Chapter 959: Arrival Of Men From The Main Sect

    Chapter 959: Arrival Of Men From The Main Sect

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    Initially, some elders and prominent members of the sect came to pay a visit to Mo Wuji. But as his attitude wasn't very welcoming, and add to the fact that he didn't have any high grade Green Dew Rice, the number of people that came gradually dropped. Everyone understood that while Mo Wuji was very impressive when it came to planting Green Dew Rice, he wasn't one that enjoyed a crowd.

    At the same time, under the pressure of Sect Head Xi Lingru, Mo Wuji's ability to produce high grade Green Dew Rice didn't spread beyond the sect.

    Mo Wuji also began to quieten down. Following the constant grafting of Green Dew Rice plants, he discovered an interesting situation. One portion of the Green Dew Rice seedlings could never become balanced in the five elements no matter how they were grafted.

    Because of this, he could only move those plants with five elements imbalance to one area, and those with a balance to another.

    The usefulness of a peak grade god spiritual vein showed itself at this moment, as the Green Dew Rice plants flourished more and more inside the dense god spiritual energy. Although they weren't ripe yet, every stalk of the plant was filled with long ears of Green Dew Rice seeds

    After the first time he did the planting, Mo Wuji's cultivation level never stagnated again. As for cultivation resources, there was a peak grade god spiritual vein under his feet, and on top of that, he would occasionally cook some Green Dew Rice to eat, his current rate of absorbing god spiritual energy was frightening.

    Luckily this was in the Minor High Firmament Village, and there was a Grade 5 defensive array that Sect Head Xi Lingru invited a Grade 5 God Array King to set up. Otherwise, one's spiritual will would be able to detect a whirlpool like form of god spiritual energy outside of Mo Wuji's Grade 4 defensive array.

    The elder guarding the Minor High Firmament Village was Elder Shi Yi, who had already gotten used to seeing this whirlpool shaped god spiritual energy. If there wasn't such a phenomenon, how could he have produced high grade Green Dew Rice?

    With such ideal conditions for cultivation and without any blockades for his heart state, in the short period of a few months time, Mo Wuji's cultivation level increased from Nascent God Level 4 to Nascent God Level 5. While his cultivation level increased, Da Huang also reached Nascent God Level 5 and Shuai Guo reached the peak of Nascent God Level 3.

    And that was also when his second batch of Green Dew Rice was ready for harvest.

    When the grains of pure gold colour rice were kept away by Mo Wuji, he knew that he had produced peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds in his second batch.

    As for those plants that did not have balance five elemental laws, they ended up as Mo Wuji expected: producing high grade Green Dew Rice seeds.

    From growing this second batch of Green Dew Rice, Mo Wuji had gained some experience. If he used these peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds to plant a third batch, his plants would be of even better quality. In this process, he had eliminated the lousier strains of rice plants, and only the strong prevailed.

    On top of that, he also understood why peak grade Green Dew Rice normally could not be produced. If he had spiritual roots, he wouldn't be able to grow peak grade rice.

    How many people with spiritual roots could do the same as him and sense which of the five elements a stalk of Green Dew Grass plant was lacking with a touch? Hence there was no need to talk about producing peak grade Green Dew Rice.

    As for those mortals without spiritual roots, it was even less likely that someone could sense the five elements as he could.

    All these insights were gained from the two batches of Green Dew Rice that Mo Wuji planted, and he also suspected that there was a type of Green Dew Rice superior to peak grade Green Dew Rice: a Green Dew Rice that had a complete set of laws of every foundational type in the heaven and earth. However, it was still beyond him at this stage.

    This was mere the insights that Mo Wuji had on Green Dew Rice. As he grew the rice, his heart state kept improving, and he could barely sense a different kind of dao law of the world which was the problem with his Undying World. This problem wasn't because his Undying World hadn't gathered all five Elemental Origin Beads [1], but because of something else.

    In the background, this problem even limited his future potential. If he didn't solve it quickly, perhaps his maximum achievement would only be slightly higher than God King.

    Sadly, his Green Dew Rice grew too quickly, thus he still did not have the time to fully understand what was wrong with his Undying World.

    In the second harvest, Mo Wuji collected 160 catties. Out of which 90 catties were peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds, 70 catties were high grade Green Dew Rice seeds, and 0 catties were intermediate and low grade.

    The 90 catties of peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds were sealed away with restrictions and placed in the Undying World, while for the 70 catties of high grade Green Dew Rice seeds, Mo Wuji planned to give away 20 catties to Minor High Firmament Sect's Sect Head, Xi Lingru. As for the peak grade Green Dew Rice seeds, although he managed to produce them, he didn't feel that it was the time to give them to Xi Lingru yet.

    Once the second harvest of Green Dew Rice was complete, the higher echelons of Minor High Firmament Sect caught wind of it almost immediately, and they began to send requests to meet.

    For these requests, Mo Wuji didn't reject them. He told them upfront to use god spiritual herbs to trade for high grade Green Dew Rice, and the unit of measurement became 'taels' as well. The amount of Green Dew Rice he could sell was merely a few tens of catties, so if he were to sell them by the catty like before, they would be sold out within three days.

    Now, the popularity of high grade Green Dew Rice was totally shown.

    Stalks of all sorts of god spiritual herbs were sent to Mo Wuji, and with the god spiritual herbs he had on hand at first, he decided not to plant the third batch of rice but instead chose to start studying pill refining.

