Chapter 945: Book Of Death

    Chapter 945: Book Of Death

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    Shuai Guo and Da Huang's simultaneous heavenly tribulation, while not at the exact same location, caused the lightning to become fiercer. Thankfully, Mo Wuji was a Grade 3 God Array Master, hence even the defensive array that he set up in a hurry was one at the peak of Grade 2. Although it was eventually shattered, it had at least endured the lightning tribulation of both of them.

    Three days later, Shuai Guo and Da Huang, who had completed their lightning tribulations, landed on Mo Wuji's new flying ship full of energy.

    "My lord, I'm a Level 1 Godbeast now." Shuai Guo proudly declared.

    No longer was Shuai Guo an ugly three legged bird as its body now gave off the menacing aura of a Godbeast. Its sharp mouth looked like it was a newly forged spear with a strong aura that seemed to be able to consume anything.

    Its feathers were like pieces of iron armor which gave its body a beautiful shine. The third horn on its head also didn't appear anything like a mosquito would have, and it exuded a strong fire type aura all over.

    "Da Huang, aren't I dashing." Shuai Guo landed in front of Da Huang full of pride.

    Da Huang paled greatly in comparison to Shuai Guo, retaining an ordinary appearance. He became a little rounder than before, but also much more ordinary than before.

    Regardless whether it was Shuai Guo or Da Huang, they were nurtured by Mo Wuji. On the surface, Shuai Guo seemed to have improved more, but in Mo Wuji's eyes, Da Huang appeared to be stronger.

    "My lord, I'm now at Nascent God Level 1, and I believe that my rate of improvement will be greater in the future." Compared to Shuai Guo, Da Huang's was much more humble.

    "Good." Nodding his head, Mo Wuji took out two rings and passed them separately to Shuai Guo and Da Huang. "I'm going to undergo closed door cultivation in the ship cabin for a period of time. You two take turns cultivating and steering the flying ship to continue heading down the Clear Ocean Path. Remember, once there's any danger, immediately stop the flying ship.

    All these years, there hadn't been any news of anyone that crossed the Nirvana Ocean, hence Mo Wuji didn't really believe that he could do so in one shot. Thus, he gave further instructions to Shuai Guo and Da Huang while secretly setting up a page from the Book of Luo to protect the flying ship.

    The 108 spirit channels and meridians of Da Huang were second to none, and Shuai Guo was a Godbeast with an inheritance from the primal times. Even if they were steering the flying ship, their cultivation probably wouldn't progress that slowly either.

    Da Huang's reaction was a little better, as Shuai Guo became the most excited after hearing that it could control the flying ship to cross the Nirvana Ocean. Although it was determined to cultivate previously, the motivation left as quickly as it had come.


    After the flying ship was handed over to Shuai Guo and Da Huang, Mo Wuji set up an energy gathering god array and began cultivating. In the past few years, his cultivation level had stagnated, which he attributed to his worries affecting his dao heart. After all, he had been cultivating while on the run.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji thought that he did not have much to worry about, so he could cultivate in peace and probably enter Nascent God Level 4 very soon.

    However, what made him disappointed was that only his sea of consciousness and primordial spirit became a little more solid in the year that he underwent closed door cultivation, and his cultivation level still remained at Nascent God Level 3. He had problems even advancing to intermediate Nascent God Level 3, much less Nascent God Level 4.

    Upon inspection by Mo Wuji's spiritual will, he found out that Da Huang was already at advanced Nascent God Level 1 while Shuai Guo was also at intermediate Godbeast Level 1. This was achieved even while they took turns steering the flying ship, which made them neglect their cultivation somewhat. Otherwise, both of them would probably have advanced to the next cultivation stage by now.

    The only one that did not improve was him.

    Hence, Mo Wuji ceased any further cultivation. Under his current situation, there was no point in cultivating anymore. This wasn't simply an issue of having insufficient cultivation resources, but a problem with himself. If he couldn't identify this problem, his cultivation level would never be able to rise rapidly again.

    The sky above the Nirvana Ocean quietened down, with only Mo Wuji's flying ship coursing through the air. Onboard, Mo Wuji, Shuai Guo, and Da Huang were settling their own issues.


    Heavenly Mortal Sect sank back into a slump after rising up a few years ago when they produced God King Pang Jie. Compared to the days when they were teetering at the edge of collapse, their current form seemed to be even worse off.

    All of the mountain peaks that God King Pang Jie brought back and the temporarily buried god spiritual veins from back in the day were gone. The entire sect looked like it had been chewed through by a dog: completely ravaged.

    Yet, tens of Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate disciples were still at the sect seemingly searching for something.

    A black clothed young lady stood outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect with slightly red eyes. All this while, she didn't have a home to return to, and it was the Heavenly Mortal Sect that gave her the feeling of home. It was here that she met a senior brother that was almost like her own elder brother. It was here that she could cultivate in peace.

