Chapter 962: Help Me Kill This Person

    Chapter 962: Help Me Kill This Person

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    When embraced by Mian He, Mei Qianqian's dead eyes seemed to gain a trace of life. However, she didn't react to anything that Jing Wei said, simply staring back with a mocking look in her eyes.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji laughed coldly. This Jing Wei actually treated him as a dumbass. From Earth to the Cultivation World, Immortal World, and finally the God Domain, how many schemes and hardships had he endured? Even if Mei Qianqian did not rebut, he knew that there was something wrong here.

    The problem wasn't that Mei Qianqian had slept with many men, but with the accusation that her lover killed her husband.

    He could see that Xi Lingru, while being a scheming person, still had a baseline. If Mei Qianqian could kill her husband, even being assisted by her lover, then how would Xi Lingru have let her remain in the Minor High Firmament Sect as Mountain Lord of Firmament Pond Mountain? Regardless how important the Mei Clan Manor was, he could still lock Mei Qianqian up to reach the same outcome.

    But in reality, when Mo Wuji was Mei Qianqian, she was a free woman.

    "Elder Sister Mei, do you have anything to say?" Mo Wuji ignored Jing Wei and asked Mei Qianqian directly.

    Mei Qianqian just laughed, "Thank you for not allowing me to die while disgraced in this person's hands. My conscience is clear. I never thought that you would achieve this much, and it seems like I..."

    She could not continue speaking as she was sure that Mo Wuji was not a rogue cultivator that went to the Mei Clan Manor in search of low tier god spiritual herbs. With his level of skill, how could he have been one? It was just that she never felt the need to ask about his background.

    As for what Jing Wei said, she didn't bother to rebut them. Mo Wuji was obviously a cultivator who could enter the Mei Clan Manor and exit unscathed, so how could he be ordinary? If this kind of person could not see through Jing Wei's words, then it would be pointless for her to argue.

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji bowed respectfully at Xi Lingru, "Sect Head Xi, I would like to ask why you allowed Elder Sister Mei to stay at Firmament Pond Mountain and also protect her?"

    What Mo Wuji was saying and doing was definitely not the actions of an ignorant rogue cultivator, thus Xi Lingru knew that there was no need for him to lie, "Wuji, it was all the request of the previous Mountain Lord of Firmament Pond Mountain, You Zhuo. He asked me to take care of Mei Qianqian before he died."

    "Brother Zhuo, I have let you down..." Tears streamed down Mei Qianqian's eyes after she heard Xi Lingru's explanation.

    "So was Mountain Lord Zhuo killed by Mei Qianqian and someone else?" Mo Wuji asked again.

    Xi Lingru grinned bitterly, "No"

    Yet, Jing Wei continued acting as though as he didn't know that his lie was exposed and smiled while looking at Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, our sect head has his own standards, hence it's only natural for him to not speak of those shameless acts."

    Mian He suddenly pointed at Jing Wei and shouted, "Jing Wei, you beast. Back then you harmed Mountain Lord You with your accomplices and even imprisoned my lady's younger brother, Mei Feng'Er. You used that to blackmail my lady to sleep with all of the elders in the sect and bring them to your side. In order to save her husband and younger brother, my lady endured the shame and did what you asked. But in the end, you didn't let the Mountain Lord or my lady's younger brother go, you, you..."

    Although Mian He didn't mention anything about what happened in between the incidents, Mo Wuji had a rough idea and his face turned black. He didn't agree with how Mei Qianqian dealt with the situation, but if anyone was in her shoes, the only option available would be to follow Jing Wei's instructions.

    No wonder the Minor High Firmament Sect looked down on Mei Qianqian that much. Not only was she involved with many elders and high level members of the sect, she also met Jing Wei's requests.

    "Beast." Yu Chuo shot a despising look at Jing Wei.

    "Mo Wuji, since you're not willing to discuss the growing of Green Dew Rice with me, I'll make a move first. On the account of your contributions in Green Dew Rice to the sect, I won't touch Mei Qianqian." Jing Wei turned and left after speaking.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly. He knew Jing Wei could see that he had obtained the support of Chi Kun and Yu Chuo.

    Since Mo Wuji didn't say anything, Xi Lingru couldn't speak as well. He respected Jing Tian, which is why he let Jing Wei run loose, but this didn't mean that Jing Wei could disregard the future of the Minor High Firmament Sect. Mo Wuji was the future of the sect, hence he couldn't ignore Mo Wuji.

    "Stay here for a while longer, wait till Wuji has settled this incident first." Xi Lingru stopped Jing Wei.

    Hearing the sect head asking him to stop, Jing Wei's expression turned ugly.

    "Sect head, this isn't that good right? No matter what the young sect head did wrong, it isn't up to an outsider to point fingers at him." The elder that scolded Mo Wuji previously frowned as he spoke up.

    Although he was just an advanced Worldly God, he was extremely senior in the sect. Even Sect Head Xi Lingru wasn't as senior as him.

    Of course, from another perspective, one could say that this person wasted most of his life.

    "Dao Friend Chi, Dao Friend Yu, I wonder what the both of you have come to visit me for?" Mo Wuji surprisingly put Jing Wei's issue to one side, instead he asked Chi Kun for the reason behind their visit.

    But no one thought that Mo Wuji did anything wrongly. Only someone who thought things through would ask this question.

    What was Mo Wuji banking on now? It was his research in Green Dew Rice. The reason Chi Kun and Yu Chuo were here was that Mo Wuji was an expert in growing Green Dew Rice, and they supported Mo Wuji naturally for Green Dew Rice.

    Mo Wuji asked this question to find out what Chi Kun and Yu Chuo wanted him to do, and settle this issue based on the weight of their task. Thus, this question was an essential one to ask.

