Chapter 960: The Commotion At Mo Wujis Doorstep

    Chapter 960: The Commotion At Mo Wuji's Doorstep

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    Seeing Xi Lingru's appearance, how could Chi Kun not understand what he meant, but Chi Kun just chuckled while saying, "Sect Head Xi doesn't have to mind. This situation is very unique, and once it's over, the High Firmament God Sect will open an outer disciple pathway. A portion of the outstanding disciples of Minor High Firmament Sect will be allowed to enter the outer division of the High Firmament God Sect."

    Xi Lingru grit his teeth and clenched his fists while replying, "Dao Friend Chi, I shouldn't have been too selfish before. Actually, there's a person in the Minor High Firmament Sect that's very capable in planting Green Dew Rice, and he even produced a plot of land of high grade Green Dew Rice a couple of months back. Look, this is the high grade rice that he produced."

    After finishing his statement, Xi Lingru took out a fistful of the long grains of rice with golden stripes and placed them on the side table. A light rice fragrance wafted over, giving everyone who smelled it a boost to their concentration.

    These were high grade Green Dew Rice; those that Elder Zheng Changang gave to him.

    "These are really high grade Green Dew Rice..." Chi Kun swept up the tens of grains of rice on the table, excited to the point that his hands were trembling.

    Every single grain of the rice was extremely plump, and the gold striped were very dense as well, which meant that they were close to becoming peak grade Green Dew Rice.

    He immediately peeled a grain of Green Dew Rice and popped it into his mouth, and the aura that invaded his spirit channels made him close his eyes in an instant.

    A moment later, Chi Kun opened his eyes excitedly and exclaimed, "Sect Head Xi, quickly bring me to meet this talent. It's all my fault, I should have told you my aim at the start..."

    To Chi Kun, what shocked him more was that this Green Dew Rice had been produced less than a year ago. On the God Continent, there was increasingly fewer high grade Green Dew Rice that was grown within a year ago as most of them had been sold and resold many times over.

    Even the ever calm woman that always followed by Chi Kun's side suddenly had an excited look in her eyes. She didn't eat the Green Dew Rice, but she still saw the entire process of Chi Kun peeling the rice and smelled the aroma. In terms of high grade Green Dew Rice, there weren't many people that ate more of it than her.

    As he felt that his statement wasn't comprehensive enough, Chi Kun added on, "Sect Head Xi, don't worry. As long as that farmer can really produce high grade Green Dew Rice, then it might even be possible for the entire Minor High Firmament Sect to move to the High God Lands."

    This was the sentence Xi Lingru was precisely waiting for, and he quickly replied, "My two eminent envoys, please follow me."


    When Xi Lingru brought Chi Kun and Yu Chuo to the Minor High Firmament Village, they were shocked by the scene before them.

    Mo Wuji's D79 plot was filled with people, and most of them had a number card in their hands.

    Xi Lingru frowned. What was going on here? Didn't he instruct Mo Wuji not to reveal that he could grow high grade Green Dew Rice? Even if Mo Wuji needed to do some trading, where did he get so much Green Dew Rice to sell?

    "Greetings sect head, greetings Dao Friend Chi Kun and Dao Friend Yu Chuo." Elder Shi Yi, who was standing guard at one side, saw that the sect head brought two envoys from the High Firmament God Sect over and sighed to himself. He knew that the news of Mo Wuji being able to grow high grade Green Dew Rice must have leaked out.

    Deep in his heart, he really didn't want Mo Wuji to leave the Minor High Firmament Sect. While he stood guard here, not only did he enjoy the god spiritual energy around Mo Wuji's peak grade god spiritual vein, Mo Wuji also gave him a few catties of high grade Green Dew Rice from time to time.

    In this short span of four to five months, Mo Wuji had already given him a total of five catties of rice, and all of them was of high grade. One could imagine that the amount he received would grow as the amount of high grade Green Dew Rice that Mo Wuji harvested increased.

    "What's going on? Even if Wuji can grow high grade Green Dew Rice, he shouldn't be able to produce that much of it. Why are there so many people here to trade with him? Why have outer disciples even come to trade too?" Xi Lingru's expression turned a little ugly. He had asked Shi Yi to stay here to protect Mo Wuji, and with so many people around, what kind of protection was it?

    Shi Yi could understand what his sect head meant, but he couldn't do anything about it. This was requested by Mo Wuji, and he couldn't afford to offend Mo Wuji right?

    "Reporting to sect head, actually most of these people are not here to buy Green Dew Rice from Mo Wuji, but they're here to request for pills..."

    "Request for pills?" Xi Lingru interrupted Shi Yi, "They came here to request for pills?"

    Shi Yi could only continue explaining, "Sect head doesn't know yet, but Wuji is a top notch Tier 3 God Pill Refiner. He can even barely concoct Tier 4 god pills. The pills that Wuji produce are extremely high quality, and all these people are here to request for god pills. Many people from other sects can't enter this place, so they resort to asking some outer disciples and inner disciples of our Minor High Firmament Sect to trade on their behalf, hence you see these many people here."

    "Wuji is also a Tier 4 God Pill Master?" Xi Lingru was stunned.

    Those who could make god pills of tier 3 and below were god pill refiners, while those who could concoct tier 4 god pills were God Pill Masters, also known as Quasi God Pill Kings. Only those who could concoct Tier 5 god pills would be called God Pill Kings.

    In his heart, Xi Lingru began to regret. How valuable was a Tier 4 God Pill Master to a sect? There wasn't even a single Tier 4 God Pill Master in the entire Minor High Firmament Sect, much less one who could produce pills of high quality.

