Chapter 963: Land Of Mortals

    Chapter 963: Land Of Mortals

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    After sending Mi Qianqian off, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to follow Chi Kun and Yu Chuo to leave Low God Land and head towards High God Land where High Firmament God Sect was situated.

    Ever since he came to God Continent's Low God Land, he basically never left Minor High Firmament Sect. Thus, he didn't have many ties here. Only Shuai Guo followed beside him while Da Huang stayed in his Undying World.

    According to Chi Kun, there was a transfer array between Low God Land and High God Land. It was just that this array couldn't be used under normal circumstances. It would only be opened under critical situations. Thus, they could only fly, take a transfer array, fly again and take another transfer array, and so on.

    Fortunately, the flying treasure Yu Chuo brought out was very strong. As a Smith Master that could forge low-grade god equipment, he was sure that Yu Chuo's flying ship was a high-grade god equipment.

    During Mo Wuji's time in God Domain and God Continent, he had never seen many high-grade god equipment. Of course, this was probably because the level of the people that he interacted with was very low. With his low cultivation, he naturally wouldn't interact with many experts.

    Chi Kun was very talkative, but Mo Wuji wasn't really interested in talking and only wanted to go into the ship's compartment to cultivate. However, because Chi Kun was especially good at speaking, Mo Wuji was actually listening to him with great pleasure.

    "Pill Master Mo, actually High Firmament God Sect couldn't be considered the biggest sect in High God Land but it is definitely one of the top. If you are willing to be an elder in High Firmament God Sect, it's actually not bad." Chi Kun still hadn't given up on the idea of inviting Mo Wuji into his High Firmament God Sect.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded and he casually asked, "Dao Friend Chi, is the strongest cultivation in High Firmament God Sect above the God King Stage?"

    Chi Kun chortled loudly, "Pill Master Mo, you must not solely be interested concocting pills and growing Green Dew Rice. You also need to understand the path of cultivation."

    Mo Wuji was slightly embarrassed. He understood Chi Kun's meaning. Only a person who didn't know much or didn't care much about cultivation would ask about the cultivation stage of the strongest person in a sect.

    Chi Kun wasn't intentionally humiliating Mo Wuji. After a light chuckle, he turned serious and said, "Pill Master Mo, in God Continent, there's only one place where people can surpass the God King Stage."

    "There are actually people that can surpass the God King Stage?" Mo Wuji exclaimed in astonishment. He was truly shocked.

    Chi Kun nodded, "That should be true. However, once you reach the God King Stage, you would be more aware of how difficult and vast the path to Dao is. It would be increasingly difficult to reach higher levels. Thus, in the entire God Continent, there are few experts that can surpass the God King Stage. Even if there are such people, they are all of myths and legends."

    "What place is that?" Mo Wuji asked eagerly.

    He had just come from God Domain and he was very clear that there weren't any existences that surpassed the God King Stage there. In fact, there weren't many God Kings in God Domain.

    Chi Kun brought out a wine flask and poured Mo Wuji a cup of wine. Then he continued, "Pill Master Mo, even if you hadn't mentioned it, I would have told you about that place. The place is called Nirvana Learning Academy..."

    "Nirvana Learning Academy?" Mo Wuji repeated. He could not help but be shocked. In a peak-grade realm like the God Continent, there's such a thing as a learning academy? At the same time, this also reminded him of the Heaven Seeking Learning Academy back in the cultivation world.

    Chi Kun nodded, "That's right, the Nirvana Learning Academy. The reason why I can tell you this is because, in the entire God Continent, there's only one sect - Nirvana Learning Academy."

    "What does that mean?" Mo Wuji was increasingly confused.

    Chi Kun explained, "The Nirvana Learning Academy is actually a gathering of the greatest experts in God Continent. More than 90% of all sects in God Continent originate from Nirvana Learning Academy. Let's make this simpler, do you know why Minor High Firmament Sect says that they're a subsidiary sect of my High Firmament God Sect?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I know about that. I heard that the progenitor of the Minor High Firmament Sect was from High Firmament God Sect."

    Chi Kun nodded, "That's right. It's the same here. In Nirvana Learning Academy, many experts will build up their own powers. When they find that they could no longer advance any further, they would leave Nirvana Learning Academy and establish their own sects. For example, the progenitor of my High Firmament God Sect came from Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Till this day, there's still the High Firmament Mountain in Nirvana Learning Academy. Cultivators that were in High Firmament Mountain during their time in Nirvana Learning Academy would usually choose to enter our High Firmament Sect after they left the academy."

    Mo Wuji understood the situation, "Dao Friend Chi, I understand what you're saying. In other words, Nirvana Learning Academy is a microcosm of the entire God Continent and its power is only slightly weaker when compared to the entire God Continent."

    Chi Kun replied, "Your first part is right, Nirvana Learning Academy is indeed a microcosm of the entire God Continent. However, your second part is wrong. Even if all the sects in the God Continent join together, they still wouldn't even be able to compare to a finger of Nirvana Learning Academy. In the entire God Continent, almost all the peak experts are hidden within Nirvana Learning Academy. To surpass the God King Stage, you can only do it in Nirvana Learning Academy."

    "Then how is this sect managed?" Mo Wuji is confused again. How strong must the fella that oversees the entire Nirvana Learning Academy be?

