Chapter 941: Clear Ocean Path

    Chapter 941: Clear Ocean Path

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    Mo Wuji was wandering around the border of the Nirvana Ocean for over ten days. Not only did he not see the Clear Ocean Path, he didn't even come across a single soul there.

    The shore of the Nirvana Ocean might be boundless but Mo Wuji was certain that he would be able to sense it once the Clear Ocean Path appeared. Everytime the Clear Ocean Path appeared, countless people would arrive at the Nirvana Ocean.

    Up till now, not a single soul appeared. This meant that the Clear Ocean Path would not appear anytime soon.

    A few more days flew by and Mo Wuji had a faint feeling that he should not continue waiting here. There seemed to be an indistinct danger constantly lingering behind him. It felt like if he didn't leave soon, death would fall upon him in the next moment.

    Mo Wuji heard from others about the two main reasons why one wouldn't be able to cross the Nirvana Ocean. Firstly, it was because one wouldn't be able to float in the ocean. Secondly, the sea water of the Nirvana Ocean would corrode one's Grand Dao.

    Rumours spread that the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction was red in colour because an almighty perished here. The blood of this cultivator dyed the entire ocean red. This almighty's dao aura gradually spread across the Nirvana Ocean. Any cultivator who entered the Nirvana Ocean would be stripped off their dao spirituality by the dao aura of the Nirvana Ocean. Following which, even the sea of consciousness, spirit roots and spirit channels would be corroded along with it.

    Mo Wuji wanted to test out the validity of the rumours personally.

    As he stepped on the red coloured sand, Mo Wuji cautiously placed one foot into the water. Mo Wuji's plan was to lift his leg immediately once his foot touched the water. From his understanding, the water of the Nirvana Ocean, with exception of the Clear Ocean Path, would instantly corrode one's dao spirituality once in contact. From flesh to bones, any parts that touched the water would instantly corrode into nothing.

    The ocean water was slightly chilly as Mo Wuji's foot touched the water. The dao aura of a peculiar energy surged up into his body.

    Mo Wuji was exceedingly surprised to find out that the flesh on his foot was not corroded. Because there weren't any signs of corrosion, Mo Wuji didn't lift his foot up. After a while, he brought the other foot into the water.

    That oddly terrifying energy instantly surged towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. At that moment, Mo Wuji could hear the tearing of his own sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji was shocked. However, the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman came to protect his sea of consciousness at the very first moment.

    When the terrifying energy of corrosion was blocked off by the Book of Luo as well as the Sage Dao Talisman, Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness finally stopped tearing apart. With the works of the spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel, the sea of consciousness was already starting to recover.

    How powerful! Mo Wuji couldn't help but praise the corroding power of the ocean.

    If it wasn't for his Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman, his sea of consciousness would have already been destroyed. No wonder nobody dared to set foot in the ocean.

    Even so, this seemed to be slightly different from what the rumours were. Rumours spread that the Nirvana Ocean would corrode dao aura, spirit roots, spirit channels, primordial spirit...

    Oh yes, he didn't even have any spirit roots or spirit channels to begin with. Even his dao aura was from his Immortal Mortal Technique which belonged to his Mortal Dao. It didn't originate from the cultivation of spirit channels.

    In that instant, Mo Wuji understood why his cultivation and meridians were not corroded. It was because he wasn't an ordinary cultivator like everyone else but a mortal cultivator.

    Despite being a mortal cultivator, his sea of consciousness was no different from the others. If he were to specify a difference, that would be how his sea of consciousness was supported by the violet lake. This was in place of the primordial spirit.

    Perhaps he could traverse the Nirvana Ocean without the aid of the Clear Ocean Path.

    Once this idea appeared in Mo Wuji's mind, he could no longer stop thinking about it. He kept thinking about how he could no longer stay in the God Domain. If he didn't traverse the Nirvana Ocean, where was he supposed to go?

    Moreover, Mo Wuji could feel an indistinct danger growing closer by the minute. Mo Wuji stood by the shore to consider this option for over two hours. Eventually, he made his decision to cross the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction.

    Many years ago, Mo Wuji was ambushed by Tai Shixiao. After that incident, Mo Wuji decided that he would not place himself in danger ever again.

    After about ten breaths, Mo Wuji was completely immersed in the Nirvana Ocean.

    The Nirvana Ocean had no buoyancy. Besides a boundless dao aura within the water, there were no other forms of energy. There were also no dangers or objects and one's spiritual will was unable to be extended out here. Even though Mo Wuji had the spirit storage channel, he could barely protect himself.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was still able to walk across the seabed easily. However, the ocean got deeper and two hours later, he couldn't even continue his spiritual circulation. If he didn't have his world channel, Mo Wuji might even consider giving up and heading back to the shore.

    Yet another couple of hours passed. When Mo Wuji could no longer walk further, he started cultivating. The Nirvana Ocean might just be the best place to temper his physique. This was a place where the pressure was so strong that all his flesh and bones were constantly being hurt. Mo Wuji thought that he might achieve great results here.

    The truth didn't disappoint Mo Wuji. As he continued to temper his physique, he felt more comfortable under the ocean.

    After cultivating to the peak of level 9, Mo Wuji was only a small step away from the Great Circle of level 9. Presently, Mo Wuji was able to feel the increase in strength of his flesh and bones. It seemed like he was finally able to advance into the Great Circle of the God Physique Level 9.

