Chapter 965: Cure-All Clinic

    Chapter 965: Cure-All Clinic

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    The journey was smooth sailing. After four months, Chi Kun, Yu Chuo and a disguised, yellow-faced Mo Wuji entered High Firmament City.

    High Firmament City got its name from the eponymous High Firmament Sect. When compared to the sects in Low God Land, High Firmament Sect was viewed as a colossal existence. However, in God Continent's High God Land, High Firmament God Sect could only be considered an above average sect; it was far from being at the top.

    Even though it wasn't the greatest sect, the presence of High Firmament Sect allowed High Firmament City to be a peak-grade god city.

    There was no need to talk about the million disciples of High Firmament God Sect. Simply the number of odd job workers, the merchant houses as well as the rogue cultivators in search for opportunities in High Firmament Mountain Range was enough to put the population on High Firmament City in the tens of millions.

    The path to the city entrance was built with grandeur. The roads were spacious and orderly.

    "What a lively city." Mo Wuji could not help but sigh in praise as he entered High Firmament City.

    Chi Kun chuckled. Just as he was about to speak, the communication bead on his wrist started to flash. As Chi Kun sent his spiritual will into the communication bead, his face turned serious.

    "What's the matter?" When Yu Chuo noticed Chi Kun's expression, she asked questioningly.

    Against expectations, Chi Kun didn't answer Yu Chuo's question. Instead, he turned to Mo Wuji and said, "Pill Master Mo, you can stay in High Firmament City first. Junior Sister Yu and I have an urgent matter to attend to back in the sect. After we are done with that matter, I will immediately return to help you find a pill shop."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "Dao Friend Chi, Dao Friend Yu, please hurry back to your sect. Regarding the pill shop, I will find one by myself. After the two of you are done with your matters, you can come and visit my pill shop. I'm sure that the two of you will definitely be able to find it."

    "Alright, then we will see you soon. If anything happens, use this jade token." Chi Kun brought out a jade token and stuffed it into Mo Wuji's hands. Thereafter, he anxiously left with Yu Chuo.

    Mo Wuji didn't know what was the matter that had Chi Kun leaving in such a hurry. He looked at the jade token in his hand. It wrote; High Firmament God Sect Patrol.

    Casually sending the jade token into his storage ring, Mo Wuji patted Shuai Guo and said, "Come on, let's find a shop."

    Whether it was in the Immortal World or the cultivation world, Shuai Guo was very eye-catching. However, on God Continent, he wasn't that conspicuous. In High Firmament City, there were plenty of other cultivators that walked with their beast pets. Some of them even rode on their beast pets.

    Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods composed the majority of the traffic within High Firmament City. Even so, Mo Wuji saw several God Monarch experts and some occasional World Gods.

    Compared to God Domain, the overall strength of God Continent seemed to be much higher.

    Mo Wuji had been to several cities in God Domain. There weren't as many World Gods and the number of God Monarchs were far fewer than in High Firmament City.

    After circling half the city, Mo Wuji had a deeper understanding towards the value of shops in High Firmament City.

    Without the help of Chi Kun, it wouldn't be simple to purchase a shop in High Firmament City. Not only that, the price of shops here was exceedingly high. If he hadn't sold pills back in Minor High Firmament Village, he wouldn't even have the power to buy a shop here.

    After asking around, Mo Wuji found that either he couldn't afford to buy a shop, he needed to wait a period of time before he could buy the shop, or the shop was in an isolated and remote corner. Mo Wuji wanted to open a pill shop in High Firmament City to earn cultivation resources. Naturally, he couldn't choose to open it at some random corner.

    "My lord, why don't we rent a shop." After following Mo Wuji for half a day, Shuai Guo suddenly suggested.

    "You think that I don't want to? Where.." Mo Wuji stopped abruptly. He actually saw that a shop was available for rent. Clearly, Shuai Guo must have also seen it.

    "Let's go and take a look." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to cross the street towards that shop.

    Actually, renting a shop was more suitable for Mo Wuji. He had no intentions of joining High Firmament God Sect so he wouldn't stay in High Firmament City for a long time.

    Also, the location of this shop was not bad. It was situated at the cross junction of a busy street.

    What surprised Mo Wuji slightly was that the shop for rent was actually a medicine shop. Moreover, its name was rather unique - Cure-All Clinic.

    Ever since he entered the cultivation world, Mo Wuji rarely saw medicine shops. However, Mo Wuji knew that no matter how high one's cultivation was, one would still be prone to illnesses. Thus, besides pill refiners, there were also doctors.

    However, pill refiners were far more renowned than doctors. Back in the Immortal World, he had heard of the names of many Pill Emperors but he hadn't heard even one of the Ten Great Immortal Doctors that Lin Gu talked to him about.

    This was because the illness that a cultivator would contract was basically related to the cultivation. If one couldn't solve this sort of problem on their own, then even the best doctor might not necessarily be able to resolve it. Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's concubine was a living example of that.

    Another example would be Lin Gu's mother. If not for him, she probably wouldn't have been cured.