    "The High Firmament God Sect requires an expert that's well versed in growing Green Dew Rice to help. If Pill Master Mo can grow high grade Green Dew Rice, the records of Pill Dao of the High Firmament God Sect will be available for you to read in the future. At the same time, the High Firmament God Sect will also provide all sorts of god spiritual herbs and invite Pill Master Mo to be an elder of the High Firmament God Sect." When Chi Kun heard Mo Wuji's question, he immediately replied while bowing respectfully.

    His tone was very sincere, and not a single trace of the pride of coming from a large sect of the High God Lands was present at all.

    Mo Wuji returned the bow, "Thank you for looking upon me favourably Dao Friend Chi, but I have no intention of joining a sect at the moment, and there are some things I still have to deal with here..."

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to complete his sentence, Chi Kun frantically added on, "After going to the High Firmament God Sect, it is possible for Pill Master Mo to grow Green Dew Rice in an area alone. I will request for peak grade god spiritual veins from the sect for you..."

    "Don't worry, there'll definitely be a peak grade god spiritual vein for you to grow Green Dew Rice." Yu Chuo, who was standing at one side, quickly added on. She had more power than Chi Kun and just declared this at once.

    This offer moved Mo Wuji as one of the reasons he wanted to stay here for was the peak grade god spiritual vein. Also, he began to have some rough insight into his own dao, and to him, as long as he stayed here for a while longer, it could be possible for him to complete the laws of his world and find the real meaning behind it.

    Instinctively, Mo Wuji looked in Xi Lingru's direction. Xi Lingru had helped him a whole lot, and if he just left like that...

    The originally quiet Yu Chuo seemed to be aware of Mo Wuji's considerations and clarified, "Dao Friend mo, after you leave with us, the High Firmament God Sect will move the Minor High Firmament Sect to the High God Lands. After all, Sect Head Xi made a great contribution this time."

    "Thank you, Dao Friend Yu." This was the sentence Xi Lingru was waiting for. When he heard Yu Chuo's promise, his heart was filled with joy.

    What was the point of cultivation? Wasn't it to improve? It wasn't very possible to improve in the Low God Lands, but once in the High God Lands, not only him, but the entire Minor High Firmament Sect would be able to improve. As for the Minor High Firmament Sect in the Low God Lands, there would still be a base left here.

    "Ok, I agree." Mo Wuji said decisively, "However, I would like to ask Dao Friend Jing to help to kill this Jing Wei. That's right, and that detestable person beside Jing Wei."

    Chi Kun was waiting for Mo Wuji to say these words since a long time, and once Mo Wuji said it, he stood up and threw a god elemental energy had towards Jing Wei.

    "How dare you...Save me, Elder Hao..." Jing Wei was stunned this time. All this while he had maintained the fake image of a mad second generation elder.

    If he knew that he would be killed by coming here, he would definitely not have come over.

    Seeing that thing were about to blow up, Elder Hao, who came with Jing Wei, was about to leap forward to save Jing Wei. His cultivation level was higher than Chi Kun's, hence saving Jing Wei wouldn't be that difficult.

    However, as his body moved, he felt as though as the entire space around him was frozen, and the next moment, he heard Jing Wei's screams echo out.

    Finally, Jing Wei died while taking advantage of his status as the second generation of the founder. There was a saying that one who did not ask for death would not die, and perhaps this was most relevant for Jing Wei now.

    "Xi Lingru, how dare you..." How could Elder Hao not know that it was the God King, Xi Lingru, that froze the space around him.

    But he could not utter his next sentence, as Chi Kun's hand continued to travel in the direction of his forehead. As he was locked in place by Xi Lingru, Elder Hao couldn't fight back and was killed there and then.

    Mo Wuji had nothing to say. From start to the end, everything was within his predictions. He knew that Elder Hao's strength should have been greater than Chi Kun, and he was sure that once Chi Kun attacked, Xi Lingru would make a move as well. Nothing deviated from his guesses at all.

    "Elder Sister Mei, what are your plans now?" Mo Wuji only asked this after seeing that Jing Wei and Elder Hao were killed.

    In a rather stunned state, Mei Qianqian saw Jing Wei and Elder Hao disappear before her very eyes. SHe never thought that Mo Wuji had the ability to get the sect head to kill these two men.

    A good while later, she finally regained her senses and bowed respectfully towards Mo Wuji and Xi Lingru before saying, "I have avenged my husband and younger brother, so I'm going to prepare to leave the Minor High Firmament Sect."

    Some thanks would be meaningless even if said, hence she didn't especially thank Mo Wuji.

    With a sigh, Xi Lingru replied, "It was I that failed to help Brother You Zhuo all these years. Take care of yourself in the future."

    Mo Wuji also added on, "I will be leaving for the High God Lands with Dao Friend Chi. Elder Sister Mei, take care."

    After speaking, Mo Wuji turned to fae Xi Lingru, "Sect Head Xi, thank you for looking at me favourably and supporting me. The Mei Clan Manor is Elder Sister Mei's ancestral land, so I would like to ask sect head to send some men to use a defensive array to protect that area. I still have a few tens of catties of Green Dew Rice here. I'll give them to you."

    The bag that Mo Wuji took out and passed to Xi Lingru contained 20 catties of high grade Green Dew RIce, and in the middle of the 20 catties of rice, there was a small sack which held two catties of peak grade Green Dew Rice within.

    When Mei Qianqian heard that Mo Wuji wanted to help to preserve the Mei Clan Manor, her heart was filled with even more gratitude.

    However, Mo Wuji was protecting the manor not because of Mei Qianqian, but for himself. There was a very important transfer array below the Mei Clan Manor, and news of it could never be revealed.
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