Chapter 939: Muddled War

    Chapter 939: Muddled War

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    Qu You's dispirited energy could be felt as Mo Wuji rushed over. Coincidentally, Qu You lifted her head. Besides looking skinnier, Qu You didn't look too different from when they first met. This was even after being tied on the Punishment Cliff for over a year.

    "I'm sorry Senior Sister Qu You, I thought that the Primal God Lattice could protect you. Never would I have thought that it would hurt you instead. I'll bring you away now..." Mo Wuji reached out his hand towards the restriction which was trapping Qu You.

    Qu You looked shockingly at Mo Wuji in great disbelief. She couldn't understand as to why Mo Wuji would come here? Why was Mo Wuji able to stand here without any reaction of the few God Kings?

    Previously, she still couldn't believe that Mo Wuji managed to kill 47 of them out of 49 Heavenly and Nascent God experts. Presently, she finally believed it.

    Mo Wuji didn't pay much attention to Qu You's eyes. His hands was already touching her shoulder.

    Something's not right! That was Mo Wuji's first instinct as his hands landed on her shoulder. Qu You's appearance and energy didn't appear different. However, Mo Wuji helped her detoxified poison in her body before. As long as she was someone who he helped detoxify previously, a touch was all he needed.

    However, Qu You's current body was not showing any signs of energy belonging to his detoxification meridian. Just as Mo Wuji thought of something, the girl pretending to be Qu You raised her hand to shoot out ten killing radiance. After these ten radiances, it was a circular stamp. The circular stamp charged towards Mo Wuji's forehead.

    Because Mo Wuji was so close to Qu You, he didn't even have the space to dodge it as blood splattered all over his body. Fortunately, he detected something off with Qu You in that instant. He reacted early enough. That circular stamp brushed against Mo Wuji's temple and Mo Wuji survived this time.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm and a grade 4 spatial teleportation talisman appeared in his hand.

    "A toad like you really think you can lust after my sister? Tsk, die for me..." The woman pretending to be Qu You shifted and her circular stamp condensed its killing intent towards Mo Wuji. Simultaneously, a sharp whistle surged into the sky following a colourful explosion.

    "Kakaka!" The defensive array of the Forgotten Creek Dao School was instantly ignited. The space around the sect had turned into an impenetrable defence.

    Mo Wuji could no longer be bothered with this woman pretending to be Qu You. Who knew when the God King of the sect would return? In fact, even the arrival of a God Monarch would be problematic for him.

    Moreover, he was already injured by that killing radiance from the circular stamp. If he didn't leave now, when should he?

    The grade 4 spatial teleportation talisman was ignited as it turned into a yellow fog to envelop Mo Wuji.

    The woman pretending to be Qu You stared and sneered at Mo Wuji. "You really do have quite a number of good items. No wonder you are willing to take out the Primal God Lattice to please my sister. The pity is that my sister still wants you dead and I'm only doing it for her. Also, do you really think you can escape while being in the defensive array of my Forgotten Creek Dao School?"

    This woman suddenly stopped talking because Mo Wuji actually disappeared without a trace under that yellow fog. In that very instant, the defensive array of the Forgotten Creek Dao School was only there for decoration.

    At that moment when Mo Wuji escaped, over ten shadows landed in front of this woman. The person standing in front was a muscular cultivator. His cultivation level seemed to be much higher than this woman. Even so, he clasped his fists as he asked, "Junior Sister Qu Xi, where is he?"

    The woman named Qu Xi finally came back to her shock as she said in disbelief. "He actually used an escape talisman to breakthrough the sect's defensive array... How is this possible? How?"

    The expert standing in front was equally shocked when he heard of Qu Xi's words. He instantly replied, "Hurry up and chase after him. Even if we have to cross mountains and dive into oceans, we must not let him get away. We only need to find his traces and Ancestor will be able to capture him easily..."

    The cultivator speaking turned and charged out of the Punishment Cliff. Following him were the ten experts who arrived alongside him.

    Merely breaths after the ten people left, a slim figure landed right at the peak of the Punishment Cliff. If Mo Wuji was still around, he would recognise this woman as the real Qu You.

    Ever since Qu You returned from the newly incubated God Domain Nest, she was in secluded cultivation. This was the sect's ancestor, head and her own idea. The reason she came out today was because she was disturbed by Qu Xi's five coloured talisman alarm. Once the five coloured talisman appeared, it meant that the sect was in trouble.

    "It's you?" Qu You stared surprisingly at Qu Xi. She didn't expect to see Qu Xi being tied up at the Punishment Cliff and also how she was able to ignite the talisman while being tied here.

    No, the restriction trapping Qu Xi seemed to have been broken.

    After muttering 'it's you', Qu You didn't say anything else. Qu Xi and herself were twins but one of them followed their father while the other followed their mother. After their father and mother passed away, their characters were of the different poles. While they couldn't be considered as enemies, they weren't on very good terms. In the Forgotten Creek Dao School, if Qu Xi appeared somewhere, Qu You would definitely not head there and vice versa.

    Qu Xi's aptitude was slightly better which was why her cultivation level was slightly higher than Qu You's. What infuriated Qu Xi was how Qu You managed to merge with the Primal God Lattice Crystal in her trip to the newly incubated God Domain Nest. In just a few years, Qu You's cultivation surpassed her by miles. At this moment, she was already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8. Qu Xi couldn't wait to swallow the b*stard who gave the Primal God Lattice to Qu You.

