Chapter 953: A Plot Of High Grade Green Dew Rice

    Chapter 953: A Plot Of High Grade Green Dew Rice

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    As Mo Wuji just finished a bowl of rice, he started looking suspiciously towards the outside of the concealment array. How could there be people here at this time? He had been here for a few months, and other than Gu Hai that dropped by once, no one else came ever.

    As for the concealment array that he set up for his Green Dew Grass, it was very common. Many grade A plots had set up similar arrays for secrecy.

    Rice? When Mo Wuji saw the half pot of rice, he finally understood what was going on. It was all caused by the rice. The fragrance of the Green Dew Rice had attracted people over.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, speechless. The thought of setting up a smell blocking array never crossed his mind before.

    However, after those people arrived here, they did not break open the concealment array, nor did they forcibly extend their spiritual will in, which meant that they still greatly respected a rice farmer like him.

    It was not known to Mo Wuji that on the God Continent, the people who could produce intermediate grade Green Dew Rice lived a good life. Every sect would invite them over, and they would easily become the elder of a spiritual mountain.

    Of course, this respect was only on the surface. In reality, even if the God King Green Robes tried his best to raise the social standings of rice planters, nothing would happen to them.

    Even if the person was adept at nurturing Green Dew Grass and was hired as an elder of the sect's god spiritual herb mountain, the respect of others would not go further than skin deep. No cultivator would truly respect someone that planted Green Dew Rice, as, in their proud opinion, a person with a short lifespan and low cultivation level was not deserving of a real cultivator's respect.

    The rice farmers were often either those with extremely poor spiritual roots and could not advance in cultivation, or those who could not cultivate. Moreover, nurturing Green Dew Rice would eat away at one's lifespan, so under normal circumstances, few cultivators would bother about them.

    However, regardless how good you were at planting rice, as long as you did not offend others, no one would abduct you.

    This wasn't only an unspoken rule of the God Continent, but also because planting Green Dew Rice required not only the erosion of the farmer's life but also a seriousness that came from the bottom of the farmer's heart. Only then would really good rice be produced.

    Even if you could kidnap a person who could produce intermediate grade Green Dew Rice, the other party would definitely not be able to produce intermediate grade rice under duress. This was the rule, and it was also reflected in how high the demand was for high quality Green Dew Rice.

    For something like planting Green Dew Rice, if one had the smallest bit of unhappiness or unwillingness, it would have a negative effect on the product's quality.

    "May I ask where the farm owner is, Minor High Firmament Sect's Moon Pond Mountain's disciple Ying Shushu is paying a visit." A crisp voice rang out.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had detected that people were approaching. There was a total of five people, two men and three women. The person that was speaking was the woman in hemp clothes, and her cultivation level gave him a shock. From what he saw, this woman was at least at God Monarch Level 3.

    The Minor High Firmament Village was a subordinate village of the Minor High Firmament sect in the first place, hence when a God Monarch from the sect came knocking on his door, Mo Wuji naturally had no reason not to invite the other party in.

    Casually opening the concealment array, he bowed respectfully, "May I ask what business you have here?"

    No one answered his question as the jaws of all five people outside the defensive array dropped while they stared at Mo Wuji's plot of land.

    A light gold colour had already blinded a few of them. This was definitely high grade Green Dew Rice, and it was a whole plot of land of high grade Green Dew Rice.

    High grade Green Dew Rice was extremely difficult to find nowadays, but now they had an entire plot of it before them. Based on how much the plot of land flourished, there was definitely more than a few tens of catties ere.

    "High grade Green Dew Rice, it's all high grade Green Dew Rice..." Guang Zhi, who had caught up from behind, was stunned. He had worked at the village as manager for so many years, but never once did he see high grade Green Dew Rice.

    Up until that point, the best harvest was when someone produced 10 plots of land of intermediate grade Green Dew Rice, and one plot had even a slight gold colour which meant that it was extremely close from reaching high grade, but it was still not there. However, now he saw a full plot of high grade Green Dew Rice.

    Seeing the shocked looks in everyone's eyes, Mo Wuji quickly threw out a few array flags, covering the Green Dew Rice field again, and at the same time opening up a small path.

    Only when the Green Dew Rice had been blocked from their view did the five people regain their senses and swiftly run to the front of Mo Wuji's immortal estate.

    On the God Continent, something as inferior as an immortal estate could not attract others' attention, but what everyone was focused on wasn't the immortal estate, but Shuai Guo and Da Huang who were eating Green Dew Rice.

    "You, you actually cooked high grade Green Dew Rice to eat? You..." Guang Zhi suppressed the rage in his heart and walked to the front of Mo Wuji's immortal estate.

    When he saw the pot of rice that Mo Wuji cooked, he couldn't keep it in anymore and loudly chided.

    However, Mo Wuji replied, "Manager Guang, is there something wrong with this? The rice I'm cooking was planted be me, is there a problem with me eating my own rice?"

