Chapter 964: Regret

    Chapter 964: Regret

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    "Dao Friend Chi, I accept this task. When can I go for the assessment?" Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say.

    From a certain perspective, Agriculture Emperor could be considered his master. Without the Immortal Mortal Technique, he would still be able to come up with the meridian cultivation method. However, Mo Wuji was very clear that without the Immortal Mortal Technique, he would already be old and aged by the time he discovered the meridian cultivation method.

    Thus, even though the Agriculture Emperor wasn't his master in person, he was his master in meaning.

    Now that he had come to God Continent and found the progenitor of the Immortal Mortal Technique, he naturally had to go and take a look. And if he wanted to see the Agriculture Emperor's Land of Mortals, he would have to enter the Nirvana Learning Academy. According to Chi Kun's words, it was extremely difficult to enter the Nirvana Learning Academy. Planting Green Dew Rice was Mo Wuji's easiest option.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's response, Chi Kun said elatedly, "Pill Master Mo, even though it has yet to be confirmed, following Nirvana Learning Academy's practises, the next assessment should be coming soon. Perhaps, by the time we reach High God Land, Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment might have already started. Even if it hasn't started, since Pill Master Mo likes planting Green Dew Rice, we can get you a good piece of land in my High Firmament God Sect..."

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "Dao Friend Chi, how about this. I will get a pill shop in the city outside your sect. When the assessment comes, I will represent High Firmament Sect."

    Mo Wuji didn't want to join High Firmament Sect, nor did he want to continue planting rice. Actually, he wouldn't mind if he had a calm plot of land with a peak-grade god spiritual vein to continue planting Green Dew Rice. After all, planting Green Dew Rice was helpful to his cultivation technique and his state of mind.

    But who knew when Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment would begin? If it began while his Green Dew Rice had yet to mature, then would he have to harvest them prematurely?

    Whether he did that or not, it wouldn't be helpful to him. Thus, he decided that it was better not to plant Green Dew Rice at all.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji's understanding towards his Immortal Mortal Technique was now more profound. He cultivated the Mortal Dao; as long as he remained ordinary in a sea of common people, his heart state would not be affected. This principle was the same regardless whether he was planting Green Dew Rice or opening his own shop.

    This was one reason. The second reason was that Mo Wuji was extremely clear that he needed much cultivation resources. Previously, he didn't manage to see much improvement in his cultivation wasn't simply because there was a problem with his mortal heart state. It was also because he lacked dense amounts of god spiritual energy.

    Back in Minor High Firmament Village, he first used installed a spirit gathering array above a high-grade god spiritual vein. Thereafter, he cultivated on a peak-grade god spiritual vein. After cultivating on a peak-grade god spirit, he became especially clear about the importance that cultivation resources were to him. By opening a pill shop, not only would it help him elevate his standards in the Pill Dao, it would also help him gather large amounts of cultivation resources.

    In those short months in Minor High Firmament Village, he was able to gather many high-grade god crystals as well as various kinds of smithing materials and god herbs.

    "Then we'll head to High Firmament City. It's right outside High Firmament God Sect." Chi Kun viewed Mo Wuji highly. He would try his best to fulfil Mo Wuji's various requirements.

    "Many thanks, Dao Friend Chi. It's just that I still wish to represent High Firmament God Sect for the assessment. Thus, when I open a pill shop in High Firmament City, I hope that I will be able to change my appearance." Mo Wuji stood up and clasped his fists.

    In High Firmament City, Mo Wuji intended to furiously gather cultivation resources. His Pill Dao was going to reach the level of Tier 5 God Pill King. If he didn't furiously gather cultivation resources, he would be completely unable to get his hands on Tier 5 god herbs to practice on.

    Because God Domain and God Continent had been separated by the Nirvana Ocean, it was hard for even God Kings to appear. Tier 5 god herbs would naturally appear in greater scarcity. This was related to the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. As for Tier 6 god herbs, each strand of one would be a supreme treasure.

    If he earned too much cultivation resources, he might offend someone or earn the envy of others. Thus, Mo Wuji's intention was to earn a huge sum while under the protection of High Firmament God Sect and leave. Whether there would be further opportunities to earn more cultivation resources in Nirvana Learning Academy was a separate matter.

    "Haha, then I will be relying on Pill Master Mo." Chi Kun chuckled. He guessed that Mo Wuji was worried because of his status as a Tier 4 God Pill Refiner. In reality, there was no need for Mo Wuji to have such apprehensions. In High Firmament City, there were other Tier 4 God Pill Refiners.

    However, he wouldn't say such words. By agreeing to Mo Wuji's request, it would be equivalent to providing Mo Wuji with a favour.

    "Dao Friend Chi, these are some leftover Green Dew Rice. I will give them to Dao Friend Chi," Mo Wuji only just brought out ten catties of Green Dew Rice.

    Chi Kun anxiously opened the bag that Mo Wuji gave him. Even though this was his first time seeing the Green Dew Rice which were filled with gold-coloured runes, he was still extremely excited, "These are indeed top-grade Green Dew Rice. Good stuff, truly good stuff. Pill Master Mo, as long as you are able to grow such Green Dew Rice during the competition, you definitely wouldn't lose in that segment."

    "Rest assured, Dao Friend Chi. I have that bit of confidence." With that, Mo Wuji took out another bag, faced the inner compartment of the ship and said, "There are another ten catties of Green Dew Rice here. I will give them to Dao Friend Yu."