    Although this didn't even last for a year, this short period of time was the time when she felt the most worry free. She spent every moment of this period in closed door cultivation, which might have been rather tough, but at least she didn't have to worry about being taken away at any moment.

    However, all of this lasted for too short a period, to the point that it had ended before she could react. The Elder Brother Mo that had treated her as a younger sister, brought her along to cultivate, gave her a technique, and brought her into the God Domain's Nest had disappeared because he was being pursued by experts.

    After standing there for quite some time, the black clothed young lady suddenly placed a sacrificial altar onto the completely barren plaza of Heavenly Mortal Sect. Then, she entered the dilapidated sect, raising both her hands to form streams of black. With every black line that she shot out, it seemed to bring a world along with it.

    Mists of blood began bursting out in the world of black streams, and one by one human heads were taken by the black clothed young lady before they automatically flew onto the sacrificial altar that she set up.

    As the stack of heads piled higher, the tens of cultivators, and even the few cultivators at advanced Heavenly God could no longer put up a fight against the black streams.

    Within an incense's worth of time, all of the cultivators around were totally massacred by the lady.

    Once she finished taking all of the rings away, she took our a jug of wine and a few cups and placed them on the altar, before kneeling on the ground respectfully. "My Heavenly Mortal Sect Grandmaster, Elders, and fellow disciples rest in peace. Ku Cai came to visit all of you today. One day, Ku Cai will wipe out the Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate and kill all those who attacked the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Ku Cai will also find Elder Brother Mo and help him restore the sect to its true glory."

    When she finished speaking, the black clothed woman kowtowed three times before getting up, staring at the already destroyed Heavenly Mortal Sect sect gate.

    A good two hours passed, then her figure suddenly became blurry and vanished completely. There weren't any spatial disturbances in the surrounding space, nor was there the aura of any laws. Even if there was someone here, he wouldn't be able to figure out how she left.


    A few tens of disciples were killed at the remains of Heavenly Mortal Sect, and while those were ordinary disciples, having that many killed at once, together with the sacrificial altar set up in remembrance of Heavenly Mortal Sect, was definitely not a small issue.

    This incident immediately caught the attention of Nine Evolutions God Sect, Phoenix Soul God Estate, and many other large sects. Although it was the more crucial time to search for Nirvana Dao Sand in the Clear Ocean Path, a few large sects still sent numerous experts to investigate.

    After this occurrence, not only did the large sects send experts to look for the culprit, even the God Kings had begun making a move.

    Almost right after he heard this news, God King Blazing Heaven confirmed instantly that it was Mo Wuji that did it. Out of all the disciples that fled Heavenly Mortal Sect, only Mo Wuji had the ability to pull this off.

    God King Blazing Heaven originally wanted to look for Mo Wuji, hence since he obtained some news about Mo Wuji, he immediately dropped whatever he was doing at the Clear Ocean Path and rushed to Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Before they could find any traces of Mo Wuji's whereabouts, instances of Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate disciples being killed kept occurring. There seemed to be some disciples of these two sects being killed every day. The strongest amongst those killed as even God Monarch Level 2.

    Following the continuous murder of Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate cultivators, both large sects still did not have any clue about what was going on and began to panic.

    If this situation persisted, how would anyone in the sects dare to go outside?

    Even God King Blazing Heaven started to suspect that the culprit wasn't Mo Wuji. How long had it been? No matter how fast Mo Wuji's cultivation level rose, however strong he was, he shouldn't have been able to kill a Level 2 God Monarch.

    As the God Kings couldn't even find the whereabouts of the murderer, the disciples of both sects became very fearful, not even daring to take a step outside.

    This unknown avenger of Heavenly Mortal Sect was now referred to as the Book of Death. As long as anyone from the Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate of intermediate God Monarch and below, that participated in the destruction of Heavenly Mortal Sect, met the Book of Death, then there wasn't any chance of surviving.

    The Book of Death seemed to be an apparition, as no one ever knew where he would appear and who he would kill. No one also knew who he was and whether he was the Mo Wuji who was rumored to have given away a primordial god lattice.


    Naturally, Mo Wuji wasn't aware of all these happenings. He had been undergoing closed door cultivation on his flying ship over the Nirvana Ocean for four years. In this four years, his Array Dao broke through to Grade 4, which meant that he could easily set up a Grade 4 god array. Even his Talisman Dao had reached the level of a Grade 1 God Talisman Master, and he could create a Grade 1 God Talisman.

    Unfortunately, he did not have sufficient materials and his cultivation level was not high enough. Thus, there was no more progress after that.

    Without resources, he couldn't continue researching into Array Dao, and his cultivation level couldn't progress either. The only thing Mo Wuji could do was to start refining the Kun Wu Sword and the Book of Luo.

    On this day, he was refining the restrictions in the second layer of the Kun Wu Sword, when a sudden violent tremor reverberated through the flying ship. Before he went out, cries for help from Da Huang and Shuai Guo could be heard.

    How could Mo Wuji continue with his closed door cultivation? Immediately, he charged out to the open deck of the ship. ...
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