Chapter 966: Changing The Rules

    Chapter 966: Changing The Rules

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    "At the most, I lose those 100,000 god crystals." With that, Mo Wuji casually created some signboards and threw them to Shuai Guo, "Shuai Guo, hang these signboards. Just don't take down that 'Cure-All Clinic' signboard."

    After half an incense's time, the exterior of Cure-All Clinic changed completely.

    Most conspicuous was the signboard - Ping Fan Pill-Smith Shop. Below that signboard, there were several other signboards introducing the various services provided. This included: Concocting Pills, Selling God Pills, Purchasing God Herbs, Forging Equipment...

    Of course, right at the bottom, there was a signboard with three words - Cure-All Clinic. Mo Wuji had adhered to the condition; he hadn't removed the signboard for Cure-All Clinic. It was just that this place was completely different from before.


    By the time Chi Kun and Yu Chuo rushed back to the sect's grand hall, it was already filled with people. Not only was High Firmament God Sect's Sect Head Xing Wen here, the various mountain lords and elders were all present as well.

    All these experts would only gather together during an important ceremony.

    "Greetings Sect Head. Greetings to all the Mountain Lords and Elders." Not only was Chi Kun's cultivation level the weakest here, his status was also the lowest. If he wasn't involved in a special mission, he wouldn't even have the rights to be here.

    Yu Chuo also bowed respectfully. Even though she was also respectful, she wasn't as fearful as Chi Kun.

    When Sect Head Xing Wen's stern face turned towards Chi Kun and Yu Chuo, it eased up significantly. "Chi Kun, you must have exhausted yourself during this long journey. Sit down first before we talk. Chuo'Er, come sit beside me."

    "Yes." Yu Chuo responded obediently, then she sat beside Xing Wen.

    Chi Kun, on the other hand, didn't sit down. Instead, he said respectfully, "This disciple's journey has been successful so it can't be considered exhausting."

    Xing Wen didn't continue to ask Chi Kun to sit down. With a solemn expression, he asked, "You found the Green Dew Rice expert?"

    Chi Kun confidently brought out a jade bowl. With a flip of his hand, the bowl was filled with Green Dew Rice lined with faint gold runes.

    He handed the jade bowl to Sect Head Xing Wen and said elated, "Answering the Sect Head, this disciple has found an expert in growing Green Dew Rice. This is the rice grown by him. It's definitely the best among high-grade Green Dew Rice. Sect Head, please take a look."

    The faint fragrance of high-grade Green Dew Rice pervaded through the hall. Everyone within the hall felt a soothed and comforted.

    "These are indeed high-quality high-grade Green Dew Rice." An elder uttered.

    Xing Wen peeled the outer coating of the Green Dew Rice, revealing a perfect a perfect grain. He also nodded approvingly, "This is indeed great high-grade Green Dew Rice. Chi Kun is right, the person who grew this is definitely an expert."

    "Chi Kun, what's the cultivation of this person?" After Xing Wen finished speaking, an elder on his left asked anxiously.

    Chi Kun started. Why did this elder ask about the cultivation of the person who grew the Green Dew Rice? It wasn't related to the Green Dew Rice at all. It was just that the person who asked was the Left High Firmament Mountain Lord, Lao Yu. Thus, Chi Kun answered respectfully, "His spiritual roots are extremely bad, so his cultivation is weak and his abilities are average. However, he also has another speciality, he's a Tier 4 God Pill Refiner..."

    Chi Kun subconsciously stopped speaking. He discovered that the atmosphere was slightly amiss. Could he have found the wrong expert?

    Xing Wen sighed and said to Chi Kun, "Take a seat first. Let Elder Ren Fei explain things to you."

    "Yes." Chi Kun's heart was filled with confusion and he could only sit down at the very furthest corner.

    Elder Ren Fei was at God King Stage Level 2 and he had a short figure. He nodded towards Chi Kun and said, "The assessment date for Nirvana Learning Academy has already been set..."

    "Ah..." Chi Kun and Yu Chuo were both pleasantly surprised. They were worried that the assessment would drag for a very long time. After all, Mo Wuji hadn't agreed to join High Firmament God Sect.

    Ren Fei sighed, "This time, Nirvana Learning Academy has raised the rewards. The top ten sects will not only have more placings to enter the Nirvanic River, they would also have a chance to listen to a Unity God preach the Dao. That's not all, it's rumoured that the Dao Fruits on a Dao Fruit Tree within Nirvana Learning Academy are going to mature. After this assessment, Nirvana Learning Academy will be giving out five Dao Fruits to the top five sects or individuals."

    Chi Kun inhaled a breath of cold air. No wonder why the sect was being so prudent. These rewards were simply preposterous. There was no need to talk about the chance to listen to a Unity God preaching the Dao, just the Dao Fruit alone was worth a sect's full effort. This was because a Dao Fruit was basically a thing of legend within God Continent. The Dao Fruit from Nirvana Learning Academy was a true dao fruit. It wasn't some random god fruit which was named a dao fruit.

    If they could enter the top five, they would really have a chance of entering the Unity God Stage of legends.

    "That's great news." Chi Kun immediately thought about Mo Wuji's abilities. With Mo Wuji's Green Dew Rice, even if he couldn't get first place, getting into the top five, no, top three, shouldn't be an issue, right?

    Ren Fei sighed, "This is indeed good news. Unfortunately, the assessment method has changed. Growing Green Dew Rice, which used to be an individual assessment, is now part of a series of assessment. If disciples aren't able to score well in the earlier assessments, they would be eliminated, resulting in no points at all."

