Chapter 943: Understanding The Truth

    Chapter 943: Understanding The Truth

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    The Clear Ocean Path of the Nirvana Ocean had extended out for thousands of kilometers long, and only now did the speed of its expansion begin to slow down. Countless flying magic treasures followed the Clear Ocean Path into Nirvana Ocean, Midway, those flying magic treasures were kept away while countless cultivators charged into Nirvana Ocean like dumplings being dipped into oil.

    Some of the cultivators with a better idea of what they were doing charged deeper into the Nirvana Ocean before entering the water.

    At the borders of the ocean, shops had popped up, all of which were buying Nirvana Dao Sand at high prices. On top of that, they sold various kinds of water related magic treasures and antidotes.

    All sorts of ripples caused by magic treasures could be seen on the surface of the Clear Ocean Path. God King Blazing Heaven sighed at this sight. He knew that countless cultivators would die during this appearance of the Clear Ocean Path.

    While the Purple Nirvana Dao Sand gave one a certain change of entering the God King Stage, this was just a little positive point out of all the negative points of this venture.

    Two months passed, and cultivators streamed out of Nirvana Ocean continuously. After that, an increasing number of them began charging out of the water surface.

    For every cultivator that came out, there were many more that went forward to ask if he had obtained any Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Once the true value of Nirvana Dao Sand was revealed to all, very few cultivators were willing to take any out to sell. For those that did make it to the market, most of them were either grey or orange, and most cultivators would just disappear from the area completely.

    Seeing that more and more cultivators were bringing the Nirvana Dao Sand away, the shopkeepers of one of the shops couldn't help but shout, "Everyone, it's useless if you bring Nirvana Dao Sand away. Do you know how to use Nirvana Dao Sand? The process to use it is very complicated, and if everyone trusts our shophouse, you can sell it to us. We have sufficient god crystals and god pills that can help you advance to the next stage."

    These words stunned those who were about to leave, and one of them asked out of curiosity, "Isn't it just gaining insights into the Dao of the Heaven and Earth within the Nirvana Dao Sand? How else could we use it?"

    The shopkeeper laughed coldly, "If it were so simple, then it wouldn't have taken till today for people to discover the use for the sand?"

    "You're just scamming us. We just have to use some ritual techniques to remove the dao spots on the Nirvana Dao Sand and purify it before we directly delve into it." A cold snort came from behind, revealing the way to use Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Upon hearing this, the shopkeeper got a shock. In reality, he did not know how to use the Nirvana Dao Sand, so now that someone mentioned the way to utilise the sand, how would he dare to say another word?

    The method of utilising Nirvana Dao Sand was the secret of many large sects, and he had heard that this arrangement was agreed upon by many God Kings and set up by the Nine Evolutions God Sect. How was it appropriate for someone to randomly shout it out?

    The God Kings of various large sects stared at the cultivator that just spoke. As per their agreement, the method to use Nirvana Dao Sand was not to be leaked out. Even if it were to be leaked, that would have to wait till the large sects had benefited from the appearance of the Clear Ocean Path.

    However, someone randomly gave it away in front of countless cultivators. This was something they simply could not tolerate.

    "God King Mystery Spirit, that's quite an insight." God King Uncruel commented casually as he chuckled.

    The other God Kings couldn't do anything either because the person that spoke was God King Mystery Spirit. If it were anyone else, even if it was a God King, that person would have been killed by the collective force of many sects. Yet, God King Mystery Spirit was the exception. Even God King Blazing Heaven couldn't handle him, so which sect would dare to offend him?

    God King Mystery Spirit guffawed, "What can you do to me?"

    The expression on God King Uncruel's face was very ugly, and he did not say another word. Out of the 10 great God Kings of the God Domain, he was ranked third, and he was also the backer of Nine Evolutions God Sect, Phoenix Soul God Estate, and a few other sects. But no matter how strong he was, he dared not face up again God King Mystery Spirit.

    "Qu You, why have you come back as well?" Ling Menggu landed beside Qu You once she saw her arrive, but she was puzzled by Qu You's appearance. Qu You had a Primal God Lattice, so how could she have come out in two months?

    Qu You quickly explained, "Master, although the Clear Ocean Path has appeared in Nirvana Ocean, I felt like my dao was going to dissipate after two months inside. It wasn't only me, but everybody that came out. It would at least take a month of rest before I can enter again.

    "So that's why." Ling Menggu finally understood. No wonder the cultivators charged out of Nirvana Ocean.

    "Dao Friend Ling, it's been a long time." A warm and sweet voice was heard as an elegant man walked out. Beside him was a beautiful female cultivator no less prettier or stronger than Qu You.

    "Greetings Senior Aunt Ling, greetings Junior Sister Qu You." The ravishing female cultivator came forward to greet Ling Menggu and Qu You in a generous and respectful manner.

    Ling Menggu returned the greeting, "So it's Dao Friend Ping, it has indeed been quite a while. Feng Rou seems to be increasingly exceptional. You must have gained quite a lot from this Clear Ocean Path."

    The elegant man was called Ping Chunshan. He was from God Evolution Sect and had a similar cultivation level as Ling Menggu: stuck at the peak of Worldly God Stage Level 9. The female cultivator who could match up against Qu You in both looks and cultivation was Ping Chunshan's disciple, Feng Rou. Compared to the quiet Qu You, Feng Rou's network was much wider. All genius disciples of the large sects in God Domain seemed to have some sort of connection with her.

    Ping Chunshan chuckled, "It was my disciple that helped me find a grain of Purple Nirvana Dao Sand, which gave me a sliver of hope."

