Chapter 967: Vitality Soup And Solitary God Pill

    Chapter 967: Vitality Soup And Solitary God Pill

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    Mo Wuji didn't answer. He guessed that he had fallen into a trap, and before he understood what that trap was, he wasn't going to casually say anything.

    When his spiritual will scanned through that old man's rental agreement, it clearly stated that if this place remained as a clinic and continued to hang the 'Cure-All Clinic' signboard, then he wouldn't be infringing the conditions. Who said that clinics could not also concoct pills and be involved in other businesses?

    But when Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the rental agreement once more, he was stunned. Additional lines of words began to appear, "Cure-All Clinic is a business of the Ao Clan. Tenants must adhere to the following conditions. Firstly, this shop must be opened as a clinic. Secondly, at the 17th of each month, tenants must provide a bowl of Vitality Soup to the Ao Clan. The ingredients for the Vitality Soup are: Tier 5 Overflowing Pulse Root, Tier 5 Wave Flame Bamboo, Tier 5 True Sprout Fruit..."

    The second condition started to appear.

    Looking at the ingredients for the Vitality Soup, Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air. Whether it was in God Domain or God Continent, Tier 5 god herbs were the highest grade of god herbs. This was due to the restraints of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. In both the God Domain and God Continent, Tier 6 god herbs were extremely rare and almost nonexistent.

    And this soup actually required six Tier 5, 12 Tier 4 and 18 Tier 3 god herbs. Even if he sold himself, he wouldn't be able to obtain so many high tiered herbs. If he had Tier 5 god herbs, he would have started practising to be a Tier 5 God Pill King a long time ago.

    That old thing had actually laid such a huge trap for him, making use of the fact that his spiritual will was unable to see the hidden condition within the agreement.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was sure that old man was a God King.

    "I didn't think it was possible. Old Man Xin was actually able to rent this shop out. Truly remarkable." When that Heavenly God deacon saw Mo Wuji's silence, he instantly started to chuckle.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. That old man was a God King but he still had to provide the Ao Clan with a bowl of Vitality Soup every month. On the other hand, he was a puny Nascent God, he probably wouldn't be enough to be an appetizer.

    17th of every month. It's already the 13th; there are only four more days till the Ao Clan comes to collect the Vitality Soup.

    "Who says that this isn't a clinic. Open your eyes and look at the signboards outside. See whether there's a signboard for Cure-All Clinic. If there's nothing else, please take your leave. I need to tend to this patient," Mo Wuji said coldly.

    He had some apprehensions towards the Ao Clan that even that white-haired old man was fearful of. However, this did not mean that he needed to be afraid of a mere Heavenly God deacon.

    "You have guts. I will definitely let those people know that the tenant has changed. Perhaps they might push forward their rent collection." This Heavenly God deacon originally wanted to blackmail Mo Wuji. He didn't expect that Mo Wuji would be so fearless towards him, frustrating him greatly.

    "Get lost." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to berate.

    He hoped that this deacon would charge him with some crime. That way, he could be expelled out of High Firmament God Sect.

    This deacon clearly wasn't an idiot. He only said coldly, "I will get lost. But a few days later, I will definitely return and enjoy the show."

    With that, he really turned and left. If it was some other shop owner that spoke to him in such a way, he would have definitely grabbed that person and dragged him away. However, he didn't dare to do so for Cure-All Clinic. If he gets blamed for anything, even a hundred of him wouldn't be enough to atone for the mistake.

    "My Lord." Shuai Guo could also sense that something was amiss.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, stopping Shuai Guo from speaking any further. Thereafter, he spoke to the old woman and the youth, "Bring the patient in. Let me take a look."

    "Yes, yes." The youth anxiously supported the old woman into Mo Wuji's shop.

    Mo Wuji was still worried about the matters with the agreement. He casually said, "Have a seat. Let me have a look at your pulse."

    Mo Wuji wasn't very skilled in medical arts. However, medical arts were completely different between cultivators and mortals. Thus, even though Mo Wuji didn't know much about the Medicine Dao, he was still able to do many amazing things with his vitality channel.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will penetrated into this old woman's spirit channels, he received a shock. This old woman was actually a World God expert.

    Since when were there so many experts? That old man that just cheated him was a God King. Now, a patient that he casually took in was a World God?

    Soon, Mo Wuji found the cause of the illness. Even though Mo Wuji didn't know much about Medicine Dao, this old woman's illness was extremely simple: blackened spirit channels, withered blood vessels, and a collapsing primordial spirit.

    "Senior Doctor, may I ask about my sister's illness..." The youth looked at Mo Wuji with an expression of worry.

    Mo Wuji did not seem to hear the youth's words; he was thinking about the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction.

    Weren't these the symptoms of corrosion by the seawater from Nirvana Ocean? He cultivated the Mortal Dao, allowing him to be without spiritual roots and channels. Thus, he wouldn't be assailed by the seawater of Nirvana Ocean.

    He could prevent against the corrosion from Nirvana Ocean's seawater, but that didn't mean that he could treat patients that were afflicted by it.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to shake his head, he suddenly noticed that this old woman was actually able to survive not such a long time despite having these symptoms. This meant that the two of them definitely had some methods.

    "Oh right, what did you just say?" Mo Wuji regained his countenance. Before this youth could reply, Mo Wuji suddenly remembered the youth's words, "This is your sister?"