    Moreover, the reason why he could help was because of his vitality channel and the detoxification channel. It wasn't because he was great in the medical arts.

    "Boss, this place is situated in such a lively area but it still hasn't been rented out till now. Could there be some problem with it?" Shuai Guo was more experienced now. Before doing things, he would also consider the problems.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "Whether there are any problems, we would know when we take a look."

    Even though his cultivation was only at Nascent God Level 5, he was a person invited here by Chi Kun and he also had the jade token that Chi Kun gave to him. Mo Wuji believed that even if there were any issues, as long as he didn't offend anyone, Chi Kun should be able to resolve the matter for him.

    As he entered the medicine shop, he found that there weren't any patients. There were only a white-haired elder and a young girl. From Mo Wuji's perspective, that young girl was only at the Yuan Dan Stage.

    That old man, however, left Mo Wuji slightly surprised. Mo Wuji was able to faintly discern the cultivations of God Kings. However, the old man gave Mo Wuji the impression of a vast ocean; he was unable to discern this old man's cultivation at all. And upon a second look, this old man seemed as though he didn't have a cultivation at all; he was simple and ordinary.

    Mo Wuji definitely didn't believe that this old man was a simple person. A simple person definitely wouldn't be able to survive in this bustling city.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue observing this old man. Instead, his gaze landed on the young girl. Soon, he discovered that something was amiss. This young girl looked like she was in the Yuan Dan Stage, but in reality, her cultivation was very unstable; she could slip off the Yuan Dan Stage at any moment.

    In God Continent, the Yuan Dan Stage was no different from an ant. Mo Wuji guessed that this girl was probably ill, which was why her cultivation seemed so unstable.

    However, Mo Wuji wouldn't openly ask about that. He knew that in front of this white-haired elder, he was also an ant.

    "Are you here for treatment?" The old man asked warmly when he saw Mo Wuji come in.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly clasped his fists, "This junior saw that this shop was available for rent, which was why I came in to inquire more."

    "You want to rent my clinic?" This old man's voice was slightly doubtful; he started to size Mo Wuji up with a hint of suspicion in his eyes.

    "Yes, may I ask how many god crystals will it cost a year?" Mo Wuji braced himself and asked. There didn't seem anything inappropriate about this old man's gaze but Mo Wuji couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

    "100,000 high-grade god crystals a year." The old man finally retracted his gaze and answered.

    100,000 high-grade god crystals a year? Mo Wuji was slightly in disbelief. This price wasn't too expensive, but too cheap. According to his previous inquiries in High Firmament City, he came to the conclusion that with a position like this, the rent for this Cure-All Clinic would cost at least 500,000 high-grade god crystals a year. If it was put for sale, its price would definitely be something near 10,000,000 high-grade god crystals.

    "Senior, may I ask if there are any conditions?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

    He definitely didn't believe that with a price of 100,000 high-grade god crystals a year, this shop still hadn't been rented out.

    The old man nodded approvingly towards Mo Wuji, "Not bad, you've guessed that I have other conditions to rent out this shop. You're right. I do have several conditions. If you wish to rent my shop it needs to stay as a clinic or a medicine shop. Also, the signboard outside cannot be changed; it must be hung outside."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. So that was the case. If it was someone else, unless that person was an idiot, that person wouldn't agree to such conditions.

    Why would people want to rent a shop in a bustling place like High Firmament City? Wasn't it to earn cultivation resources? If you rented this shop, not only couldn't you change the name, you must retain its status as a clinic. Wasn't this simply equivalent to throwing one's money away?

    "Senior, besides those conditions, are there any other conditions?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

    "You are really going to open a clinic? You want to be compassionate like me? And save the lives of those suffering from disease?" The old man didn't answer Mo Wuji's question but asked more questions. This was the first time that he encountered a person who didn't leave after hearing his previous conditions.

    Mo Wuji laughed ruefully, "I don't want to open a clinic. But since senior necessitates that this shop must be a clinic, then junior can only open a clinic."

    Naturally, Mo Wuji didn't want to open a clinic. As long as this old man didn't have any other conditions, he could retain this clinic's signboard and hang a second signboard that showed that he was selling pills. This wouldn't be conflicting with the old man's condition. If this old man said that he couldn't hang any other signboards, then he could only turn and leave.

    This old man chuckled and said, "Not bad. I don't have any other conditions. As long as you agree to my conditions, we can sign an agreement. We will renew yearly."

    With that, the old man took out two jade tokens and placed them in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji scanned the jade tokens briefly. Indeed, there weren't any other conditions on the jade tokens. Reassured, Mo Wuji placed his spiritual will imprints on the tokens. He kept one and handed the other to the old man. Thereafter, he brought out 100,000 high-grade god crystals and handed them to the old man.

    "You have potential. I wish you good luck. Also, all the things within the shop will now belong to you." The old man swiftly kept the agreement jade token, carried the girl, and disappeared without a trace.

    "My lord, why do I feel like something is amiss?" Shuai Guo asked doubtfully.

    There was no need to talk about Shuai Guo. Mo Wuji also felt that something was wrong.
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