Chapter 950: I Am A Mortal

    Chapter 950: I Am A Mortal

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    Mian He brought Mo Wuji into a building at the borders of large farmland. The stone building had six floors, but only a few people occupied the inside.

    Mo Wuji thought that the beautiful woman had asked Mian He to bring him over, and also to instruct the Manager Guang to take care of him. Logically speaking, that woman should have had some level of power. However, once he entered, he suspected whether he had guessed wrongly.

    None of the people greeted Mian He after seeing her.

    By the time she had brought him to a large room on the top floor, none of the people in the room stood up, which alerted him to how weird the greeting situation was.

    "Manager Guang, Lady Mei asked me to send Mo Wuji here to work. Give him some land, and arrange for him to stay at somewhere better." Mian He spoke courteously.

    Only at this point did the man sitting in the center of the room look up and sweep him gaze across Mian He while replying, "How is there any location in the Minor High Firmament Village that has available work to be done? There are no god spiritual farms already. Go back and tell Mei Qianqian not to send everyone here."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He suspected that Lady Mei wasn't clear about her position here. Otherwise, why would something like this happen?

    The expression of Mian He's face changed, and she directly took out a token, "Guang Zhi, I now order you with the power of Firmament Pond Mountain to immediately arrange for Mo Wuji to plant Green Dew Rice here."

    Guang Zhi slowly rose from his seat, and coldly stared st Mian He before taking out a book from the side. After randomly flipping through it a few times, he took out a black token and threw it to Mo Wuji, "This is your identity token. From now on you're a plant cultivator of Minor High Firmament Village. You have one plot of land, plot D79. You are required to pay 20 catties of Green Dew Rice a year. Since you're new, I won't set any requirement for the quality."

    Although Mo Wuji didn't know the production capacity of Green Dew Rice, a plot of farmland was definitely not much. A plot here was around 600 square kilometres large. As a precaution against Guang Zhi, who didn't seem like a good person, Mo Wuji secretly recorded the entire conversation down.

    "Manager Guang, are you trying to bully someone that hasn't planted Green Dew Rice before? One plot of farmland can produce 20 catties of Green Dew Rice? Moreover, I've heard that those who plant Green Dew Rice here have at least 10 plots, so why did you only give Mo Wuji one plot?" Mian He questioned angrily.

    With a cold laughter, Guang Zhi replied, "I've already done as Firmament Pond Mountain requested and given him a plot of land, what else do you want? I've followed the sect rules, so if you're unhappy, please go to lodge a complaint against me with the sect. Other people can produce 30-50 catties of Green Dew Rice with one plot of land, so is it too much for me to ask for 20 catties from him?

    Upon hearing this, Mian He became speechless. She didn't know whether 20 catties of Green Dew Rice from one plot of land was considered a lot or not.

    Deep inside, Guang Zhi was laughing to himself. The plot of land that could produce 30-50 catties of Green Dew Rice was an A grade farmland. A D grade farmland wanted to produce 20 catties of Green Dew Rice? Then it would be too easy to obtain Green Dew Rice.

    Mo Wuji probed further, "What if I can harvest more than 20 catties of rice from my plot of land, does the excess belong to me?"

    Laughing, Guang Zhi replied, "Of course it belongs to you, otherwise do you think that there'll still be people planting Green Dew Rice here? Even if you have an excess of 200 catties, you can do whatever you want with it."

    While Mian He did not understand much, she knew a little more about Green Dew Rice than Mo Wuji. After hearing Guang Zhi's words, she quickly told Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, you must not sell the excess Green Dew Rice. You have to eat them yourself. Planting Green Dew Rice requires one to eat Green Dew Rice, otherwise you'll weaken your vitality and add an additional burden to your spirit channels. Not only will this affect your lifespan, but your cultivation as well."

    Now Mo Wuji finally understood everything: why there was such dense spiritual energy here, and why the people planting Green Dew Rice were those with poor spiritual roots and mortals.

    Guang Zhi mocked Mo Wuji in his heart, but never gave an answer. One plot of grade D land could definitely not meet the 20 catty Green Dew Rice requirement. As for leaving some behind to eat? He he, dream on.

    Mo Wuji kept the jade token and said, "Could Manager Guang please pass me the rice seeds?"

    Staring at Mo Wuji through the corner of his eyes, Guang Zhi spoke with a hint of sarcasm, "This is your first time here, so let me tell you a rule. Anyone that comes here to ask for rice must buy them with god crystals. I can give you 100 rice seeds, but it'll cost you 100 high grade god crystals."

    "100 rice seeds cost 100 high grade god crystals?' Mo Wuji couldn't help but ask.

    This was too much of a scam right? Even though he had never seen the seeds of Green Dew Rice, he knew that those that Guang Zhi gave him would definitely be of the worst quality, not any good ones, and this price was surely extremely expensive.

    "Is it ok for the rice seeds to be ok the same kind?" Guang Zhi asked as though as Mo Wuji didn't say anything.

    Seeing that Mian He was looking at him, Mo Wuji could only shake his head, "I don't have a single god crystal on me."

    In his heart, he couldn't stand it. It was so difficult for him to find somewhere to settle down, but in the end, he didn't have the god crystals to buy seeds.

