Chapter 955: I Took The Wrong One Just Now

    Chapter 955: I Took The Wrong One Just Now

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    Once Mo Wuji's imaging crystal ball was thrown into the air, Guang Ting immediately grabbed and crushed it into pieces. At the same time, he shouted out, "Hall Master and Elder asked you to tell the truth, not to use these underhanded means and use some sacred art to create some fake images."

    Zheng Changang coldly stared at Guang Ting but didn't say a word. Whether the video was faked with a sacred art, could he, a Worldly God, not be able to see through it?

    The expression on Huo Sheng's face was also very ugly. Could he not recognise that Guang Ting was afraid that the evidence Mo Wuji produced would be unfavourable for Guang Zhi? However, Guang Ting was one of his most able men, so he wasn't willing to expose Guang Ting over an unimportant person.

    Yet, Mo Wuji smiled as though as he didn't care about everything before him, "I understand now. So Manager Guang Zhi's one sided story is the truth, while the evidence that I produce can't be relied upon. If the Minor High Firmament Sect is such a sect, I have nothing to say."

    "Guang Ting, you've gone overboard this time." Huo Sheng appeared like he couldn't take it anymore. He had a reputation for being just and strict in the Minor High Firmament Sect Enforcement hall, so if there wasn't anyone else around, it wouldn't be an issue. But today, not only was there Elder Zheng Changang, five other disciples were present as well. Thus how could it be possible for this issue of Guang Ting to remain under wraps?

    "Yes Hall Master, I indeed forgot my place as an enforcer and broke the rules of the enforcement hall. I'm willing to accept punishment for my actions." Guang Ting seemed to understand how wrong he was before and quickly bowed to apologise.

    In response, Zheng Changang casually replied, "You're not suitable to continue being an enforcer of the enforcement hall, and as for your initial wrongdoing, Hall Master Huo will deal with it himself. I won't bring this up to the Hall of Elders."

    When Huo Sheng heard Zheng Changang's words, he bowed respectfully and replied, "Thank you, Brother Zheng, for the advice. Guang Ting, from now on, you'll start going to the enforcement hall to take up external tasks."

    In terms of position, Zheng Changang might not have been as high up as Huo Sheng. However, Zheng Changang's words helped to protect Huo Sheng's reputation, otherwise, this incident would leave a black mark on him.

    "Roger, thank you, Hall Master, thank you Elder Zheng." Guang Ting quickly bowed respectfully.

    Deep inside, he didn't mind. Taking up external tasks was the lifeline that the Hall Master gave him. All he had to do was to leave the sect to complete an assignment, and after he returned, he would once again return to his position as an Enforcement Hall Deacon.

    Zheng Zhangang turned to face Mo Wuji and asked, "Do you have any more evidence? If you don't, I'll need you and Hall Master Huo to return to the Enforcement Hall together to assist with investigations."

    Upon hearing this, Mu Shuang frantically whispered to Mo Wuji, "Junior Brother Mo, you must not go to the Enforcement Hall under any circumstances. Once you do, you'll definitely die inside the execution hall without exception."

    Hui Sheng could obviously still hear Mu Shuang's whispers, which prompted him to give a cold stare to her, making her so scared that she took a step back and lowered her head.

    There was no need for Mu Shuang's reminder as Mo Wuji wouldn't have gone with them anyway. Huo Sheng was filled with a bloody aura, so who knew how many people he had killed. It would be extremely unlikely that anything good would result from leaving with him. If he really wanted to protect Guang Ting, then Mo Wuji would just have to flee.

    With his current escape abilities, even if Huo Sheng tried, Huo Sheng still might not be able to catch him.

    Mo Wuji knew that Elder Zheng Changang was trying to help him, hence he bowed and reported, "I have a crystal ball here, please watch."

    After finishing his sentence, Mo Wuji threw out another crystal ball. At the same time, he said to the stunned Guang Ting, "Manager Guang, the crystal ball that you crushed just wasted a low grade god crystal of mine. Please don't crush this one, I'm quite poor, so I'll really go bankrupt if you crush a few more. That's right, I took out the wrong one just now, this is the real crystal ball."

    While Mo Wuji spoke, he was laughing to himself inside. The place he lived on was Earth, where any words had to be backed up by evidence. A mere Guang Zhi dared to use a smear tactic on him, this was simply asking for death.

    Crushing the crystal ball, hehe, no matter how many crystal balls Guang Ting crushed, he still had more. Who would produce the original evidence when reasoning with a lawyer? Mo Wuji had a large number of copies, so Guang Ting could crush as many as he liked.

    Seeing Mo Wuji take out another crystal ball, Guang Ting was really stunned. He didn't believe what Mo Wuji just said about taking out the wrong crystal ball as he was sure that both crystal balls were copies made by Mo Wuji.

    The thought that he had become the petty person, been mocked by a farmer, and punished by the Hall Master while nothing changed made Guang Ting turn gloomy. Killing intent brewed in his heart, and as long as Mo Wuji dared to leave Minor High Firmament Village, he would definitely eliminate Mo Wuji.

    Once Mo Wuji saw the expression on Guang Ting's face, he knew what Guang Ting was thinking about, but he was not afraid.

    The people that hunted Mo Wuji down were all God Kings, so how could he be afraid of a mere God Monarch?

    This time, the crystal ball wasn't damaged by anyone and the video was clearly displayed in midair.

