Chapter 947: What Do You Want?

    Chapter 947: What Do You Want?

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    Mo Wuji was enraged to the point that he laughed. Killing intent on the Kun Wu Sword burst out instantly, and the ground beneath them turned chilly. The area around the sword became a killzone.

    "You dare to attack me? I'll swallow you alive." An angrier voice echoed out from the stone mortar, as though as it had been completely triggered by the actions of a seemingly ant-like Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji, who was initially filled with killing intent, suddenly calmed down. This old fogey had killed countless people here, and the gigantic vital blood pill was very likely condensed from the vital blood of those cultivators. Why would this old fogey be angry at him for attacking? There were so many skeletons around, and if each of them had caused the stone mortar to become enraged, it would probably have died from anger by now.

    Moreover, it could recognise the Kun Wu Sword after he revealed it, showing a moment of happiness before asking him to kneel down and beg for forgiveness. Even if it were a Nascent God cultivator, he wouldn't do so without any pressure right?

    If the old fogey was just trying to infuriate him and trick him into attacking, then it must have come from the God World's Hollywood.

    Regardless, Mo Wuji swung his Kun Wu Sword out, but the full strength of the blade had been reduced by half. Although Mo Wuji was only at Nascent God Level 3, and he had withdrawn half of his strength, the killing intent of the Kun Wu Sword still seemed to exert a world-breaking pressure, flying at the stone mortar with an aura of death.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji took out a page of the Book of Luo to protect himself.

    "Crack!" A terrifying killing strike shot out from the stone mortar with great pressure, almost causing Mo Wuji to vomit blood. It transformed into blood blades over 10m in length and many metres in breafth which tore through the space between them and flew towards him.

    The Kun Wu Sword's killing intent was very strong, but in the face of these pressurising blood blade, it seemed as thin as a sheet of paper. After it was disintegrated, the blood blade broke through Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain without being affected and landed straight on the Book of Luo.

    "Pui!" Mo Wuji spat out an arrow of blood while he flew backward, landing on the study border behind him before spewing out a few more arrows of blood.

    Even though he had the protection of the Book of Luo and a physical body at the Great Circle of God Physique, all of his bones had shattered, and his primordial spirit was in tatters.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was secretly afraid. He couldn't understand why there was someone strong enough to kill him here but he didn't sense the danger. It seemed that his sixth sense had times when it would fail.

    If he hadn't felt that something was wrong with this old fogey and reduced the power of his Kun Wu Sword as a result while secretly taking out the Book of Luo to protect himself, that blood blade could have torn him to bits. This was because he wouldn't have had the time to take the page of the Book of Luo out by the time the blood blade reached him.

    "Book of Luo?" The stone mortar's shocked voice echoed out once more, and this time, Mo Wuji knew that it was out of real shock, definitely not the kind of faked emotion when it saw the Kun Wu Sword.

    "You're really impressive to be able to save your life with the Book of Luo while striking with full force using the Kun Wu Sword." The voice in the stone mortar seemed to calm down, without any of the rage or pride that was there before.

    Mo Wuji's strength greatly surpassed that of ordinary Nascent God cultivators, hence even when he struck with only half strength, from the perspective of the existence inside the stone mortar, he was going at full force.

    There weren't any healing pills on Mo Wuji, so he could only chew on a stalk of Rain Storing God Grass and swallow it, then use his vitality channel to begin recovering.

    The existence inside the stone mortar either feared Mo Wuji as he had pages of the Book of Luo, or for some other reason unknown, and did not continue its assault on him while he recuperated.

    An hour passed by, and as his injuries had mostly healed, Mo Wuji stood up. Based on his instincts, it was very difficult to leave this place. He would have to negotiate with this guy inside the stone mortar that seemed to only have an elemental spirit in order to leave.

    When he stood up, the voice from the stone mortar spoke again, "You have met with great opportunities and you also have good fate. Not only do you possess the Book of Luo, but also the Kun Wu Sword. For someone that has fate and opportunities as you, if I continue attacking, I'd probably still be unable to kill you right?"

    Holding the Kun Wu Sword in hand, Mo Wuji didn't make any moves. He knew that even if he went all out, it wouldn't be able to match up against the existence inside the stone mortar. As for the statement made by the voice from the stone mortar, he didn't believe a single word of it.