    Mian He took out 60 high grade god crystals and passed them to Mo Wuji, "I have 60, I'll lend them to you for now."

    "Thank you Elder SIster Mian He." Mo Wuji quickly thanked her as he received the god crystals.

    "60 high grade god crystals, so I'll give you 60 Green Dew Rice seeds." Guang Zhi threw a small sack onto the table.

    Without taking the sack immediately, Mo Wuji calmly asked, "Manager Guang, if I harvest intermediate grade or high grade Green Dew Rice, do I have to submit 20 catties as well?"

    Upon hearing this, Guang Zhi looked at Mo Wuji impatiently, "If you harvest intermediate grade, submit 8 catties. If it's high grade, submit 4 catties, and for unique grade, submit half a catty, as long as you have the ability to produce them."

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about Guang Zhi's mocking, and asked again, "If I manage to harvest a higher grade of Green Dew Rice, can I exchange it for some lower grade Green Dew Rice seeds?"

    "Haha..." Guang Zhi burst out laughing, and after he was done, he stared at Mo Wuji, "You can submit whatever you want. But if you can't even meet the minimum quota, don't blame me for not giving you face. Please leave, I still have work to settle here."

    Mian He pulled Mo Wuji out of Guang Zhi's room with a sour expression on her face. While they had already left the room, he could still hear Guang Zhi's laughter.

    "Mo Wuji, I won't send you to the farmland already. I'll go back and speak to my lady and see if she can do anything for you." Mian He had already developed a good impression of him after this half day of interaction.

    In response, Mo Wuji corrected her, "Elder Sister Mian He, please don't report what happened here to your master, just tell her that everything has been arranged properly for me."

    This made Mian He fall silent, as she understood what Mo Wuji meant. A moment later, she nodded her head, "You're a pretty good guy, my lady wasn't wrong to help you. I'll be taking my leave, if I have the time in the future, maybe I'll pop by to visit you."

    After she finished her piece, Mian He took out a flying ship and disappeared completely.


    An hour later, Mo Wuji stood at the foot of a mountain, which was littered with pebbles and weeds, with an ugly expression on his face. This was plot D79.

    Even if this plot of land wasn't of such poor quality, it was still located at the extreme borders of the Minor High Firmament Village's god spiritual array.

    Based on the information he gathered, planting good Green Dew Rice required good spring water. The people who planted Green Dew Rice also invited some god array masters to set up spiritual arrays and dug a well. But all these required god crystals.

    Thankfully, Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 god array master himself. His main intention of coming here was not to plant Green Dew Rice, but to investigate why he couldn't advance in cultivation level. Since this area had god spiritual veins and an energy gathering array, god spiritual energy here was extremely dense, making it very suitable for cultivation.

    As he thought of this, MO WUji immediately drew out a high grade immortal equipment cave, and asked Da Huang and Shuai Guo to come out to clear up the plot of land. He would continue to absorb god spiritual energy in the cave while searching for the reason for his inability to advance in cultivation level.

    All of the people who planted Green Dew Rice here were very busy men. If they did their jobs well, the excess rice could be consumed by themselves and even sold. However, Mo Wuji was focused on cultivating and finding out why he couldn't progress in cultivating.

    "Shuai Guo, you and Da Huang enter the cave and cultivate. Let me plant these Green Dew Rice seeds." Ultimately, Mo Wuji decided to humbly plant the Green Dew Rice.

    Initially, when he faced the tens of cultivators from the Nine Evolution Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate, he consumed a large number of pills, so who knew if that was when he became afflicted with pill poisoning.

    Theoretically speaking, he had the detoxification meridian, so there shouldn't be the problem of being poisoned. However, pill poison was different from normal poisons. Pill poison wouldn't affect anything but one's cultivation. Green Dew Rice could serve as an antidote, hence he could try to eat some of the rice he harvested in the future.

    When they crossed the Nirvana Ocean, Da Huang and Shuai Guo knew how important one's strength was, so now that Mo Wuji asked them to cultivate in an area with more than enough god spiritual energy, both of them simply went to cultivate.

    Mo Wuji began to consolidate his thoughts and started to work on his plot of land.

    He had done some farming before on Earth. Regardless whether it was normal rice or Green Dew Rice, they were harvested from rice paddies. On top of that, he was a biologist and a Pill Emperor, so he couldn't believe that he wouldn't be able to produce a slightly better quality rice.

    After the farmland had been sorted out, he set up a simple rain array. Then, one by one the seeds were planted into the ground with a regular spacing between them.

    At first, Mo Wuji still wanted to finish the task as soon as possible, but once he began planting the Green Dew Rice into the ground, he totally forgot that he was a cultivator. In that moment, he was just an ordinary farmer. The most ordinary of mortals who worked hard for food.

    When he forgot that he was a cultivator, when he did not cultivate anymore, when he seriously planted seed after seed into the ground bent over back, the obstacle in his cultivation level was torn apart in that instant. The cultivation level that remained stagnant for years started to rise wildly, and in a short period of time, he went from elementary Nascent God Level 3 to intermediate Nascent God Level 3.

    "I understand now, I am a mortal." Mo Wuji slowly straightened his back with a glint of excitement in his eyes. But this emotion disappeared as quickly as it came, and he once again turned into an ordinary mortal planting rice.
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