Chapter 946: The Weird Turtle Shell Island

    Chapter 946: The Weird Turtle Shell Island

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    A dense rain of rocks came down from above, smashing onto the defensive array of the flying ship. The larger rocks were many meters wide, while small ones were over 10cm in radius.

    Although a Grade 3 god array was set up on Mo Wuji's flying ship, the ship began to wobble as though it could be broken at any moment.

    Da Huang and Shuai Guo drew out their magic treasures in preparation to deflect the falling rocks after the defensive array broke.

    "My lord, I don't know where these rocks are coming from. It can't be detected by spiritual will." As he saw Mo Wuji come out, Da Huang said after heaving a sigh of relief.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept out and indeed he could not pinpoint the origin of those rocks. The edge of his spiritual will could only see a blur.

    The surface of the Clear Ocean Path also seemed to be covered in a layer of mist, and the long ocean path could no longer be seen, almost like the dark red Nirvana Ocean had filled up the Clear Ocean Path once again.

    This made Mo Wuji frown. Based on what he knew, the Clear Ocean Path should disappear only a hundred years after it first appears. It had only been five to six years, so why did it disappear already?

    "My lord, there's an island." Shuai Guo exclaimed.

    Even before Shuai Guo shouted, Mo Wuji and Da Huang had seen it as well. There was indeed an island on the forward left side of the flying ship. The island was like a turtle shell that was placed on the water surface, with many cracks all over its surface. At the center of the island, there seemed to be an area that sunk downwards.

    "Let's continue talking on the island." Mo Wuji steered the ship to the vicinity of the island. With the density of rocks falling from above, even if there wasn't the issue of the Clear Ocean Path vanishing, the flying ship couldn't continue moving forward either.

    To other cultivators, the Clear Ocean Path vanishing would mean death. However, to Mo Wuji, it was a mere inconvenience. After all, he could just enter the sea.

    On the other hand, Shuai Guo and Da Huang weren't as capable, so once the Clear Ocean Path disappeared, both of them could only enter the Undying World.

    If they hadn't helped him to steer the flying ship and he had walked by himself, not only would the time he took increase by many times, he wouldn't have the time to research Array Dao and Talisman Dao.

    Moreover, Da Huang and Shuai Guo cultivated at a rather fast pace outside. In these few short years, Da Huang was in advanced Nascent God Level 3 while Shuai Guo had become Godbeast Level 2.

    The island wasn't situated that far away from the flying ship, hence they soon landed on the edge of it. When they landed, the falling rocks seemed to disappear completely, giving Mo Wuji the shock of his life.

    What was going on? Mo Wuji didn't leave the flying ship, instead, he tried to steer it to get off the island. However, once he reached a certain distance away from it, the dense rain of rocks began falling again.

    "My lord, those rocks seem to want us to stop on the island." Shuai Guo said worriedly, no longer wanting to compare cultivation levels with Mo Wuji.

    Initially, Shuai Guo still intended to compare himself with Da Huang. But Da Huang's rate of cultivating became faster over time, so it gave up on the idea, instead marking Mo Wuji as its next target. All this while, its cultivation level paled in comparison with his, but now finally it had caught up. This was originally something to celebrate, and it had already planned for this to wait until its lord had praised him. However, with the current situation, it was too worried to do anything of that sort.

    While Da Huang had some level of intelligence, his intelligence was insufficient, so he was not as smart as Shuai Guo. The life experiences that Shuai Guo had was also much more than him, as it had even been caught for its blood to be drained once. Hence, before he could sense that something was wrong, Shuai Guo had already beat him to it.

    "You're right, this should be a giant array. The aim of this array is to force us to land on this turtle shell like island. You two, enter my Undying World first." Mo Wuji was still much more experienced than Shuai Guo, with his adventures bringing from the cultivation world to the Half Immortal Domain, Immortal World, etc, so he had seen many more devious tricks and dangerous situations. How could he not realised that something was off about this island?

    Shuai Guo and Da Huang didn't dare to utter a word even though their cultivation level was about the same as Mo Wuji. They knew that if there was really some danger present, they wouldn't be able to help with their current cultivation. Their lord could at least escape into the Nirvana Ocean, and they would just wait for death on the outside.

    After Mo Wuji brought both of them into the Undying World, he kept the flying ship and landed on the Turtle Shell island.

    Upon taking the first step onto the island, Mo Wuji could feel a weird aura present.

    This island was very unusual, as there were no rocks, trees, or even a single blade of grass. Only crisscrossing cracks on the island's surface could be seen. When Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will into those cracks, he could see everything inside very clearly.

    In the cracks, there were countless skeletons, discarded magic treasures, and even some rings...

