Chapter 949: Farming

    Chapter 949: Farming

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    Even with Mo Wuji's cultivation level, he felt a strong dizzy sensation, which reflected how far a distance he was traveling. By the time he woke up again, he was already in the center of a transfer array.

    Without exiting the array, his spiritual will immediately scanned outwards. This seemed to be an underground stone house. The house did not have a door outside, but instead, there was a layer of restrictions that blocked off spiritual will. Beyond the restriction were soil and rocks. Due to the presence of the restrictions, his spiritual will could not stretch out any further.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. This was probably an area that had not been visited for a very long period of time.

    After confirming that there was no danger, he walked out of the transfer array and the spiritual will blocking restrictions, taking out an Earth Escape Talisman at the same time.

    Out of the elemental escape techniques, Mo Wuji only knew the Wind Escape Technique. Hence, for him to move through the earth, he could only borrow the power of an Earth Escape Talisman.

    An hour later, he emerged from the surface of the ground.

    The land that he stood on was a barren manor which had broken walls all around, which made it appeared very run down. Even though it was the middle of the day, the area still appeared rather shady.

    The scene before him reminded him of the Lightning Sword Manor as it seemed like no one had come it after someone wiped out the entire sect or organisation.

    His spiritual will swept out once more, and as expected the surroundings were very barren. Only a few hundred meters ahead was there a long river.

    With a casual motion, Mo Wuji plucked out a stalk of Rain Storing God Grass, a Tier 2 god spiritual herb. Since this manor had Tier 2 god spiritual herbs, it must have been not simple.

    Just as he wanted to leave the manor, a flying car suddenly roared past, stopping right in front of it.

    A ravishing woman walked out of it, and once she came out, he began heading towards the manor. When she did so, she immediately saw Mo Wuji who was about to walk out.

    "What are you doing here?" The beautiful woman asked one question and she figured out what Mo Wuji was here for. Her gaze fell on the stalk of Tier 2 god spiritual herb, Rain Storing God Grass, in his hands.

    Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully, "I saw that there were some god spiritual herbs here, so I wanted to come in to take a look. I didn't know that this is elder sister's territory. I just arrived here, and only took a stalk of Rain Storing God Grass."

    Elder sister? When the beautiful woman heard Mo Wuji address her, her eyes turned slightly red. How long had it been since someone called her 'elder sister'? As her spiritual will scanned past in an instant, she confirmed that he was speaking the truth. This was because there was indeed only one stalk of Rain Storing God Grass that was plucked out by him.

    "You came to the Mei Clan Manor alone to find god spiritual herbs, are you not afraid?" The beautiful woman asked as she was puzzled.

    Afraid? Mo Wuji returned the question, "Elder sister, but there are no barricades here. Does that mean that cultivators are not allowed to enter the area to look for god spiritual herbs? I'll leave immediately."

    The beautiful woman replied with a smile, "It's nothing much. You shouldn't be a cultivator from around here right?"

    In response, Mo Wuji quickly nodded, "Yes, I'm a rogue cultivator from very far away. My talent for cultivation is very low, and I'm looked down upon by others, so I left to a place far away from my hometown hoping that I can create a miracle for myself."

    "Hope that I can create a miracle for myself..." Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, the beautiful woman repeated them in a mumble. Following which, she went into deep thought, as though she had suddenly thought of something.

    Based on his sensing, this beautiful woman's cultivation level was likely God Monarch, hence he dared not carelessly leave. Moreover, there were a few female servants that followed her here, and they stood waiting by the flying car outside the manor.

    Thankfully she regained her senses rather quickly, and her gaze that fell on Mo Wuji softened up much more, "There's nothing wrong about being untalented, I hope that you can preserve this mindset of searching for a miracle of your own. If you don't mind, you can join our Minor High Firmament Sect."

    Join the Minor High Firmament Sect? Mo Wuji was shocked by the offer. Was this really the God Continent? Sects in the God Continent were this easy to join? One could join a sect as he pleased? Why was there the need to have a 'Minor High Firmament Sect' instead of a plain 'High Firmament Sect' too?

    The beautiful woman knew that Mo Wuji must have misunderstood her words, so she explained with a slight smile, "Your spirituality isn't very obvious, so it must mean that your spiritual roots are of very low quality. By join, I didn't mean for you to join as a disciple of the Minor High Firmament Sect, but to help the sect plant spiritual rice and some ordinary god spiritual herbs."

    So that's how he would join the sect. In the end, it was just the position of an errand boy. As for the 'if you don't mind' that she said, Mo Wuji ignored it completely. It was said out of consideration for his ego, and it seemed like there was serious competition for the position of planting god spiritual grass and rice for Minor High Firmament Sect.

    As he thought of the fact that he had just arrived here, and his cultivation level was stuck, Mo Wuji agreed after a short moment of hesitation, "Thank you elder sister for giving me this opportunity. I'm willing to join the Minor High Firmament Sect."

    Could this even be considered an opportunity? The beautiful woman evaluated Mo Wuji with a gaze once more. Although she had only exchanged a few sentences with him, she had the feeling that Mo Wuji was a person with some background, and he also reminded her of her dead younger brother.

    This thought flashed through her mind before she told the two female servants waiting outside, "Mian He, send..."

    "That's right, what's your name?" The beautiful woman only then recalled that she had not asked Mo Wuji for his name all this while.

