Chapter 957: Why Did You Come To Offend Me

    Chapter 957: Why Did You Come To Offend Me

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    At dawn, Minor High Firmament Village was completely silent. The cultivators that planted Green Dew Rice had to tend to the plants by day, so they normally used the nighttime to cultivate in hopes that the dense god spiritual energy here would help them to progress a step forward.

    Although the village had an energy gathering array, and the god spiritual energy was more than sufficient, but no outside cultivators came in. Firstly, outsiders were prohibited from cultivating inside, and secondly, outsiders were not allowed to stay the night here.

    The only light that was on was perhaps the sixth floor of the stone building in the village.

    When Mo Wuji passed by the stone building, his spiritual will could even see Guang Zhi's agitated expression. However, he did not directly eliminate Guang Zhi, instead, he wrapped around the building and landed beside the Minor High Firmament Village's defensive array.

    The defensive array was also a Grade 4 god array, and it also had a similar alarm function. As long as someone dared to barge into the array, or if someone attacked it, the alarm would be activated immediately. Once that happened, the cultivators from the Minor High Firmament Sect would rush over her as fast as they could.

    A Grade 4 god array was enough for the village, as it would minimally require a Grade 4 god array master to break it.

    Under normal circumstances, the Minor High Firmament Village only produced low grade Green Dew Rice, and this wasn't much in the God Continent. It could be purchased almost anywhere.

    The Grade 4 god array masters also had enough intermediate grade Green Dew Rice for their usage, so who would come here to steal low grade Green Dew Rice? Unless that Grade 4 god array master was an idiot, otherwise, no one of that caliber would risk offending the Minor High Firmament Sect to break the village's Grade 5 defensive array just for some low grade rice.

    Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 god array master himself, so this defensive array wasn't much to him. Within half an incense's time, he had located its heart.


    On the top floor of the stone building, Guang Zhi stared at the small pile of Green Dew Rice seeds before him in shock.

    Out of all these Green Dew Rice seeds, some had turned light gold, and as a person that managed Green Dew Rice for many years, how could he not know what this meant?

    This meant that the Green Dew Rice seeds that Mo Wuji produced were close to peak grade.

    One had to know that the seeds that he gave to Mo Wuji were merely low grade Green Dew Rice seeds. So what did it mean if Mo Wuji could use those seeds to grow nearly peak grade Green Dew Rice? Guang Zhi knew that peak grade Green Dew Rice required at least high grade Green Dew Rice seeds to produce.

    Guang Zhi clenched his fists in anger, then he let them go out grudgingly. Mo Wuji really didn't know how to appreciate the situation he was in. If it wasn't out of fear of Guang Zhi's uncle, this fella could very likely not have given in.

    If this guy could understand the situation more clearly and work for him, Guang Zhi, then he would...

    Forget it, this guy must be killed. Mo Wuji could use low grade Green Dew Rice seeds to grow high grade Green Dew Rice, hence it meant that Mo Wuji had some methods to do so. As long as he could force this information out of Mo Wuji before killing Mo Wuji, the person that would be able to produce high grade Green Dew Rice would be him, Guang Zhi.

    "Isn't this Green Dew Rice excellent?: A sudden voice interrupted the fantasy of high grade Green Dew Rice that Guang Zhi was immersed in, and he abruptly raised his head.

    A man in black clothes stood in front of his, obviously the source of the voice.

    "Who are you?" Guang Zhi's tone turned harsh after instinctively backing up a few steps. "This is Minor High Firmament Sect's Minor High Firmament Village. Once you attack, the Minor High Firmament Sect will know immediately."

    "I just passed you these Green Dew Rice during the day, have you forgotten me already?" Mo Wuji chuckled. He might have altered his appearance, but his voice did not change.

    Finally, Guang Xhi understood what was going on, "You're Mo Wuji. How dare you come to my territory. You're courting death."

    When he heard that the person before him was Mo Wuji, Guang Zhi's heart was instantly put to ease.

    If it were some stranger, he would really be rather fearful. But for Mo Wuji, he was not afraid. His uncle had told him that Mo Wuji was at most at elementary Nascent God. Even if his uncle was wrong and Mo Wuji was an intermediate Nascent God, he wouldn't be afraid either. No matter how lousy he, Guang Zhi, was, his cultivation level was at least at Nascent God Level 7. There still existed a large gap between advanced and intermediate Nascent Gods.

    Although Guang Zhi had calmed down, his spiritual will continued to spread out. He wasn't afraid of Mo Wuji, but he was scared that Mo Wuji brought back up.

    Thankfully, his spiritual will didn't pick up any traces of other people, which made him heave a sigh of relief.

    "Since you're here, then don't leave." Guang Zhi reached out to grab Mo Wiji

    But just when he took a step out, it felt like a sort of whirlpool domain was sweeping towards him and his own domain was like a thin piece of paper against Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain: tearing apart in an instant.

    Not good, Mo Wuji's cultivation level definitely wasn't at elementary Nascent God. This was at least a Heavenly God. Guang Zhi became frightened stiff and wanted to flee, but soon he discovered that the entire space around him was locked up.

    In the next moment, Mo Wuji's hand was stretched out towards him until it directly wrapped around his neck. Then he was lifted up like a small chicken.

    The Nascent God Level 7 Guang Zhi couldn't even lift a finger against the Nascent God Level 4 Mo Wuji.

