Chapter 961: Mei Qianqians Reputation

    Chapter 961: Mei Qianqian's Reputation

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    "Wuji, please save my lady." Mian He broke down into tears after entering the living room of Mo Wuji's immortal estate.

    She didn't have any other options. If she hadn't heard by chance that Mo Wuji could grow Green Dew Rice and received the favour of the sect head, she wouldn't even have this last lifeline.

    "Miss Mian He, sit down and speak slowly. There's no rush." Mo Wuji quickly said.

    Only then did Mian He notice that the sect head and Elder Shi was here, hence she frantically bowed respectfully.

    "Mian He, what happened?" Xi Lingru frowned as he asked. Even he knew that the Firmament Pond Mountain was looked down upon in the sect, but he had promised Mei Qianqian's husband, You Zhuo, that he would take care of Mei Qianqian. Hence, he had looked after her all this while, even giving her the Firmament Pond Mountain that You Zhuo left behind.

    Seeing that the sect head was also at Mo Wuji's place, Mian He was a little more confident.

    "Jing Wei killed Elder Sister Mei Lu and Elder Sister Qiu Ling and beat my lady to a pulp. He also detained my lady, and made her..." Mian He didn't continue speaking, but from her tears, Mo Wuji knew that Mei Qianqian was in danger.

    When he heard their conversation, Xi Lingru's expression turned ugly, and he didn't really want to discuss this matter anymore, immediately saying, "I got it. Leave first, I'll deal with this when I return."

    Upon hearing this, Mian He's face turned pale, and she stared pleadingly at Mo Wuji. Although she knew that Mo Wuji owed his position to the sect head's favour, as of now her pleas seemed to be useless. However, she didn't have any other option.

    Mo Wuji bowed respectfully towards Xi Lingru, "Sect head, I am indebted to Elder Sister Mei, so I hope that I can help her once."

    This placed Xi Lingru in a spot. He was furious at Jing Wei who ignored his instructions, but yet he couldn't deal with Jing Wei either.

    Yu Chuo, who stood at the side holding her veil, spoke, "Killing a disciple within the sect for no reason. Even if it were a service disciple, this is definitely not allowed in the High Firmament God Sect. Even if that person was the sect head, it wouldn't be permitted either."

    All this while, Mo Wuji thought that Yu Chuo's cultivation level was much lower than Chi Kun's while her position seemed to be above Chi Kun.

    Indeed, right after Yu Chuo finished speaking, Chi Kun turned to face Mo Wuji and asked, "Pill Master Mo, how do you think this issue should be handled?"

    Mo Wuji bowed respectfully at Chi Kun before doing the same towards Xi Lingru, "Sect head, I think we should bring Mei Qianqian and Jing Wei here for questioning so that we may learn the truth."

    While it was Chi Kun trying to help them out, but Mo Wuji couldn't directly ask Chi Kun for help. He was this clear about following the correct chain of command.

    Just as Yu Chuo had said, Jing Wei killed at a whim in the sect, so he was obviously not some good apple. Once everyone was brought over for questioning, no matter how much higher ground Jing Wei had, Mei Qianqian wouldn't be reduced to being beaten up.

    A troubled expression appeared on Xi Lingru while he said, "Wuji, why don't we just summon Mei Qianqian and leave Jing Wei out..."

    But Mo Wuji didn't respond, so how should he have carried on? Helping to get Mei Qianqian let Wei Jing go was just something not worth doing.

    Chi Kun sighed at one side, "Sect Head Xi, I admire your cultivation level and foresight, but there doesn't seem to be much of a point to go to the High God Lands if this is how you deal with internal sect affairs."

    If this was before they met Mo Wuji, then Chi Kun wouldn't have dared to say such things. For an experienced old man like him, how could he not know that the main priority was to build a connection with Mo Wuji? Everything else would be easier to negotiate for if Mo Wuji had a good impression of him and there was some rift between Mo Wuji and Xi Lingru.

    These words made Xi Lingru's heart shudder. As the head of a sect, how couldn't he understand what Chi Kun meant? Once Mo Wuji fell out with him, and directly left with Chi Kun, then his Minor High Firmament Sect would not be able to get anything.

    "Elder Shi, quickly bring all the involved people over." Xi Lingru ordered without hesitation after thinking through the entire incident.

    Moreover, he was very decisive. Not only was Jing Wei brought over, the rest of the people involved were summoned as well.

    "Roger." Elder Shi disappeared with a flash.

    Since the last time Guang Zhi was killed in Minor High Firmament Village, transfer arrays were set up between Minor High Firmament Village and Minor High Firmament Sect. Mian He had to use a escape talisman to arrive here after traveling for a long time while Elder Shi Yi only had to activate the array to return to the sect.

    When Elder Shi Yi left, Mo Wuji said to Xi Lingru, "Thank you sect head."

    Following which, he also thanked Chi Kun and Yu Chuo before saying to Shuai Guo, "Shuai Guo, tell everyone outside that today's pill refining has come to an end. Those that require pills will have to wait until further notice."

    "Pill Master Mo is really decisive." Chi Kun guffawed at the side.

    Mo Wuji guessed that these people were here as they had something to ask of him, otherwise, why would they have assisted him. However, now that he had received their assistance, he couldn't outright reject their request anymore.

    Hence he spoke again, "Sect head, please make yourselves at home for a moment. I'd like to have a few words with Mian He."

