Chapter 954: Inverting Black And White

    Chapter 954: Inverting Black And White

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    "Mo Wuji, I dare you." Seeing that Mo Wuji wanted Shuai Guo to harvest the rice, Guang Zhi began to panic.

    He intended to chase Mo Wuji away after the enforcement hall arrived, then occupy this plot of land. So that when the people from the major sect came over, he would be able to shine. This was one aspect of it, but more importantly, he had produced a plot of high grade Green Dew Rice, and when the time came, he would be able to reap benefits in both name and profits. He might even get an opportunity to breakthrough Nascent God and enter Heavenly God Stage.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't bother with Guang Zhi, instead, he bowed respectfully towards Ying Shushu and co, "I've planted Green Dew Rice for many years, and this is the first time I've produced high grade Green Dew Rice by chance. I'm not sure about its price, so may I ask senior brothers and sisters to help me estimate a price for it. It'll be enough if you give me some low grade Green Dew Rice when the time comes."

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, joy erupted in Ying Shushu's heart. She was originally worried that Mo Wuji's asking price would be too high and she wouldn't be able to afford it. But now that he put it that way, even if she had to be thick skinned, she wanted to obtain this five catties of Green Dew Rice, hence she quickly replied, "Dao Friend Mo, if we go according to the market price of high grade Green Dew Rice, I can't afford it. So I hope that you'll look upon me favourably. How about for every catty I'll offer 10,000 high grade god crystals and 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice?"

    After finishing her sentence, Ying Shushu's face turned red. One catty of high grade Green Dew Rice for 10,000 high grade god crystals was simply too cheap, but she didn't have more god crystals to give Mo Wuji, thus she could only be thick skinned in her request.

    However, it wasn't that the high grade Green Dew Rice was worth more than this. In reality, one catty of high grade Green Dew Rice might not cost more than 10,000 god crystals. But this sort of perishable item was always lacking. If these five catties of Green Dew Rice were put up for auction, it would easily be sold for over 100,000 high grade god crystals.

    To thank Mo Wuji for his, Ying Shushu directly called a small character like Mo Wuji 'junior brother'.

    When Mo Wuji saw Ying Shushu's expression, he knew that the high grade Green Dew Rice wasn't only worth this much. However, since she could offer this price and still feel a little embarrassed, this obviously meant that she did not have enough god crystals but didn't want to scam him.

    He graciously waved his hand and said, "So let's do things as Senior Sister Ying proposed."

    "Thank you, Junior Brother Mo, if there's anything you need help within the Minor High Firmament Sect, please feel free to ask me." Hearing that Mo Wuji agreed, Ying Shushu quickly thanked him and passed a ring over at the same time.

    Yao Lun, who had been standing at the side, also handed a ring over to Mo Wuji and said, "Junior Brother Mo, I've benefited from you this time."

    Immediately, Mo Wuji despised Yao Lun. This guy was too petty. This Green Dew Rice was obviously sold at a loss, and even if she said that he could go to look for her when he needed help, could he really approach her? This wasn't a friend worth making.

    Zuo Xifeng followed suit, passing a ring to him, and explained, "Junior Brother Mo, I don't have that many high grade god crystals, so I used some god spiritual herbs to make up for it. Take a look at it, if it isn't enough, I'll get a little less rice."

    Without taking a look at all, Mo Wuji received the ring and replied, "It's enough, so there."

    "Many thanks, Junior Brother Mo. I can't really help you with much in the Minor High Firmament Sect, but if it was outside, I still have a little brute force on my side." Zuo Xifeng even bowed while giving his thanks as saw how gracious Mo Wuji was

    In response, Mo Wuji nodded. Zuo Xifeng's position in the sect was likely much lower than Yao Lun, but his words were much more tactful than Yao Lun's. Mo Wuji knew why Zuo Xifeng said that he couldn't be of much help in Minor High Firmament Sect, as Guang Zhi was still observing from a distance away. The reason why Yao Lun didn't want to help was probably also due to Guang Zhi.

    It seemed like the backer behind Guang Zhi wasn't that small, and Zuo Xifeng also knew that he couldn't afford to offend that person.

    On the other hand, Mu Shuang and Jian Ji were still wealthier, as they easily took out 50,000 high grade god crystals and 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice.

    While Mu Shuang handed Mo Wuji the ring, she especially gave him a message, "Guang Zhi's uncle is a deacon of the Minor High Firmament Sect's Enforcement Hall."

    Now Mo Wuji understood everything: why Guang Zhi was just a Nascent God and yet could be a manager in such a profitable area. So he had an influential member of his family.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't care, as he didn't do anything wrong. If a deacon of the Enforcement Hall dared to invert black and white in front of a crowd, then Ying Shushu and co. wouldn't have been this courteous towards him. This meant that in the Minor High Firmament Sect, rules were still adhered to.

    In a short period of time, Da Huang and Shuai Guo had harvested all of the Green Dew Rice in the plot of land.

    After scanning through the ring that Da Huang passed to him, Mo Wuji realised that the amount of Green Dew Rice seeds was as he expected: at least around 150 catties.

    He took out 25 catties and split it into 5 bags, giving Ying Shushu and co. one bag each.

    They thanked him once again. At this point, Mo Wuji didn't bother with Guang Zhi at all, and Guang Zhi could only look around frantically.

    But Mo Wuji took the initiative to give a bag to Guang Zhi and said, "Manager Guang, this is the Green Dew Rice I'm submitted to the sect. There's a total of 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice, please keep it well."