    Chi Kun didn't immediately understand. He subconsciously asked, "What does that mean?"

    Ren Fei wasn't impatient. In fact, he explained patiently, "Previously, disciples that take part in the Magic Arts Assessment would obtain scores for Magic Arts, those that take part in the Array Assessment would obtain scores for their Arrays, while those that take part in the Green Dew Rice Assessment would obtain scores for their Green Dew Rice. Ultimately, the sum of those scores will be the sect's score. But this time, it's different. The oncoming assessment will employ an elimination system. For example, if the first assessment is for Arrays, if you are unable to pass it, then you wouldn't even qualify to take part in the later assessments for Magic Arts and Green Dew Rice..."

    This time, Chi Kun finally came to an understanding. He muttered to himself, "Doesn't this mean that if the sect doesn't have an all-around talent, everyone might end up eliminated?"

    Ren Fei responded, "That's indeed the case. Originally, your act of finding this talent could have been one of the great contributions to the sect. Unfortunately, Nirvana Learning Academy decided to change the rules. Even if the person you found could grow peak grade Green Dew Rice, it would still be useless."

    Chi Kun thought about how the Left High Firmament Mountain Lord asked him about Mo Wuji's abilities and cultivation. From the looks of it, those were only the most basic of requirements. In the oncoming assessment, not only must one be strong, one also needed to be skilled in the Array Dao, the Talisman Dao and maybe other auxiliary Daos.

    As for whether the sect will send its strongest experts to take part in the assessment, Chi Kun didn't ask about that. He knew that the Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment was limited to cultivators below the Heavenly God Stage. In Nirvana Learning Academy's perspective, once a person reaches the Heavenly God Stage, their future was basically set.

    "Chi Kun, here is what I'm thinking. The person that you invited definitely cannot represent us in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment. Are you able to get him to teach our High Firmament God Sect's core disciples on how to grow Green Dew Rice? We don't need him to impart everything, as long as he is able to teach our disciples how to grow intermediate grade Green Dew Rice, we wouldn't lose points in that area." Looking at the disappointment on Chi Kun's face, Xing Wen took the initiative to speak.

    Chi Kun was naturally feeling despondent. He worked so hard to go to Low God Land to invite Mo Wuji to High Firmament God Sect. Now, the sect was telling him that all his work had been useless. How could he not understand what the sect head was saying? The sect basically wanted to have their core disciples with better talents to learn the various kinds of Daos at this last minute. After all, this new set of rules didn't target High Firmament God Sect specifically, but all sects in general. If High Firmament God Sect was really able to find a genius that could learn the various Daos in a short period of time, then they might actually be able to charge into the top ten.

    "Sect Head, I have a different idea." Yu Chuo, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly opened her mouth.

    After everyone's eyes turned to her, Yu Chuo said calmly, "Various Seniors, our High Firmament God Sect should have at least ten placing for the oncoming assessment. We can have Mo Wuji teach our disciples how to grow Green Dew Rice. At the same time, we can allow Mo Wuji to take part in the assessment. After all, that Mo Wuji isn't only an expert in growing Green Dew Rice, he is also a Tier 4 God Pill Refiner. I believe, the Pill Dao will definitely be one of the criteria of Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment."

    Xing Wen smiled bitterly, "Let's not talk about how every placing to take part in the assessment is extremely valuable. If that Mo Wuji is even able to be of any use, I wouldn't mind wasting a placing on him. But do you know what's Nirvana Learning Academy's first assessment? The first assessment is a Sacred Arts Assessment. Even if that Mo Wuji's Green Dew Rice is amazing, and even if his Pill Dao is exceptional, he might get eliminated at the very first assessment."

    Hearing these words, Yu Chuo didn't continue speaking. She was very clear of Mo Wuji's rubbish cultivation. With Mo Wuji's level of talent, it would be weird if he could pass a Sacred Arts Assessment.

    "Sect Head, Elders and Mountain Lords, I am the one who invited Mo Wuji. His ability to grow Green Dew Rice is unquestionable. Moreover, this person is straightforward and generous, I believe that there shouldn't be a problem with inviting him to teach our core disciples how to grow Green Dew Rice. I will find him right now." When Chi Kun saw that things had already reached such a stage, he could agree with Sect Head Xing Wen's words and have Mo Wuji come teach their disciples.


    Cure-all Clinic.

    The more Mo Wuji looked around, the more speechless he felt. That white-haired old man sounded really generous when he said that he would give everything in the shop to Mo Wuji. In reality, the things here were rubbish, no, the things here couldn't even be considered rubbish.

    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking whether he should throw away everything here, a timid voice sounded by the door, "May I ask whether I can see a doctor?"

    There was an old woman standing at the entrance of the clinic. The one speaking was the youth that was supporting her. Looking that this youth, he should be in the intermediate Nascent God Stage. From the way he spoke, it showed that he was a timid and apprehensive person.

    Shuai Guo harrumphed, "What kind of eyes do you have? Here, we sell pills, take pill orders and purchase god herbs. Of course, if you need magic treasures, we will also be able to satisfy you."

    "That means to say that this place is no longer a clinic?" Another voice resounded. Compared to that youth's voice this voice was much deeper.

    Mo Wuji's eyes landed on that person. It was a red-faced cultivator at the late Heavenly God Stage. From his attire, he should be a deacon of High Firmament God Sect.
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