    Chi Kun laughed, "Pill Master Mo please carry on. The god spiritual energy here is so dense that I wouldn't mind sitting here until tomorrow."


    'Elder Sister Mian He, Elder Sister Mei should be the Mountain Lord of Firmament Pond Mountain right? Why do I sense that there are many people who dislike her, and how could the men of a Mountain Lord be randomly killed by that Jing Wei while she herself was also beaten up? What's going on?" After bringing Mian He into a room, Mo Wuji asked directly.

    Mo Wuji wasn't a gossipy person. Since he wanted to help Mei Qianqian, he had to understand these issues.

    Up till this point, Mian He still couldn't believe that Mo Wuji asked Elder Shi to bring her lady over together with Jing Wei that easily. From his tone, he wasn't summoning Jing Wei here to help him, but to deal with him.

    Only when Mo Wuji started probing did her mind clear up, and she said frantically, "Thank you Wuji, if it weren't for you, my lady..."

    To that, Mo Wuji simply waved it off, "Elder SIster Mei helped me find a job, so it's only natural for me to help her. But before that, you need to tell me more about her."

    With a sigh, Mian He explained, "You've been to the Mei Clan Manor. Back then in the manor, my lady was its jewel, but one day there was a sudden massacre inside. Some people thought that some top grade treasure had appeared in the manor and charged inside to fight for it. Almost everyone in the manor was killed, and the ground beneath was dug at least till 3 inches deep, but nothing special was found in the end.

    After that, the spirit channels and spiritual roots of almost everyone that entered the manor began to degrade, and eventually, their primordial spirit would also dissipate. Henceforth, the Mei Clan Manor became forbidden ground. No one dared to set foot inside. Soon after, other people found out that only Mei Qianqian and Mei Feng'Er who survived could enter the Mei Clan Manor unharmed..."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "These can wait till later. Get to the point. Why is Elder Sister Mei's position in the Minor High Firmament Sect so low? Scrap that, this can wait as well. Elder Sister Mei and the others are here, so let's go out first."

    "My lady..." Mian He cried as she rushed towards Mei Qianqian once she came into sight, tightly embracing Mei Qianqian.

    Mei Qianqian had a head of messy hair, and traces of blood covered her face. Her eyes reflected a lost individual. From her aura, Mo Wuji could sense that she had just taken a great deal of damage. Moreover, her clothes were also ripped apart, so it seemed like she was disgraced as well.

    Other than Mei Qianqian, Mo Wuji also saw Elder Shi and Elder Zheng at the same time. On top of that, there was also another elder whose cultivation level should have been at Worldly God Stage that Mo Wuji did not recognise. Before these three elders, a red clothed man calmly bowed towards Xi Lingru, "Greetings sect head, I don't know why sect head summoned me here...Eh, I know..."

    The gaze of the red clothed man turned and fell on Mo Wuji. Here, only Mo Wuji's spirituality wasn't obvious, and only this kind of person would plant Green Dew Rice.

    "You're Mo Wuji, right? You really managed to grow high grade Green Dew Rice?" The red clothed youth didn't even care about the fact that the sect head summoned him and Mei Qianqian. After all, this wasn't the first time.

    "You're Jing Wei?" Mo Wuji didn't answer the red clothed youth's questions, instead judging the youth as he felt that the other party was acting dumb.

    "How dare you, are you supposed to address the young sect head by name? The elder that Mo Wuji didn't recognise loudly chided.

    Young sect head? Mo Wuji stared at Xi Lingru in shock. If Jing Wei was Xi Lingru's son, then it would be very difficult to take care of this guy. This wasn't right, if things were like that, then Jing Wei should be named Xi Wei.

    How could Xi Lingru not understand what that look in Mo Wuji's eyes meant? He smiled bitterly while sending a message to Mo Wuji, "Young Sect Head Jing Wei is the only son of the previous Sect Head Jing Tian. Minor High Firmament Sect is its current state basically thanks to Jing Tian."

    There wasn't the need to explain further as Mo Wuji already understood. Without question, Jing Wei had a large group of supporters in the sect, and even Xi Lingru couldn't help but fear him. Of course, it could also have been that Xi Lingru let Jing Wei do as he pleased out of respect for Jing Tian.

    The next moment, Jing Wei seemed to become very serious, as though as he had understood why he was here, and he waved at the elder, "Elder Hao, Mo Wuji is a rice farmer, so there's no need to pursue anything with him. You should be the one that asked the sect head to summon me here right? Before we reach the topic of Green Dew RIce, let me first tell you what kind of person this Mei Qianqian is. She married Mountain Lord You Zhuo of my Minor High Firmament Sect's Firmament Pond Mountain and used her unique body quality to incite trouble everywhere. You can ask around, a good number of the sect's elders were seduced by her.

    That's right, Mountain Lord You Zhuo was secretly killed by her and her lover because he caught them together one time when she brought her lover to the Firmament Pond Mountain to fool around. In the end, after she murdered Mountain Lord You Zhuo, she had the gall to stay on Firmament Pond Mountain. As she was the only who could enter the Mei Clan Manor, the Minor High Firmament Sect tolerated her till now."

    Upon hearing what Jing Wei had to say, even Chi Kun and Yu Chuo at the side stared at Mei Qianqian with shocked expressions. If this was really the truth, then it wouldn't be enough to just kill this woman a hundred times.
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