Chapter 958: Sect Head Xi Lingru

    Chapter 958: Sect Head Xi Lingru

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    If Guang Zhi was dead, that was that. But if Mo Wuji could really produce over 50 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice with every plot of land, then he should have some secrets on him. It was impossible to force someone to nurture something like Green Dew Rice, but he could make Mo Wuji cough up his methods for doing so.

    As for whether Guang Zhi was killed by Mo Wuji, Guang Ting never even thought about it. Although Mo Wuji had the most motive to kill Guang Zhi, this motive had to be backed up by ability. Even if Mo Wuji said that he killed Guang Zhi, Guang Ting wouldn't believe him.

    "Sigh, it looks like our Minor High Firmament Sect's defensive array has to be set up again. Grade 4 is obviously not enough. Once the sect head is back, we should find a God Array King to set up a Grade 5 defensive array." Zheng Changang sighed.

    The remaining people nodded their heads and agreed with Zheng Changang.

    Huo Sheng's gaze turned to the distracted Guang Ting by his side, and he spoke with a very strict tone, "Guang Ting, I'll leave it to you to investigate Guang Zhi's murder. You must find out who did it as fast as possible. Even if my Minor High Firmament Sect doesn't confront others, it doesn't mean that anyone can come to bully us."

    "Hall Master Huo is right, my Minor High Firmament Sect isn't a sect that anyone can bully." At that moment, an obviously skinny cultivator in brown robes walked in.

    When everyone saw this man enter, they bowed respectfully, "Greetings sect head."

    "The moment I heard that a capable man that can produce high grade Green Dew Rice appeared in my Minor High Firmament Sect, I rushed back immediately. Who would have known that an incident had occurred as well." The skinny man nodded at everyone as he spoke with a low voice.

    This was Minor High Firmament Sect's Sect Head Xi Lingru, who was also the strongest expert of the sect at God King Level 4.

    "I've also heard about the issue between Guang Zhi and Mo Wuji. This person's death isn't worth mourning. Even if he wasn't killed, I would have killed him myself when I returned. Did anything happen to Mo Wuji?" Xi Lingru went straight to the point without beating around the bush.

    "Mo Wuji is fine, we just went to check on him." Zheng Changang quickly responded. He knew that the sect head would favour Mo Wuji, but not to this extent.

    "Sect head, I'll immediately ask Mo Wuji to come over." Cold sweat accumulated on the back of Huo Sheng. He had sat on the position of Hall Master for so many years, so how could he not understand the meaning behind his sect leader's words? This meant that the sect leader was unhappy with him.

    Xi Lingru's gaze swept across the room before he casually said, "What I meant was that everyone has been too negligent for Mo Wuji who can grow high grade Green Dew Rice. Not only did you allow Mo Wuji to give in to someone like Guang Zhi, you also put him in such a dangerous situation."

    At this point, Xi Lingru's tone turned harsh, "Is our God Continent is stronger than the God Domain in terms of land size or richness of spiritual energy in the heaven and earth? No, it's none of these. Instead, it's because the God Domain has Green Dew Rice which can allow more cultivators to reach higher cultivation levels. I'm not sure where Mo Wuji came from, but since he can produce high grade Green Dew Rice, to the Minor High Firmament Sect, he is one of our greatest treasures. However, all of you have been to negligent in the way you've been treating Mo Wuji.

    Huo Sheng, what you want is not to summon Mo Wuji here, but for us to go over. Also, the way you dealt with Mo Wuji's issue in the day has been very slipshod, to actually force Mo Wuji to have no choice but to let Guang Zhi go. If the Minor High Firmament Sect continues like that, how can we go to High God Land?"

    "Huo Sheng recognises his mistake." Although Huo Sheng's killing intent was very strong, in front of Sect Head Xi Lingru, he didn't dare to do anything.

    Now, Xi Lingru's tone became warmer as he continued addressing Huo Sheng, "I know about all the messy things inside the Enforcement Hall. I'll give you some time to clean up the entire Enforcement Hall and stop all those nonsense."

    "Roger." Huo Sheng's back was already soaked in cold sweat. Who knew that the sect head was aware of all his small actions but just didn't mention them before, trying to see if he would wake up his own idea.

    Turning his head to face Guang Ting, Xi Lingru added on, "You'll go to the outer lands of the sect to work in our commercial business there. You don't have to be involved in issues regarding the sect in the future. As for the incident of Guang Zhi's murder, while he had it coming, the sect will still send people to investigate."

    "Roger." Guang Ting's heart froze a good amount. He knew that there was totally no hope for him to return to the Enforcement Hall. Being punished to work in the commercial business of the outer lands meant that he had essentially been let go unless something big happened to the sect.

    "Elder Shi, Elder Zheng, and I will go to see Mo Wuji together. Hall Master Huo and Elder Min, the two of you will lead men to immediately investigate Guang Zhi's murder." Xi Lingru decisively instructed everyone.


    Just as Mo Wuji was contemplating whether this issue could be traced back to him, his defensive array was disturbed once again, which made him worry. Logically speaking, his plan should have been foolproof, so why did Elder Sheng still have to come over?

    After opening the defensive array, Mo Wuji didn't see Huo Sheng, which made him slightly relieved. Huo Sheng's absence meant that he was ok.