    "You, you...' Guang Zhi didn't expect Mo Wuji to actually rebut him, and he was so angry till he couldn't complete his sentence.

    While Guang Zhi, the small manager, was acting up, Mo Wuji noticed that the three women and two guys who came with him didn't interrupt.

    "You haven't paid the sect, so these crops don't belong to you yet." Guang Zhi loudly declared.

    Mo Wuji smiled slightly, "You're wrong Manager Guang. The rice here all belongs to me, the 20 catties of Green Dew Rice I'm submitting isn't here."

    "I dare you." Guang Zhi shouted again.

    Mo Wuji simply swept his gaze across Guang Zhi uncaringly, "Get lost, don't criticise me in my own plot."

    "Ok, you've got guts. Is it because the sect doesn't allow people outside of the Enforcement Hall to attack here? Just you wait." As Guang Zhi spoke, he shot out a message.

    "Brother, you actually managed to produce high grade Green Dew Rice, how impressive." The person that spoke was the youngest girl out of the five.

    While she was still young, her cultivation level was at Nascent God Level 9 already. Mo Wuji knew that this lady was being polite, so he didn't take it to heart and replied, "I was just lucky. Even I don't know how I did it."

    The help clothed woman only started speaking then, "Let me introduce myself, I am Ying Shushu, a disciple of Moon Pond Mountain."

    After she finished her introduction, she pointed at the two girls beside her, "They are my junior sisters, Mu Shuang and Jian Ji."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and responded, "Greetings senior sisters, I am Mo Wuji."

    Mu Shuang was the female cultivator standing on Ying Shushu's right and was at Heavenly God Level 6. She was also the young girl that just called him 'brother', which made her appear rather innocent and cute.

    Noticing that Ying Shushu didn't introduce him, the tall man that kept a smile on his face the whole while bowed respectfully, "Dao Friend Mo, I'm Yue Lun, Rapid Star Mountain's legacy disciple. This is my junior brother, Zuo Xifeng."

    Yao Lun was handsome, and with the white robes of a cultivator draped over his body, he appeared even more extraordinary. His only shortcoming was that his mouth was a tad too big. If he were to open it, Mo Wuji suspected that it would remind people of the mouth of a ferocious beast.

    Moreover, Yao Lun's cultivation level was rather high, also at God Monarch Level 3.

    The person standing beside Yao Lun, Zuo Xifeng, was much worse. He had an ugly appearance, squarish face, and small ears. His cultivation level was also much lower than Yao Lun, only at Heavenly God Level 9.

    Mo Wuji quickly bowed back respectfully, "Mo Wuji greets Senior Brother Yao Lun and Senior BRother Zuo Xifeng."

    "Dao Friend Mo, I don't know if you're willing to sell some Green Dew Rice to me?" Yao Lun smiled while asking.

    Once Mo Wuji heard this question, he knew that the rules around here must have been that no plundering was allowed. Based on his principle of offending as few people as possible, he ordered Da Huang who was at the side, "Da Huang, take five catties of Green Dew Rice for Senior Brother Yao Lun. That's right, sell five catties of Green Dew Rice to everyone who comes, except for this triangle eyed man."

    "Yes my lord." Upon hearing Mo Wuji's instructions, Da Huang rushed into the plot to harvest Green Dew Rice.

    When they heard Mo Wuji's announcement, everyone was shocked. Even Yao Lun didn't expect this when he asked his question. Originally, he hoped that Mo Wuji could sell a catty of Green Dew Rice to him, and this would have made him very satisfied. Who knew that Mo Wuji would start with five catties. This was simply happiness descending from above.

    In reality, Mo Wuji didn't have much of an idea of how valuable high grade Green Dew Rice was, hence he said such a thing. If he knew the true value of the rice, he would at most offer one catty per person.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji openly sold the Green Dew Rice, Guang Zhi's face turned black. But he didn't dare to stop him Mo Wuji here. Yao Lun was still ok, but that Ying Shushu of Moon Pond Mountain was a god of killing. Behind her ravishing looks was a person that didn't even blink when killing people.

    "Thank you Dao Friend Mo, I don't know how many god crystals it will cost to buy a tael of Green Dew Rice from you?" Ying Shushu suppressed the emotions in her heart as she asked this question. She was here for Green Dew Rice, and initially her plan was to get some intermediate grade rice, but who knew that she would find high grade rice here.

    Mo Wuji's didn't answer her question, but instead told Shuai Guo, "Shuai Guo, go to help Da Huang and harvest all of the Green Dew Rice in the plot."

    At first, Mo Wuji wanted to wait for a few more days. However, Guang Zhi was obviously hatching a scheme, and if Guang Zhi really wanted to rob him of the Green Dew Rice, then he could just leave immediately. He wasn't afraid of Guang Zhi, but he feared Guang Zhi's backers. Guang Zhi definitely had to have some backers to be able to be a manager at such a lucrative village.

    Even if he used the Wind Escape Technique to flee, he, Mo Wuji, would definitely not give in to a snob like Guang Zhi.
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