Chapter 940: Nirvana Ocean of Extinction

    Chapter 940: Nirvana Ocean of Extinction

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    Mo Wuji stared blankly at the desolate plain. He knew that he wasted an escape talisman with an immeasurable price. Also, he didn't expect that this talisman could teleport him out so far away.

    To rescue Qu You, Mo Wuji already checked the area over billions of miles surrounding the Forgotten Creek Dao School a few times. He was certain that he wasn't here before. This meant that this talisman actually brought him so far out of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    With a single talisman, there was no need for any other technique for him to escape the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    "What a powerful talisman..." Mo Wuji muttered to himself.

    A talisman like this was equivalent to having an extra life. Wasting this talisman was like wasting a life. The pity was that if he wanted another one of this grade 4 escape talisman, he would need to refine the fourth layer of restriction of the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as he tossed this idea behind his head. He would never be able to forge a grade 4 spatial teleportation talisman like this. Even if he were to focus all his energy and time into analysing talismans, he wouldn't be able to forge a talisman like this anytime soon.

    This talisman would require the merging of spatial laws. He was only in the Nascent God Stage 3 who have yet to come into any contact with spatial laws of the God Domain. How was he supposed to forge a talisman like this?

    Looking at the direction which he came from, Mo Wuji knew that it was time for him to leave this place.

    From today onwards, he would no longer have any foothold in the God Domain.

    Mo Wuji didn't know that the Breath of Hongmeng could present a God King the opportunity to advance into the Unity God Stage. Despite this, he was well aware that this was not a simple treasure. Ever since he let out some of the Breath of Hongmeng, countless lights left the Forgotten Creek Dao School. This showed the value of his Breath of Hongmeng.

    The experts which were led away from the Forgotten Creek Dao School didn't have to think much. It was too obvious that he was the one who took out this Breath of Hongmeng. After revealing a treasure like this, why would he remain in the God Domain to await his death?

    The only possible place he could head to now was the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction.


    At the swamp where Mo Wuji set up the cave, there were at least a few hundred thousands cultivators who had fallen here. That vase of the Breath of Hongmeng also disappeared without a trace and no one knew who took it.

    After the Breath of Hongmeng was snatched away, God King Mystery Spirit followed closely behind. He did not intend to continue his arguement with God King Blazing Heaven.

    By the time the three God Kings returned to the Forgotten Creek Dao School, it was already half a day later.

    Back in the guest hall in the summit of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, the three God Kings sat down in silence. Nobody went to chase after Mo Wuji. As God Kings, all three of them knew that it was futile. Since Mo Wuji planned this so thoroughly, he wouldn't leave any traces for them to chase after him.

    "Brother Blazing Heaven, what do you think shall be our next step?" God King Scoured Sea inquired.

    God King Scoured Sea wasn't lying to God King Blazing Heaven. Truth be told, that Breath of Hongmeng could be something Mo Wuji brought out to lead them away from the Forgotten Creek Dao School. He knew that even if he didn't mention this, God King Blazing Heaven would have guessed it.

    "This person must have obtained some sort of legacy to actually possess so many treasures on him. Moreover, it isn't a simple thing to be able to conceal the Breath of Hongmeng." God King Blazing Heaven sighed.

    God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood didn't interrupt God King Blazing Heaven. Both of them no longer suspected the words of God King Blazing Heaven. This was ever since he accurately predicted that Mo Wuji would come to the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    If all three of them were not lead away by the Breath of Hongmeng, Mo Wuji would have already been caught.

    "I am to blame for this matter. We should have left at least one of us back here." God King Blazing Heaven shook his head.

    God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood didn't speak. Everyone knew that even if they were to turn back time, none of them would actually stay behind.

    How could someone not be interested in the Breath of Hongmeng?

    "It is evident that the items on Mo Wuji are far more valuable than what we expect. We will have to find him before we can do anything else." God King Blazing Heaven said with a certain resolute.

    God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood remained silent. After waiting patiently to capture Mo Wuji for over a year, they failed. Now that they alerted Mo Wuji, how were they supposed to find him?

    God King Blazing Heaven said once more. "There is still someone who might know where Mo Wuji will go."

    "Qu You?" The two God Kings said the same name at the same time. Evidently, both of them understood what God King Blazing Heaven meant.

    God King Blazing Heaven nodded. "Since Mo Wuji gave the Primal God Lattice to Qu You, there is a high chance that he will tell Qu You where he is heading to. According to Qu Xi's words, I am certain that even as a God King, we will not be able to find a Nascent God like him. This person is too crafty and cautious."

    "I will get Qu You to come over." God King Scoured Sea instantly sent out a message.

    In less than an incense worth of time, Qu You appeared at the summit of the Forgotten Creek Mountain. She greeted the three God Kings respectfully. "Qu You greets Senior Blazing Heaven, Ancestor Scoured Sea and Ancestor Guiding Wood."

    "Not bad, you're already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 8. Qu You, have you come across any difficulties in your cultivation recently?" Seeing Qu You here, God King Guiding Wood chuckled as he asked.

