Chapter 942: Nirvana Dao Sand

    Chapter 942: Nirvana Dao Sand

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    "Ah, nothing much. I'm just surprise at the appearance of the Clear Ocean Path of the Nirvana Ocean." Qu You hurried to answer. She realised that informing Mo Wuji of this news should be impossible. In fact, she didn't even have any ways to contact Mo Wuji. She believed that Mo Wuji should be able to hear of such big news by himself right?

    Ling Menggu could sense that Qu You was speaking half-heartedly but she didn't mind. "Do you know that the Nine Evolutions God Sect recently produce two new God Kings?"

    Qu You was astonished because she knew how hard it was for a person to become a God King in the God Domain. Previously, the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Pang Jie became a God King but it was through sheer fortune and coincidence. Even though the Nine Evolutions God Sect was a peak grade sect, their status was far from the Forgotten Creek Dao School. How could they suddenly have two God Kings in their ranks?

    "Master, I've heard from Senior Blazing Heaven that it is incredibly difficult for God Kings to emerge in the God Domain. How is it possible that two God Kings emerged just like that?" Qu You said in disbelief.

    Ling Menggu replied. "It is because of the Nirvana Dao Sand. The Nine Evolutions God Sect obtained two Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. The Nirvana Dao Sand contains the peak grade dao aura of the Nirvana Ocean. As long as one is able to gain insights on the dao aura of the Nirvana Dao Sand, one can step into the God King Stage easily.

    "The Nirvana Dao Sand from the Nirvana Ocean can allow a World God to step into the God King Stage?" Qu You exclaimed.

    In this short period of time, ideas flooded her mind. The Nirvana Ocean contained the Nirvana Dao Sand. This meant to say that as long as one had the Nirvana Dao Sand and gained insights from it, one would be able to enter the God King Stage. Doesn't this mean that there would be a new batch of God Kings emerging in the God Domain?

    All of a sudden, Qu You started to realise why her Master asked her to come over. Her Master was already in the World God Stage Level 9. She would definitely want to look for the Nirvana Dao Sand from the Nirvana Ocean. Perhaps she would be asked to follow her in search of the Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Ling Menggu looked at Qu You's expression as she said. "You're overthinking too much. The Nirvana Dao Sand is at the bottom of the Nirvana Ocean and is not so easily attainable. However, these two people from the Nine Evolutions God Sect managed to use the Nirvana Dao Sand to enter the God King Stage. They proved how valuable the Nirvana Dao Sand was to the entire God Domain. For such a precious item, how many people will go snatching for it once the Clear Ocean Path appear?"

    "Master, disciple wants to head to the Clear Ocean Path too. I want to help master find a Nirvana Dao Sand." Kong Man said with a firm tone.

    Qu You also hurried to express her wish to look for the Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Ling Menggu nodded. "Actually, I really do need your help regarding the Nirvana Dao Sand. Even though the Clear Ocean Path has no danger, the Nirvana Ocean is too peculiar for our liking. The higher the cultivation, the tougher it will be for someone to enter the bottom of the ocean. Even God Monarchs, let alone World Gods, will find it difficult to reach the bottom. Therefore, the majority of cultivators who will be heading to the Clear Ocean Path will usually be in the Nascent God or Heavenly God Stage."

    "Master, so why is the Nirvana Dao Sand able to allow a World God to enter the God King Stage?" Kong Man asked.

    Ling Menggu sighed and said. "Actually, we have to thank the two God Kings from the Nine Evolutions God Sect. The Clear Ocean Path appeared in the past countless times before. Even so, nobody in the God Domain thought about using the Nirvana Dao Sand to advance into the God King Stage. The dao aura of the Nirvana Ocean is so powerful that even God Kings wouldn't dare to enter the waters. Who would have even thought about trying to gain insights from such a powerful dao aura?

    And the Nirvana Dao Sand is an item condense from the dao aura of the Nirvana Ocean. Rumours spread that the Nirvana Dao Sand had four different colours: Grey, Orange, Green and Purple. The two cultivators from the Nine Evolutions God Sect gained insights from the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. I've heard that the Green Nirvana Dao Sand can help a God Monarch advance into a World God and the purple can help one enter the God King Stage..."

    "Then wouldn't the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand be of an exuberant price?" Kong Man thought about how much this Nirvana Dao Sand, which could help a World God step into the God King Stage, must have cost.

    Ling Menggu answered, "I believe you cannot even buy it from anywhere. After the discovery of the Nirvana Dao Sand, a lot of people were convinced that there were more colours than just these four colours. It was just that people had yet to discover them.

    "Then the Nine Evolutions God Sect must be really generous right? To think they would actually reveal the use of the Nirvana Dao Sand." Qu You exclaimed.

    Ling Menggu sneered, "Generous? The Nine Evolutions God Sect knew about the Nirvana Dao Sand for at least a hundred years now. The sudden emergence of two God Kings in their sect led to investigations from others. Otehrwise, we will not have find out that the Nirvana Ocean had something everyone needed."

    "That sect is certainly a trashy sect. I've even heard that the Heavenly Mortal Sect was exterminated by them." Kong Man commented.

    Ling Menggu shook her hand. "We shall not care about this for now. Both our God Kings went over to the border of the Nirvana Ocean. Let's head over together with our sect head."

