Chapter 952: Green Dew Rice

    Chapter 952: Green Dew Rice

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    Other than using the five elemental laws of the Five Leaf Grass, Mo Wuji had a second reason for grafting the Green Dew Rice plant on the Five Leaf Grass.

    Mo Wuji was a top notch biologist on Earth, so he had an exceptional understanding of wild flora and fauna. Most wild fruit trees not only taste better after being transplanted a few times, but they also grow larger. This sort of grafting with a medium could be considered as transplanting from a certain perspective.

    Moreover, ordinary rice also required one to first nurture the seedling to the point of sprouting before planting it in. While the Green Dew Rice required a different planting technique from normal rice, they were still rice. So who could say that nurturing the rice till it sprouted and grafting it on a medium wouldn't work?

    Precisely because the Five Leaf Grass was low tiered and could not be used to concoct god pills, it was basically not collected by anyone. After the God Domain's God Domain Nest newly incubated, Mo Wuji was able to collect a large pile of them.

    Back then, the main purpose of collecting the Five Leaf Grass was to practice pill refining. In the Immortal World, he was a Pill Emperor, but in the God Domain, he couldn't even concoct a Tier 1 god pill. The god spiritual herbs of the God Domain were very pricey, hence he didn't have enough god crystals to obtain a great amount of them to practice with.

    Now, before he could use any of the Five Leaf Grass to practice pill refining, they had to be first used to graft Green Dew Rice plants.

    A single grain of Green Dew Rice seed was about half an inch large, and was very light, as though as one had a feather in one's hand when holding it. When one's spiritual will landed on it, it gave a sort of empty feeling.

    The difference between Green Dew Rice seeds and Green Dew Rice was not an outer husk, but a thin external layer.

    At this point, Mo Wuji knew that the low grade Green Dew Rice seed's exterior was a light grey colour, and after removing the light grey layer, the pure white Green Dew Rice would be revealed. Intermediate grade Green Dew Rice seeds had a silver exterior, and after removing the silver layer, a pure white grain of Green Dew Rice could be seen as well. The only difference was that this white grain of rice would have many small silver stripes on it.

    High grade Green Dew Rice seeds had a light gold exterior, and after removing the light gold layer, the pure white Green Dew Rice with gold stripes would be revealed. The more gold stripes there were, the higher the quality of the rice.

    For peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds, its surface was pure gold, and after removing the gold outer layer, the Green Dew Rive was also gold in colour.

    The Green Dew Rice seeds that Mo Wuji received were light grey, and the grey colour wasn't even either, which meant that it was the lowest of the low grade Green Dew Rice seeds.

    Still, Mo Wuji carefully planted all of these seeds carefully. He didn't have a good god spiritual spring, but this was his first time planting Green Dew Rice, and based on the information left behind by the God King Green Robes, he used some Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow to water them.

    Perhaps it was due to the effectiveness of the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow, just after half a month's time, the Green Dew Rice seedlings grew to half an inch tall. Mo Wuji then transferred the Five Leaf Grass from his Undying World into the ground, removed the five leaves of the grass, and started to graft the Green Dew Rice seedlings over one by one.

    All of these, Mo Wuji did with utmost care and focus.

    60 seedlings, none of them died, and every single one was successfully grafted.

    After that, he set up a concealment array outside his plot of land and placed a completed energy gathering array under each seedling.

    The usefulness of an array master presented itself now.

    According to Gu Hai, for Mo Wuji's plot of land, it wouldn't be considered too packed even if a thousand Green Dew Rice seedlings were planted. But due to limitations on the number of seeds, Mo Wuji could only plant 60 of them.

    Another half a month passed, and he discovered a problem. While his seedlings were indeed growing better than others, he had used the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow to water then. The Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow might have been a Tier 9 immortal spiritual herb, but in reality it was much more valuable than Tier 9 immortal spiritual herbs. If it were in the God Domain, it could possibly be considered as a high grade god spiritual sap.

    Based on the current situation, by the time of his harvest, most of them would be low grade Green Dew Rice.

    This was not what Mo Wuji wanted. Although the God Pill King Green Robes had a way to nurture peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds, he couldn't afford using that process.

    Moreover, the God Pill King Green Robes had also pointed out that the peak grade Green Dew Rice wasn't suited for the God Continent. This sort of thing used up too many resources, and even a person who was both a God Pill King and a God King couldn't sustainably nurture peak grade rice.

    Hence, what he mainly taught was basically the means to produce intermediate grade Green Dew Rice and how to improve the yield of low grade Green Dew Rice.

    However, Mo Wuji was determined to produce a good batch of Green Dew Rice. Thus after his efforts yielded no results, he began to inspect the Green Dew Rice plants.

    Once he held a stalk of Green Dew Rice plant, clear five elemental laws were transferred to him, which made him very excited. This not only allowed him to understand what was wrong, it also enlightened him about the five elemental laws of the heaven and earth.

    He could clearly sense the strength of the five elemental laws of each stalk of Green Dew Rice plant, and also which ones had an excess or deficit of one law.

    His first guess was that this was due to him not possessing elemental spiritual root, which allowed him to clearly feel which of the five elements the Green Dew Rice plants were lacking. If it were another cultivator with spiritual roots here, even if he tried to do so, he probably couldn't sense it as clearly as Mo Wuji.