    "Mo Wuji, this is Minor High Firmament Sect's sect head." Upon seeing Mo Wuji, Zheng Changang immediately introduced.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji's response, Xi Lingru smiled and said, "Mo Wuji, although you have not joined the Minor High Firmament Sect, in my eyes, you're a member of our sect. As long as you're willing, you can become an elder of the Minor High Firmament Sect immediately. My name is Xi Lingru, the present sect head of the Minor High Firmament Sect. Previously I was out in the God Continent tending to some issues, so I was a little late by the time I came back after hearing news about you."

    Mo Wuji was secretly shocked when he heard these words. Back at Tian Ji Sect, he felt that the sect head was already very approachable. But now this Xi Lingru spoke more warmly than Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head, almost treating him as an equal.

    "Rice Farmer Mo Wuji greets Sect Head." Xi Lingru might have been very courteous towards him, but Mo Wuji didn't dare to be overly familiar with Xi Lingru.

    Xi Lingru simply waved it off, "What do you think of what I just said?"

    Mo Wuji never considered becoming a member of Minor High Firmament Sect, so he quickly replied, "Thank you sect head for your favour, but my greatest love is growing Green Dew Rice. Hence I'm not very interested in other things, and I'm not interested in become an elder of the sect. All of my time is spent on researching how to grow Green Dew Rice and cultivation."

    A disappointed look flashed through Xi Lingru's eyes, following which he said, "Wuji, your ability is exceptional. I'm worried that once news of you spreads, it will cause some people to act against you..."

    Mo Wuji replied with a puzzled expression on his face, "I could grow high grade Green Dew Rice because I have a natural instinct about this. I know when I should add fertiliser and increase the god spiritual energy provided, and when to transfer a stalk of Green Dew Rice plant to somewhere else. These abilities were inborn, so even if they do anything to me, they won't be able to benefit from it."

    "Green Dew Rice plants have to be transferred?" Xi Lingru asked as he was shocked.

    Mo Wuji answered very seriously, "Yes, but there's a science behind when to transfer them and which plants need transferring. Even I do it based on instinct."

    "So that's the case, no wonder..." Xi Lingru exclaimed. He didn't doubt what Mo Wuji said because this theory of Mo Wuji sounded rather reasonable.

    Pausing for a short while, Xi Lingru carried on, "Wuji, I will invite a Grade 5 God Array master to set up the Minor High Firmament Village's defensive array again. At the same time, I'll add another god spiritual vein and send an elder to guard this place. If you have any issues, you can approach the elder for help directly."

    "Many thanks, sect head." Mo Wuji heard that this sect head viewed high grade Green Dew Rice as very important and felt that these measures could really benefit him. For his personal safety, for the short term, it was better for him to stay here.

    "Master Mo, since you can produce one plot of high grade Green Dew Rice, could you grow even more high grade rice?" Elder Shi, who had come with the sect head, directly referred to Mo Wuji as 'Master Mo'.

    He obviously recognised how much the sect head valued Mo Wuji, so it wasn't a bad chance to improve the relationship between them.

    "This is the Minor High Firmament Sect's Fifth Elder, Shi Yi." The already familiar Zheng Changang introduced once more.

    Obviously rather awkward, Mo Wuji replied, "Greetings Elder Shi. Based on my current level of ability, one plot is already too much. Even if you give me more land, I can't produce more rice."

    To Mo Wuji, he wasn't here just to plant Green Dew Rice. He also wanted to improve his cultivation level.

    Xi Lingru waved it off, "Let's do it according to Wuji's wishes. Whatever we can fulfill for him, we'll fulfill for him. Wuji, for now, you won't be under any pressure to submit high grade Green Dew Rice to the sect. You can spend all your time on researching peak grade Green Dew Rice, and once you can grow that, inform me immediately."

    "Disciple will remember." Mo Wuji thought to himself that this sect head was really very generous.

    "You should rest early. I will give the instruction that no one can meet you without your permission." Xi Lingru used this sentence to clarify and fix Mo Wuji's position.


    Everything played out as Sect Head Xi Lingru mentioned and Mo Wuji's plot became very quiet. Even if elders wanted to meet him, they had to give an advance notice. As for those people that met him before, like Ying Shushu and co, they could no longer casually land on his territory like before.

    Half a month later, Mo Wuji finally understood what Sect Head Xi Lingru meant by adding an additional god spiritual vein. The god spiritual vein was placed right below his plot D79, which essentially meant it was for Mo Wuji's personal use. The extremely dense god spiritual energy gushed upwards, and Mo Wuji knew that this was definitely a peak grade god spiritual vein.

    In such an environment, if he didn't work hard at cultivating, he would be letting himself down.

    After Mo Wuji planted a plot's worth of Green Dew Rice, he began tending to the plants while cultivating wholeheartedly.

    This time, he no longer used the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow, instead using high grade Green Dew Rice seeds and grafting them to better quality Five Leaf Grass.

    There was no use for energy gathering array disks anymore as there was a peak grade god spiritual vein below ground. The number of times he transferred the Green Dew Rice plants also became much greater.

    As long as any elemental type was lacking, he would transfer that stalk of Green Dew Rice plant away and set up a simple elemental gathering array. Since Xi Lingru treated him well, Mo Wuji felt that it was only right if he helped Xi Lingru produce peak grade Green Dew Rice.
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