    Qu You didn't understand why the few God Kings would ask her over so she hurried to answer. "Senior, my recent cultivation progress was rapid and all my enlightenments were clear. I have yet to meet any bottlenecks."

    God King Scoured Sea laughed, "Looks like we really must thank this Mo Wuji for being so generous. Qu You ah, you have to invite that Mo Wuji back to the sect for us to thank him. God King Guiding Wood and I really must thank him personally. Do you know how precious a Primal God Lattice is? Because you condense the Primal God Lattice, there is a high chance that you will break through the shackles of a God King. Precisely because of this, we are in great debt to him."

    "Yes, Ancestor! Junior will bear that in my heart." Qu You answered cautiously as she felt uneasy over the few sentences of these God Kings.

    God King Guiding Wood also added in, "You don't have to be overcautious. You're going to be the pride of our Forgotten Creek Dao School very soon. We, Forgotten Creek Dao School, will also improve because of you."

    He was aware of Qu You's character and he knew that Qu You wouldn't claim such credits.

    Indeed, Qu You spoke at this moment. "If it isn't for Senior Brother Mo Wuji's Primal God Lattice, I will never achieve what I achieve today with my aptitude."

    God King Guiding Wood replied with a straight face. "Yes, you're right because Mo Wuji did play a key role in this matter. Do you know where Mo Wuji go? Just like what Ancestor Scoured Sea said, we must really thank him properly."

    Qu You opened her mouth and was so close to mentioning that Mo Wuji could have gone to the Nirvana Ocean. It was likely that he went to wait for the emergence of the Clear Ocean Path. However, as the words reached the edge of her mouth, she swallowed them. It wasn't because she didn't trust her two ancestors. It was because she made a promise to herself. She vowed to never reveal where Mo Wuji might go to anyone.

    "I have no idea as well. He only told me that he wanted to head back to take a look at his sect. I wonder if he manage to return there." This was Qu You's first time talking to three God Kings so she was slightly uncomfortable.

    "You can go back to cultivate now. Oh yes, this is a Monarch Condensing God Pill for you." God King Scoured Sea handed a jade vase to Qu You with smiles.

    The Monarch Condensing God Pill was actually the most precious Tier 3 pill for Heavenly Gods. This pill provided opportunities for Heavenly God cultivators to step into the God Monarch Stage. Every single one of this pill was worth cities.

    Qu You received the jade vase excitedly as she expressed her gratitude again before heading back down.

    After Qu You left, God King Guiding Wood sighed. "I think she was lying to us."

    God King Scoured Sea also knew that Qu You was lying as he laughed. "Forget it then. I believe she has some kind of promise with Mo Wuji so let's not force her."

    Qu You, who condensed the Primal God Lattice, was of great importance to God King Scoured Sea.

    God King Blazing Heaven smiled. "She was definitely lying but we don't have to force Qu You for her to speak the truth. There is a memory array called the remembrance array. As long as we install a remembrance array where Qu You was cultivating, we will be able to get Qu You to speak the truth. However, this remembrance array will require us to invite God King Glazed Seven to install it. We will need about a few months for him to set this up."


    While Mo Wuji appeared like he was drenched in blood and severely injured, his injuries were actually recovering very quickly. In less than a month, he was halfway through complete recovery.

    Whether he recovered or not, Mo Wuji was constantly on the move towards the Nirvana Ocean. Even though he was unsure when the Clear Ocean Path would emerge, Mo Wuji couldn't care anymore.

    He had this faint feeling that the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction was his only route of survival.

    Five months later, a dark red coloured ocean appeared in Mo Wuji's spiritual will. A deathly energy could be felt as Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that he had finally reached the periphery of the Nirvana Ocean.

    During this five months, Mo Wuji used up all his high and intermediate grade god crystals. He didn't use it for cultivation but for his travels. This was considering that he didn't dare to take the long-distance transfer array. Such transfer arrays would cost him more than his entire fortune.

    Other than taking the transfer array, he spent most of the time using his Wind Escape Technique. After spotting the Nirvana Ocean, Mo Wuji only needed one wind teleportation to reach the edge of the Nirvana Ocean.

    Just like the information which he obtained, there was not a single cultivator here at the Nirvana Ocean. There was also no god spiritual energy here at all. The ocean simply appeared as though it was painted red as it stretched out endlessly.

    Mo Wuji looked down at the beach and noticed that even the sands and rocks were red. In fact, there was even a slight smell of blood.

    The ocean was boundless. However, the strange thing about it was that it didn't have any spindrift or even ripples on it.

    Because of the lack of spindrift, there was no wind around the ocean as well. Standing by the beach was just like standing in the middle of a sound-proof room. Perhaps, the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction was the quietest ocean in the entire universe.

    Mo Wuji took out a feather from his storage ring to throw onto the ocean. The feather sank without stopping. Next, he tossed out a well refined small boat onto the ocean. The faint red ocean water didn't seem to have any buoyancy. The small boat sank instantly as well.

    Mo Wuji raised his head as he looked at the endless Nirvana Ocean and sighed. When will the Clear Ocean Path appear?
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