Chapter 951: God King Green Robes Nu Fang

    Chapter 951: God King Green Robes Nu Fang

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    After entering intermediate Nascent God Level 3, Mo Wuji knew what went wrong with him: his heart state was misaligned.

    As he grew stronger, the people that interacted with him also became stronger. This made him want to increase his cultivation level at a crazy rate. Since he entered the God Domain, he had reached Nascent God Level 3 in a short period of time.

    This was at odds with the foundation of his cultivation technique, as he was cultivating as a mortal. However in the process of cultivation, he had continuously compared himself to those cultivation geniuses and as a result, unknowingly considered himself as a true cultivation genius as well. It was already very lucky that he did not go astray in cultivation under such circumstances, what more for advancing in cultivation level?

    Only today did he consolidate his thoughts to focus on a menial task completely unrelated to cultivation, which led to his progress in cultivation. The small bits of progress collected over time finally turned into strength at this moment. Deep inside his heart, there seemed to be something sprouting too.

    When he thought until this point, Mo Wuji stopped once again.

    His heart state had not been truly completed yet, and the planting of Green Dew Rice seeds was not exactly totally unrelated to cultivation. In the end, he was still doing so to advance his cultivation. The Green Dew Rice could be used to counteract pill poison, and he planted the rice in the first place.

    It seemed like he had reached a fork on his path of cultivation. Because he cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique, it meant that he had to use the mindset of a mortal to approach dao. So what kind of mindset should he maintain towards cultivation?

    He should stop thinking about how the Green Dew Rice can counter pill poison, and without any aim for the farming, he would do so just to be at peace. Only if he planted Green Dew Rice without any goal in mind would his heart state improve thoroughly.

    This issue made Mo Wuji frown as t didn't seem like something the depths of his mind needed. Deep inside, planting Green Dew Rice seeds wasn't a recreational activity to spend excess time on, and even more so it couldn't have any aim.

    Mortals planted rice for survival, and to exchange it for the right to live. So what was wrong with planting Green Dew Rice seeds for cultivating? Why couldn't he pursue any goals when planting Green Dew Rice seeds? He was originally a mortal, but never did his mind reach such an enlightened state: to plant Green Dew Rice seeds for others without asking for anything in return. He had put in the effort, so he needed to gain something.

    A formless shadow and obstacle seemed to be melted away by a blazing fire, disappearing from Mo Wuji. This made him feel much more relaxed all over, and he also became more open-minded to everything before him.

    There was no need to be too intentional, one only exists with a set of your own principles. There's no need to compare oneself with cultivation geniuses. One just had to do one's things and cultivate one's own Mortal Dao.

    Mo Wuji's entire being was at peace, without any of the frustrations about cultivation level stagnation. He calmly plowed the field, calmly spread the seeds, calmly set up an energy gathering array... then calmly waited for the harvest season.

    As Manager Guang wasn't on good terms with him, Mo Wuji didn't know how many seeds a plot of land required. The only thing he knew was that Green Dew Rice seeds matured in six months and could be planted at any time. You could have either one or two harvests in a year.

    It could be said that the Green Dew Rice plant was the only spiritual plant in the God Domain that had the greatest effects with a short maturity period. Compared to the natural treasures that took tens or hundreds of thousands of years to mature, Green Dew Rice was very valuable. To the people of God Continent, this was a heaven given gift to the cultivators.

    "It's useless if you do it this way. Under normal circumstances, 500 seedlings of Green Dew Rice can be planted in a plot of land. The best harvest in grade A plots is about one or two grains of Green Dew Rice seeds per plant, which means 500 seedlings can produce 50 catties of Green Dew Rice seeds. As for the grade of the rice, it would depend on the process of planting and tending to the plants. This is a grade D land, so there's not enough energy from the earth, and you'll have to plant at least 1000 seedlings..." A voice suddenly interrupted Mo Wuji's work.

    Raising his head, Mo Wuji saw a dark skinned man with a spiritual hoe on his back standing by his plot. As he had been completely focused on the planting of Green Dew Rice seeds, he actually didn't notice someone approach him.

    "Thank you for the pointers." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully and said without many considerations.

    Even if he didn't manage to produce a single grain of rice, what could Manager Guang do to him? A guy at Nascent God Level 7 didn't even warrant his concern.

    The dark skinned youth also smiled and casually threw a book to Mo Wuji, "You should have offended someone right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have been assigned to a grade D plot. This is a book with an introduction to Green Dew Rice, you can take a look at it. My name is Gu Hai. I'm at plot B29. If you have anything that you don't understand, you can come to ask me."

    After finishing his sentence, he didn't wait for Mo Wuji to thank him and left.

    Mo Wuji was secretly shocked. No matter where it was, there should be people like Gu Hai that loved to help others.

    A preliminary scan of the Green Dew Rice book that Gu Hai gave revealed that it mainly introduced what time to water the plant, what time to expose it to sunlight, what things to look out for, etc. There was also detailed information about how many Green Dew Rice seeds to plant per plot as well.

    Normally, the worse the quality of the plot, the more Green Dew Rice had to be planted, otherwise, the quantity harvested would be very low.