    The reason he could progress in cultivation so quickly, other than his Immortal Mortal Technique and 108 meridians, was his expertise in Pill Dao. Now that he had reached Nascent God Level 5, his Pill Dao level had to rise as soon as possible.

    With God King Green Robe's inheritance jade slip coupled with Mo Wuji's own insights into Pill Dao, his pill refining skill improved rapidly.

    In a mere three days, he could easily concoct a Tier 1 god pill. Half a month later, he could concoct Tier 2 god pills, and when a month was over, Mo Wuji had become a Tier 3 God Pill Master.

    What made Mo Wuji puzzled was the lack of a visit by Xi Lingru.

    Xi Lingru had treated him well. Not only did Xi Lingru bury a peak grade god spiritual vein for him, but he also sent an elder level expert to guard the area. While on the surface the elder was instructed to guard the village, but in reality, Mo Wuji knew that it was to guard or monitor him.

    From Mo Wuji's perspective, Xi Lingru did all of this on the pretext of getting Green Dew Rice. Logically speaking, after he harvested the second batch of rice, Xi Lingru should have taken the initiative to come over. But now, over a month had passed and he hadn't even seen the shadow of Xi Lingru.


    Actually, Xi Lingru wanted to go over to Mo Wuji's plot since a long time ago, but he couldn't step away from his job. This was because the Minor High Firmament Sect had an important issue recently: the High Firmament God Sect that had ignored them for a very long time finally sent people over.

    There was one man and one woman that came over, and it was rumored that they were important members of the High Firmament God Sect. The man was named Chi Kun, and he was very tall, with a cultivation level of Worldly God Level 4. The woman was only at Heavenly God Level 7, always wore a veil, and didn't speak much. Even Xi Lingru only knew that she was a legacy disciple of the sect named Yu Ruo.

    The Minor High Firmament Sect had always considered themselves a branch of the High Firmament God Sect from the High God Land although the High Firmament God Sect never cared about them at all, so it was almost like a one sided love affair. Now the long awaited visit by members of the High Firmament God Sect had happened, which made the Minor High Firmament Sect explode in excitement all over.

    While both of their cultivation levels were far below Xi Lingru's, the Minor High Firmament Sect's Sect Head still dropped everything on hand to accompany these two envoys to explore the entire Low God Lands.

    Unfortunately, those two envoys neither mentioned why they were here nor said that they were going to support the Minor High Firmament Sect. They only let Xi Lingru follow them around the Low God Lands aimlessly. Regardless how much Xi Lingru probed, they did not breathe a single word, and he just couldn't do anything about it. All he could do was to visit the various large sects with the envoys, followed by the markets and shops.

    Thankfully the Minor High Firmament Sect was still considered to be a top sect of the Low God Lands, and with the envoys of the High Firmament God Sect tagging along, they were welcomed with open arms wherever they went.

    In the month that passed, Xi Lingru could roughly sense what the two envoys were here for: they seemed to be very interested in Green Dew Rice. Any sect or faction that could grow intermediate grade Green Dew Rice was visited multiple times.

    After he realised that the High Firmament God Sect's members were here for Green Dew Rice, Xi Lingru gave up asking them completely.

    Minor High Firmament Sect's Mo Wuji was one person that he all the more didn't think about giving away.

    Mo Wuji could grow high grade Green Dew Rice, and with his immense support perhaps peak grade Green Dew Rice could even be produced in the future.

    Even if the High Firmament God Sect came, he wouldn't want to send such a talent away.

    Four months after arriving in the Small God Lands, the two High Firmament God Sect envoys finally stopped roaming around and followed Xi Lingru back to the Minor High Firmament Sect.

    "Sect Head Xi, you should be able to guess what our goal is. We didn't tell you before as we didn't want you to read too much into it. We came to the Low God Lands this time, other than to visit the Minor High Firmament Sect, to more importantly find a person capable in growing Green Dew Rice and bring him back to the High Firmament God Sect." After they arrived in the Minor High Firmament Sect, Chi Kun openly declared their aim.

    Xi Lingru appeared to be very generous, "The Minor High Firmament sect has built up quite a name for ourselves after many years in the Low God Lands. As long as the main sect has any request, I, Xi Lingru, would definitely try my best to help."

    Chi Kun nodded, "This time I have my eyes on two people. One is the house lord of the Green Lord Merchant House. After going through the Low God Lands for so long, he's probably the only person that can grow high grade Green Dew Rice. There's also Purple Sword God Path's Honorary Elder He Pu. He's been able to grow top quality intermediate grade Green Dew Rice.

    Help me invite these two individuals over, and at the same time promise their sect and merchant house that as long as they go to help the High Firmament God Sect for two years, they will be able to obtain a piece of Land of God Spiritual Energy in the High God Lands and go under the protection of the High Firmament God Sect."

    "What?" Xi Lingru suddenly shot up from his seat, and he became a little hesitant. The Minor High Firmament Sect had always been a branch of the High Firmament God Sect partially to go to the High God Lands. But sadly even barren land in the High God Lands had an owner.

    What Chi Kun promised was essentially what he, Xi Lingru, had always dreamed of.

    [1] The Water/Fire/Wood/Metal/Earth Elemental Beads will be referred to as X Origin Beads to reduce confusion between the Five Elemental Beads and Origin Beads. All of them are on the same level and more or less equivalent, but each represents a basic law of heaven and earth.
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