Chapter 956: A Moonless And Windy Night

    Chapter 956: A Moonless And Windy Night

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    "Good, good." When Zheng Changang heard that Mo Wuji was so mature, he nodded his head repeatedly. Based on his original impression of Mo Wuji, even if he asked Mo Wuji to take a step back, Mo Wuji wouldn't do so. The reason he said something like that before was not to get into too big of an argument with the enforcement hall's Hall Master Huo Sheng.

    Who knew that things would play out differently, and Mo Wuji gave in. Not only did he give in, he gave such a great concession.

    After repeating 'good' a few more times, Zheng Changang then asked, "Mo Wuji, you're extremely talented at planting Green Dew Rice. If you have any requests, please bring them up."

    In response, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, "Thank you Elder Zheng. I've planted Green Dew Rice for many years, and this level of experience was obtained by slowly experimenting. I hope that elder can help me set up an array to protect my Green Dew Rice."

    Zheng Changang chuckled, "That's only natural. Actually, your Grade 1 defensive array is already pretty decent. Don't worry, I'll help you with the defensive array. If there's anything else just say it. Sect head is not back yet, but once he is, with your abilities, it won't be difficult for you to become an honorary elder of our Minor High Firmament Sect."

    At the same time, Huo Sheng laughed, "Mo Wuji, you've asked the right person for this. Elder Zheng is our sect's god array master and can set up Grade 4 god arrays."

    To Huo Sheng, Mo Wuji didn't allow the rift between him and his greatest helper, Guang Ting, to grow larger, so he was still rather satisfied. One had to know there were many undesirable things that he asked Guang Ting to help him settle behind the scenes, hence this assistant's usefulness was not only in terms of work.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji thanked them once again 'in shock'. He could even set up Grade 4 defensive arrays himself, but he didn't do so out of fear that his Array Dao would be revealed. Once Zheng Changang helped to set up the defensive array, all he had to do was to remake it.

    Zheng Changang also nodded his head and continued on, "Mo Wuji, this matter of you being able to produce high grade Green Dew Rice is very important. Without a formal order from the sect, you better not leave the Minor High Firmament Village."

    "Roger, disciple understands." Mo Wuji replied while bowing.

    After offending an expert like Guang Ting, and with a plan to kill Guang Zhi, how would he dare to leave the Minor High Firmament Village as he pleased?

    Zheng Changang's gaze fell on the remaining few disciples before he instructed fiercely, "No one can speak about what happened today."

    The five disciples all pledged not to leak any news about Mo Wuji, then they left.

    Once those disciples went away, Zheng Changang said to Mo Wuji, "I'll help you set up a defensive array and a deathtrap array on the Green Dew Rice. This is my only interest."

    With a sigh, he carried on, "No wonder you could grow high grade Green Dew Rice. Everything goes back to the heart, and your heart is above all of this. Since that is the case, I'll apply to the sect to give you as much power as possible."

    In response, Mo Wuji could only give his thanks.

    While Zheng Changang started setting up the defensive array and deathtrap array, Huo Sheng waited at one side. On the other hand, Guang Ting was not shameless enough to stay around, hence he brought Guang Zhi along and left.


    "Uncle, I never thought that this person was so scheming, to actually record a video." After leaving Mo Wuji's territory, Guang Zhi ground his teeth as he spoke.

    Guang Ting's expression was very ugly, and he stared fiercely at Guang Zhi before saying, "Mo Wuji must die, but we touch him for the moment. We'll wait for an opportunity when he leaves Minor High Firmament Village to strike. I don't believe this guy can stay in the village for the rest of his life."

    "Uncle, I understand. This guy must be scared, which is why he submitted 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice. I'll give the rice to you first." Guang Zhi took out the sack of rice as he spoke.

    A slap landed on Guang Zhi's head, "Are you a pig, everyone knows that Mo Wuji submitted Green Dew Rice today. Can you give it to me? This is meant to be submitted to the sect. Since Mo Wuji is afraid, you can find a good time to get more rice from him. Remember, do not let this person get anything that can be used against you. He's definitely not as simple as he appears to be. The only reason he didn't go all the way against you today wasn't due to magnanimity, but as he didn't dare to make a move."

    "Roger, I understand." Guang Zhi quickly responded.

    "Uncle, there's one more thing I must tell you." When Guang Zhi thought of Mo Wuji's plot which was filled with golden Green Dew Rice, suspicion rose in his heart. He suspected that there were at least 100 catties of Green Dew Rice there.

    For this, Ying Shushu and co. probably had no idea about it. They only knew that Mo Wuji's plot of land had a decent yield of rice, but as for how much rice, they definitely did not know it as clearly as this manager of the village.

    "What?" Guang Ting asked curiously.

    After hesitating for a short while, Guang Zhi said, "It's about how much rice that can be harvested from Mo Wuji's plot of land. Even I'm doubting my own judgment. When Old Man Gu comes back tomorrow, I'll ask him to confirm it."

    Indeed, a plot of land to producing over 100 catties of Green Dew Rice, and high grade ones at that, was rather absurd, which was why Guang Zhi hesitated.

    This statement didn't really incite a response from Guang Ting, as he only nodded his head, "Sure, just send me a message after that."