    On the God Continent, high grade Green Dew Rice would rarely appear. Most people usually consumed low grade Green Dew Rice. Only some sect elders and people with high statuses would eat intermediate grade Green Dew Rice. The very few high grade Green Dew Rice were all used as expensive gifts to others instead of being eaten.

    As for peak grade Green Dew Rice, it has not appeared on the market for many years. That was a top notch treasure, which one could only discover, but not seek out. The value of peak grade Green Dew Rice was not only in its ability to counteract pill poison and boost cultivation. It was that valuable because if it were used as a seed, even a novice could produce Tier 3 Green Dew Rice.

    In the book, it also introduced the only person that could produce peak grade Green Dew Rice: God King Green Robes Nu Fang.

    God King Green Robes Nu Fang wasn't only a God King, but also a Tier 5 God Pill King. In the God Continent, Tier 5 God Pill Kings existed at the peak of the ecosystem.

    Based on the descriptions in the book, God King Green Robes Nu Fang was a warm and emotional person. As long as it was within his abilities, he would try his best to help others. On the entire God Continent, he was the only God Pill King without any airs about him.

    However, a hundred million years ago, Nu Fang tried to cross the Nirvana Ocean in order to bring the Green Dew Rice seeds to the God Domain. In the end, he never returned and there wasn't any news about him either.

    After closing the book, the first thought that came to mind was the inheritance of a pill master that he obtained on the Turtle Shell Island. According to the stone mortar spirit at the heart of the island, the short introductions to Pill Dao and the Pill Dao jade slip were the possessions of a passing pill master.

    Could that person have been the God King Green Robes?

    As he thought about this, Mo Wuji dropped everything at hand and returned to the cave immediately. He took out the ring and retrieved countless jade slips and a very thick book.

    He had scanned through the jade slips before, and most of them contained some brief descriptions of god spiritual herbs, pill recipes, things to take note when concocting god pills, etc.

    Mo Wuji opened up the thick book, which had a green cover, and on the first page, there were the following words: God World Spiritual Herbs, Volume 1. Slightly further down were the words: Author, Nu Fang.

    So it was the God King Green Robes indeed. Although the item in his hands was very exceptional, Mo Wuji still felt rather sad. From all that he read so far, the God King Green Robes was definitely a good person who was unselfish. Otherwise, he wouldn't have risked his life to spread the Green Dew Grass to the God Domain.

    It was a pity that Nu Fang wasn't able to fulfill his dream, and when he was about to reach the God Domain, he was killed by a spirit. On top of that, his vital blood and primordial spirit were used by the stone mortar spirit to concoct the giant pill.

    Mo Wuji placed the few jade slips and the thick book onto the table and bowed respectfully to them, "Green Robed Elder, if you really wish that the Green Dew Rice can be spread to the God Domain, please allow me to fulfill this dream for you. As for that stone mortar spirit that killed you, I'll help avenge you if I have the chance."

    No matter who the stone mortar spirit killed, Mo Wuji already knew that he had to eliminate it. Otherwise, once it completely recovered, the first person it killed would probably be him.

    After keeping everything in his Undying World, Mo Wuji left the thick book on God World spiritual plants outside. God King Green Robes inscribed pill recipes, pill refining techniques, and details about many god spiritual herbs and how to recognise them on the jade slips, while this book of God World spiritual plants specifically described how to nurture different spiritual plants.

    When he flipped the book open, Mo Wuji saw how knowledgeable the God King Green Robes was. The information inside was gathered over countless months and years.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji found the planting techniques for Green Dew Rice, which were much higher level than those written in the book Gu Hai passed to him.

    Nurturing good quality Green Dew Rice not only required the best god spiritual spring and a dense god spiritual energy source, it depended even more on a complete set of the laws of heaven and earth. As for the quality of soil, it was the least important factor.

    Mo Wuji was sure that if the God King Green Robes were here, he would not have split the farmland for planting Green Dew Rice into a few grades.

    Based on the God King Green Robes's description, only in an environment where the laws were complete, a few types of spiritual sap from spiritual plants could be used to nurture peak grade Green Dew Rice.

    These words gave Mo Wuji a great epiphany. He didn't have large quantities of spiritual sap, but he did have a god spiritual herb called the Five Leaf Grass.

    The Five Leaf Grass had five leaves, and it was of a low tier: just a Tier 1 god spiritual herb. But this god spiritual herb had a unique feature, which was it possessed all five elemental characteristics.

    Mo Wuji didn't intend to use the Five Leaf Grass as spiritual sap to nurture the Green Dew Rice seeds. He wanted to use it as a medium and graft the Green Dew Rice plant onto it. Didn't the Green Dew Rice require complete laws? Although the Five Leaf Grass had five elemental characteristics and couldn't be considered to contain all laws of the heaven and earth, it could definitely be considered the god spiritual grass with the most complete laws. As for the god spiritual herbs with unique laws, most of them were very expensive, so he never thought about using their spiritual sap to nurture the Green Dew Rice.

    The main idea behind using the Five Leaf Grass as the medium to graft the Green Dew Rice plant was to allow the rice to absorb all five elemental laws of the heaven and earth.
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