Chapter 938: Rescue Someone

    Chapter 938: Rescue Someone

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    The nearest dao plaza to the Forgotten Creek Dao School was right in front of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    One could call it an open air city square plaza because of the sheer number of businessmen here. The Forgotten Creek Dao Plaza was always crowded.

    This was because the Forgotten Creek Dao School was too huge with too many disciples. To increase their own strength, a lot of disciples accepted missions from the sect before hanging notices here in the plaza. They allowed rogue cultivators to complete these missions for them.

    After some time, this place turned into an open air city square. All sorts of rogue cultivators gathered here. While some had businesses here, others were interested in joining the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Naturally, the majority of them were service disciples of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Their purpose here was to clean up the trash, plant god herbs for the outer disciples or any other trifle matters.

    Mo Wuji was also a member of these outer disciples. It was already the 13th month since Mo Wuji found out about Qu You being tied up on the Punishment Cliff. At the same time, it was his second month as an outer sect's service disciple. He set up everything he needed to set up and now he was only left with the last two steps: Rescue Qu You and escape.

    Within these two months, Mo Wuji found out all the information he needed.

    The Forgotten Creek Dao Plaza belonged to the Forgotten Creek Dao School but it was located outside the sect itself. Therefore, one wouldn't be able to see the Punishment Cliff from the Forgotten Creek Dao Plaza.

    As an outer sect's service disciple, Mo Wuji could enter the defensive array of the Forgotten Creek Dao School once in a while. Ever since Mo Wuji became a service disciple, he only entered the defensive array twice.

    Rumours were that once one entered the defensive array, one would be able to see the Punishment Cliff.

    The Punishment Cliff of the Forgotten Creek Dao School was meant to serve as a warning for everyone in the sect. Therefore, everyone except people in the service hall would be able to see disciples restraint on the Punishment Cliff.

    Mo Wuji was working at the service hall but even that would be exaggerating. Mo Wuji could only be considered as working just outside the service hall. He was only allowed to enter occasionally.

    Because the service disciples of the service hall were not considered disciples of the sect, that was the only place which couldn't see the Punishment Cliff. Moreover, the jade tokens of service disciples would only allow them to walk around in a designated area. Crossing this boundary would result in the sounding of the warning alarm.

    Today was Mo Wuji's third trip inside the defensive array of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. His task was to transport about 20 bunches of Fragrant God Sprouts into the service hall with two other service disciples

    The Fragrant God Sprout must constantly be in contact with a world with all five elements and life force. This was so that it could have a high survival rate. Once the sprout was sent into a storage ring, its rate of survival would decrease rapidly.

    Mo Wuji also made his decision to act today. Before transporting the Fragrant God Sprout, Mo Wuji took out a transfer talisman in a desolate area in the Forgotten Creek Dao Plaza. Following that, he opened up a small and tightly packed jade vase with isolated restrictions. This was before placing it into the transfer talisman. Next, he ignited the transfer talisman.

    The jade vase with the isolated restrictions was transferred away within two breaths worth of time.

    The space fluctuated slightly and the transfer talisman turned into ashes. Concurrently, the jade vase disappeared without any traces.

    Once he finished doing this, Mo Wuji pretended as though nothing had happened as he carried on with his task. He received eight bunches of Fragrant God Sprouts. He headed towards the Forgotten Creek Dao School's service hall with the other two service disciples.

    The Forgotten Creek Dao School's disciples at the defensive array did a simple check of Mo Wuji and co.'s jade tokens before allowing them in.

    As Mo Wuji approached the entrance of the service hall, he stopped abruptly as he revealed an anxious expression.

    "Fa Mu, what happened?" The disciple who came in with Mo Wuji also came to a halt as he asked Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji said with an ugly expression. "My Dao Companion met into some trouble so I have to go over now."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji placed the Fragrant God Sprouts down from his back as he said anxiously. "Brother Ding, could I trouble you to help me send it over? I don't want any of the rewards this time around so you can have it all."

    Before he could complete his sentence, Mo Wuji turned and charged out of the Forgotten Creek Dao School worriedly.

    "Ding Li, I don't think Fa Mu is doing the right thing. Once we entered the Forgotten Creek Dao School, we mustn't leave halfway regardless of what happened." The third service disciple spoke in a terrified tone.

    The service disciple named Ding Li chuckled and said. "Fa Mu only joined us recently so he wasn't sure of many rules. We will let him know once we return. A one time incident like this wouldn't pose a problem. Moreover, he should be pretty anxious about his dao companion to leave in such a hurry. We are almost there so let's just look for another person to help him."

    "That's true." The other service disciple nodded as he didn't think much about it.


    Mo Wuji ignited a concealment talisman the instant he left. Naturally, his intention wasn't to leave but to sneak out of the boundary of the service hall.

    Outer sect's service disciples were not allowed to run around the sect as they wished. This was because there were restrictions everywhere.