    This gave Mo Wuji a new direction, and he transplanted the Green Dew Rice plants once more.

    A mere hour later, he had messed up the order of the 60 plants and replanted.

    For this round of planting, Mo Wuji placed the Green Dew Rice that lacked the same elemental law in one area and set up the corresponding elemental array in that area.

    For example, the Green Dew Rice plants lacking in metal elemental laws were transplanted to the same area, and a metal gathering array was set up there. The Green Dew Rice plants lacking wood elemental laws, and a wood gathering array was set up...

    With this, a good part of a month passed by, and Mo Wuji could see that the Green Dew Rice plants were flourishing a few times better than others. The gap was also increasing by the day. But this was comparing his with those at the A grade plots. If they were compared with those in the B or C plots, the difference would be almost like heaven and earth.

    In two month's time, Mo Wuji was completely confident. During this period, other than nurturing the Green Dew Rice plants, he would occasionally cultivate for a while.

    Four months later, when the Green Dew Rice plants started to bear seeds, his cultivation level finally crossed from Nascent God Level 3 to 4.

    Once that happened, he appeared even more ordinary than before.

    Shuai Guo also reached Godbeast Level 3, and Da Huang was already at advanced Nascent God Level 4.

    Six months later, Mo Wuji's plot D79 was filled with a light gold colour everywhere. To his surprise, every stalk of Green Dew Rice plant had five ears of rice, and each ear was filled with light gold coloured Green Dew Rice seeds. Even though there were only 60 stalks of Green Dew Rice plants, the entire plot was covered in light gold.

    The fragrance of the rice wafted over, and with a little whiff, Mo Wuji felt that his mind became clearer and he also felt calmer.

    This shouldn't be considered 60 stalks of Green Dew Rice plants but 300 stalks.

    There was still a few days before the harvest season, but Mo Wuji couldn't wait any longer. He carefully removed two stalks of Green Dew Rice plants.

    The 10 ears on the two stalks were filled with Green Dew Rice seeds, and even though the rice was as light as a feather, he could feel the weight of them in his hands.

    After harvesting the rice seeds from both stalks, Mo Wuji removed the light gold outer layer to reveal the rice with many gold stripes. This was obviously high grade Green Dew Rice.

    This discovery made Mo Wuji very excited. He suspected that he wasn't able to produce peak grade Green Dew Rice due to the poor quality of the seeds he started out with.

    Each grain of Green Dew Rice let off a alluring fragrance, and its length was also close to an inch, which made it difficult to resist.

    Mo Wuji did some basic estimation. These two stalks of Green Dew Rice plants had five catties of Green Dew Rice on them, which meant that one stalk could give him two and a half catties. Assuming that one stalk had five ears, each ear's production capacity was five taels [1].

    The book that Gu Hai gave him explained very clearly that the best harvest from grade A plots was around one tael of rice per stalk of plant. As he had used the Five Leaf Grass grafting technique, one stalk of Mo Wuji's Green Dew Rice plant had five ears, each with five taels of rice. Wasn't this a multiple fold increase?

    Mo Wuji immediately entered the immortal estate, washed all five catties of Green Dew Rice, forged a pot, and started cooking at once.

    From the start of his cultivation, never did he imagine that one day he would still cook rice to eat.

    A incense's worth of time later, an irresistible fragrance came from the Green Dew Rice. Even Shuai Guo and Da Huang, who were in the midst of cultivating, couldn't help but run out, staring at the pot that Mo Wuji was using to cook the rice.

    Although the pot that he forged was not small, the five catties of rice filled up the entire pot.

    Mo Wuji was the first to scoop a bowl for himself, while Shuai Guo and Da Huang did so automatically without any instructions.

    Without any dishes to go along with it, when Mo Wuji swallowed the first mouthful of rice, he knew that he was wrong previously.

    Who said that cultivating dao meant that one had to fast? A dao cultivator could indeed fast, but he was cultivating Mortal Dao, and the desires of the mouth were also part of mortal desires.

    The first mouth of Green Dew Rice gave a pure, indescribable taste which spread all over his taste buds. Not only did Mo Wuji sigh out of satisfaction, Shuai Guo and Da Huang who were at the side also closed their eyes, immersed in uncomparable satisfaction.

    "This indeed lives up to its name." Mo Wuji exclaimed after finished half a bowl of rice without any dishes. The taste in one's mouth was simply a sensation, and what Mo Wuji found truly valuable about it was that he could clearly sense the pill poison in him being counteracted. He could even feel that his understanding towards the five elemental laws in the dao of the heaven and earth had become better as well.

    One could say that the Green Dew Rice was more suited for someone that cultivated Mortal Dao.


    "Who's cooking Green Dew Rice?" Outside of the Minor High Firmament Village, a man and a woman smelled the mind-clearing fragrance which even cleared up their sea of consciousness.

    "This smell and aura, could it be intermediate grade Green Dew Rice being cooked?" The woman in hemp clothes said out of shock. "No, this is not intermediate grade Green Dew Rice, but high grade Green Dew Rice..."

    After finishing her sentence, she leapt across many plots of farmland in a step, charging straight at plot D79 where Mo Wuji resided. The numerous people beside her also followed suit, leaving behind a confused Manager Guang Zhi.

    [1] 16 taels = 1 catty
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