Chapter 968: Here For Their Vitality Soup

    Chapter 968: Here For Their Vitality Soup

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    Even though Cure-All Clinic couldn't be considered big, it definitely wasn't small. Besides the main shop, there were still two patient rooms on the first floor. On the second floor, there was a guest room and two cultivation rooms.

    After Mo Wuji entered a cultivation room, he formed seals on the door. Thereafter, he took out that rental agreement.

    That white-haired old man was a God King, so it wasn't unusual that he wasn't able to see through the trap within the jade letter. Even if his sea of consciousness was any stronger, it couldn't be compared to a God King. However, this gave him a reminder that even if he didn't notice anything wrong, it didn't mean that it was actually so.

    An additional condition had appeared in the jade letter. This should be due to a concealment seal. The reason why he didn't see through it previously shouldn't be because his Array Dao was inferior to the white-haired elder, but because his spiritual will was far weaker.

    Now that he knew of the old man's method, he would have a chance of breaking it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the jade letter. After a second round of observation, he finally understood exactly how these rows of words appeared.

    Back when he received this jade letter rent agreement, that additional condition hadn't been there. The problem shouldn't be with the contents of this jade letter, but that old man's spiritual will imprint.

    That old man's spiritual will imprint had been particularly clear. He even thought that it was because the old man had placed great importance in this jade letter. Now, he finally understood that it was because the old man wanted to add these additional rows of words.

    Clearly, the white-haired old man was an expert on seals; he had left a transfer seal within his spiritual will imprint. When that old man left Cure-All Clinic, he transferred those lines through the transfer array in his spiritual will onto that jade letter.

    Because these rows of words were at the very back and there was still a small gap between the final line and the spiritual will imprint in the corner, the agreement didn't look jarring.

    Mo Wuji felt speechless. If he had immediately thrown this jade letter into his Undying World, even with that old man's cultivation at the God King Stage, that old man couldn't have transferred those additional lines onto the jade letter.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji was laughing coldly in his heart. When it comes to cultivation and spiritual will, I am far from you. However, if you want to talk about seals and the Array Dao, I will not be afraid of you.

    From this white-haired old man's methods, he should be a Grade 4 God Array Master. His skill with seals should also be around the same level.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji was a Grade 4 God Array Master a long time ago. Moreover, he had specialised in seals and imprints. After all, spiritual will imprints had latched onto him for god-knows how many times.

    Fortunately, he had discovered this early. If he had waited a few more days, the spiritual will imprint would have completely inscribed the additional condition onto the jade letter. By then, even if his Array Dao was far superior to that old man, it would be too late to remove this condition.

    One spiritual will rune after another landed on the jade letter. This void runes of Mo Wuji's had been learnt back in the Immortal World's Sword River. These runes had helped him countless times.

    If it was another person, he would need to engrave runes on the jade letter in order to get rid of the old man's transferred information. But because Mo Wuji controlled void runes, he didn't need to engrave array runes. It was enough for his array runes to latch onto the jade letter.

    Another three days passed. By the time Mo Wuji retracted his array runes, the information transferred by that old man's spiritual will imprint had disappeared without a trace.

    No signs of any handling could be seen.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief and his chest lightened. At this moment, the old man's spiritual will imprint had also turned invalid; it could no longer transfer additional information for a second time.

    Also, at the end of the day, the High Firmament City could be considered High Firmament God Sect's territory and he was personally invited by the High Firmament God Sect. He even had a patrol jade token on him. As long as he was on the side of reason, no matter how powerful the Ao Clan was, they couldn't do much to him.

    To Mo Wuji, this was only the first step.

    When his jade letter shows that he was not involved with providing the Ao Clan with Vitality Soup, the Ao Clan would definitely be frustrated badly. This was why he needed to invite Chi Kun to help him.

    If he was on the side of reason, and with Chi Kun speaking up for him, the Ao Clan could only pursue that white-haired old man.

    Mo Wuji had a 90% certainty that the Ao Clan could find that white-haired old man. Otherwise, the old man wouldn't have been so afraid of them for so many years.

    As long as the Ao Clan could catch that white-haired old man, then he would be able to get his hands on Tier 5 god herbs to practise on.

    Think about it, the old man was able to provide the Ao Clan with a bowl of Vitality Soup every month for so many years. How many Tier 5 god herbs would he have.

    If the old man wanted his shop back, he could only compensate with Tier 5 god herbs.

    Mo Wuji believed that as long as there weren't any accidents, his plan would have a 90% chance of succeeding. He, Mo Wuji, wasn't someone that could be taken advantage of. If you tried to do that, then you would have to pay the price.


    When Mo Wuji came down from the second floor, he saw a slightly fidgety Chi Kun.

    "Pill Master Mo, you've finally come out from seclusion. I have waited for you for four days." When Chi Kun saw Mo Wuji come out, he elated when over to greet Mo Wuji.

    If Shuai Guo hadn't claimed that Mo Wuji was about to break through into the next level of his cultivation and required four days in seclusion, Chi Kun might have already interrupted Mo Wuji.