    Even though Mo Wuji was already a grade 3 god array master, he didn't dare to wander around carelessly. He was currently hiding outside a layer of concealment restriction.

    At this place, he was able to look clearly at the situation on the Punishment Cliff.

    Without his spiritual eye or even spiritual will, Mo Wuji was able to see Qu You tied onto the Punishment Cliff with her head drooping.

    That's right, that was Qu You.

    After calming his heart, Mo Wuji took out and hung a jade token on his waist. This was a jade token belonging to an inner disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School. That inner disciple was killed by Mo Wuji himself.

    This jade token would allow him to enter the depths of the sect but that wasn't Mo Wuji's intention. He moved cautiously towards the Punishment Cliff.

    The Punishment Cliff was used to punish disciples and a place to serve as a warning. To allow everyone to have a view of it, the Punishment Cliff was located right near the periphery of the sect. This also gave Mo Wuji a higher chance of approaching it.


    In a swamp located further away from the Forgotten Creek Dao School, a light radiance suddenly emerged. Following that, a jade vase appeared. After appearing for only a short while, the restrictions on the outside of the jade vase collapsed. Half an incense worth of time later, the transfer array was ignited again. The jade vase was transferred away yet again.

    In the guest hall of the summit, God King Blazing Heaven, God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood were still deep in discussion.

    Even after waiting for Mo Wuji over for a year, God King Blazing Heaven was not anxious at all. To a God King, a timespan of one year was no different from a mealtime.

    "Actually in my God Domain, the fight for the God Throne wasn't something that never appeared before." God King Blazing Heaven suddenly stood up to stop the conversation as he revealed traces of disbelief in his eyes. Following that, God King Blazing Heaven, together with the two other God Kings, looked at the sky in absolute disbelief.

    Moments later, all three of them shouted concurrently. "Breath of Hongmeng..."

    "The Breath of Hongmeng actually appeared!" God King Scoured Sea shouted with a trembling voice.

    Mo Wuji didn't really know much about the Breath of Hongmeng as he merely used it for healing and cultivation purposes. To a God King, how could the Breath of Hongmeng only be used for healing? Healing was, in fact, the most wasteful use of it. The Breath of Hongmeng could be used to condense one's own laws and was the most valuable treasure to break through the God King Stage. To a God King, the Breath of Hongmeng was worth more than the Primal God Lattice.

    Now that the Breath of Hongmeng actually appeared in the God Domain, how could the few of them sit still?

    "Let's go and take a look." God King Blazing Heaven spoke and disappeared in a flash. God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood followed suit in almost the same instant.

    After these few God Kings disappeared, the other World God experts of the Forgotten Creek Dao School also felt the Breath of Hongmeng. Nobody hesitated as they darted out of their cultivation venue and charged towards the same place.

    Presently, it wasn't just the Forgotten Creek Dao School who felt it. Even some experts from the other areas of the God Domain could sense the Breath of Hongmeng. All of them headed towards the swamp which Mo Wuji was at.

    Mo Wuji was also helpless. He used the transfer array to send the Breath of Hongmeng out so that people would be able to sense it the moment it appeared. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to set up a transfer array. He could just hide the Breath of Hongmeng in a concealed place before exploding the vase.

    As he saw how many lights disappeared from the various big mountains of the sect, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. God King Guiding Wood should be gone right? As long as the God King was gone, he had hopes of succeeding.

    Mo Wuji didn't know that the Breath of Hongmeng which he took out was that sensational. At this moment, it wasn't just the God Kings. Even all the World Gods and God Monarchs were surging towards the swamp where he transferred his Breath of Hongmeng to. If people knew that Mo Wuji possessed the Breath of Hongmeng, there wouldn't be Mo Wuji in the world anymore.

    Given Mo Wuji's estimation, he used a total of two months to reach that swamp. If it was a God King, he would probably need half a day. To return back to the sect, that would take a total of one day.

    To guard against the unexpected, Mo Wuji only set aside half an incense worth of time for him to rescue Qu You. He needed to rescue Qu You within half an incense worth of time. Otherwise, he would have to leave himself.

    Many experts left the Forgotten Creek Dao School. His plan went so smoothly that even Mo Wuji found it hard to believe.

    Now that even the World Gods were gone, his grade 3 concealment talisman would probably not be spotted by any God Monarch.

    This also made the bottle of toxin, which Mo Wuji worked hard to get hold of, useless. Mo Wuji prepared this toxin beforehand just in case anybody appeared in front of Qu You to obstruct his rescue mission.

    His toxin might not be effective against World Gods but he would be able to stall some time against a God Monarch.

    Now that all the experts of the sect went to fight for the Breath of Hongmeng, Mo Wuji was no longer as anxious as before. He spent a total of four hours just to breakthrough the grade 3 god restriction of the Punishment Cliff before entering fearlessly.

    After entering the Punishment Cliff, Mo Wuji only used a few seconds to land right in front of Qu You with the aid of his wind teleportation.
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