Chapter 948: Youre Scheming Indeed

    Chapter 948: You're Scheming Indeed

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    This time it was the spirit's turn to be angered to the point of laughing, "A few hundred million top grade god crystals, a few tens of thousands of god spiritual veins, do you think that they are as common as rocks on the ground? I won't lie to you, all of the god crystals and god spiritual veins have been used up by me and not a single one is left."

    "Then let's go our own ways." Mo Wuji opened his hands and lightning bolts began forming in them.

    "Wait, I see that you don't have any pills, and have to resort to directly consuming god spiritual herbs. Here are some pills for you." After speaking, it gave a jade bottle to Mo Wuji.

    However, he did not bother catching the jade bottle, allowing it to clatter onto the ground.

    "What's the meaning of this?" The stone mortar spirit was a little unhappy.

    With a cold chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "If I give you any pills now, will you dare to eat them?"

    "No wonder you could survive until now, you're really very careful. Would I have to use poison pills to take care of an ant like you?" This pissed off the stone mortar spirit thoroughly. Would it have to actually poison a Nascent God?

    Still, Mo Wuji responded calmly, "One must not have the intention to hurt others, but one must always have one's guard up against others. If I didn't have a certain level of ability, I'd have been killed by other's blood blades a long time ago."

    As he spoke, the lightning aura of the lightning bolts in his hands became denser.

    "Okay, there was an excellent pill god that passed by here, and he left a pill furnace and some pill refining jade slips. I'll give them to you. Once you've mastered them, you'll never have to eat god spiritual herbs directly ever again." The stone mortar spirit was a little sarcastic as it reached the end of its sentences.

    Following which, a ring was thrown to Mo Wuji.

    Without caring about anything, Mo Wuji casually caught the ring and sent his spiritual will into it. When he saw that there were many pill recipe jade slips and an encyclopedia of pill refining knowledge, various god spiritual herbs, and some rare and unique god spiritual herbs, his heart began to beat really fast. This was exactly what he needed.

    After arriving in the God World, he was not able to refine any pills at all. On top of not recognising many god spiritual herbs, he didn't know any pill refining techniques or pill recipes for god pills.

    But now everything had been delivered to his doorstep, which made him extremely excited. As for that worn out pill furnace, it was completely ignored.

    Even so, Mo Wuji kept the ring expressionlessly, "Pill refining? I'm not really that ambitious. Can anyone that wants to refine pills do so just because they want to? However, these items in the ring can be exchanged for some god crystals, so I'll graciously take them. But these items are not enough."

    This was not bullsh*t on Mo Wuji's part. If he didn't cultivate with the Immortal Mortal Technique, he wouldn't have been able to learn pill refining. Not only did pill refining require talent, but also large amounts of resources and time.

    To become a pill refiner, one had to first be wealthy, otherwise, you couldn't even think about learning the skill. Secondly, you had to have the aptitude for cultivation, or else your lifespan would be completely used up before your Pill Dao even formed. Thirdly, you also had to be talented in pill refining. None of these factors could be missing.

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, the stone mortar spirit surprisingly didn't rebut him, instead, it took out another ring and threw it to Mo Wuji while saying, "There are many magic treasures in there. You can choose any one keep for yourself."

    In response, Mo Wuji flared up, "You're scheming indeed."

    The stone mortar spirit spoke with a little coldness in his voice, "How am I scheming? Even the lousiest magic treasure that I presented to you was a mid grade god equipment. I don't believe that you dare to roam around while waving something like the Kun Wu Sword."

    Mo Wuji replied casually, "Those magic treasures were obtained by killing others right. Did you want me to use them and borrow other's blades to kill me when the acquaintances of those you killed see me with it? Was I wrong to call you scheming?"

    "You..." The stone mortar spirit really did not think that deeply, and when it heard Mo Wuji's words, it almost couldn't catch its breath.

    "Good, then pass me that ring, I'll give you something else. " It seemed like the stone mortar spirit was rather fearful of the lightning bolts in Mo Wuji's hands, so it could only swallow its anger once more.

    Raising the ring up, Mo Wuji spoke, "I definitely can't hand these things over to you. If you hide a few magic treasures in my ring again that I don't discover, and they're recognised by some people familiar with them, I'll be dead. I'm planning to throw all of these away somewhere else. I can't allow you to continue sabotaging me."

    "Okay, okay..." The stone mortar spirit repeated this a few times. If it had a body, it wouldn't be able to ensure that it would not be angered to the point of spewing up a few mouthfuls of blood.

    "If you're really sincere, why don't you give me all of the smithing materials. I'll learn smithing myself, and perhaps one day I'll be able to forge a couple of peak grade god equipment to use." Mo Wuji interrupted the stone mortar spirit's anger.