    Mian He brought Mo Wuji into Guang Zhi's house, Guang Zhi didn't bother with them, then Guang Zhi only gave a plot of land to Mo Wuji and made Mo Wuji use 60 high grade god crystals to exchange for 60 low grade Green Dew Rice seeds. The dialogue between Mo Wuji and Guang Zhi after that was also shown clearly without any mistakes.

    Guang Zhi asked Mo Wuji to only submit 20 catties of Green Dew Rice a year and allowed Mo Wuji to take anything else that was planted on this plot of land as his own. On top of that, after this crystal ball was done, Mo Wuji took out another one. On it was a clear recording of Mo Wuji submitting 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice while Guang Zhi rejected it and said arrogantly 'what can you do about it'.

    Just this sentence was enough for Guang Zhi to be sentenced to death many times over.

    When Mo Wuji took out the crystal ball, everyone, including Ying Shushu, felt a chill through their spine. Although this Mo Wuji was very untalented, with not much cultivation, he did things in an impressive manner. They had seen the incident recorded in the second crystal ball, but no one expected that Mo Wuji recorded it secretly. No wonder he was so courteous back then.

    Yao Lun instinctively looked at Mo Wuji. This was just a person that merely planted Green Dew Rice, but still, he felt a little fearful. He even thought to himself whether the scene of the few of them taking advantage of Mo Wuji and obtaining five catties of high grade Green Dew Rice was recorded down by Mo Wuji as well.

    "It's impossible, this can't be happening..." Guang Zhi's stared at the images in the crystal ball, and his voice was trembling.

    He was sure that Mo Wuji didn't take out any crystal ball to record things down, so where did this one come from? If he knew that Mo Wuji had a spirit storage channel, and secretly made recordings using crystal balls many times before, perhaps he wouldn't be that shocked.

    After Zheng Changang finished inspecting the contents of the crystal ball, he casually remarked, "The contents of the crystal ball are real, no falsification was done with sacred arts."

    How could Huo Sheng not know that the recordings were real, so his face suddenly turned black. If it were anyone else, this Enforcement Hall Hall Master would have smashed him to bits. However, after he killed Guang Zhi, Guang Ting might not continue working wholeheartedly for him.

    Obviously, Zheng Changang could see the dilemma that Huo Sheng experienced, and he asked Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, since you can grow high grade Green Dew Rice, you'll have a position within the sect. Guang Zhi disregarded the sect rules, deceived his superiors, bullied his subordinates, inverted black, and white, and must be punished by the Enforcement Hall. What do you think?"

    How could Mo Wuji not understand Zheng Changang's intentions. Zheng Changang was giving him the chance to let Guang Zhi off, and as long as he pleaded Huo Sheng, Huo Sheng would owe him one.

    Coldly laughing in his heart, Mo Wuji wasn't one to repay a grudge with kindness. Since Guang Zhi tried to sentence him to death, he wouldn't feel good until Guang Zhi was dead.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't a rash person who wanted to borrow Huo Sheng to kill Guang Zhi. If he were to kill Guang Zhi, it would be with his own hands, instead of gaining the moral high ground and forcing Huo Sheng to kill Guang Zhi.

    "Elder Zheng, Hall Master Huo, Manager Guang must have been a little irritable as he has too many plots of land to manage. I believe that this kind of mistake is unavoidable for anyone that takes up this responsibility, so why don't we let him make amends?" Mo Wuji said with a big smile on his face.

    Even Guang Zhi stopped trembling as he stared at Mo Wuji, puzzled. Not even he believed that Mo Wuji would let him off at this time.

    In reality, things had already developed to this stage, so as long as Mo Wuji asked for the Enforcement Hall to go according to the book, Guang Zhi would be dead.

    Upon hearing this, Huo Sheng heaved a sigh of relief, and his expression eased up. He nodded at Mo Wuji then said to Guang Zhi, "You disobeyed the rules of Minor High Firmament Sect, hence you'll be temporarily placed under probation for you manager position for a month. In this month, if you commit the same offence again, you will not be spared."

    "Roger, Guang Zhi. Thanks Hall Master for giving me a chance, and I will definitely manage the Minor High Firmament Village well for the Minor High Firmament Sect." Guang Zhi didn't know why Mo Wuji gave him a chance and quickly knelt to the ground to thank Huo Sheng.

    No expression appeared on Mo Wuji's face, as this was the outcome that he expected. After making such a mistake, Guang Zhi could actually still remain on probation as manager. It seemed like that uncle of Guang Zhi was a pretty important person in Huo Sheng's eyes.

    Regarding Mo Wuji letting Guang Zhi off the hook, Guang Ting was very surprised as well, but he didn't say anything. This only pushed back the murder of Mo Wuji a little further back. Mo Wuji had to be killed, just not now.

    "Mo Wuji, thank you for your magnanimity, I will reflect on my actions." Guang Zhi took the initiative to come before Mo Wuji to thank him.

    With a chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "Manager Guang, I'll still need you to take care of me in the future. That's right, here are 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice, I'll submit it to you."

    After speaking, Mo Wuji handed over a sack to Guang Zhi.

    This action stunned Guang Zhi, as he couldn't comprehend why Mo Wuji still gave him 20 catties of Green Dew Rice after winning.

    All this was explained after Mo Wuji waved his hands and said, "Previously, although our agreement was for me to submit 20 catties of low grade Green Dew Rice, after thinking it through, I realised that I am here to plant Green Dew Rice for the sect, so naturally, the best rice has to be submitted. Handing it over to you is just temporarily placing the rice in your care."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, "Indeed, it's just temporary. If I don't kill you tonight and get the Green Dew Rice, then I would have lived for nothing."
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