    Qu Xi's sharp voice could be heard. "Qu You, aren't you happy to see that I'm punished by the sect? Scram!"

    Qu You frowned but it wasn't because of Qu Xi's sharp voice. It was because she sensed a familiar energy here.

    Because Qu Xi's voice was too ear-piercing, Qu You didn't want to ponder upon it here. She left in a flash without hesitation. She had no idea why Qu Xi would ignite the five coloured talisman. Now that the sect seemed fine, she was prepared to head back to her secluded cultivation. Once she reached the Heavenly God Stage Level 9, she would head out to strengthen herself before preparing to enter the God Monarch Stage.

    With the Primal God Lattice, her cultivation of her own Grand Dao was nothing but smooth sailing.


    On a swamp billions of miles away from the Forgotten Creek Dao School, there were a total of five God Kings gathered there. As for the other people gathered there, the numbers were increasing by the minute.

    While God King Blazing Heaven sensed the Breath of Hongmeng and came over immediately, he wasn't the first God King to arrive. If everyone wasn't impeding each other here, someone would have dashed into the cave in front of them where only a simple killing array was set up.

    This was because the Breath of Hongmeng emerged from this cave.

    "Brother Blazing Heaven, you've arrived at just the right time. The item is right in the cave and it should have been opened not too long ago." The moment God King Blazing Heaven arrived, a black robe man clasped his fists.

    This black rope man was also one of the ten great God Kings. He was ranked number 9, God King Lone Cauldron.

    God King Blazing Heaven nodded, "Since that is the case, I shall head in to take a look."

    Other God Kings came here so they would be impeding each other. However, God King Blazing Heaven was the number one God King in the God Domain so his power of influence was still significant. Moreover, everyone knew how fair and just God King Blazing Heaven was so they were not worried to let him in.

    Everyone already used their spiritual will to check on the item in the cave. It was only a small jade vase. This cave should have been carved recently and a jade vase with the Breath of Hongmeng appeared inside. Even a fool could tell that this was a trap.

    Just as God King Blazing Heaven arrived at the entrance, a grey radiance surged towards God King Blazing Heaven. "Blazing Heaven, is it true that all the good items will only belong to you?"

    After God King Blazing Heaven's body dodged the radiance, a person landed.

    "Mystery Spirit, what's the meaning of this?" God King Blazing Heaven extended his arm as he tried to grab the incoming shadow.

    Despite the presence of many other God Kings here, nobody dared to intervene.

    Everyone knew who this person was: God King Mystery Spirit. He was ranked number two out of the top ten great God KIngs but God King Mystery Spirit had never acknowledged this ranking.

    God King Blazing Heaven was exceedingly strong to the extent that the alliance of two to three of the other ten great God Kings might not be his match too. The only exception was God King Mystery Spirit who was not any weaker than God King Blazing Heaven. When the two of them fought each other previously, both suffered equally.

    God King Mystery Spirit laughed out loud before saying in a stern tone. "Blazing Heaven is merely a hypocrite who wants the Breath of Hongmeng to himself. Everyone, whoever can snatch it will own it."

    Initially, the few God Kings were impeding each other and nobody dared to take the initiative to snatch it. God King Mystery Spirit picked a fight with God King Blazing Heaven the moment he appeared. Additionally, he even encouraged everyone to fight for the Breath of Hongmeng.

    If one hadn't seen the Breath of Hongmeng, one could still let it go. Now that it had appeared in front of everyone, who wouldn't be interested in it? This was something which could actually differentiate one's dao from everyone else.

    Presently, even God King Blazing Heaven couldn't help it. Countless cultivators started fighting for the rights to enter the cave as this muddled war began.

    "Stop, everyone stop! There is only a jade vase and nothing else." God King Blazing Heaven was still shouting but nobody was listening to him.

    The pity was that he was obstructed by God King Mystery Spirit and couldn't afford to lose attention. Nobody listened to him because everyone already knew that there was only one bottle. However, one had to see what was inside the bottle to know if it was worth fighting for.

    God King Blazing Heaven was well aware of God King Mystery Spirit's intention. The Breath of Hongmeng could end up in anyone's hands except for God King Blazing Heaven's hands. Mystery Spirit would be able to snatch it back if it were to land in anyone else's hands. Once it landed on God King Blazing Heaven's hands, it would signify the potential of a greater difference between the of them.

    A message landed in God King Scoured Sea's hands and he shouted. "Not good!"

    God King Guiding Wood, who was initially prepared to charge in, turned and asked. "Senior Brother, what is it?"

    "Mo Wuji actually appeared at the Punishment Cliff at this moment and he managed to escape..." God King Scoured Sea didn't continue speaking. Even a fool would understand and realise that this was simply too coincidental.

    The three of them was in the sect for over a year. Now that this was the first time they left, Mo Wuji went into the Forgotten Creek Dao School. If someone said that this wasn't Mo Wuji's doing, none of them would believe.

    God King Guiding Wood instantly understood God King Scoured Sea's shock. If it was anyone else, he would never believe what he was assuming now. Who would be that foolish to use the Breath of Hongmeng to lure them out? If there was really an idiot who would give away the Primal God Lattice, what was odd about using the Breath of Hongmeng to lure them out?

    Fervent expressions appeared on God King Guiding Wood and God King Scoured Sea's face. They were even more certain of Mo Wuji's worth now.
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