    With a snort, Guang Zhi rebutted, "Who told you that you only have to submit 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice? Your issue will be handled by the Enforcement Hall."

    "So Manager Guang, you don't accept my Green Dew Rice?" Mo Wuji's arm remained outstretched as he asked calmly.

    "You're right, I'm not accepting it, what can you do?" Guang Zhi coldly replied.

    Thankfully, at this moment, Guang Zhi wasn't disappointed as three beams of light landed on Mo Wuji's plot of land.

    Out of the three people that arrived, one was a middle aged man with facial hair across his whole face. This middle aged man exuded a bloody aura all over, and he had obviously killed many before. One of the other two had a similar appearance as Guang Zhi, with triangular eyes. This guy was at advanced God Monarch, and probably was Guang Zhi's uncle, Guang Ting.

    The last person was an old man that appeared wise and divine. Although Mo Wuji couldn't get a read on the strength of old man and the middle aged man, they were likely at Worldly God Stage.

    Indeed, after those three men arrived, Ying Shushu and co. all bowed respectfully, while Guang Zhi ran to the front.

    From their greetings, Mo Wuji found out that the bearded middle aged man was the Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall, while the wise old man was an elder of the Minor High Firmament Sect.

    It seemed like the high grade Green Dew Rice that he planted had caused quite a commotion. Even the Enforcement Hall Hall Master and an elder were brought into the picture.

    "You're Mo Wuji? You were the one that produced the high grade Green Dew Rice?" The elder asked.

    Mu Shuang, who was at the side, said to Mo Wuji, "Junior Brother Mo, this is the Fourth Elder of Minor High Firmament Sect, Zheng Changang. Other than Elder Zheng Changang, Hall Master Huo Sheng of the Enforcement Hall has arrived. That's right, there's also Deacon Guang Ting of the Enforcement Hall."

    While Ying Shushu's desire for Green Dew Rice was much greater than Mu Shuang, Mu Shuang was evidently better at being tactful. At least now, Mo Wuji felt some gratitude towards her. It was just a simple introduction, but it gave him a rough idea of the situation.

    Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully, "Mo Wuji greets Elder Zheng, Hall Master Huo, and Deacon Guang. Reporting to Elder, I have indeed produced high grade Green Dew Rice."

    Immediately, Guang Zhi stepped forward and loudly said, "Reporting to Hall Master and Elder, Mo Wuji ignored Minor High Firmament Village's rules, and is unwilling to pay the sect any rice. He cooked the high grade Green Dew Rice to eat and sold the rice on his own accord. On top of that, he harvested the entire plot of high grade Green Dew Rice in advance, which led to a great loss for the sect.

    If everyone in the Minor High Firmament Village were like this person, then how will the village be able to produce more Green Dew Rice for the sect? I would like to invite the Hall Master and Elder to judge this issue on behalf of Minor High Firmament Village."

    "Mo Wuji, did Guang Zhi's statement wrong you in any way?" Huo Sheng asked in a cold tone. If it were not for Mo Wuji producing high grade Green Dew Rice, which was of great importance to the sect, he would have taken Mo Wuji away for forced questioning. How would he still bother to ask Mo Wuji questions this nicely?

    Calmly, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, "Replying the Deacon, Manager Guang's words were absolutely correct. Before I started planting Green Dew Rice here I asked Manager Guang, and he told me that I only have to submit 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice to the sect, and I can deal with any excess rice that I produce however I wish."

    Guang Zhi pointed at Mo Wuji and loudly accused him, "You're spouting nonsense. When you just came, I instructed you to submit at least 40 catties of Green Dew Rice, and the rice has to be grown on this plot of land."

    Elder Zheng, who had been silent all this while, frowned, "Manager Guang, if I didn't see wrongly, this should be a grade D plot right? You asked a grade D plot owner to submit 50 catties of Green Dew Rice?"

    Obviously, Guang Zhi did not dare to be disrespectful to Hui Sheng, hence he quickly bowed and explained, "This was because Mo Wuji was sent over by Mountain Lord Mei Qianqian..."

    Mo Wuji immediately realised that the look on everyone's eyes changed after Guan Zhi revealed that he was sent by Mountain Lord Mei Qianqian. Those were basically looks of disdain. Even Mu Shuang, who had been on his side, looked at him with a tinge of pity in her eyes.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji thought, "Could it be that this Mei Qianqian had some issues with the sect?"

    It was apparent that Guang Zhi anticipated this to happen, as the corners of his mouth curled up, and he continued speaking while in a bow, "After Mountain Lord Mei sent Mo Wuji over, she used the Mountain Lord Jade Token to ask me to give 10 catties of good quality Green Dew Rice Seeds to Mo Wuji to use. She also said that Mo Wuji was a master at planting Green Dew Rice and those 10 catties of seeds could produce at least 50 catties of rice. Under pressure then, I gave him the 10 catties.

    I am a manager of Minor High Firmament Village and based on the expected 50 catties of rice that Mo Wuji was said to be able to produce, I only asked for him to submit 40 catties that were grown on the plot. Back then, he agreed to it, but who knew that this plot of land would experience a sudden surge in earth energy, which allowed it to produce a batch of high grade Green Dew Rice. The outcome was clear for all to see, he went back on his word, got a plot of high grade rice by luck, and openly disregarded the rules of the Minor High Firmament Village."

    Mo Wuji could see the changes in how others looked at him after the fact that Mei Qianqian sent him here was revealed, and he was too lazy to explain himself. Hence, he just threw out a crystal ball and said, "Everyone please look at the video in the crystal ball for yourself. All explanations won't be as direct as this."
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