Chapter 944: Undergoing Heavenly Tribulation Simultaneously

    Chapter 944: Undergoing Heavenly Tribulation Simultaneously

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    Mo Wuji gave her the Primal God Lattice on top of saving her multiple times. When he heard that she was locked on the Punishment Cliff by the Forgotten Creek Dao School, he also risked his life to come to save her. In the end, her own sister ambushed him. Even if she disregarded all of this, it was still her that leaked out the news of his movement.

    How disappointed would Senior Brother Mo with her after he found out all of this? Perhaps in his eyes, she was a despicable woman who placed self-interest above everything else.

    Moreover, Senior Brother Mo was only at Nascent God, so no matter how he tried to escape, with those serious injuries, where could he hide from the reach of God Kings?

    At this point, the kind words of her sect's grandmasters, God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood, came to mind. Those two grandmasters gave her everything she needed in order to nurture her. As long as there was some cultivation resource that she required, it would be delivered to her.

    However, now both kind God Kings began to fade from her memories.

    Even though she didn't know if Mo Wuji treated her so well because he fell in love with her, she was sure that he did so as he was a person that valued relationships. It was because she saved his life that he gave her the Primal God Lattice and then risked his life to come to Forgotten Creek Dao School to save her as well.

    All of these actions were unrelated to any self-interest or intention to receive remuneration at all.

    Yet, the Forgotten Creek Dao School treated her so well ultimately because she had condensed the Primal God Lattice, hence she could bring about more benefits to the school in the future. This was simply a transactional relationship. If it were possible, she wouldn't have wanted the full support of the sect.

    Seeing Qu You spit out blood, Wang Yunqian quickly handed her a pill and said, "Junior Sister You, let bygones be bygones. You're about to push to advance to God Monarch, so you must take note not to allow your heart to be swayed."

    Qu You wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, appearing slightly pale. She reached out to push Wang Yunqian's pill away, "Thank you Senior Brother Wang, but I'm fine."

    After a short pause, she added on, "Senior Brother Wang, thank you for viewing me favourably, but I already have someone that I love."

    She bowed slightly towards Wang Yunqian.

    The expression on Wang Yunqian's face immediately turned ugly. Previously, he had always found all sorts of reasons to get close to her, but she had never said something like this. Moreover, based on his understanding of Qu You, even if she had someone that she liked, she wouldn't say it out that easily. The only possible reason is that she was tired of him.

    Without caring about Wang Yunqian's expression, Qu You handed over a few grains of Nirvana Dao Sand to her master, "Disciple was useless and didn't manage to find any Purple Nirvana Dao Sand for master. Disciple's heart is in a mess and I don't have the heart to continue searching for Nirvana Dao Sand. Disciple will need to go out to train for a few years, master please allow it."

    In her heart, Ling Menggu sighed to herself. In reality, she couldn't do much about this. If Qu You did not condense the Primal God Lattie, she could still have some methods to deal with her. However, Qu You did so and became the hope of the sect, hence even as the sect head, she couldn't do anything to sway the meticulous care given to Qu You.

    "Go, if anything crops up, remember that you can contact me anytime." Ling Menggu didn't try to talk Qu You out of it. As a person at Heavenly God Level 9, she originally had to leave the sect for a period of training in order to enter the God Monarch Stage anyway.

    On top of that, Qu You's Primal God Lattice had already stabilised at Heavenly God Level 9, so even if it were experts who were beyond God King, they would not be able to take her god lattice away.

    "Thank you, master. Disciple has one last thing to ask." Qu You's voice began trembling at this point.

    Ling Menggu had also experienced this before, hence without Qu You speaking, she answered, "I have no news about him, so we probably didn't manage to block him in, don't worry."

    "Ok, disciple will leave now." Qu You heaved a sigh of relief, bowed once more, then turned and left swiftly.

    Since the few God Kings were not able to catch Mo Wuji, he obviously did not come to Nirvana Ocean. In her heart, she wished she could immediately find Mo Wuji and tell him not to come over.

    As Wang Yunqian gazed upon the figure of Qu You fading into the distance, his face turned a little pale. There were countless exceptional women in God Domain that wanted to be his dao partner, but he just had to fall for her.

    "Yunqian, Forgotten Creek Dao School has always been on good terms with God Evolution Sect, and we're both large sects of God Domain, so actually you just have to ask your sect head to represent you for this matter. You Senior Aunt Ling also hopes that you can become dao partners with Qu You. You don't have to worry." Pingg Chunshan was rather smart. Since Wang Yunqian could possibly become God Evolution Sect's sect head, he would naturally help Yunqian in any way he could now.

    After listening to Ping Chunshan's words, Wang Yunqian's eyes lit up. That's right, to large sects like God Evolution Sect and Forgotten Creek Dao Sect, issues of marriage naturally did not require him to take action on his own.

    These developments made the light in Feng Rou's eyes dimmer. Just like how Wang Yunqian was head over heels in love with Qu You, she felt the same towards him. As her love interest had openly displayed his love for Qu You in front of her, how could she calm her heart down?

    Suddenly, she really wanted to meet that Mo Wuji. What kind of person could actually give out a Primal God Lattice? Did this guy not need to cultivate? She couldn't understand how a cultivator could give a treasure like that away.