    When Mo Wuji saw Chi Kun, he heaved a sigh of relief. If Chi Kun wasn't here, he only had a patrol jade token which wasn't very reassuring. Now that Chi Kun was here in person, everything would be easier.

    "Haha, I was just about to look for you." Mo Wuji chuckled. Chi Kun's presence here had improved his mood greatly.

    Chi Kun thought about the words that he came here to say. He felt slightly apologetic and he hesitated slightly.

    As Chi Kun was thinking about how he could break the news nicely to Mo Wuji, a gloomy voice sounded, "Where's the shop owner? I'm here for the Vitality Soup. Eh, Dao Friend Chi is also here?"

    When Chi Kun saw this person, he didn't behave too courteously. He only nodded casually, "I didn't think I would meet Caretaker Ao here. It's truly a coincidence..."

    Before he finished speaking, Chi Kun suddenly thought of something and stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment, "Pill Master Mo, this shop couldn't be Cure-All Clinic, right?"

    Mo Wuji nodded doubtfully, "That's right, this shop is Cure-All Clinic. When I wanted to rent this clinic, I need to maintain it as a clinic. Take a look, the two behind are here to seek my help."

    Chi Kun's face changed and turned slightly ugly. How could he, Chi Kun, not know of the Ao Clan's rules? Unfortunately, before he got to remind Mo Wuji of this matter, Mo Wuji had already fallen into the trap.

    "So you're an acquaintance of Dao Friend Chi. First, pass me the Vitality Soup." Caretaker Ao's appearance was similar to the way he spoke, he looked down and overcast.

    Mo Wuji knitted his brows, "What Vitality Soup?"

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, this Caretaker Ao's expression turned cold, "Do you think that your origins are very great and that you can ignore the rules set by the High Firmament City? I will give you ten breaths of time, hand over the Vitality Soup."

    "Pill Master Mo, if you infringe the rules set by High Firmament City, even I can't protect you." Chi Kun anxiously transmitted a message to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Chi Kun, then stared coldly at Caretaker Ao and said, "Caretaker Ao, I don't know what you're talking about. It's true that I'm opening a clinic, but I have never agreed to provide any Vitality Soup, nor signed any agreement about it. Could it be that your Ao Clan could just distort black and white and bully outsiders?"

    "Pill Master Mo, did you really not agree to prepare Vitality Soup? And you didn't sign such an agreement?" Chi Kun asked anxiously when he heard Mo Wuji's words.

    Mo Wuji said resolutely, "I didn't."

    Chi Kun nodded towards Mo Wuji then said calmly, "Pill Master Mo, as long as you didn't sign an agreement to provide Vitality Soup, no one in High Firmament City will dare to touch a single hair of yours."

    If that white-haired elder knew that Mo Wuji had such a huge backer and was an even better array master than him, he definitely wouldn't have picked Mo Wuji.

    Caretaker Ao's face turned ugly. He didn't continue pressuring Mo Wuji but sent out several flying swords.

    Seeing Caretaker Ao send out flying sword messages, Chi Kun didn't lag behind. He also sent out several messages.

    Chi Kun's impression of Mo Wuji was not bad; Mo Wuji was a magnanimous and upright person. Moreover, Mo Wuji had come to help and he had also introduced Mo Wuji to Nirvana Learning Academy. Now, Mo Wuji couldn't represent High Firmament God Sect in the assessment so he naturally couldn't enter Nirvana Learning Academy. Not only that, Mo Wuji had to share his methods on how to grow Green Dew Rice. This left Chi Kun feeling slightly apologetic towards Mo Wuji.

    Because of these reasons, he wanted to whole-heartedly support Mo Wuji for this matter.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, things had progressed according to plan. He clasped his fists towards Chi Kun gratefully, "Many thanks, Dao Friend Chi. After this matter ends, I owe you a favour."

    Just as Chi Kun and Mo Wuji exchanged a few words, two figures descended.

    When Mo Wuji saw the two men that landed beside Caretaker Ao, his eyebrows twitched. While he couldn't see through their cultivation, he could tell that one of them was a God King while the other was a World God.

    This Ao Clan could casually send a God King over, they were truly too terrifying. Even God Domain's Forgotten Creek Dao School couldn't compare.

    Chi Kun hurriedly came forward and clasped his fists, "Greetings God King Wide Search."

    Chi Kun was also a World God expert. While he had to greet a God King, he didn't behave so politely to the other World God.

    The man that Chi Kun addressed as God King Wide Search looked like a bamboo stick. He only casually nodded towards Chi Kun then turned towards Mo Wuji, "So you're the one that wants to go against the rules and not hand over the Vitality Soup?"

    Mo Wuji's heart burned with anger. This b*stard talked as though he was at the centre of the universe. Didn't this b*stard care about asking the cause of the matter? Moreover, this was when Chi Kun was here. If Chi Kun wasn't here, this fella might have already sent a tight slap over.

    "Haha, Dao Friend Wide Search's words sure are tyrannical. If it was me, my heart might have jumped out in fear." Another voice sounded. Following which, a man and woman landed outside Mo Wuji's ship.

    Looking at the man, Mo Wuji thought in his heart: Another God King. On the other hand, he recognised the girl. She was Yu Chuo, the one who came with him from Low God Land.
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