    "You're probably intending to screw me over with that cheap uncle of yours right? What a pity, I won't give you the chance to do so anymore. Also, this Green Dew Rice was originally mine, so I'm taking it back today>" After speaking, Mo Wuji swept up the 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice that Guang Zhi opened up to take a look at, and at the same time took away Guang Zhi's ring.

    "Mo Wuji, you can't touch me, my uncle..." Guang Zhi only managed to say a few words before he felt the hand tighten around his neck, then he couldn't say anything.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "What's the point of you speaking? I just want to peacefully spend a period of time here, so when did I ever offend you? Why did you have to offend me too?"

    With the last two words, Mo Wuji's spiritual will shot out, cracking Guang Zhi's sea of consciousness and before his primordial spirit could escape, a ball of fire landed on his body.

    In a few breath's time, Guang Zhi turned into a pile of ashes which disappeared completely as Mo Wuji swept his hand across.

    After killing Guang Zhi, Mo Wuji didn't go back to his plot, but instead exited the defensive array from the array core that he chose, changed his position, and attacked the defensive array violently.

    Following his first strike on the defensive array, a shrill alarm sounded off.

    The entire Minor High Firmament Village was startled, but no one rushed out to take a look at what was going on. Everyone planting rice at the village were cultivators with either low cultivation levels or low talent. They were putting their lives on the line here for a sliver of hope, so no one would send himself into the grave because of an alarm.

    Within a short half an incense's worth of time, Mo Wuji tore open the defensive array of the Minor High Firmament Village. Then he used the Wind Escape Technique to travel back into his D79 plot.


    Less than half an incense's time after Mo Wuji left, over ten figures charged into Minor High Firmament Village and landed on the building's sixth floor that Guang Zhi was.

    "Guang Zhi was killed, there's the aura of Guang Zhi being immolated here." The person that spoke was Fourth Elder Zheng Changang that just came during the day.

    "It was probably caused by that 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice. New of the rice has leaked." Another elder remarked.

    The few others around didn't say anything in response. Obviously, everyone thought that this elder was right. News that Mo Wuji produced a plot of high grade Green Dew Rice had spread across the entire Minor High Firmament Sect in a short period of time. Even a few elders had planned to visit Mo Wuji during the day. Who knew that before the day broke, something had happened the manager of Minor High Firmament Village,

    "Not good, could something have happened to Mo Wuji?" Huo Sheng suddenly recalled that the Green Dew Rice was produced by Mo Wuji, and since Guang Zhi was killed for 20 catties of the rice, could Mo Wuji still be ok?

    Zheng Changang shook his head, "No, I personally set up Mo Wuji's defensive array and the alarm hasn't been triggered."

    While that was the case, the elders were already rushing at top speed towards the D79 plot where Mo Wuji resided.

    When the defensive array was contacted, Mo Wuji opened it with a puzzled look on his face. Once he saw Huo Sheng, Zheng Changang, and other elders that he did not recognise, he bowed respectfully and asked, "Hall Master Huo, Elder Zheng, you're..."

    Zheng Changang waved his hand as he replied, "It's nothing much. In the future, you must remember to trigger the alarm as soon as the defensive array is attacked."

    The puzzled look remained on Mo Wuji's face, but he bowed respectfully once more to acknowledge that he understood what Elder Zheng was saying.

    "Let's go, we'll go to check the room that Guang Zhi was in." After reminding Mo Wuji, Zheng Changang said to the rest.

    A group of people landed in the room Guang Zhi was at once again, and Guang Ting, who was following behind them, couldn't help but say, "Guang Zhi was killed for 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice while Mo Wuji produced a whole plot of it, so why is he ok?"

    Zheng Changang turned to look at Guang Ting as he casually said, "Guang Ting, I understand what you're implying. Information that Guang Zhi had 20 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice on him was leaked out, which led to his death. Based on this fact alone, we are all suspects because only we know of this. On the other hand, how many people are there that know that Mo Wuji had produced a plot of high grade Green Dew Rice? Moreover, I'm sure that there isn't much high grade rice left with him either.

    Mo Wuji tended to a total of one plot only, so even if the entire plot was filled with high grade Green Dew Rice, how much could he harvest? According to my investigation, he sold 25 catties to disciples from the sect, submitted 20 catties to Guang Zhi, and Huo Sheng and I received a few catties from him. Adding all of this up, it's already over 50 catties. Guang Ting, how much Green Dew Rice do you think a plot of land can produce?"

    Another elder added on, "I agree with Elder Zheng. Even if someone found out that Mo Wuji had Green Dew Rice, he wouldn't touch Mo Wuji. Firstly because once he snatched the 20 catties of rice from Guang Zhi, there probably wasn't enough time to go to break through Mo Wuji's defensive array. Secondly, he also likely guessed that Mo Wuji wouldn't have much Green Dew Rice even if there was any left."

    However, a thought flashed through Guang Ting's mind. He recalled Guang Zhi's conversation with him. Guang Zhi suspected that Mo Wuji's plot had a frightening production capacity, to the point that Guang Zhi couldn't believe it, but he didn't take note of it then. How much would it be such that Guang Zhi couldn't believe it? What if the production capacity of Mo Wuji's plot greatly exceeded 50 catties?
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