    As Mo Wuji continued to walk across the seabed, he forgot that he was in the Nirvana Ocean. As he constantly strengthened his physique, he was also refining his blood to a higher level.

    Over the years, Mo Wuji's cultivation level showed no improvement. Now, he finally found a way to increase his own strength. Even though his cultivation level didn't improve, improving his physique was the same to him.


    Half a month after Mo Wuji entered the Nirvana Ocean, three people landed right at the border of the Nirvana Ocean.

    These three people were indeed the three who had been working so hard to find Mo Wuji: God King Blazing Heaven, God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood.

    "I doubt he arrived yet because I haven't seen him around this area." The three God Kings looked around the periphery. Following which, God King Guiding Wood said in a disappointed tone.

    God King Blazing Heaven frowned slightly. Even though they received the news of Mo Wuji coming to the Nirvana Ocean late, Mo Wuji should have been waiting around this area. After all, the Clear Ocean Path would only appear for half a year. If he was Mo Wuji, he would definitely not run about at a time like this.

    "Mo Wuji should not have arrive here since the Clear Ocean Path have yet to appear." God King Scoured Sea commented.

    God King Blazing Heaven sighed. "The Clear Ocean Path will only appear half a year later so let's just wait here. If Mo Wuji doesn't appear within this half a year, it is highly likely that Mo Wuji tricked Qu You. He might not have plan to come here at all."

    "If he doesn't come to the Nirvana Ocean, finding him might really be a problem." God King Guiding Wood furrowed his brows.

    God King Blazing Heaven let out a slight smile. "Actually, I wish that he doesn't come to the Nirvana Ocean. As long as he didn't cross the Nirvana Ocean, we will have hopes of finding him."


    Qu You opened her eyes in shock. Even while her cultivation was already in the Heavenly God Stage Level 9, she still felt as though something was off.

    It was as if she was in a dream and in that dream, she felt that she was with Mo Wuji again. That included everything that was said between the two of them.

    Something felt amiss. While she was considered close to Mo Wuji, it wasn't to the extent where she would dream of him.

    If one were to say that she secretly fell in love with Mo Wuji, even Qu You would find it hard to believe. In her eyes, this seemed unrealistic. Back then, Mo Wuji was evidently not interested in her. No matter how unreserved Qu You was, she wouldn't take the initiative to like someone who doesn't fancy her.

    She was indebted and thankful for Mo Wuji but that didn't mean love.

    Moreover, why would she dream of him so randomly?

    "Senior Sister, are you not cultivating anymore? Master invited you over." A clear voice sounded.

    Qu You hurried to recollect her thoughts as she released the restriction of her room. "Man'Er, Master finally returned to the sect?"

    A delicate young woman appeared in front of Qu You's residence and she was Qu You's junior sister Kong Man. Kong Man had similar cultivation level as Qu You but after Qu You condensed her Primal God Lattice, her cultivation surged extraordinarily. In just a few years, Qu You reached the Heavenly God Stage Level 9 while Kong Man, who just condensed her god lattice, entered the Heavenly God Stage Level 1 very recently.

    "Yes, and I've heard that something big happened." Kong Man hurried to answer.

    Qu You never had the intention to continue cultivating. Once she reached the Heavenly God Stage Level 9, further secluded cultivation wouldn't do much good to her. Given her current situation, the best way would be to head out for a period of time before coming back to enter the God Monarch Stage.

    "Alright, let's go over then." Qu You packed up her items before shutting up her restriction again. She wouldn't return to cultivate for a short period of time.


    The Forgotten Creek Dao School was one of the greatest sect of the God Domain. They even had countless of god mountains.

    Qu You's Master, Ling Menggu, didn't stay on any of the god mountain. Instead, she stayed in the Dream River Valley of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    The Dream River Valley was renamed by Ling Menggu herself. The valley had a delicate scenery and the god spiritual energy was undoubtedly dense.

    Ling Menggu might not be a God King and was only in the World God Stage Level 9. Even so, her status in the Forgotten Creek Dao School was not lower than God King Guiding Wood.

    Previously, Mo Wuji guessed that Ling Menggu wouldn't have ways to rescue Qu You from the hands of God King Guiding Wood. The truth was that he really did underestimate Ling Menggu. If Qu You was really captured by God King Guiding Wood, she was actually capable enough to rescue Qu You from him.

    In the entire Forgotten Creek Dao School, Ling Menggu was only below the existence of the two God Kings and the sect head.

    Qu You and Kong Man might be Ling Menggu's disciples but even they were not allowed to stay in the Dream River Valley.

    "Come on in." Qu You and Kong Man had just arrived at the entrance and Ling Menggu's voice was heard.

    "Qu You greets Master and I wonder what orders does Master has for me?" Qu You spoke respectfully to Ling Menggu.

    Ling Menggu didn't look much older than Qu You. She had a fair skin and was also delicately beautiful.

    Seeing Qu You and Kong Man walked in, she nodded slightly. "The Clear Ocean Path of the Nirvana Ocean is about to appear."

    "The Clear Ocean Path is going to appear?" Qu You subconsciously repeated these words. All she thought about was how she was going to spread this news to Mo Wuji.

    "Qu You, any matter?" Noticing Qu You's odd reaction, Ling Menggu asked doubtfully.
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