    Could it be that those cultivators that failed to cross the Nirvana Ocean died here? Then their skeletons got blown into the cracks of the island by the wind?

    Mo Wuji cautiously took one of the rings, but before he had the chance to break the ring's restrictions, a chill ran through his entire body. It seemed like boundless and invisible threads of ice had locked him in place and was dragging him forward.

    A tingling feeling spread through him, and without any hesitation, Mo Wuji used the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman to protect his sea of consciousness, while levitating the Kun Wu Sword over the violet lake.

    When a suction force came in his direction, Mo Wuji felt like the violet lake in his sea of consciousness was about to be sucked away, hence he couldn't help it but follow in the direction of it.

    Countless cold auras that tried to draw him in were blocked out by the Sage Dao Talisman and Book of Luo in his sea of consciousness, which allowed him to finally control his body again. Those icy threads that latched onto him disappeared after seemingly not being able to find a point to exert force on.

    Taking a deep breath, Mo Wuji had some idea of what was going on.

    This was about the same situation as before the Clear Ocean Path appeared. The icy thread like thing that wanted to latch onto him was some sort of dao aura. However, as he did not possess spiritual roots or spirit channels, the aura couldn't find anywhere on him to latch on.

    The suction force that entered his sea of consciousness was similarly trying to drag his primordial spirit away and tear open his sea of consciousness. But he didn't have a primordial spirit, only a violet lake, and there were the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman that protected him. On top of that, the Kun Wu Sword was also there.

    It was thanks to these magic treasures that he was still safe and able to regain control of his body.

    As he stood on the edge of the island, Mo Wuji saw the crater at the center. The urge to go over to take a look at what was inside suddenly surged in his heart.

    He couldn't help but feel like something good was at the island's center.

    After hesitating for a few tens of breaths, he finally decided to make his way over. A horse wouldn't grow fat without wild grass, so how could there be good stuff that was delivered straight into one's hands?

    Based on Mo Wuji's judgment, someone had set up this Turtle Shell Island and that person probably couldn't move freely. If that person could do so, he wouldn't have had to use that sort of primordial spirit snatching method, instead, he could just have thrown an elemental energy palm at Mo Wuji.

    The thing that Mo Wuji was most curious about was why he hadn't felt any danger of dying so far. Due to his cultivation being based on the Immortal Mortal Technique, every time he was close to dying, he would have some sort of sixth sense about it.

    Just as he thought of this, Mo Wuji's vision became blurry, and as though as his spirit channels had been locked and his primordial spirit controlled, he continued walking forward.

    His speed was rather slow, as he would use his spirit storage channel to carve some runes with every step he took. Other than that, he was ready to use the Wind Escape Technique to escape at any moment. In his hand was also a Grade 3 spatial god escape talisman, a Grade 3 talisman obtained from the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Although the Turtle Shell Island wasn't that large, it took him over two hours to reach the center.

    Mo Wuji originally planned peer into the crater from the edge, but when his foot landed there, a terrifying force came his way, and without any ability to fight back, he fell straight in.

    A gigantic pill floated in front of Mo Wuji. It was about the size of a basketball, and this was the first time he had seen a pill that large.

    The pill was slightly red with dense vital blood aura circulating around its surface. When Mo Wuji's spiritual will came in contact with its surface, a wild, yet pure, elemental energy of vital blood came rushing over.

    Immediately, Mo Wuji drew his spiritual will away and his gaze landed on the bottom of the pill.

    There was a stone mortar below the pill, and many bones lay at its side. Some rings were hidden in the piles of bones.

    Every single one of these shriveled up bones gave off a very strong aura. Hence, without knowing who those dead people were, Mo Wuji could guess that they were top notch experts when they were alive.

    Thankfully, he had been protected by the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman, and with his 108 meridians circulating as per the Immortal Mortal Technique, this stone mortar, which seemed to be able to pull all sorts of sources of spiritual energy to it, had a minimal effect on him. At least, it wasn't something he couldn't resist.

    After another round of inspection, Mo Wuji threw out many array flags as he confirmed that there wasn't anything else around here.

    This large pill filled with vital blood was definitely a valuable treasure, so it had to be kept away. The stone mortal that could attract and absorb sources of spiritual energy wasn't simple either.

    "You're not that simple. You have no primordial spirit or spiritual roots, and you could even come here." A bone chilling voice echoed out. But what shocked Mo Wuji the most was that the voice came from the stone mortar.

    "Who are you?" He couldn't bother about what this danger was anymore, and with a wave, the Kun Wu Sword appeared in his hand.

    "The Kun Wu Sword?" The voice in the stone mortar became more excited, but this excitement only lasted for a short while before it said, "Young man, put down the Kun Wu Sword and kowtow here 49 times, then I'll spare your life."
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