    "If you want to attack, attack all you want. If you aren't going to attack, I'm going to start setting up arrays. All I have is time, and I don't believe that I can't deal with an old fogey like you." Mo Wuji's tone was similarly calm as he suspected that the old fogey in the stone mortar could only strike with full strength once. Precisely because of that, it had to bait him into attacking full strength so that it could kill him in one shot.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't an idiot, so he stealthily took out the page of the Book of Luo, and left half of his elemental energy to block his opponent's one time attack.

    Regardless whether the other party could still attack, he didn't intend to attack anymore. Instead, he intended to slowly cook this frog.

    "You're very smart, and if you are willing to listen to me, we can still discuss this. Otherwise, it isn't very beneficial for you." The voice inside the stone mortar also became warmer.

    Mo Wuji responded casually, "I don't really believe that as a Grade 6 God Array Master, I can't deal with a spirit like you."

    Although he had only just entered the ranks of Grade 4 God Array Masters, after observing his opponent's blood blade, Mo Wuji no longer wanted to fight it head on. Who could confirm that his opponent would not continue to throw out blood blades when fighting for its life? Hence when he spoke, he magically increased his Array Dao's grade by 2.

    "Wait, you should think that I can only attack with one blood blade right. Let me tell you frankly if I deplete by elemental energy, I can still shoot out a few more. You can block the first one, the second one, but can you block the third? Even if you have the Book of Luo, you won't be able to..."

    Mo Wuji became silent. He knew that this stone mortar spirit was right: he couldn't block them. The first one had almost taken him out, so if his opponent wanted to fire off two more blood blades in a desperate attempt, he couldn't take it even with the Book of Luo.

    It wasn't because the Book of Luo wasn't good enough, but as he had not completely refined it, and his strength was simply too low.

    Seeing Mo Wuji keeping quiet and no longer spreading out array flags, the voice in the stone mortar added on, "I don't want anything from you, and I'll even let you go. I believe that you know that this is my territory, and if I don't allow you to leave, even if you try to perish with me, you still won't be able to leave."

    "That's it?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "What else do you want?" The voice inside the stone mortar seemed to be a little angry.

    Inside his heart, Mo Wuji was rather unsatisfied. Who knew how many times he had used this kind of negotiation tactics. "What you mean is that after I came in and am about to be sent out by you, I won't get a single item?"

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji swept up over 10 rings lying on the ground.

    "That's enough, you've already taken that many rings away. There's good stuff inside those rings. You can go now." The voice inside the stone mortar repeated again.

    "I picked up these rings from the ground, so what does it have to do with you? I initially planned to set up a trap array to slowly kill you since you lured me in and made me..." Halfway through his sentence, Mo Wuji stopped as his spiritual will had broken through the restrictions and found out that the rings he had just picked up were completely empty.

    "Very good, the items in the rings had all been taken away by you. Since I can't get anything, then there's no deal, please continue throwing out your blood blades." Mo Wuji's page of the Book of Luo was taken out, and the Kun Wu Sword turned into a blade screen to protect him.

    After that, the array flags in his hands continuously flew out, obviously setting up a deathtrap array and a god sealing array.

    "Stop!" The spirit inside the stone mortar obviously recognised the trap array Mo Wuji was setting up and shouted out.

    Yet, not only did Mo Wuji continue, he also started throwing countless lightning bolts at the stone mortar while setting up the deathtrap array.

    As the lightning bolts landed on the stone mortar, he could feel the spirit in there tremble. In his heart, he chuckled to himself. So that guy was afraid of lightning strikes.

    He then threw out another two bolts of lightning, one at the stone mortar, the other at the giant vital blood pill floating above it.

    When the lightning struck the giant vital blood pill, it created a bloody mist around it.

    "Stop immediately, if you dare to attack my pill again, I'll take you down with me even if it means waiting for another billion years." The voice in the stone mortar ordered furiously and streams of raging aura rose up from it. It never expected that Mo Wuji was actually a lightning cultivator.

    This time, Mo Wuji stopped attacking. He could sense that the spirit inside the stone mortar was really angry now. On top of that, its words were also true, which meant that the giant vital blood pill was very important to it. This pill could very likely be made from the vital blood and elemental energy of countless cultivators that arrived on the Turtle Shell Island. As for what the spirit in the stone mortar wanted it for, Mo Wuji guessed that it was for something along the lines of recovery.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji ceased attacking, the spirit in the stone mortar heaved a sigh of relief, and spoke, "What do you want?"

    "I'm lacking in cultivation resources. If you give me a few hundred million top grade god crystals, and a couple tens of thousands of top grade and peak grade god spiritual vein, it'll be just enough." Mo Wuji replied with an equally casual tone.
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