    A sharp and clear voice sounded, "Many thanks, Pill Master Mo."

    Following which, Yu Chuo's slender figure appeared on the main deck. She accepted Mo Wuji's cloth bag.

    Chi Kun looked at Yu Chuo in astonishment; he knew that Yu Chuo didn't accept gifts from anybody. Even if it was some amazing item, she wouldn't keep it. He didn't understand why Yu Chuo would accept this ten catties of Green Dew Rice from Mo Wuji.

    It was true that high-grade Green Dew Rice was extremely valuable. But with Yu Chuo's status, she could naturally obtain it on her own. Moreover, Yu Chuo had already eaten plenty of high-grade Green Dew Rice throughout her life. What was this meagre ten catties compared to all that?

    Mo Wuji naturally didn't know about all that. When he saw Yu Chuo and Chi Kun accept his gift, his mood was not bad.

    As the saying goes: Gifts bind the wise. These two should be of some status within High Firmament God Sect. Since they accepted his gifts, they would definitely help him during his time in High Firmament City.


    Low God Land, Minor High Firmament Sect.

    No one really cared much about Mo Wuji's departure. Instead, everyone was paying attention to Sect Head Xi Lingru's swift and decisive actions.

    Right after Mo Wuji left, Xi Lingru killed 32 people in a row. Among which, were four World Gods, seven God Monarchs and 21 Heavenly Gods. All of them had been revealed to have committed many offences; none of them was killed unjustly.

    However, those that were of higher statuses knew that all those that were killed were all related to Jing Wei. At this instant, all elders and mountain lords of Minor High Firmament Sect were all in shock. As it turns out, the sect head wasn't completely ignorant of Jing Wei's actions. It was just that he had never done anything about it. Now that Jing Wei had been killed, the sect head decided to strike like thunder and leave no gaps behind.

    Under normal circumstances, killing so many experts within one's own sect would definitely lead to chaos. However, this wasn't the case for Minor High Firmament Sect. In fact, it became more united and stabilised.

    After doing all this, Xi Lingru wasn't particularly elated. At this moment, he had returned back to his living quarters and was sitting silently without muttering a word.

    Those actions of Jing Wei's were, in his eyes, similar to that of a clown. The reason why he didn't do anything was due to his respect towards Jing Wei as well as the fact that he wanted to deal with all dissenters in one fell swoop.

    What depressed him the most was Mo Wuji's departure. If he knew that Mo Wuji was a Quasi-God Pill King, he definitely wouldn't have allowed Mo Wuji to leave.

    Ever since the beginning, Xi Lingru had a great dream. His dream was for Minor High Firmament Sect to be subsidiary to High Firmament God Sect; he hoped for his sect to be completely separated from High Firmament Sect and be treated as a true sect of God Continent.

    But now, he was the only God King in Minor High Firmament Sect. Their power was still too low. Even if they went to High God Land, they would need to depend on High Firmament God Sect.

    If one knew of Xi Lingru's thoughts, then it wouldn't be hard to understand why Xi Lingru felt so regretful towards Mo Wuji's departure.

    He was clearer than anyone about the benefits that a Quasi God Pill King had to a sect.

    Moreover, with Mo Wuji's poor cultivation talent, he would be had to control. This sort of person was simply too rare to find. But now, one had slipped from right under his nose.

    This was also why he had been so swift in killing all the vermins of the sect. This was because the person in charge of such matters was a World God that was close to Jing Wei. The news of Mo Wuji's departure had reached this World God's hand a long time ago. According to the procedure, this elder should have immediately reported that matter to him.

    Not only did this elder not report the matter to him, he reported the matter to Jing Wei. Because of that and even though Mo Wuji didn't care much about Jing Wei, Jing Wei suppressed his anger towards Mo Wuji and tried to form closer ties with Mo Wuji. Jing Wei also knew the benefits that a Quasi God Pill King would have.

    Xi Lingru shook his head. There were pros and cons to everyone. When he spared those vermins, he should have thought about how those vermins might end up affecting the sect.

    After sitting in contemplation for a long time, Xi Lingru sighed deeply. He took out that bag of Green Dew Rice that Mo Wuji gave him.

    This was one thing that he appreciated about Mo Wuji. Before Mo Wuji left, he did not forget to leave behind some gifts.

    This bag of Green Dew Rice weighed a total of 20 catties. After opening it, the gold-runed Green Dew Rice appeared in front of him. The fragrance of the rice soothed his heart.

    Casually grabbing a handful of the Green Dew Rice, Xi Lingru's mood improved significantly.

    Suddenly, a black bag was revealed within the rice. Xi Lingru grabbed the bag and opened it.

    This bag was also filled with Green Dew Rice. However, the rice wasn't lined with gold runes but was entirely gold. The fragrance was even more penetrating and comforting. Xi Lingru's mouth went ajar as he was completely in shock.

    Even though he was a God King, he had never seen such pure Green Dew Rice.

    At the same time, as a God King, he was especially clear about what was in his hand. This definitely wasn't high-grade Green Dew Rice, but peak-grade ones.

    This bag alone weighed two catties!

    Xi Lingru stood up. He felt his skull turning numb. If he knew that Mo Wuji could truly grow peak-grade Green Dew Rice, even if he had to offend the ambassadors from High Firmament God Sect, he wouldn't have let Mo Wuji go.
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