    "Yes, Senior Doctor, this is my older sister. Senior Doctor, may I ask about my sister's condition?" The youth spoke slowly, seemingly afraid that Mo Wuji would say that she could not be saved.

    Mo Wuji secretly lamented the impressiveness of the Nirvana Ocean. This old woman was this youth's sister, which meant that she wasn't much older than the youth. But after facing the corrosion from the Nirvana Ocean, she actually aged so horribly.

    "First, answer a few of my questions. Your sister should have been corroded by the Nirvana Ocean's seawater, right? Those tainted by the Nirvana Ocean's seawater die promptly. How is it possible that your sister is able to survive till now?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Even though he was asking this youth, his eyes were on the old woman.

    The youth hurriedly said, "My sister can no longer talk. The main reason why she is still surviving is because of a pill formula that I obtained. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a pill refiner to concoct this pill for me. I can only use the simplified method, which is to brew water with Nirvana Dao Sand."

    "Pill formula?" Mo Wuji was surprised. There was actually a pill that could resolve the Nirvana Ocean's corrosion?

    Mo Wuji really wanted to see that pill formula. At the very least, there wasn't such a pill formula in God Pill King Green Robes's pill formula jade letter. However, he knew that this wasn't polite. This pill formula was definitely invaluable. How could this youth just let him see it?

    "Senior Doctor, I can let you see the pill formula." Even without Mo Wuji asking, this youth did not hesitate to take out a leather scroll from his storage ring.

    Mo Wuji noticed a hint of anxiety in the old woman's eyes. If she could speak, she would definitely stop her brother from handing the pill formula over.

    However, her younger brother was clearly out of options, which was why he even took out the pill formula.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists to the old woman and said, "This senior sister, rest assured. If I can concoct the pill to save you, by letting me see this pill formula, I will concoct the pill for you free of charge."

    The old woman seemed to know that this could not be prevented. She could only close her eyes helplessly.

    Mo Wuji unrolled the scroll and was greeted by three words - Solitary God Pill.

    The Solitary God Pill was a Tier 5 god pill. It had three main ingredients and more than ten secondary ones. The main ingredients were: 1. Purple Nirvana Dao Sand; 2. Five Rune Crushed Fruit; 3. Defrosting Lotus. They were all Tier 5 ingredients.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly took out God King Green Robe's jade letter and found the introduction to Tier 5 god herbs. He wasn't ready to charge to the Tier 5 God Pill King level, which was why he only read till the Tier 4 ingredients.

    Now, he was easily able to find the introductions to the Five Rune Crushed Fruit and Defrosting Lotus. What caught his attention the most was the Nirvana Dao Sand.

    Nirvana Dao Sand was sand formed from the dao laws within the Nirvana Ocean. After removing the dao spots on the exterior of the sand, a cultivator could sense the profound dao intent within. The Purple Nirvana Dao Sand was even able to provide dao intents for cultivators to step into the God King Stage.

    Mo Wuji didn't think that the huge piece of rock he casually grabbed in the bottom of the ocean would have such value. Even though he didn't place much value towards such insights, this thing was definitely worth a lot of money. If he knew that it was so valuable, he would definitely have picked more up.

    From what he read in this youth's pill formula, the Nirvana Dao Sand could be used to concoct the Solitary God Pill. The Solitary God Pill could heal a cultivator's corroded spiritual roots and channels, fix a collapsing primordial spirit, as well as stabilise the blood within the body.

    To Mo Wuji, this was more than 10,000 times better than the dao insights. If he wanted to step into the God King Stage, he definitely wouldn't want to be gaining insights from the Dao of other people.

    Seeing Mo Wuji remain silent for a long time with a look of uncertainty, that youth nervously asked, "Senior Doctor, there's still a method at the back of this pill formula. It can temporarily maintain a cultivator's vitality and prevent his spirit channels from corroding. My sister managed to find a Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. I wasn't able to find a Tier 5 God Pill King, so I could only use it to brew water..."

    By this time, Mo Wuji had already read the back of the pill formula. Indeed, there was a method which introduced the use of brewing Purple Nirvana Dao Sand with several other herbs in water. This could slow down the corrosion of the spirit channels and the withering of the blood vessels.

    Mo Wuji had some slight understanding towards the situation. This old woman definitely wanted to use the Nirvana Dao Sand to charge to the God King Stage. In the end, her luck was not bad, she actually managed to find a Purple Nirvana Dao Sand. Unfortunately, she was assailed by the seawater of Nirvana Ocean.

    As a result, her brother had to use this Nirvana Dao Sand to brew a solution for her, and this method still wasn't enough to save her life. It was really hard to say whether she gained or lost during that attempt.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji passed the pill formula back to the youth and said slowly, "It's going to be very hard to cure your sister as she needs the Solitary God Pill. I'm unable to concoct the Solitary God Pill now. However, I do have an idea. If it works, then there's some hope of saving your sister. But I must let you know, the likelihood of this method failing is very high."

    The youth's knees hit the ground, "Senior Doctor, I don't have any other option. As long as you can save my sister, I would be willing to do anything, even if it means that I have to die."

    Mo Wuji extended his hand to support this youth and sighed, "This method will not only affect your safety but mine as well. If you have nowhere else to go, you can stay here. I need to be in seclusion for three days."
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