    After the Clear Ocean Path appeared, Mo Wuji remained at the bottom of Nirvana Ocean for over two months to collect Nirvana Dao Sand. In that period of time, he managed to pick up over 10 grains of the sand, but he wasn't very clear about how to use them. While the Nirvana Dao Sand had some dao aura within in, he did not feel like he could gain insights with that aura. He had tried to do so before, however, due to the spotty nature of the dao aura in it, no insights could be gained. The only use for them was equipment forging.

    Mo Wuji cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique, so without the pressure on spiritual roots and spirit channels, he would be able to continue staying in the ocean for countless years.

    But to him, his objective was to cross the Nirvana Ocean and head to the God Continent as soon as possible instead of wasting time here.

    Two months later, Mo Wuji exited the ocean, not because he couldn't take it anymore, but as he didn't want to remain at the seabed picking up rocks.

    Standing on the surface of the vast Nirvana Ocean, a refreshing breeze blew his way, and he felt a calm and happy feeling in his heart. The pent up frustration from being hunted down and his sect being wiped out had greatly dissipated by this point.

    The Clear Ocean Path was almost 10,000km wide, almost like a galaxy of its own, extending into the depths of the Nirvana Ocean.

    Mo Wuji knew that he wouldn't be able to cross the Nirvana Ocean without taking a few decades. It was just beyond his level of patience to spend a few decades on this, hence he called out Shuai Guo and Da Huang to take turns steering a low grade flying ship in the skies above the Clear Ocean Path.

    Just as both of them appeared on the flying ship, the deep rumbling of thunder could be heard.

    This made Mo Wuji stare at the sky in disbelief. After undergoing heavenly tribulation on so many occasions, he was aware that this was the sound of an impending lightning tribulation.

    "Is it Da Huang or Shuai Guo undergoing heavenly tribulation?" Mo Wuji asked as he threw out array flags.

    The situation puzzled him somewhat. Regardless whether it was Da Huang or Shuai Guo, they had advanced to the same cultivation level as him, so why didn't he experience lightning tribulation when advancing to Nascent God?

    "My lord, of course it is I that is undergoing heavenly tribulation. I'm about to advance to become a Godbeast." Shuai Guo exclaimed excitedly, at the same time rushing into the defensive array that Mo Wuji had set up.

    What shocked Mo Wuji the most was that Da Huang also replied casually, "Even a pig can advance to Godbeast after using that many god herbs and god crystals. So many years have passed and you've only advanced to Godbeast Level 1, yet you still have the cheek to speak."

    The happy Shuai Guo was enraged by this round of shaming by Da Huang, "If you have the ability to, then undergo heavenly tribulation as well."

    With a chuckle, Da Huang replied, "You're right, I'm going to undergo heavenly tribulation. I'm about to enter Nascent God Level 1."

    "You're going to undergo heavenly tribulation as well?" Mo Wuji stared at Da Huang out of suspicion.

    "Yes my lord, I have completely integrated the Phecda Clay and am now an actual intelligent being." Da Huang proudly said as he patted his chest.

    "What about the artificial equipment spirit?" Mo Wuji's eyes instinctively turned towards Da Huang's chest.

    With a slightly excited voice, Da Huang replied, "My lord, the artificial equipment spirit has been totally melded with me. Now I have a mind palace, sea of consciousness, spirit channels and meridians. No more artificial equipment spirit."

    "Good, that's very good." Mo Wuji clenched his fist emotionally.

    Da Huang was created by him using Phecda Clay, and even though he borrowed the ability of an artificial equipment spirit at first, it was now integrated into Da Huang, which meant that Da Huang had become a complete life form. Regardless whether one compared him with a human or demon, there would be no different as he was no longer a puppet.

    Da Huang rubbed his hair and spoke with gratitude, "The credit goes to the Phecda Clay and my lord's Immortal Mortal Technique, I'm only a supporting character."

    Mo Wuji calmed the excited Da Huang down with a few pats, "Da Huang, most of it was due to your efforts. Undergo the heavenly tribulation properly. Who knows, in the future, your achievements might be greater than mine."

    This was not just something he pulled out of the hat, as he was always aware of how hard Da Huang worked. Although both Da Huang and Shuai Guo were undergoing heavenly tribulation for advancing to the same cultivation level together, Da Huang put in 10 times more effort than Shuai Guo. In order to integrate the Phecda Clay, cause the artificial equipment spirit to disappear, and become a true life form, Da Huang had spent nearly all of his time cultivating.

    On the other hand, Shuai Guo relied completely on his bloodline inheritance to become a Godbeast.

    Even Shuai Guo had nothing to say about it because he knew how difficult the path that Da Huang took to get to this stage was. As long as Da Huang successfully underwent the heavenly tribulation, his achievements would likely leave Shuai Guo in the dust.

    Once he thought about being left behind, Shuai Guo also became determined to work harder. He could not be shadowed by Da Huang, otherwise, how could he still be the big brother?

    Mo Wuji threw out another low grade flying ship and set up an additional defensive array for heavenly tribulation.

    There were piles of low grade flying magic treasures in his possession, and while they were rather crudely made, all of them were made from good materials.

    "Boom Boom Boom!" Lightning bolts struck down from above, heading towards Shuai Guo and Da Huang.
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