    From his perspective, no matter how impressive Mo Wuji was, the maximum a plot of land could produce was 60 catties of Green Dew Rice.IF he knew that Guang Zhi was going to say that the produce of Mo Wuji's plot could possibly exceed 100 catties, he would have asked Guang Zhi to immediately look for Old Man Gu.


    At the same time, the five disciples leaving Minor High Firmament Village were filled with joy. They had obtained five catties of high grade Green Dew Rice during this visit. It was simply free biscuits that fell from the heavens.

    "Senior sister, I didn't expect Senior Brother Mo to actually let Guang Zhi off the hook." The youngest junior sister, Jian Ji, exclaimed.

    In her heart, Mo Wuji was very principled, and not the kind of person that would easily compromise, but who knew that when he was winning, he went for the compromise.

    Ying Shushu casually commented, "He's being smart. If he didn't compromise, what could he do? After acting against Guang Zhi, could he still remain in Minor High Firmament Village?"

    Since Mo Wuji could produce high grade Green Dew Rice and let the few of them benefit from it, Ying Shushu originally had a pretty good impression of Mo Wuji. However, after she heard that he was introduced by Mei Qianqian, this impression was completely ruined.

    Yao Lun seemed to know what Ying Shushu was thinking about, and he said with a smile, "That's very normal. Mo Wuji is acquainted with Mountain Lord Mei, so their style of doing things should also be similar..."

    Previously, when he saw Mo Wuji take out the crystal ball, he was still slightly afraid of Mo Wuji. But now he felt that it was very funny. Mo Wuji was just a rice farmer, so with his position and status, what was there to be afraid of?


    "Mo Wuji, you'll be satisfied with this defensive array and deathtrap array." Zheng Changang handed a master array flag to Mo Wuji as he laughed. "This deathtrap array has an alarm function, so as long as someone attacks it, it'll immediately trigger the alarm."

    "Many thanks, Elder Zheng. Although I can't understand this deathtrap array, I can sense that it's more than 10,000 times stronger than the array I set up before." Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully and thanked Zheng Changang, but deep inside he didn't think that this deathtrap array was superior to his own.

    After finishing his sentence, he took out a sack and handed it to Elder Zheng, "Elder Zheng, this is the high grade Green Dew Rice that I produced, because I don't have much left after submitting the required amount to the sect, this is all I can give to you, please take it."

    "Good, then I'll help myself to it." How could the thought of asking Mo Wuji for high grade Green Dew Rice not have passed Elder Zheng's mind while he helped Mo Wuji set up the arrays?

    As Mo Wuji only had one plot of land, submitted 20 catties, sold some to the few disciples, and now still gave him another six to seven catties of rice, he was very satisfied.

    Regarding the fact that Mo Wuji's plot producing over 100 catties of Green Dew Rice, he didn't see it, wasn't very clear about such things, and above all, wouldn't believe it.

    In front of Huo Sheng's envious eyes, Zheng Changang kept the Green Dew Rice and passed a jade token to Mo Wuji, "This is my memory token. If you need anything in the sect next time, you can use it. As for your plot of land, if it needs to be changed or increased in size, you can take this token and look for Guang Zhi. All you have to do is ask him to help you to settle it."

    Mo Wuji didn't reject it, and after keeping the token, he took out another sack to pass to Huo Sheng, "Hall Master Huo, there's a few catties of Green Dew Rice in here for you. Thank you, Hall Master Huo for coming here in person for an issue of mine."

    Huo Sheng felt a little awkward, but this high grade Green Dew Rice was too good to give up.

    "Then I'll graciously accept it." Huo Sheng kept the rice, and also gave a jade token to Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, this is the blameless token of the Enforcement Hall. As long as you have not done anything that seriously damages the sect, this jade token can be used. That's right, producing high grade Green Dew Rice is a very big thing, and while the sect won't interfere with how you deal with the extra rice, you should still be more careful about it."

    The meaning behind Huo Sheng's words was very clear: for him not to randomly sell the Green Dew Rice. These words were of course bullsh*t, as he could obviously deal as he pleased with the rice that he grew as long as it was within the boundaries of the sect rules.

    Zheng Changang was very satisfied that Mo Wuji knew how to do things, so he patted Mo Wuji's head while saying, "I'll take my leave first, when the sect head is back, I'll report your issues to him. Also..."

    After a short pause, Zheng Changang continue, "Mo Wuji, your future in the Minor High Firmament Sect is bright, so it's best not to associate yourself too much with Firmament Pond Mountain."

    This time, Mo Wuji only bowed respectfully but didn't respond.

    He could grow Green Dew Rice here thanks to Mei Qianqian, and a person shouldn't forget his roots. While he didn't know what Mei Qianqiang did, he knew for sure that he was indebted to her.

    Harvesting high grade Green Dew Rice was one thing, but more importantly, he unintentionally found out what was wrong with his heart's state. Otherwise, he would probably still not know how to break through beyond his previous cultivation level.


    Nights in the Minor High Firmament Village were the quietest. Even though most people here were cultivators, they spent their daytime tending to Green Dew Rice while at night, they would start meditating rather early. They still had to make use of whatever limited time to raise their cultivation level.

    The only person not resting was likely Mo Wuji. He put on a concealing low grade god armor and with the wind escape technique, disappeared from his own D79 plot.

    A moonless and windy night, perfect for murder and arson.
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