    "My name is Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji confirmed that this wasn't God Domain, so he did not have to continue hiding his real name.

    Nodding her head, the beautiful woman said, "Go, even though planting spiritual plants is rather tough, but there's one chance for you to go to the sect to listen to dao every year. Regardless whether this is the miracle you were looking for, it's at least an opportunity."

    "Thank you elder sister.' Mo Wuji quickly bowed out of gratitude. She had given him a job just after meeting him once, how lucky was that. He didn't mind the work, but the main priority was to settle down as soon as possible, then investigate why he couldn't advance in cultivation level while gathering information about the God Continent.

    "Mian He, bring Mo Wuji to Minor High Firmament Village and help him arrange for a plot of land. Instruct Manager Guang to take care of Mo Wuji." After finishing her piece, the beautiful woman no longer bothered with Mo Wuji, instead, she stared at the dilapidated manor, seemingly immersing herself deeply into a memory.

    Mo Wuji quietly bowed respectfully and left the manor.

    A young lady wearing a green coloured skirt walked over and calmly spoke to Mo Wuji, "Please follow me."

    After that, she even took out a flying ship.

    "Thank you Elder Sister Mian He." Mo Wuji thanked before following her up the flying ship.

    Once the flying ship started moving, Mo Wuji asked, "Elder Sister Mian He, why does that elder sister think that I'm very courageous to go to the Mei Clan Manor to search for god spiritual herbs by myself?"

    As she felt that Mo Wuji had a glib tongue, the young lady no longer maintained an expressionless face as she replied, "The Mei Clan Manor is where my lady was born, and other than people of the Mei Clan, any cultivators of other surnames will have their spirit channels and spiritual roots destroyed after entering for a prolonged period of time. For the more serious cases, their primordial spirit could even be dissolved."

    When he heard this reply, Mo Wuji dared not probe further. The Mei Clan Manor had obviously been destroyed by others, and that beautiful woman was also going to commemorate the passing of her loved ones. He suspected that the Mei Clan Manor was related to the Nirvana Ocean as one's primordial spirit, spiritual roots, and spirit channels would be corroded in there as well.

    "That's right, elder sister, why is our sect called Minor High Firmament Sect, and is the job of planting spiritual herbs very important?" Mo Wuji had countless questions to ask, and this Mian He, while she appeared rather strict, had divulged quite some information after a few questions from him.

    This was indeed the God Continent. The area on the God Continent was split into a few areas. There was the High God Land, Middle God Land, and Low God Land.

    This location in the God Continent belonged to an ordinary area and could be considered as the border of the Low and Middle God Lands. There was also a High Firmament God Sect in the God Continent, and this sect was one of the top sects, located in the High God Lands. Under normal circumstances, the High Firmament God Sect would not set up a branch in such an area.

    However, many years ago, one of the outer disciples of the High Firmament God Sect made a name for himself and set up a sect here. In order to not get in the way of the main sect's glory, the outer disciple named his sect the Minor High Firmament Sect.

    Hence, the Minor High Firmament Sect could be considered a subsidiary sect of the High Firmament God Sect, but of course to the High Firmament God Sect, the existence of the Minor High Firmament Sect was negligible.

    The person Mian He referred to as 'my lady' was named Mei Qian Qian, and she usually didn't bother about things. But this time, not only did she arrange for Mo Wuji to go to Minor High Firmament Village, she also sent her close female slave to bring him there. Based on what Mian He said, this was really a first.


    The Minor High Firmament Village wasn't far away from the Mei Clan Manor, and on the way, Mian He explained many things to Mo Wuji. A half a day later, the flying ship stopped beside a large plot of farmland.

    That's right, farmland. It was some god spiritual rice that was planted here, ad Mo Wuji could even see some people at work in the paddy fields.

    If it weren't for the dense god spiritual energy that flowed over, Mo Wuji would have thought that he had to start farming.

    "There's really dense god spiritual energy here." Mo Wuji exclaimed.

    Mian He explained, " There are god spiritual veins planted underneath this area, so my lady really wanted to help you when she sent you here. As long as you work hard, cultivating here might be even better than what the outer disciples experience."

    "No one has tried to steal the god spiritual veins?" Mo Wuji was puzzled.

    With a cold chuckle, Mian He replied, "Who dares to steal the god spiritual veins inside the god spiritual farm? Even cultivators don't dare to cultivate here, much less steal. The god spiritual veins are meant to provide nourishment for the medicine and rice farms, so other than the rice planter, no one dares to cultivate here. All those who plant god spiritual rice have very poor spiritual roots, are hopeless cultivators, or even mortals. They basically can't cultivate at all."

    This made Mo Wuji silent. He knew that the main rice planted here was Green Dew Rice. According to Mian He, the entire God Continent consumed Green Dew Rice. This rice had dense elemental energy in it, and eating it for long periods of time can help cultivators increase their insights and break through bottlenecks.

    However, these weren't the main function of the rice, which was that it could counteract pill poison. This by itself was already very impressive, after all, which cultivator didn't consume pills? After one took too many pills, one would naturally fear pill poison. Hence rice that served as an antidote for pill poison naturally became valuable.

    For these reasons, almost every sect would plant Green Dew Rice, but it was a pity that the amount of rice produced was too low, and the amount of god spiritual energy it absorbed was too much. On top of that, rice planted at different locations and by different people could be split into a few grades.
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