    The stone mortar spirit raged on, "Don't you know that smithing won't take less time than pill refining? If you don't have the drive to refine pills, how could you have the drive to smith?"

    As if this didn't matter, Mo Wuji calmly replied, "There's no issue, don't you know what's a hobby? I'm not aiming to forge any good quality magic treasures. Can't I just do some smithing whenever I'm free to build my character?"

    A few moments ago, he just said that he wanted to forge a few peak grade god equipment to use, but now he turned around to say that he didn't hope to make anything good. This definitely ticked the stone mortar spirit off till it almost went crazy.

    But when it thought of Mo Wuji's terrifying lightning bolts, it still took out a ring and passed it to him. After that, it wouldn't talk anymore.

    If Mo Wuji was greedy beyond measure, then they'll just fight it out. It could still get rid of this little greedy ant, and at most, it would cost a few million years of effort.

    Once his spiritual will landed on the ring, he saw that there were mountains of high grade smithing materials inside, which made him almost want to shout out in joy. This was precisely what he lacked at the moment, and these materials were very valuable items in the God Domain. How could he not be happy after receiving so much at once?

    Although he was elated, Mo Wuji still kept the ring together with the lightning bolts without becoming flustered.

    "Send me away. This Turtle Shell Island is not bad. I'll find a place to settle down on the island and begin learning smithing." MO WUji said as he kept the array flags.

    "What else do you want?" The stone mortar spirit couldn't conceal its emotions anymore.

    Impatiently, Mo Wuji said, " This Nirvana Ocean is so scary, and it was by pure luck that I was able to come here. Truthfully, I've regretted crossing the ocean long ago. Now that I've painstakingly found this island, I'll at least cultivate till God Monarch before leaching. Moreover, I'm very violent, so only this location is suitable for me to cultivate in."

    Even though it knew that Mo Wuji was spouting nonsense, the spirit in the stone mortar couldn't do anything about it. Unless it really severed its ties with him, but how could it do so when it was on the brink of success?

    Suppressing the rage inside, the stone mortar spirit threw out a location plate, "There's a transfer array at the location marked by a red dot on the location plate. The array will be able to directly transport you across the Nirvana Ocean."

    "It can't be sending me back right? I spent so much effort coming here from the God Domain." Mo Wuji excitedly thought to himself as he took the location plate.

    With a cold snort, the stone mortar spirit added on, "If you want to cross the Nirvana Ocean, it will take a few more decades, while this transfer array can easily send you to the other side."

    It swore that once it regained its powers, the first person it killed would be this tiny Nascent God ant before it. Although back in the day it had enemies who ground its physical body to dust, they seemed cute when compared to this Nascent God ant.

    "If that's the case, then I'll bid you farewell. If there isn't a transfer array, I'll come back to keep you company." Mo Wuji's body disappeared with a flash, together with the oppressive aura in the surroundings, after speaking. He soon charged out of the central crater of the Turtle Shell Island easily.

    Once he was out, Mo Wuji used a low grade god equipment to fly to the place marked by the red dot on the location plate.

    Although he had almost died at the hands of that stone mortar spirit, the benefits he managed to reap were immense.

    The pile of pill refining jade slips was enough to make him satisfied, what more if those mountains of high grade smithing materials were added to the mix.

    Indeed, the stone mortar spirit wasn't lying. Three days later, Mo Wuji's flying ship stopped as it arrived at its destination.

    After keeping the flying ship, he dove straight into the ocean.

    The transfer array was a the bottom of the Clear Ocean Path, so Mo Wuji had to spend a good half a day to reach it.

    When he reached the bottom, he could see the transfer array. It was made of some unknown materials, and who knew how long it had lasted here, but there weren't any traces of degradation.

    On top of that, the materials used to make it were mostly unfamiliar to Mo Wuji.

    After he stepped onto the transfer array, he knew that he had forgotten one thing. The transfer array required top grade god crystals to run, and did he have any? That spirit didn't give a single one.

    Left without a choice, Mo Wuji could only take out that high grade god spiritual vein that Qu You gave him.

    Array flags were deployed out one by one which guided all of the god spiritual energy from the high grade god spiritual vein into the few transfer spiritual troughs in the transfer array.

    What made Mo Wuji the most shocked as that, when the transfer array was activated, the god spiritual energy from the high grade god spiritual vein formed small whirlpools which were sucked away by the transfer array. The spiritual vein was being used up a rate visible to one's eyes.

    As the light around the transfer array became brighter, Mo Wuji was finally whisked away by a bundle of light, completely disappearing from the bottom of the Nirvana Ocean.
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