    Moreover, since Mo Wuji displayed talent in this area, he might even advance to Tier 5 God Pill King in the future.

    "No wonder he can grow high grade Green Dew Rice. He's actually a God Pill Master." Chi Kun exclaimed as he became more curious who this Mo Wuji was.

    A God Pill Master who could also grow high grade Green Dew Rice - the contributions to the sect from this sort of person would be unparalleled.

    As though as he could sense Xi Lingru's sentiments, Chi Kun quickly assured, "Sect Head Xi, don't worry, as long as Mo Wuji can really grow high grade Green Dew Rice, Minor High Firmament Sect moving to the High God Lands will definitely happen."

    At this juncture, what could Xi Lingru say? It was too late to even go back on his word.

    Now Chi Kun couldn't bother waiting for Xi Lingru's introduction and he took the initiative to push his way to the front of the crowd.

    If Chi Kun wasn't as strong as he was, there would have been people that made complaints.

    "Wait, who are you? Get in line, the queue starts from the back..." Shuai Guo shouted as he saw Chi Kun squeeze his way to the front.

    Da Huang was immersed in cultivation and Mo Wuji was occupied with making pills and collecting god crystals and god spiritual herbs, so these things were left to Shuai Guo. This job was right down Shuai Guo's alley as well.

    "What a godbeast." Yu Chuo, who had been silent up till now, exclaimed as her eyes lit up when she saw Shuai Guo.

    Godbeasts were not as rare on God Continent as they were in the Immortal World, but not everyone had a godbeast. Similarly, not every demonic beast on God Continent could be considered a godbeast.

    Chi Kun grinned, "Actually this bird isn't that simple. I suspect that it's a mutant, only that its bloodline is so diluted that it's almost gone."

    By then, Xi Lingru had walked over as well. He was the sect head, so once he revealed his face, the crowd automatically opened up a path for him. Since Xi Lingru knew Shuai Guo, he took the initiative to speak to Shuai Guo, "These two people are important guests of the Minor High Firmament Sect, so please inform your master Wuji."

    "So it's sect head that has graced us with his presence, I'll inform him immediately." Shuai Guo also recognised Xi Lingru, and as this was Minor High Firmament Sect's Sect Head, it didn't dare to ask him to join the queue.


    Mo Wuji sent a batch of high grade Amplified Rain Pills into a jade bottle. This batch of pills only cost him an incense's worth of time. If he spent a little longer on them, he could even concoct a batch of unique grade Amplified Rain Pills.

    Amplified Rain Pills were Tier 3 antidote god pills, and making unique grade Tier 3 god pills would mean that Mo Wuji was already a God Pill Master.

    In reality, it was so. Now, Mo Wuji could concoct Tier 4 god pills. The reason he didn't make much and told others that the chances of him successfully making the pills were low was because only a rare few out of all those that came requesting for pills could provide him with satisfactory compensation.

    Hence, Mo Wuji just told others that his percentage of success for concocting Ter 4 god pills was low. If anyone wanted Tier 4 god pills made, they would have to give enough compensation or at least give him three sets of god spiritual herbs for one batch of god pills, on top of paying god crystals.

    "My Lord, Sect Head Xi is here." Shuai Guo quickly reported as it saw Mo Wuji collecting the pills.

    Mo Wuji shot up and replied, "Quick, quick, invite Sect Head Xi inside."

    "Ha ha, Wuji, has my unexpected arrival interrupted you?" Xi Lingru's booming voice echoed through the house.

    "No it hasn't, I've been expecting sect head's visit." As Mo Wuji opened the restriction of his door and walked out of the pill room, Xi Lingru brought two people into the immortal estate.

    Xi Lingru automatically introduced them, "Wuji, let me introduce you. These two are from High God Lands' High Firmament Sect, Dao Friend Chi Kun, and Dao Friend Yu Chuo."

    While Mo Wuji had his doubts, he still bowed respectfully as a greeting.

    Chi Kun reciprocated with a smile, "Greetings Pill Master Mo, I never thought that Dao Friend Mo was actually a God Pill Master."

    Now, he was even more shocked than before. Mo Wuji's spirituality was almost non-existent, which meant that Mo Wuji was very untalented. It wasn't unusual for an untalented person to become a good rice farmer. But surprisingly, Mo Wuji could actually become a God Pill Master with his level of talent. This was simply too unbelievable.

    Yu Chuo also bowed respectfully while greeting Mo Wuji. Inside, she felt as shocked as ever too. Mo Wuji lacked the talent for cultivation, but somehow had the aptitude for pill refining. How could something like this happen?

    Mo Wuji smiled as he replied, "My talent is very average, hence I've spent all my time on planting Green Dew Rice and pill refining. After all these years, it yielded at least a few results."

    Xi Lingru chuckled, "Wuji, if this is considered a few results, then we've all wasted our lives all these years."

    Mo Wuji didn't want to carry on with this conversation, so he directly asked, "What has sect head come to me for?"

    With an awkward grin, Xi Lingru was about to reply, when a sudden commotion came from the outside.

    As Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned out, he immediately saw a familiar face charging in his direction, but many people were blocking her way, not allowing her to enter. Everyone was in the queue, and no one cared about the strong ones that cut the queue. However, now a mere Heavenly God cultivator dared to cut as well, and this left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

    "Shuai Guo, bring Elder Sister Mian He in." Mo Wuji said without hesitation.

    He was indebted to Mian He, and now that she came rushing over frantically, there must have been something that happened.
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