    Everytime the Clear Ocean Path appeared, a crowd of cultivators from the God Domain would head over. Even though no cultivators returned from the Nirvana Ocean before, there were still loads of cultivators hoping to be able to cross the God Domain via the Clear Ocean Path.

    Nobody bothered recording the number of times the Clear Ocean Path appeared in the God Domain. However, it was certain that there was never this many cultivators surging over. This was merely the beginning and with each passing day, even more cultivators arrived.

    This was because the news of the two God Kings of the Nine Evolutions God Sect had yet to spread on a large scale. Otherwise, the entire shore of the Nirvana Ocean would have been tightly packed with cultivators.

    "Brother Blazing Heaven, there is an increasing number of people coming over. We might have to control the crowd otherwise, it might turn into a muddled war." Ranked number 10 God King Clear Rise commented anxiously as he noticed a large number of cultivators heading here.

    God King Blazing Heaven was intending to step out to speak. However, now that God King Clear Rise was also worried, God King Blazing Heaven simply stood out to speak. "All the Dao Friends who are here to find the Nirvana Dao Sand, please line up in an orderly manner..."

    Just as God King Blazing Heaven finished the first sentence, a clear and white coloured stripe appeared on the Nirvana Ocean. This white stripe grew wider and longer by the second. Previously, the Nirvana Ocean didn't even have a single ripple. Now that this white colour grew, ripples started to form.

    "The Clear Ocean Path is there!" A surprised voice could be heard and the crowd of cultivators rushed in frantically.

    At this moment, even the number one God King, God King Blazing Heaven was unable to stop the force of the crowd. He could only sigh and say. "God King Clear Rise, it seems like the next time the Clear Ocean Path appear, we will need to install an array here. We need some sort of order to allow people into the Clear Ocean Path in the future."

    God King Clear Rise hesitated for a while but didn't reply. In all honesty, God King Clear Rise doesn't approve of such method. The God Domain Nest was also set up in this way. How was the God Domain Nest now? Every time it incubated, only disciples of the big sects would be able to enter. Rogue cultivators remained as rogue cultivators and the smaller sects remained as smaller sects. They wouldn't have any chances of entering the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    This resulted in the disciples of the big sects growing stronger while the disciples of the smaller sects grew weaker. He was certain that if they used such a method to set up the Clear Ocean Path, only disciples of the big sects would be able to enter the Clear Ocean Path in the future. Rogue cultivators and disciples of the smaller sects would not have the same chance again.


    It was already six months since Mo Wuji entered the Nirvana Ocean. He was still walking forward on the seabed while tempering his physique. While his fleshly body was still being tempered, Mo Wuji felt as though his body bumped into a shackle.

    No matter how he tempered his physique, his fleshly body seemed to be obstructed by this shackle. Mo Wuji had an immense feeling that as long as he was able to charge past this shackle, his physique would be in a new level.

    After walking down for another half a year, he sensed that he was still a long way from the very bottom of the ocean. Fortunately for him, he had the protection of the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman. It was also good that his physique was still being tempered. With his current strength, he was still able to walk further into the depths of the ocean.

    While walking through the water, Mo Wuji was constantly on the lookout for signs of a sudden increase in pressure of the dao aura. He was afraid that the sudden increase might tear him apart without realising. To Mo Wuji's astonishment, the pressure around him suddenly disappeared without a trace. Not only this, he could even sense the true energy within the ocean.

    What was going on? Mo Wuji came to a halt. Much to his pleasant surprise, he realised that he could start using his spiritual will here. Not only that, his spiritual will was able to extend over hundreds of miles away before being blocked off by the familiar waters of the Nirvana Ocean. Very soon, his spiritual will could continue extending outwards. The waters blocking off his spiritual will seemed to be retreating in both directions.

    The Clear Ocean Path appeared? Mo Wuji came to a realisation that the Clear Ocean Path must have appeared once more. This would be the only reason why he was feeling what he felt under the ocean.

    He tried to keep his Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman cautiously. Indeed, his sea of consciousness wasn't affected.

    With the use of two pages of the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji decided to head out of the ocean to hurry away. He walked under the ocean for over half a year already. Even if a God King tried to chase after him, he wouldn't catch up with him right? If a God King really did chase after him, he would simply abandon the Clear Ocean Path and jumped right back into the waters.

    Just as Mo Wuji was preparing to head up, his spiritual will sensed a small rock.

    This rock was slightly odd as Mo Wuji stretched over to pick it up. The rock appeared to have some sort of mottled energy and it looked worthless. With his spiritual will, Mo Wuji was able to look through the rock easily.

    Mo Wuji shook his head as he casually threw this rock back down.

    No, Mo Wuji picked up the stone once more. Indeed, when he picked up the rock for the second time, he realised that the energy of the rock became purer than before.

    Mo Wuji placed this rock in his palm as he used his spiritual will to observe this rock carefully.

    Two hours later, the spots on the rock disappeared as it turned green. Moreover, his spiritual will was no longer able to look into the rock as a mysterious dao aura surrounded the rock.

    This should be a decent item. As he was wondering if he could use this to forge equipments, he casually threw this rock into his storage ring.
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