    This statement caused Ling Menggu's expression to change completely. As of now, she was about at the same cultivation level as him, so if he obtained a grain of Purple Nirvana Dao Sand, a gap would be created between them some years later.

    The God Evolution Sect's strength was even above that of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, and they also had the number one sect protecting array in the entire God Domain. Hence even if the grain of Nirvana Dao Sand was in Ping Chunshan's hands, no one would dare to come snatch it from him.

    Ling Menggu also knew what Ping Chunshan's intention for coming over and telling her this was: to give her dao heart a shock. While he appeared to be an elegant man, he was actually a very petty person, definitely not as magnanimous as his appearance reflected.

    "Junior Sister You..." Another surprising voice interrupted Ling Menggu's frustration as a dashing young man entered in a hurry.

    "Brother Yunqian." Feng Rou sounded even more surprised.

    It seemed like the young man had only just seen Feng Rou as he promptly apologised, "Oh, Junior Sister Rou'Er is also around. I didn't notice you just now."

    After finishing his sentence, he quickly greeted Ling Menggu and Ping Chunshan, "Disciple Wang Yunqian greets Senior Uncle Ping and Senior Aunt Ling."

    Ling Menggu nodded slightly, while Ping Chunshan responded more enthusiastically.

    This was because Ping Chunshan had no choice. This young man was God Evolution Sect's number one genius, Wang Yunqian. Not only was he the number one genius of God Evollution Sect, he was also the number one genius in the entire God Domain. At this moment, he was already at God Monarch Level 7 and based on his rate of cultivation, it wouldn't be long before he entered the ranks of World Gods.

    The God Evolution Sect invested almost all their resources into cultivating Wang Yunqian. If nothing went wrong, he would very likely become the next sect head. Hence, even Ping Chunshan had to think twice before being disrespectful towards him.

    Feng Rou pouted, and spoke with a jealous tone that wasn't distasteful, "Since Junior Sister Qu You is here, how could Brother Yunqian still notice me."

    Not only was Wang Yunqian the top in talent, he was also the most handsome man in God Domain. In God Evolution Sect, he had the nickname 'Handsome Senior Brother'.

    The number of female cultivators in God Domain that had a crush on Wang Yunqian was too many to be counted. Although Feng Rou could be considered to be one of the top genius disciples, she also secretly loved Wang Yunqian. However, he was already very infatuated with someone; Only one woman had a place in his heart: Forgotten Creek Dao School's Qu You.

    "I'm sorry, I'll pay more attention next time." Wang Yunqian apologised again, but his gaze remained fixated on Qu You.

    Feng Rou's jealousy seemed to go as fast as it came, as she then smiled and said, "Brother Yunqian, you'll be disappointed to find out that Senior Sister Qu's heart has been stolen away by someone."

    These words made Wang Yunqian's face change completely, and before he could say anything, Feng Rou added on, "Isn't that right Senior Sister Qu? I heard that Mo Wuji is also coming to Nirvana Ocean to use the Clear Ocean Path to leave God Domain."

    At this point, Qu You's expression changed as well. This was something that only she and Mo Wuji knew, so how was Feng Rou aware of it as well?

    "How do you know this?" The moment these words left Qu You's mouth, she regretted it. Her experience paled far in comparison to Feng Rou's, thus this sentence of hers just served to confirm that Mo Wuji would come to Nirvana Ocean.

    After hearing Qu You's response, Feng Rou smiled slightly and stopped speaking. Qu Xi had told her this, and she would definitely not reveal that Qu Xi wanted to establish a good relationship with her.

    Somehow Qu You could understand what was going on. The dreams that she had out of nowhere when she last did closed door cultivation seemed rather suspicious all this while. Now that she looked back at it, that was definitely not some random event because Mo Wuji couldn't have told anyone else. The only way she could have leaked it out was that weird dream.

    "Master, did I have that dream previously because of some other reason?" Qu You suddenly spoke to her master, Ling Menggu, with a quivering voice while staring at her.

    With a sigh, Ling Menggu patted Qu You's hair as she replied, "Let the past be the past. You've already condensed the Primal God Lattice, so it's fated that the both of you will not have anything to do with one another in the future."

    Qu You's hands suddenly felt cold, and even her body shivered. The kindness that Mo Wuji displayed towards her was something that she could never fully repay in her life time even as a cultivator. However, the people of her sect actually used her gratitude towards Mo Wuji to scheme against him.

    After such a long period of time being plotted against by God Kings, could Mo Wuji still survive?

    In that instant, she recalled something, and her voice trembled even more, "Master, why is Qu Xi locked on the Punishment Cliff?"

    In response, Ling Menggu shook her head, and lightly patted Qu You's back, "You have already guessed it, so why ask me. Qu You, your future is bright. For cultivators, if you're supposed to let something go then let it go."

    Now Qu You completely realised what was going on, and she questioned Junior Sister Kong Man who was standing at one side, "Junior Sister, tell me, did Mo Wuji come to Forgotten Creek Dao School to save me before?"

    Looking towards her master, Kong Man saw Ling Menggu nod, so she took out a crystal ball and passed it to Qu You, "Senior Sister, actually..."

    In the end, Kong Man didn't explicitly say the truth.

    Qu You grabbed the crystal ball, and when she saw the scenes of Mo Wuji coming to rescue her, Qu Xi ambushing him, and Mo Wuji falling for the ambush, turning into a bloodied mess, she spat out a mouthful of blood.
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