipment which he forged himself. However, Mo Wuji was also aware that while the attacks of his equipment were of decent powers, it wouldn't fetch a high amount if he took it out to sell. Every one of his items was also not pleasing to the eye so he could only save and keep it for his own use.

    After walking further, Mo Wuji finally spotted a few one time use magic treasure. It was an Explosive Void Elemental Bead which cost 6000 intermediate god crystals.

    Burning Spiritual Arrow was priced at about 9000 intermediate god crystals.

    Grade one magic treasures for one time use would at most be useful against elementary Heavenly God Stage experts. Even so, it wouldn't be a fatal attack.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as it doesn't seem realistic for him to buy a few magic treasures for one time use. A mere low grade god equipment would already cost him close to 10,000 intermediate god crystals. If he wanted a slightly higher grade magic treasure, even his entire fortune might not be of the same figure as the price of it.

    "Dao Friend wants to purchase the Burning Spiritual Arrow? My Burning Spiritual Arrow was forged by the disciple of Master Thousand Blades. It would definitely be worth the price." An attendant saw that Mo Wuji had been standing there for a while so he took the initiative to introduce his item.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "This Burning Spiritual Arrow seems too burdensome to use. I think I'll pass."

    Mo Wuji was well aware of the Burning Spiritual Arrow. He knew that it was slightly complicated to use yet the power of the magic treasure was only average.

    "Dao Friend could purchase the talismans for one time use if you're not interested in the Burning Spiritual Arrow. My Exploding Lock God Talisman could lock onto your opponent and explode by itself. It only costs 16,000 intermediate god crystals." The attendant pointed enthusiastically to the talisman by the side.

    "A talisman actually cost the same as a low grade god equipment? How expensive!" Mo Wuji commented subconsciously.

    The attendant laughed it off. "It is not expensive because all my talismans here were forged by legacy disciples of the Talisman Race. The price might be slightly higher than other places but its power and grade are far more superior than the other similar talismans."

    Mo Wuji's heart moved as he followed to ask. "Talisman Race? I've heard of that and I've also heard about their Sage Dao Talisman. I've heard of how incredibly strong that Sage Dao Talisman was."

    Presently, Mo Wuji was still unable to forge a grade one talisman. He possessed the Sage Dao Talisman which was why he wanted to find out more about it. However, ever since he obtained that Sage Dao Talisman, he didn't have the chance to learn more about it.

    Without the need for that attendant to speak, a cultivator standing beside Mo Wuji interjected. "Who doesn't know about the Sage Dao Talisman? The Sage Dao Talisman is a Xiantian treasure. However, I've heard that the Talisman Race lost the Sage Dao Talisman for a long time now."

    Mo Wuji revealed an interested expression. "I've heard from others than the Sage Dao Talisman could even be used to derive other talismans. I really wonder how strong the talismans derived from the Sage Dao Talisman would be."

    The attendant chuckled. "Dao Friend, every talisman derived from the Sage Dao Talisman is a supreme treasure. We shan't think too much about it."

    Mo Wuji also let out an awkward smile as he scratched his head. "If I could obtain the Sage Dao Talisman, I will definitely produce talismans using the Sage Dao Talisman so I could sell them. I would only need to sell a few and I'll no longer need to look for any more missions. I'll no longer need to fight so hard just for pitiful god crystals anymore."

    Mo Wuji was always wondering why he didn't manage to obtain a single talisman ever since he got the Sage Dao Talisman. Previously, Fu Xiuhan specifically mentioned how one could obtain talismans from it. The truth was that he really did see all sorts of talismans ever since he entered the Sage Dao Talisman. However, the warped space within the Sage Dao Talisman was simply too powerful which was why he failed to obtain any.

    After killing Fu Jiujiang and refining the first layer of restriction, Mo Wuji realised that there were no longer any talismans in there.

    "Ah, given your cultivation level, you will not be able to obtain any talismans even if you manage to obtain the Sage Dao Talisman." The cultivator beside Mo Wuji started laughing as he spoke.

    Because Mo Wuji didn't have any spiritual roots, he managed to mimic his spirituality to make it seem that he was in the Nascent God Stage Level 3. This was the reason why the cultivator beside Mo Wuji would mock Mo Wuji for having such a low cultivation level.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind as he followed to laugh. "I'm just saying because I know my cultivation level is indeed far too low."

    That cultivator explained, "I have no other intentions to mock you. Because rumours spread that the first layer of restriction of the Sage Dao Talisman is the entrance of the Sage Dao. Given your cultivation level, you will not be able to get any talismans even if you obtained the Sage Dao Talisman. Nascent God Stage experts will at most be able to refine the first layer of the Sage Dao Talisman."

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped because he was far from being a Nascent God Stage expert when he refined the first layer. After that, he was so busy that he didn't manage to refine it. Could it be that after refining the second layer, he would be able to obtain the talismans from within?

    Mo Wuji didn't ask but that attendant helped him ask. "Could it be that one will be able to obtain talismans after refining the second layer?"

    That cultivator replied. "I'm not too sure about that. Logically speaking, even if refining the second layer doesn't produce any talismans, one only need to continue refining. Eventually, one should be able to obtain the derived talismans. For magic treasures of such grade, I've only heard rumours of it so I'm not very sure of it too."

    Mo Wuji didn't have the mood to continue wasting time here. He continued to chat for a few more before walking around a few more stalls. Soon after, he left the Ten Thousand Gods Merchant House.

    With his current wealth, it was an impossible dream for him to purchase any good items. The only way for him would be to refine the second layers of the Sage Dao Talisman. After which, he would see if he could really obtain the derived talismans from within.

    Once he exited the Five Oceans God City, Mo Wuji took out a low grade flying god treasure. He left in his fastest possible speed.

    The Sage Dao Talisman was a peak grade treasure. If he wanted to refine it, he must do it where there weren't too many people around.
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