    Chi Kun shook his head, "Nirvana Learning Academy shouldn't be a sect. It should be considered a cradle for experts. As for management, I only know that no one dares to behave atrociously or violate the rules in Nirvana Learning Academy. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to survive more than two hours. Actually, since you said that you like to grow Green Dew Rice, I want to introduce to you to a faction within Nirvana Learning Academy. This faction is called the Land of Mortals..."

    "Land of Mortals?" Mo Wuji uttered in shock.

    Chi Kun nodded, "That's right, the Land of Mortals. It's said that the progenitor of the Land of Mortals within Nirvana Learning Academy is an expert called the Agriculture Emperor. He's a cultivator that had extremely poor quality spiritual roots. However, this person was almost able to rewrite history within Nirvana Learning Academy..."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji was rather eager. He cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique and now that he came to know about this Land of Mortals, he was naturally eager to know more.

    Chi Kun explained, "Because this Agriculture Emperor was able to use his inferior talent to cultivate to the God King Stage. He even created his own cultivation technique for cultivators with poor spiritual roots. It's called the Immortal Mortal Technique."

    Immortal Mortal Technique! Mo Wuji's heart was filled with excitement. He also cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. Even though his current technique was no longer related to the original Immortal Mortal Technique, it couldn't change the fact that he had relied on the Immortal Mortal Technique to create the path of cultivation for mortals.

    The Immortal Mortal Technique that he received from Tian Ji Sect was still in his Undying World.

    He didn't think that the expert that created the Immortal Mortal Technique was actually from the God World and he even came from Nirvana Learning Academy.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji suddenly wanted to go to Nirvana Learning Academy and visit that Land of Mortals. He wanted to see whether that Agriculture Emperor had left behind anything else.

    Chi Kun continued, "Actually, according to stories, the Agriculture Emperor didn't use to be called that, but was called Farmer [1]. He was born in a mortal world. His parents wanted him to farm their fields well, so they gave him the simple name of Farmer.

    It's said that Agriculture Emperor was the one that discovered the Green Dew Rice. He was able to plant peak grade Green Dew Rice, then he used the Green Dew Rice to cleanse his spiritual roots and channels. Even though his spiritual roots and channels were inferior beyond comparison, he was able to use his hard work to enter the God World. Not only that, he even entered the Nirvana Learning Academy and established the Land of Mortals."

    As he got here, Chi Kun sighed and shook his head, "Unfortunately, after something happened to Agriculture Emperor, the Land of Mortals started to enter a decline. It's said that there are no longer any disciples in the Land of Mortals. Even if there were, they are people that have relatively good spiritual roots; they have no links to being a mortal. The Land of Mortals is also the only faction in Nirvana Learning Academy that didn't create a sect in High God Land."

    "Dao Friend Chi, I want to ask, how can one enter the Nirvana Learning Academy?"

    "The hardest place to enter in the whole God Continent is the Nirvana Learning Academy. However, you have a chance because the Nirvana Learning Academy is all-inclusive. Among which, experts in growing Green Dew Rice can also enter the Nirvana Learning Academy."

    "Besides growing Green Dew Rice?" Mo Wuji continued asking. According to his intentions, he didn't want it to be revealed that he could grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice. If he used such a method to enter Nirvana Learning Academy, then people would definitely get wind of that.

    If he didn't know about the Agriculture Emperor, he might not have cared about this. Now that he knew that the Agriculture Emperor advancement to the God King Stage was related to Green Dew Rice, how could he simply reveal the fact that he could grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice?

    He even suspected that if not for the fact that one needed to be totally immersed and without pressure to grow good Green Dew Rice, Chi Kun might have forcefully abducted him.

    Chi Kun shook his head, "It's very hard. The only other method is to join a sect and become an exceptional figure within the sect. Then, you would have to participate in the Nirvana Learning Academy's disciple selection."

    Mo Wuji asked, "Dao Friend Chi, after I reach High Firmament God Sect, what do I have to do?"

    Chi Kun said, "Actually my invitation to Pill Master Mo is related to the Nirvana Learning Academy. Within the Nirvana Learning Academy, there's a peak-grade enlightenment holyland. It's called God King Nirvanic River. Unfortunately, the placings to enter this God King Nirvanic River is limited. Nirvana Learning Academy would hold assessments and growing Green Dew Rice is one of the key assessments."

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding, "Dao Friend Chi, you mean for me to represent High Firmament God Sect to take part in this planting assessment and obtain placings to the God King Nirvanic River?"

    Chi Kun did not hide anything as he nodded, "Yes, my High Firmament God Sect's only weakness is that we don't have experts in growing Green Dew Rice. Moreover, God Kings aren't the only ones that can receive enlightenment in the God King Nirvanic River. If World Gods enter, they have a high chance of entering the God King Stage.

    Pill Master Mo, if you are able to help, it would not be impossible for you to enter Nirvana Learning Academy. Even though your talent is relatively bad, you might be able to find some way to advance in Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals. And taking a step back, even if you can't find a way to advance, the Land of Mortals is also the calmest and safest place to grow Green Dew Rice."

    [1] They both have the same pronunciation - Zhong Di. Zhong means to farm or plant. The first Di is Emperor, while the second Di is Land.
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